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  1. Have a really abstract picture of the place. Brown Square - Residential area Grey Rectangle - Stairs to the vaults Blue Circle - Ballroom area Green Circle - Gardens Red Diamond - Big mech/battlesuit/robot Purple circle - You
  2. GM The elevator shaft isn't as large as a normal shaft and it was clearly built to fit an elevator car small enough for a few people, but for one person with the benefit of flight it is almost trivial to float to the top, avoiding the cables and sides. What stops you from flying at full speed is the pitch black darkness. With only the light of your flashlight to guide you, you fly up carefully. When you ask your question, Salvo replies, similarly in a whisper. <I'm with the sniper team overlooking the two floors. The whole place is dark but the mech or powered battlesuit, or whatever it is, is right in the middle. There's smaller movement around it, the normal soldiers.> Finally you reach the top and swivel your flashlight around until you find the slit indicating an elevator doorway. You move in closer and true enough you can see a sliver of moonlight shining through. <We're lucky Hwang's fond of big glass windows,> Salvo continues. <We've got the entire ballroom area covered, so once you get the hostages safe we're going in guns blazing.> A careful application of your powers is enough to pry the elevator doors open to the false wall immediately beyond that. You begin to lift it up but hear a several heavy footsteps coming your way that causes you to stop. They converge with each other, right in front of your false wall. <Thirty minutes,> a man whispers in Korean, just loud enough for you to hear. <It's a damn long time to get a vault open. When is Tiger-Black going to stop pussying around and just blow it off its hinges?> <You know she can't do that,> a woman replies. <We've got strict orders to be careful with it and if we mess up it's all our heads on the line, especially you. You're on thin ice around her so keep your mouth shut and just do your job, Oh-seong. Besides, I hear she's down to the last failsafes. Any minute and we can scoot out of here.> <And finally earn our pay.> The voices recede, along with their footsteps moving in opposite directions. It takes a minute or two until you are confident to lift the false wall fully, which slides noiselessly into a recess. Moonlight greets you. After the darkness of the elevator shaft it almost seems as bright as day and you blink your eyes back against the sudden light. You're in what looks to be a side living room. Empty, save for several post-modern portraits of people looking down on you. The furniture is tasteful if obviously expensive, plush velvet couches and pillows, dark wood tables, and a large flatscreen television on the opposite wall. A chandelier as much a sculpture of wood and steel as a light fixture hangs above it all. You orient yourself. From the blueprints you had memorized, you are in the middle of the tower. To your left is the ballroom and gardens where Salvo and the sniper team have full view of and you moonlight streaming in from that direction. To your right is the rest of the residential area and where the hostages are held. Halls and smaller rooms. You'd be alone there and have to take care around the civilians as well. Then right in front of you are a set of stairs leading down to Hwang's vaults. You have no idea what these people could want from them but you've heard they were nearing their goal.
  3. Yeah. No one's beating that. Results in the IC. Notice: 1d20+4 = 11
  4. Salvo Inside her mind's eye, Nicole closed her eyes as relief washed over her. She knew she hadn't done the best she could have, and feared that the League would dismiss her on the premise of her test results alone, but they didn't. There was a second chance and that was all that mattered at the moment. She smiled and when she opened her eyes, there was a fire in them. She would show them next time what she was really capable of. All this in her head remained unseen from the world outside her armor as Salvo stood stoic at Frost's announcement. She nodded, her stance less rigid than during her and Terrifica's confrontation. "I'll be here next week, Frost. You can count on that." She was about to turn and leave when Terrifica asked a question of Frost. Salvo's boot stopped mid-step and slowly she turned to the other two heroes. She was conscious enough to keep from speaking. This was between Frost and Terrifica, but she did admit a passing curiosity on what the most experienced hero in the room would have to say.
