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  1. GM Post 17:13:56 October 19, 2018 Somewhere in the Amazon The ceiling falls. Huge slabs of rock brake from the ceiling, clouds of dust and debris exploding as they rain down on those below. People run across the ground, trying to escape the deathtrap they had found themselves in. Screams and shouts of alarm ring across the temple, echoing across the stone walls to mix with the sound of crashing stones. Shallow cracks web across the floor, the intricate artwork extolling gods and storied legends tearing itself apart. "Get out of the way!" A father leading three young children by the hand shoves past Cassie, causing her to stumble. When she looks up, the family of four is already moving among the panicking crowd. They rush for the nearest exit where the day outside streams through like a solid pillar of light. You move to follow but hear someone calling your name. "Cassie! Cassie!" A tall man wades through the crowd behind you, concern filling his eyes. His head is shaved and a beard, curly and orange, marks him like a target at a firing range.
  2. GM They come off, easily, as if the rings were each fitted into your fingers. Without fanfare or the expected effects of the supernatural stirring, you hold them on the palm of your hand. They are twin rings, made of dark iron and each bejeweled by a blood red ruby. Then suddenly there is a feeling deep within your chest, a lifting of your spirits. You feel as if you could fly, as if the whole world was yours to look upon from above. Your palms, the stage of nature giving and taking, where you play the giving hand. It flutters then fades almost as suddenly as it had appeared. It was a good feeling. Then you look and, still, those two rings to do with as you please. *** Soon Isa ties up Neil's hands with a short length of rope from her equipment. You discover then that he had already regained consciousness and was fighting the poisons from your dart, but Isa's pistol shoved under his nose gets him to cooperate. He kneels under the watchful eye of Isa and the threat of her pistol. Smartly, he keeps his eyes down and mouth shut. Isa throws a sidelong glance at you. <Ready, Archaeologist? You have any plans for the bodies over there?> And with a shrug of her shoulder she motions at the Paruma and Kayara's bodies. The priestess lies peacefully, seemingly unaware of the fight after her death. Blood stains around the stab wound under her heart, but a smile graces her lips nonetheless. <Those aren't my concern but this,> and she digs her boot on Neil's side who doesn't do more than wince. <This is mine. We'll see how the village decides to deal with him.>
  3. Nicole could only groan as they made their way down the Underbelly. Tight turns, small spaces, ambush points everywhere. Talk about disadvantageous environments and you'd get something like this ninety percent of the time. A hundred percent if you were a certain Salvo. She lumbered her way forward, thrusters shooting small jets of air and fire occassionally, micro-corrections to her movements. She could lean too far one way and be in danger of tipping over. Her shoulders and arms would scrape against the walls with a low screech of metal against rock, stirring up dust in the close confines. No way to fly, to keep her distance and use Bellios' firepower. It was a nightmare but it would be worse for Gauss and Forever Boy. They didn't have the benefits of Bellios protecting them from harm. "Stay close and behind me," she said, probably uneccessary considering all their experience but it made things clear. "Ugh, couldn't they have done this in he Athletic Field? Open space, bright lights." She checked the temperature reading, unbothered by the heat. "Cool air."
  4. Oh, but I already used an Extra Effort this round. So I'll just wait until next to do something.
  5. As per Discord, Salvo doesn't need to save yet as she's indoors. Then will be doing a Combined Attack with Ms. Thursday so here's Salvo's attack. Move Action: Gonna fly to around the area where Micah is. Standard Action: All-Out Attack + Power Attack (+5 DC / - 5 Defence) Fusion Autocannons (Lethal): 1d20+5 = 24. Crit. Threat. Hmm. If there's no problem with this level of disgusting, I'll be going all out then keep a lower profile after. DC Save: Base 35 + Crit 5 + Autofire (1-3 depending on Krampus' Defence) + Extra Effort 2 = Toughness Save 43-45 I don't think a Combined Attack is possible now, @Cubismo, sorry. Salvo's Defence is now -1. She has a -1 penalty on Attack. She is also Fatigued. I'd suggest Collateral Damage and/or This Magic of Mine as Complications for this as Salvo pushes her armour too far, too fast + shuts down the failsafes. The effects could also apply to Salvo herself, like a backlash.
