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  1. Salvo "Woah." The students descended from the ceiling in their transparent glass elevator and a bird's eye view of the entire atrium was revealed to them. Nicole adjusted the frame of her glasses to get a better look. Mouth slightly agape, her eyes flicked from one item to item. An unassuming disc studded with rubies and diamonds sat behind a glass case as a trio of scientists wrote notes on their clipboards. She could see a silver rod, as thin and long as a person's arm, discharge a brilliant white light that sent the the bars seen in a testing monitor fluctuating wildly. Several metal crates with X marks painted on their sides were stacked on a wagon bed, floating on what looked to be a quartet of repulsor engines. A woman, blindfolded, walked a simple maze as if she were using her eyes while several of her peers observed. "Yeah, like that over there." Nicole pointed out to Pan and Veronica. Near the elevator shaft, an oil painting shifted in time to an mechanical metronome, showing scenes of what looked to be the Western Front of World War 1. "Look at the signature and the timestamp. Elinor Travere's works have always been unveiled in batches. The 1883 series was her smallest and most unusual ever." Nicole pursed her mouth, silent for a moment as her brows furrowed in thought. "Sorry, they are somewhat popular among arcane collectors for having predicted events after Travere's death. and all but one of the paintings were accounted for. Except this is the last one?" The elevator stopped and they were deposited to the security booth. "Nicole Whitfield-Hall," Nicole stated as she drove to the security booth. "Good afternoon, Miss. I hope you enjoy the tour," said Mrs. Gray as she handed Nicole an ID pass, turning to give another to the next student in line. Then Nicole was on the other side, her eyes already glued to the nearest contraption. What looked to be a bio-organic metal. It shifted in its glass case, creating spheres and ink blots and other less defined forms as a scientist fiddled with a program on a nearby desktop, occasionally looking up to observe the shifting metal. He glanced as Nicole passed by but returned to his work without a word exchanged. "How would it respond to different stimuli?" Nicole wondered aloud, loud enough for the nearest student to hear. "The differences in practices between the Danger facilities and Archetech are huge. We'd segregate the scientists and engineers into different teams to tackle different problems in a segregated approach, but everyone mingles so freely here. It's familiar but different enough I can tell this isn't Archetech even without the Danger brand everywhere." She pointed to the bio-organic metal. "I recognize an alien substance any day. I've seen several come for testing at the Freedom City labs but I haven't taken an active part in them unless they involved exotic energies. Honestly, tests sometimes devolve into zapping the subject repeatedly to see what happens. Depending on what race or its satellite races that thing came from, if you spray pink neon over it, it'd either explode like a ten-pound bag of C4s or emit the best bubblegum perfume you'd ever smell. We still don't know how to differentiate the two."
  2. I guess people can just let Ouroboros fall and get crushed under The Golem.
  3. Mmm. Okay, in that case I'll say The Golem knocks both of you out of your platform, sending you on a freefall to the hard packed ground. Roll a Toughness Saving Throw. DC 20 if you hit the ground unless someone catches you within the surprise round.