  5. Salvo "No." With painful slowness she shook her head. Then she took a step towards Guy, not to submit as a defeated hero but to question further. Bellios had steeled her heart and where she would have despaired as Nicole now there was only unblinking fire. "And how do I know that what you say and what I see are true?" She gestured at the mice around them. "That you had the video doctored just as quickly as you had all these mice appear when they were so well hidden a few minutes before." She stabbed a finger pointed at Guy's neck. "Those circuitry. Do they spread after the bite? Is the nanite infection irreversible? For all I know about how nanomachines interact with humans, Rita is dead or better off dead. That you won't do to her what you did to yourself or kill her anyway." There was a pause as she stared down the unblinking Guy, as cameras within the building budged an inch to the side or blinked off and on for a second. She searched quickly as she talked, until she found the camera in the basement. Only then did she lower her arm and take a step back from Guy. "No. If I did not believe you before, now I don't believe you and I don't trust you. You don't have the power you think over me. Take me to her so I could determine how salvageable her life is and then we could talk."
  6. I'll spend a minute doing it. Computers Roll w/ Skill Mastery: 22
  7. Given Guy is possibly showing a live-feed of Rita could Salvo use Datalink to hop into the monitor and find which camera it's currently linked to? In this way she could find Rita's position. AP: Data Link 4 (Radio, 1 mile; Extras: Area, Linked [Enhanced Feats]; Flaws: Check Required [Computers]; Feats: Machine Control, Selective, Subtle) {7/11} The power description in Ultimate Powers p.144 requires me to sense or make an Extended Search (M&M p. 53) to interface with an unfamiliar machine, which is the camera pointed at Rita.
  8. Salvo Salvo stopped in her tracks as Frost came in and announced the Freedom League had made their decision. No matter her distaste for Terrifica, she wanted to know who had made it, or even if both of them were accepted. If it was her then she'd be ecstatic. If it was both of them, she'd wonder how they'd even come to that decision given who Terrifica was. She'd dislike it but there were many worse things in life than a colleague she couldn't get along with. Barely able to wait, she crossed her arms and looked at Frost dead in the eye. "And?"
  9. Salvo Salvo stopped in her tracks, held in place by Guy's words. Then slowly, she faced him, body language blank and made more unreadable by her all-concealing armor. "I don't believe you," she said though she did not continue her way out. "Show me." Absently she slapped at a stray mice perched on her shoulder, leaving a silvery smear. She felt herself hold her breathe inside the armor. A small part of her hopped Rita was alive so that she would have a chance to save both of them now. Yet there was always a catch ans she waited for it to drop.
  10. Salvo "Your delusional and a fool. Rita's dead. I saw her go under." Salvo limped around Guy, noticing the silver circuits around his neck. She considered wrapping her hand around the neck but dismissed it almost immediately as an warning alarm rang in her head. Her resistors were leaking and she hurried to patch the problem. Black liquid that looked like blood leaked from her armor in a dozen places. She had broken Bellios with that internal combustion. Too hasty, she hadn't held back and now she feared to fight even an unpowered human and risk her armor falling to pieces. But Guy did not know that and so she moved past Guy with nothing more than a death glare. "But it doesn't matter. You'll let me leave and when I come back I'll burn this building to the ground. And you can try running, with or without your mice and nanotechnology, but I have many ways of finding you." Then she exited the laboratory and began her slow way towards the elevator for the ground floor, ignoring the mice still clinging to her armor and around her.