  6. Here is the OOC for this. Hero Points Arcana - 3 Masque - 1 Ouroboros - 0 Veronica - 3 Conditions Arcana - Fine Masque - Fine Ouroboros - Fine Veronica - Fine State of the Sphere. CPU - Kinda intact Forcefield - Intact, Breaking, ? Pinions - Kinda intact, ? Electronic Defense Systems - Offline, ? Pillars - Mostly Intact, ? Outer Structure a. - Breached, No ground, Blinding light Outer Structure b. - Breached, Floating islands, Electricity
  7. Reminder for @angrydurf, @Fox, @Nick, and @Thevshi to post. And you've got to do sommething about being stuck, navigating the maze-like dimension, and getting to the center in a decent amount of time. Or, you know, just stay put and chill. Talk about feelings. That sort of stuff.
  8. GM "And will I be able to control this Beast?" Neil asked. Kayara did not immediately respond, turning her gaze towards the billowing smoke. Then, face still turned, she spoke. "Hakan dabbled in magic he did not understand, a narrative between the comforting light given to mortals and that which lurked beyond the fringes of that light. I have said this many times and perhaps this would be the last." She turns her gaze back, somehow managing to look down at Neil even if he stood a head higher than her. "The Beast is me and I am the Beast. Yet we are not one and the person." "Like two sides of the same coin, you mean." Neil interrupted her, looking down at his ring. This time, Kayara paused, considering his words. "Yes, a crude analogy but one that holds value. I hold a measure of control over the coin but the foul brute is its own being and the ring on your finger shows the side where the beast dominates, though a little bit of me is present just as the situation is reversed in your partner grave-robber's ring." She gestured at Neil's ring with a wave of her hand. "We control the rings for now for that band of iron is as much our bodies as your own limbs and beating heart are yours. So all those visions you and her had witnessed, I had willed you to see. It was my life, that temple and one I hoped would still be remembered after all these centuries." "But if you were to die? If it were to die..." Neil replied. "You cannot kill it. Just as mice cannot kill a jungle lion. It would rise up again and again to hunt its prey. But if the ceremony, my sacrifice to return to the greater whole of myself, is completed then the lines would be cut, the once-owners of the rings gone from this plane." "Only then could you begin to wrest control over their promises wrought in iron." There was a lull in the conversation as Neil pondered over Kayara's words. Then he looked up and grinned, the white of his teeth showing. "Alright, let's do this." At that Kayara gave Neil a smile that showed she had him in the palm of her hand.
  9. So, welcome to the EDS dimension! And now you're all stuck.
  10. Magic Club Room, Claremont Academy Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Monday, November 5, 2018 5:45:13 PM Nicole Whitfield-Hall slammed Bellios' helm on the school table in front of her, causing it to wobble. She ignored the wobbling, instead turning to meet the eyes of everyone in the room that Claremont's Magic Club called home. It was, as club rooms go, nothing too magical. The walls were painted white and the floor was covered in wood paneling. Light fixtures did a good job of lighting the room in white fluorescent and the windows were open to let the fall air in. Couches and cushions littered one side of the room, fluffy in bright colors. A large whiteboard dominated the opposite side and it was covered from end to end in Nicole's scribbly handwriting -- notes to herself and metaphorica-logic based tandems used to navigate her type of magic. The two wooden tables were pushed to the wall, freeing up the middle for the current occupants, a bunch of monoblock chairs that matched their numbers, and one table in the middle of it all. Nicole's eyes were a little bit crazed, like those of a powered up cultist high on otherworldly drugs and gods. Too much caffeine and too little sleep frayed the edges of her features and she sniveled her nose, ruddy with the cold she had been harboring for the past few days. She was sitting in her wheelchair, in clothes that could have been a day old or three. A gray sweater and blue sweatpants completed the I-just-woke-up look, though for her it might as well have been a I-haven't-slept-for-two-days look. "Right, so, I've gathered yo--" She stoppped, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth just as she sneezed. Taking her hand away with a sniffle, she reached for a handful of tissues to wipe at her nose. There was a few seconds of awkward silence as she did so and pocketed the used tissues before she looked up again to continue her explanation. "Right, so I need your guys' help. And I really need your help so I'm glad that you came here today no matter what we think of each other." And at this she looked pointedly at Huang, before muttering under her breath. "Jerkass." Then she continued, tapping at the helm on the table. The helm gleamed a bright red and their faces were reflected on its purple-tinted visor. "See, Bellios over here has been acting up ever since a thing I did last week, if you know what I mean. Now, I've fixed most of the problems but this last one is tearing my hair out. It's honestly pissing me off and it's been doing so for two nights now. And there's no way I'm going to a faculty member after Summers' drumming after the assembly." She paused and shivered, having experienced how scary Summers could really be in a locked room. Alone. "So," she said, picking up again. "I think you've got the skills. Is why you're here. And the magic obviously, this would be so much more complicated if you aren't. Some of us are touched by magic through the sympathetic bonds you've created with your... things." She threw a thumb at Elizabeth and Veronica. "And some are dripping magic like sweat after P.E." And here she tilted her head towards Abigail. "You're what I got and if you're thinking of walking back out the door right now we can deal. You scratch my back and I scratch yours kind of deal. What do you say?" She met their eyes again, clearly expecting them to either agree or "deal" in her words.