  4. Oh yeah, the Stealth roll was... Stealth: 1d20+11 = 30. So Veronica abs the real Masque beats it.
  5. GM Upon their conjured platforms the quartet (including one Masque duplicate) descend into the vortex where sands scratch and turn exposed skin raw from exposure. Your platforms hold steady as Ouroboros watches drones tear at each other in the water-filled dimension immediate to the one you had just entered. It is cool and wet there, unlike the heat and dryness that greets you here. The miniature sun, achingly harsh in the distance, beats with the intensity of a dozen noons in a dozen deserts below you. Yet the four of you continue, pushing past the heat and the pain that threatens to seep the strength from your limbs. The promise of greater labors bears on your shoulders as you near the Self, your brows dripping in sweat and your clothes drenched. Though it does not sear his skin like some vampire-kin, the sun's glare seems to be multiplied thrice-fold for Ourboros and his dhampir physiology. Almost unspoken among them, they take formation, hard-won experience dictating that they watch each others' backs, lines of sight agreed upon, magic and weapons ready. With watchful eyes, the Claremonters seek for those who would do them harm. Each one of them possesses the unique ability to perceive magic yet this close to Bellios' Self and their magical sight is as much filled as their normal vision. Magic flows out as water does from a wellspring, bountiful but bewildering. Perhaps each views magic differently, dictated by the source of their powers or training. Dark or light, structured and encompassing from training under the greatest practitioner of the age or fleeting colors like the whimsy of an ancient artifact of many forms or writhing in a primal beat that invites one to explore the unknown places of this world. It fills each of their eyes, overpowering the mundane-ness of swirling sand and glaring sun. Magic unbound. It blinds them. It is only at the last second do two of them, the adventurer in the lead and one of the masks on the flank, notice a figure barring their path. It's body is almost invisible in the storm for the robe it wears is the color of sand too. They see it raise a delicate hand from beneath its sleeve... From behind, an elephantine figure appears in mid-air, armored in head to toe in sand-colored blocks. It resembles a golem and it is leaping for the heedless vampire at the rear of the formation. And beside the other mask who notices the ambush too late, sand shifts against the wind to engulf her in a loose mist of hard-edged sand before it forcefully drives into the fabric of her protective cloth. The figure in front of Veronica speaks in a voice that is like claws screeching against a blackboard. It cuts through the sound of the sandstorm and they hear "Bellios" uttered within its string of profanity-like syllables. Then from thin air she feels clawed hands grasp at her, steel limbs wrap around her body, as several dragging her out of her platform. Masque sees all of this before the intensity of the storm increases, turning the combatants into hazy forms among the sand. Yet with her mage sight she see a number of brands upon their assailants, glowing with the same signature as the Self does but dimmer.
  6. Initiative The Golem - Fine Veronica - Fine. Defense +10. 3 HP. The Mist - Fine The Limbs - Fine. 16 Masque - Fine. Defense +13. 1 HP. Ouroboros - Fine. Fatigued. -2 Attack and Defence. -1 Strength and Dexterity. Defense +12. 4 HP. The Mist - Fine The Sorcerer - Fine *** Environmental Condition Everyone roll a Fortitude Saving Throw against the environment. Masque gets DC 9 for her description of wrapping a bunch of protective cloth around herself. Veronica DC 10 (Autopass). Ouroboros DC 20 for It Burns Like Hygiene!. Partial Concealment is in Effect when not in melee range. *** Surprise Round Initiative The Golem Veronica The Mist The Limbs Masque The Mist The Sorcerer Ouroboros - Defense +3 Other Masque - Defense +3 *** The Golem - +2 Attack / - 2 Defense. Attack Roll: 24. Grapple Opposed Roll: 42. *** @angrydurf roll a Opposed Grapple Roll against The Golem. @Fox I'll let you choose if the Masque who passed the Notice check (35) is either the original or the duplicate. Consequently, the one being attacked (or will be mechanically) is the other. @Thevshi And you're up! Also, give me a created power from Veronica's VP array for the platform she created.
  7. Salvo "Pfft. Pfft. Pfft!" Nicole spat sand from her mouth as a bubble of calm settled over the whole area. She took her glasses off and wiped the sand from the lenses, putting them back on a second later. That brought her sight back to normal and she glanced at Micah, his face pinched with effort. "Thanks, Micah. Yeah, this is definitely much better." She said as she began to drive her wheelchair forward. Her head swiveled as she took in the whole building and their surroundings, all made easier to see thanks to Micah's bubble of calm. She had to admit that this was pretty exciting and not because the building was in the middle of nowhere Nevada but because of whatever lay inside. Unknown objects galore from all over the world. Not that she wasn't exposed to the exotic and exciting in her work with Archetech but she could never get tired of the prospect of opening something up and figuring how it works. "Do you have any idea what's inside?" She asked Veronica as she drove up beside the other teenager. Contrasting the Danger's pulp adventure attire, Nicole was wearing an olive green bomber jacket, unbuttoned over a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.