  11. Salvo = 5 posts + 2 posts = 7 posts = 1PP Happiness in Slavery (3) How the NorthWest Was Won (1) Scene: Terrifica and Salvo (1) GM = 1 post = 2 posts Hammer and Scalpel: City Night Heist (1)
  12. Salvo Damn it damn it damn it. Nicole stumbled towards an dark alley as Emerald City burned. She could hear the wail of sirens from blocks away. People ran and looted storefronts and cried for help all around Island View. So a girl disappeared inside an alleyway, where no eyes could witness her summons, only for a heavily armored figure to emerge above it in a roar of fire. Salvo surveyed the scene before her. Heroes were considered emergency responders and she was no exception, familiar and somewhat experienced with disaster relief. She looked for broken buildings, flipped vehicles, burning buildings where she could use her invulnerability, strength, and radar for search-and-rescue operations no unaided human could do. In her mind's eye she kept screens open on various television and radio channels, monitoring what was happening beyond her field of vision. She saw the LongBowz dragged inside the Native American Cultural Center. That was another of her specialties. Applied violence. She streaked towards the museum, a line of flame trailing behind her. "This is codename Salvo." The broadcast was heard over emergency channels. "Intercepting LongBowz assailants at the Native American Cultural Center. Send an ambulance if possible but mark it as low priority."
  13. GM Officer Gi promptly unfolds the blueprints of the tower as you begin to plan. Your route is decided then. You'll enter the tower from a service entrance on the side, away from the crowd that Gi's men have yet to disperse. From there you'll have access to a stairwell which leads to the maintenance basement and the entrance to Hwang's secret elevator shaft, circled in red ink by Officer Gi. While you plan, your headset crackles as the snipers report having settled into their positions. They count nine soldiers and one mech along the balcony and ballroom area, the only places they can see from their position. Like Salvo they won't engage until the hostages are confirmed safe. Then it is a simple matter of flying up and past the crowd until you find the service entrance. The door is unlocked and you make your way inside. The plaza of the tower is empty and dark, detritus scattered on the tiles proof that people were in a rush to get out. Only the lights from the city outside guide your way through the building and to the the stairwell. They lead to the basement save the small pockets of light from the red emergency bulbs are pitch black. Yet you make your way down, clutching the basement map with the marked secret elevator. Large water and drainage pipes greet you, snaking in ways unknowable to your untrained eye, and the red emergency bulbs still flash down here, if a bit more spaced out. You go through larger spaces of darkness, often having to move by hand or metallic sense lest you hit your head on something. It's slow going, made worse by the fact that you have to consult your basement map in the small pockets of light. Minutes tick by, interspersed only by you giving updates on your progress to Gi, but finally you slide your hand against a smooth section of the wall and feel the telltale indent from a doorway. Further investigation tells you what you expect; you've found the elevator. Were you to pry the doors open you'd find it empty and the buttons unresponsive. The building is out of power.
  14. Salvo "You know what I hear?" Salvo asked, not backing down once Terrifica had stood up. She brought her helmet closer, until steel almost touching cloth, and though her face was hidden the contempt in her voice dripped all over. She spat out. "Excuses. All of it. Flimsy justifications for how you are and nothing more." A second passed, the air charged between them with a hostile energy, Terrifica stepped back. Salvo followed her lead then turned her back on the super-genius. "We're all the same, you know," Salvo called as she walked away. She was so done with all of this. And to think, she used to look up to Terrifica as a hero who did good work, had one of the finest minds in the planet yet who still worked thrice as hard as anyone. Then Terrifica had gone and broken her own image. Pathetic. "All superheroes but everyone's still better than you. But who cares? You won't change because I'm a stranger and no one cares about advice from strangers, so from one genius to another--" She stopped right in front of the room's exit and this time glanced back at Terrifica. "Save your breath." Then she planted an armored hand on the door's speakers. "Frost, I know you're listening! Let me out. I've had enough of your mind games!"