  11. GM With Masque's disguises working just as she had planned, Ouroboros had dismissed his fiery barrier. Yet the four students now found themselves herded along by the mass of remaining drones into the now opened dimensional doorway. If they spared a glance behind them before they entered the doorway, they would see that the mess of metallic bones and claws and heads Veronica's blast had created had dissappeared. The chamber floor gleamed, a burnished bronze, as if brand new and the runes seemed to flicker, laughing at the secret battle they and the chamber shared. The pixelized eye was unaware, the woman's voice muttering under her breathe all the time. And one after the other they stepped through the doorway to a corridor of droids and mirrors. It was the faces of drones that first greeted them. And beyond those faces those with senses enhanced to beyond could sense a dozen, a hundred, and thousands more waited. They were backlit in a cold blue light, reminiscent of frozen caves beneath the arctic snows that Veronica had visited one too many times with her family in search of long lost artifacts. The doorway behind the students provided a far greater source of light, shining down like a great source of flourescent. The ones nearest to the students stood, backs hunched slightly and heads turned down, humanoids all. They stood shoulder to shoulder, barely any space in between and not in neat arrays like in a parade, but disorganized as if the students found themselves in a crowded market. They squeezed together and the few drones trailing the students entered and pushed them from behind until the students too were squeezed similarly, shoulder to shoulder with hard, cool steel. Down the corridor, they could see some movement as well. A few drones easily shuffle between their brethren, often seemingly without a purpose. The coordination between the drone units are uncanny. Yet even with the occassional shuffling drone the whole corridor remains silent enough that the student's could hear their own breathing, if they even needed to breathe. The walls of corridors themselves, hexagonal and seemingly bearing inwards, were a kind of dark reflective surface which reflected the drones from all angles. From above, from below, and around them the students could also look and see themselves as they really are, naked of the disguise Masque has created. Though as the illussionist, Masque knows that this is only an illussion bypassing her illussion. She knows her mask's power still stands strong, if only because the drones are not attacking them anew. The witch's dark clothing, the magician's white cloak, the vampire's leathers, the explorer's charms. In the blue light that seemed to come from the mirrors themselves, their outfits seemed to almost match those of the drones. Steel backlit in cold blue light. Multiple Abigails, multiple Elizabeths, multiple Jacks, and multiple Veronicas staring back at them. *** Ouroboros, as the one who had reached out to map the core, could more clearly see how this dimension was laid out. Corridors, like the one they were in, and more corridors, until it filled the whole dimension. Up and down and sideways like an anthill. But at the center of that maze, he could also sense the ambient heat from where the Electronic Defense System lies barely active. And another source of energy, similar to the doorways they had past encountered. You still need to bodily navigate the maze, but so guided by the Dhampir's magical senses, you are confident that you would at least know the general direction of where you must go. Yet there is a snag right at the beginning of the journey. Try as you might, the drones prove too packed together, the corridor too cramped for the four of you to make much headway. You jostle and you push but each drone weighs its own size in metal and there are thousands more in your way. Though Ouroboros can move push them aside with minimal effort, the rest struggle with the skeletal frames. Poor Abby, even using her full weight to push could not make the nearest drone to her budge even an inch. They remain stuck there, steel limbs and shoulders caging the students from all sides. Souless eyes stare at you from the standing drones, about as tall as Ouroboros, if thinner, and from below as the floor reflects everything almost perfectly. Then the doorway behind you shuts down, leaving only the cold blue light to see by.