  8. Salvo She stared at him as Pan unveiled his master plan and when the Forever Boy was done she continued staring for what seemed like minutes of dead silence but was merely a few seconds. Then finally she moved, carefully tapping the Forever Boy on the shoulder with a armored hand. "Souls are on the line, my soul is on the line, but I'm trusting you on this." He couldn't see her smile but she was as she gave him a dossier of Hell's biggest and baddest, specifically those she thought would be sufficient to scare Baal. She spared no expense, gave every gory detail she could remember reading from dusty treatises she had traded for, translated tomes she had downloaded to her desktop, rumors from occultists and arcane practitioners who had greater exposure than her, even the snippets from her occasional summoning of lesser devils, imps, and demons of the Infernal realms. "... And don't forget that Asmodeus is one of the Seven Kings of Hell, just a bit under Baal if we were to average the many hierarchies in Hell. It represents Lust where Baal here does for gluttony. And if we were to go by the European courts as summarized in the Dictionnaire Infernal, it's a superintendant of gambling houses. I don't know what you need that for but there it is. If it were to be drawn here then it would be because of Mike's lust for power and the lust Indigo team had in their hearts. I wouldn't doubt there'd be more lust going around if it finds out what Baal's stooping to, except this time it'd be lust to see Baal tumble in Hell." Then Salvo stopped just as suddenly as she had began. She glanced to where Baal was then back to Pan. "You got it all?" She asked him.
  9. Rolling to see if Salvo knows Baal's greatest rivals. There are two criteria she is looking for but they don't have to be all hit perfectly. She'd get who she can think of. 1.) Those who have the means to "hitch a ride" as it were with Mike's summoning. And 2.) Those who Baal really doesn't want to see it negotiate for Nicole's soul as such. Knowledge (Arcane Lore): 1d20+15+10 = 30
  10. Alright! Can I get Notice rolls from all of you? Get a +5 Bonus. Fox can roll twice for both Masque and her duplicate. And I'll oppose them with Stealth.
  11. Salvo "Ugh." Nicole couldn't help but wince at the familiar display of multi-hued power. There were memories associated with its use she would rather not think about right now, but thankfully it did not seem like Zenith was at the helm today. She watched as Zenith transformed back into Corinne, a more normal version of the girl. Then she turned to Tyler as Veronica gave an explanation. "You're lucky it isn't Zenith you're meeting. First impressions stick with you all the way and her first impressions are just the worst. Corinne's bearable at least." Her phone rang in her pocket and she looked down to see the alert. Saved by the bell as it was and she was grateful for it. "Looks like I've got to head out now," she said to Tyler and Veronica. "Enjoy your... coffee. And the rest of your tour." "Bye Alex. Maybe I'll have lunch with Penny next time." She gave them a smile and a wave then began to ride past them and Corinne who was still brushing dirt off her costume. Nicole gave Corinne a much more subdued wave goodbye. Then she was gone, leaving the four students in her wake.
  12. Just tell me if I need to roll Search to find Six Shooter. Fortitude Saving Throw: 1d20+12 = 27 Snare Attack Roll: 1d20+9 = 29. Nat 20. Reflex Save: DC 26.
  13. Salvo By the time Salvo stepped out from behind a gallery the situation had already reached a fever pitch. Gas permeated the room and obscured her vision, but her radar allowed her to bypass that obstacle. Civilians stampeded for the exits and her schoolmates were busy decking the floor with the Red Death's goons. Six Shooter had fled into the gas and she watched as Black Mamba leaped through the skylight, the woman doctor in his arms. Yet she couldn't let Black Mamba's exit be the window the criminals needed to escape and she leaped to the air, thrusters firing carefully behind her so she could hover where the gas cloud was thinner. As expected it failed to penetrate her filtration system. The situation was laid bare for her. There were too many civilians that she could harm, too many things to break that could sour Dakanan relations. It irked her to be so hemmed in but criminals rarely considered her feelings in their crimes. She took her time to search for Six Shooter, scanning with her radar, going back and forth through the crowd. She ignored the fighting around Corinne and the Red Death, trusting that the Ajasoro and Astrid could handle her. It was so annoying how a man with six robotic arms could easily hide when things were chaotic. There. Still wearing his gas mask and coat, it did not quite obscure his robotic limbs. Salvo reached out an arm, a single barrel extending from it and sent out a stream of white foam in his direction. "Liberty!" She yelled as she sprayed even more of the foam, speakers on full volume to carry her voice above the crowd's screaming. "Gunman behind you, to your left!"
  14. Guess I shouldn't have preempted rolling Initiative so soon. Now everyone's ready for a fight! But I'll give you guys a bonus on your perception rolls to not get surprised when we get there.