  15. Sense Motive: 1d20+2 = 4 Notice: 1d20+8 with Skill Mastery = 18
  16. That's an Intimidate roll. With Skill Mastery it's 22.
  17. Salvo She woke with mice crawling over her armor and the incessant clacking of metal claws against metal plates. They almost drowned out Guy's voice but Nicole heard and hot anger rose up from her chest. She had a target, someone to blame for everything besides a rogue infestation of nano-mice. "Shut up." Her hand rose and slammed against her visor, smearing the mice and their silvery blood across her helmet. One glance at Bellios' vitals painted a somber picture. It was damaged badly and so was her own body, and even directing a small amount of power to any of her systems could push them over the brink. It would have been worrying if she were facing a threat that could harm her, but mice were nothing and so was Guy. Her armor was proofed for underwater, space and many dangerous interdimensional realms. "You aren't getting in." One hand slammed against the ground, squishing more mice, and she pushed herself to a sitting position, mice falling and scurrying over her body. At the back of her mind, something screamed and broke, but she did not care now. She was safe and powerful, even in such a damaged state. "You and your mice? Nothing. And you'll be less than nothing when I strangle you until you stop breathing."
  18. Salvo Salvo stood as Frost exited the room. Folding her arms, she faced Terrifica and listened to what the super-genius had to say. She moved to the side of the room where Frost had sat and leaned against the wall. Her head followed Terrifica's movements around the room and back to their chairs. When Terrifica finished her piece, Salvo stared at the cowl, a few seconds of silence between the two heroes. "No," she finally said, shaking her head. "No," she repeated. Her voice was tight but wasn't raised as it had been before. "Apology not accepted for the second point and apology definitely not accepted for the other points if you would have apologized which, you know, you didn't." She strode to Terrifica, close enough that they were only half an arm's length from each other, Salvo looming over Terrifica. "Do you even hear yourself? So many put-downs and excuses that I know everything you've said is only to stroke your ego." She puched a finger at Terrifica, stopping just short of hitting the other woman in the chest. Every words was spat now and punctuated by a stab of her finger. "For someone who loves to act so smart and rational she is you are an idiot. You're stupid and blind. So why don't you use that brain of yours to actually understand why your fellow heroes don't like you, hmm?" She raised a fist between them and counted off, a finger raising with every point. "One. You don't get to prod and poke and say it's for my own good. Two. You have no authority, no bearing to say what you say, so yeah, soften what you say or will it actually kill you? In fact, let Frost work out my mistakes. He doesn't need a know-it-all rubbing it in his face. Three. I don't need your instruction. I never had and now I know I never will because I know you'll mess it up like you messed up both our applications." "Fourth," And she swiveled her head to take in the room. "Put that all on record if someone's watching. All of it."
  19. And I forgot my Recovery Constitution Checks to remove Unconscious. DC 10 1st: 1d20+5 = 6 2nd 1d20+6= 21 She's conscious in 2 minutes.
  20. He's telling the truth and nothing but the truth! Well, since you did get so close you still get the feeling he's not saying everything but you figure it's probably something like pictures of his dog. You put that out of your mind to focus on more important things. Edit: Orrrr some crazy, toe-the-line tax avoidance schemes like you said in Discord.
  21. Free Action: Talk and push the button. Move Action: Move to the edge of the building.
  22. Nicole "Hey pirate asshats!" Up on the roofdeck, Nicole held a loudspeaker to her lips. On the other hand she held the Horologium above her head where everyone could see it. Even through Thunderbird's fog, it shone dully from the light in Zenith's dome. Multi-colored and burnt like glass heated too long in the forge. She drove towards the edge of the roof to where one of the pirate ships was hovering just beyond Zenith's dome and where Forever Boy, White Lioness and Veronica were fighting on its deck. Then she waved the Horologium again just to make sure she had their attention. "Yeah, I know what you want. I know what all you peg-legged storybook rejects are here for! But it's alllll for nothing, you hear me!" Her laptop was on her lap and a wire ran from one of its harddrive ports to the Horologium. Big red numbers on the laptop's screen gave a countdown and when she glanced at the didplay she gave a big grin. Fifty-four seconds. Fifty-three seconds and counting. She wouldn't stop it if she could but no one needed to know the Horologium had less than a minute left. "One push of this button and the Horologium is blown to smithereens! So stay and get beat up or run away back to Neverworld, cause no matter what happens Hook isn't taking the Horologium!"
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