  12. Notice: 1d20+7 = 23. Salvo has Accurate Radar.
  13. GM <Yes...> she says hesitantly. <I can tell this isn't normal. Your eyes are... but you don't seem anymore different than usual.> Then she shakes her head. <Aside from me escorting the two of you to Uncle Doji I haven't been tracking where he went. And I doubt Doji would care much for this man.> And she points dismissively at Neil's prone form. Back, to before the ceremony, but forward, after he arrives. You trace the images, visions blurry until you reach one where Neil's blurry figure holds something in its palm. The vision resolves itself, becomes clearer, and you see Neil grasp an iron ring, a red jewel like blood set into its frame. Then he wears it and looks up to say to Kayara, "Yes. This will do nicely. Thank you." Kayara gestures with a wave of her hand. "Of course, explorer, I do not keep tell falsehoods. But remember, what is essily given could be as easily taken back. Hakan's ring--" "Because there must always be a partner," Neil interrupts. But Kayara continues as if he had not said anything. "Has the potential to hold much of what the female explorer's ring holds. However it is tinged with his sins, tainting this work he had created, like all things he had touched after my death." "Beware the power of the Beast within."
  14. Okay, sorry for the back and forth but for the last time I'll Delay Salvo to Ms. Thursday.
  15. Actually, if you're not Delaying then how about we Combine Attack together instead? I haven't gotten a confirmation from Cubismo yet so to be on the safe side, I'll Delay to Thunderbird. Thunderbird has the higher Init, so he goes first.
  16. GM You will your sense of hours past to come closer to the present, and it obeys you as easily moving your eyes from one object to another. Yet here you move through time. Neil turns into a blur, a silhouette with no distinguishable features. He stays there for some time, barely budging in his seat. Then he is joined by another figure and you see them square-off against each other, but they do not fight. They seem to converse and at the end come to an agreement, exchanging words into actions and objects. And then your vision clears and you see Neil, holding between his hands the knife you had found in the temple's catacombs a week ago. Its blade faces upward and his face is bent towards it, the tip of his nose almost touching the blade while he reads from the book he had taken from Doji. It is placed on the foot of the stone bed and he takes the book, moving to pace around the stone as he continues. Even though he mutters it, you hear the story he reads, the myth whose ending you had heard coming up to this clearing. He begins about the Moon, about how she was there in the creation of her children. On the flat stone lies Kayara, her hands clasped on her stomach, her hair silver in the moonlight, and graceful even lying down on stone. At first you think her asleep, but her eyes flutter open a little as Neil passes by. A bowl lies empty beside her head. He wears a ring on his finger. He completes a trip around the stone and continues. And then another time. And another. The smoke from the village only begins to disperse across the area. In the present, Isa looks at you quizzically from where she stands near the Paruma, but she does not approach you.
  17. So a chance for some IC posts: reactions, hammering out a plan, or physically doing something. You can continue on or do something else, like just make a break for it in the Inner Forcefield dimension. Just tell me here or post it in IC in the OOC because, by default, I'll assume the former and the next GM post will be setting the scene for the Defense System dimension.
  18. Salvo will Delay to Ms. Thursday.
  19. And here is the OOC for this. Hero Points Snakebite - 2 Status Snakebite - Bruised 2, Dazed, Injured Initiative Order Snakebite Neil Isa
  20. Actually, let's play it like one of those "Constructing the crime scene" things sci-fi movies can do. As Snakebite can see the past, and how she sees it here is like a kind of scene hologram overlay over the present, she could choose to rewind, fast forward, pause, etc. This way if she wants to focus on a specific item or set of actions, or if she wants to do a skill check on something she could. She could also choose to interact with the "present" while still watching the "past", such as checking the bodies or talking to Isa. Just tell me here or post in the IC about it, or tell me if you just want to continue the scene. By default, I'll continue it every day or so.