  15. Salvo Salvo watched the proceedings stoically. In under a minute everything around her seemed even more chaotic than the fight with Krampus. Students wailing and shouting and laughing and smiling all at the same time, voice rising above each other. Summers was cool in the midst of all this, but without her helmet Nicole would have looked a mess trying to process it all. Pan, laughing and chattering as if he were unfazed by the whole Krampus incident. It was unsurprising to her and maybe she just wanted to fly up to him and soak in that optimism. Unconcsiously, her thrusters activated but she tamped down on that quickly. Ajasoro, standing tall even if burns ran the length of her costume from one of Nicole's blasts of energy. She wanted to apologize to the Dakanan princess but perhaps now was not the right time. Leroy, crying in one instant and then acting normally the next, and she moved a little wondering if she should try and comfort him. Her sensors picked up Liz and Abby, who was the source of the Nether-magic, up in the roof and shouting they were okay. Then Summer's voice brought her back down on some errand or job she was incredibly unsuited for. She was about to retort when Zenith began her song and dance as Micah walked to Alex, both of them dragging the dark elf away from Summers and her. Micah did good standing up to Zenith and Salvo gave him a small thumbs up. And the other arm rose to shield her eyes from the light that exploded outwards from Zenith. Light rushed around them, through her limbs, past her armored figure. For a moment she could see nothing save the blazing sun that was Zenith in the middle of her powers. Once the lightshow was over, Nicole let her arm fall and used her sensors to confirm Zenith's work. Everything was fixed. Craters gone, ground even. Rubble rising to form whole statues and walls and ceilings again with not a crack on them. The dangerously sharp ice that pervaded the whole battleground evaporated into fine mist, which left the surroundings slightly humid. It was as if things were newer than they were before Krampus. Nicole scoffed. Then her boots fired and she rose to the air beside Astrid. Nicole glanced at her dormmate then back down to Summers. Zenith had fixed everything in that power she revelled so much in. It made Nicole's skin itch but she repressed the urge to snap at Zenith's behavior. It would only destroy the flimsy veneer of peace they had achieved now and so instead she turned away from Zenith and spoke to the headmistress. "There," Nicole said, her voice dripping in exasperation and the stress of retaining a facade of confidence, of energy, when all she wanted to do was flop back down on her bed. "Corinne fixed everything through her..." She paused for a fraction of a second then continued in a hurried voice. "It's all fixed. The buildings, the grounds, the statue. Even the oak tree's back up. Was there anything else or what?" She shook her head, taking comfort in the proximity of Astrid. She wasn't a builder like this. She could tear things down and break people up but Bellios was machine of war and consequently Salvo a hero that lived only for battle. There was little for her to do here. Now.
  16. Salvo It was done. Salvo held the contract that would free the four souls and though her fingers were clumsy and thick as wrapped in steel as they were the quill was somehow held easily in her hand. The tip hovered over the signature line and she was about to put ink to leather when Pan's objections rang through the cavern, stopping her hand midair. Pan was right. Her hand was as still as a rock, but her breathing quickened as she realized what she had been about to do. Signing a contract from the devil as blase as she was about to was the quickest way to damn your soul to Hell. She didn't know what she was thinking. It felt like a matter of hours as she pulled back the quill from the parchment, and only then did she realize she was holding her breath. Then she descended to the ground so that Pan and Selena could read Baal's terms. She had read the contract twice already and was churning its words a third time as they came to her. She offered no resistance as they took the parchment from her. "Forever Boy. Gauss," she said, voice low, after they had time to read it. Her hands balled into fists and she glared at them from her visor. "My soul is no guarantee for my work. My skills speak for themselves." And she told them of the terms and conditions as stated in the contract. Convoluted as they were, they could be pared down to simple words. Four weak souls was worth a dozen times less than any magical artifact she could create. And her soul was collateral if her artifact could not meet Baal's expectations. The latter clause was the most damning of the whole contract. What defined a difference in the countless Wars of Hell? What would ensure Baal did not use the artifact in bad faith in order to claim her soul? This were questions that ran through Salvo's head and she relayed them to her companions. "This is low," she said at last, exasperated of this whole debacle and she showed it with every word. "This is low even for a demon with a fraction of Baal's status in the Circles of Hell. Like-- like Veronica or Ajasoro fighting a bum for that last half-eaten piece of burger in the dumpster low. I can't believe this is what it stooped to, scrapping for my soul even if-- I don't believe in God-- but that isn't one of their metrics for souls ready for Hell. My soul is like that half-eaten burger but," and she jabbed a finger Mike's way. "His and his posse's souls are the l'aperitif, hors d'oeuvres, and the main dish rolled into one." She shook her head. "Baal couldn't take theirs so now it wants mine. Disgusting and desperate and if every damned self-styled Lord of Hell could see this too they'd agree with me before attacking Baal for showing weakness."
