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Incursion: Phase Three Sign Up


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Welcome to the final phase of Incursion!


While Earth has lay under siege the rest of the galaxy has burned with war. The Communion continues to sweep over world after world, converting most into horrific server tombs to fuels it insatiable hunger to expand its intellect and destroying others outright to create wormholes for some more diabolical purpose.


It does not do so unopposed, however, as the Galactic Coalition fights back at every turn! Lor mentats soldier on shoulder to shoulder with Grue Arcane while Khanate pirates take up arms alongside newly awakened Praetorians in a battle for their very survival! They are outnumbered and overpowered but they have a plan. Legends are about to be born and one way or another the galaxy will never be the same.


Event Ground Rules:
With multiple threads running at once, timing is important. Players will be expected to post within a 24 hour period, particularly during combat initiative. If they are unable to do so, the GM may decide to narrate the character's actions or circumstance in order to move the thread along, skipping the players turn. If you know you won't be available to post when your character is up, try to let your GM know so they can work something out with you.

Phase Three takes us back into the galaxy beyond Earth for the thrilling conclusion to our story! All space-based characters are welcome. We'll be posting an in-character thread that summarizes some of the events of the months since Phase One and players will have the opportunity to describe what their characters have been up to in that time during the event threads.


Now that the heroes of Earth have been made aware of the Communion's  threat, some of them may be inclined to head into space to continue the fight. If you have a largely Earth-based character you would like to see in Phase Three, explain in your sign up post how they would reasonably make it into space and keep in mind that they will be absent from Earth for several weeks of in-universe time... or potentially more! This also means that a single player may potentially have more than one character involved in Phase Three; if this is the case, list the characters in the order you would like us to prioritize them. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone!

Sign Up:
Sign up for Phase Three begins now and continues until midnight of Friday, February 27th.


Phase Three threads will begin Sunday, March 1st!

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Mater Vyrdna, for certain. She's a Praetorian, after all (Well, Praetorian-affiliated, but she's from their time, so...)


Hronos has been largely Earth-Bound (Even has that as a Complication), but enough time has passed since his awakening that I could see him having progressed with his internal repairs, becoming able to go to space. Him and Citizen teamed up in Science Team Go, so maybe he could be accompanying the Holographic Paragon?

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