  21. GM <Paruma.> Isa corrects you off-handedly. <I see Uncle Doji has been telling you his stories.> She leaves you, moving to the bodies, and her absence leaves you free to open your senses. At first you see yourself and Isa in the present, then you move back watching your struggle against Neil. Again, moving back, your vision turning into phantom figures who play your fight in reverse. The moon rises from the west to hang high in the sky and the world darkens in turn. And underneath the night sky, the clearing is empty, the bodies of the Paruma and Kayara gone, Neil and Isa gone, the churning of the soil from your fight gone, the broken branches and impromptu path you came from gone. It is as if the clearing had laid undisturbed for a very, very long time. From afar, you can see the very top of smoke from the village. But a nearby rustling brings your attention back to the clearing and you see Neil emerge from the trees, machete in hand, which he quickly sheathes once he sees where he is and that nothing awaits him here. His boots crunch on the ground as he moves to the altar-like stone and you see him take in the smoke you have seen. For a few seconds he watches the smoke waft then he turns his back to it and sits on the stone, hands clasped together as if waiting for something.
  22. GM Then as one they stopped and dropped to the brass floor, clawed feet clinking one after the other on polished brass. They straightened to their full height as they landed and for the first time you could see them clearly without their erratic movements. Tall and thin, they looked like skeletons whose bones were made of stainless steel instead of calcium, long limbs ending in sharp looking claws. Blue tint ran through their bones, reflecting off the light as if it were veins made of cobalt rock. It cooled as they stopped moving and so did their one red eye cool down. It took up most of the space that was their head, looking just like an angular skull would. Their jaws loosened too, long and sharp teeth in a row hanging from the skull. And they stood, silent in their vigil. The sounds of clawing from behind Ouroboros' fiery obstacle had ceased as well and so too had the sounds of hammering from the doorway leading to the inner forcefield. It was from this doorway that an eye flew into the chamber soon after the drones had cooled down. And unlike the drones that stood inert around you, this eye was heavily pixelated, like something rendered it out of an old 8-bit video game. It's surface was black and dull, and a bright light shone from where its pupil would have been. As one, all the drones in the chamber snapped their heads to the eye. You could see them ready to fight once more. "Alert! Unauthorized entr--" But before anymore of the alarm could be raised you hear a woman's voice speak from the eye, drowning the drone's own alarm. "Initiate Code 87B-21TR. Shatak. Ra. Ios-45. Shenlong. Pink." It was almost bored as it rattled off the code but at the last word the drones all snapped to attention, stock still as if in a parade. Then they pivoted on their heels and marched back towards the doorway they had come from, merging into single file before returning to their own dimension. The eye flew to the doorway and from its pupil a set of pixel lines shot out, moving in angles before they converged on the lip of the doorway. Then it began to trace the doorway itself, melding it shut from this side of the two dimensions. "If these pests burst out one more time," the woman's voice began as if talking to herself. "I'm breaking them. Breaking them and finally working in peace." As all this was happening, the students' illusion stood, allowing them to take action or follow the real drones' lead.
  23. GM For a moment or two he stands there, his arms even raised in a sort of stance, but as he takes a step forward to pursue you he wobbles before his leg gives way. He falls to his knees, unable to support his own weight. You see him struggle to stand up, to get his legs moving again. Then suddenly his body goes limp, as if he had gone to sleep, and he collapses face first to the ground. Though he still breathes, he moves no more. There is a rustle as Isa comes out of her hiding place, hosltering her own pistol. She walks up to you but you see her wince in pain with every step. She is covered in cuts and dirt from the tumble downhill and her clothes are in a similar state, ripped by branches and rocks. But a smile graces her lips as she looks down at the unconscious Neil, then back up at you. <Serves him right after how he used us.> Another wince. <But you don't look so good yourself either, Archaeologist. I'd ask you if you need help but...> And she turns towards the rest of the clearing, to the bodies of the Paruma and Kayara. <But there are questions that need answering before we leave this cursed place.>
  24. Neil Toughness Save: DC 11. Uh huh. I believe that finishes him even without the Staggered condition.
  25. Yeah, no contest with that Nat 20. Automatic success.