  17. Salvo As Tyler pulled off his hat, Nicole couldn't help but peer at the horns sticking out of his head. And as he put it back on, Nicole couldn't help but narrow her eyes in thought. "Righttt," she said, drawing out the word. "You keep that cap on you at all times if you want most people to be friendly. Some people have a thing against demons. That's you, right? A demon? A demi-demon?" She didn't wait for him to reply back as she tapped at her glasses. They allowed her to see Tyler's magical aura but nothing came through and she closed it with a disappointed sigh. "I've dealt with demons before. They can be easily found if you know where to look. But there are some students here who's got a beef with the infernal realms and all its inhabitants. Stealing souls and feeding on them like parasites." Tyler didn't exude anything demonical but she could put two and two together to form a picture. She shook her head then tipped back her thermos for a large gulp of coffee. "Take my advice. Don't think you suck souls if you're let in here, but... it just sucks to be you."
  18. GM Upon Veronica's call, the presence that Ouroboros sees moves to beside them and reaches out a hand from between it and their dimension. Its arm extends then stops at the shoulder and it waits for someone to take the offered hand. Regular eyes can't see anything of the figure behind the mirror yet Veronica takes its upturned palm, taking Masque's hand in her other hand who in turn grabs hold of Ouroboros. Thus linked, it drags the three of you into the mirror. As you dive into the mirror you feel yourself subsumed in liquid, so clear that if you could see your companions floating in the liquid. You see two Veronicas ahead of you. One stares back with listless eyes and you know this to be the impostor, your guide. It pulls at you again, hard enough to drag you bodily through the liquid if you could not keep up. Of the guardian that Veronica had talked to, no sight or sign could be seen. A minute passes of this swim and tug game where the three of you try to hold on to each other while keeping up with the untiring pace of Veronica's reflection. Finally, you see a speck of light in the distance and as you swim closer it quickly expands until it stretches dozens of meters around the three of you. Veronica's reflection stops when you are almost upon it, her face looking out the dimensional window. It flies through the different dimensions that exist within the Core, showing you numerous scenes as it searches for a way to Bellios' self. The corridors and spaces of the Core are choked with drones of all shapes and sizes, yet as you watch you see them all turn on each other. Frenzied by the sudden departure of the mercenaries, the code dictating their behavior is left broken. So they fight and tear each other apart in a melee with no rhyme or reason. Claws rip at comrades. Bolts of energy fry the internal systems of whole crowds. Lumbering brutes squash their smaller brethren with every step. Mists of nano-drones break down steel bodies only to leave rust and dust in their wake. You note the Core is not saved from this self-harm either as towers of electricity topple as an explosion tears at its base. A drone unleashes what looks to be a hail of bullets, which slash and break apart the doorways linking the realms. Gears break as drones ram through them. As the window slows its flight, you see Veronica's reflection frown. Her eyes are watery as it turns to face you, and though it says nothing the pleading look it gives is more than enough to understand. Behind her, the window stops at Bellios' Self and you cans see the damage wrought here even if no drones could be seen. The sands, once sluggish, has turned into a violently shifting vortex. Sand whips by the window at speeds sufficient enough to scour at exposed skin. Yet even watching within the vortex you see Bellios' Self, shining harshly amid the turmoil. It hurts too look at directly and sun spots cloud your vision if you glance directly at it. Veronica can feel the helmet fastened to her belt tug forward as if urging her through the window and to the mini-sun. You know what you are to do. Enter the cyclone and submerge the helmet within the sun. Let them merge into one and your task shall be done.
  19. While you guys are waiting, can I have Initiative rolls from all of you?
  20. Oh, if the +10 is there then I'd use it.
  21. Knowledge (Arcane Lore) to try and maneuver around it. This is without any other bonus besides Salvo's skill bonus. Knowledge (Arcane Lore): 1d20+15 = 24
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