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  1. "Our ship is not any known model of the Lor empire. At least it will not immediately betray us as law enforcers when we enter the system." Dragonid suggested, "Once we close on them personally, I think it will be harder for us to appear peaeceful. They may be expecting us, but they will have less knowledge of us than we have of them." "If diversions are what we need, I will do what I can. I usually hone my fires for heat, but I could try to burn them brighter or cause loud explosions to distract or confuse them."
  2. At Phantasmo's suggestion, Coiled Lightning shrugged, "Do you want me to blow the transformer and take out power throughout the whole block? I can probably do that, but maybe I can just cut the line to the house without electrocuting myself." He was a little concerned by that idea, he knew the whip could put out a lot of power, but he'd never tried connecting it directly to power lines. "But finding SOME way to sneak in there and remove the guns before they can be used sounds essential." He also looked at Wildcat as the obvious sneaker.
  3. Coiled Lightning listened carefully to Wildcat's report. "Well, we definitely don't want that kind of hardware loose on the street. We have to do something." He tried to picture the scene as Wildcat had described it. "Preferrably we get in there and stop them before they have a chance to use those weapons on us. We could probably drop in through the skylight and surprise them, but they're not necessarily the only ones in the building. Anyone else would come looking and come prepared" Storming buildings with armed occupants was always scary, but somebody had to do it.
  4. "Phatasmo works", agreed Coiled Lightning, "Besides, if you go around calling yourself Harry while doing magic, people might think you're obsessed with a kid's book. Especially with the British accent." "I have to say that you don't really come off as... scary as you'd expect a dead wizard to be. I think the wolf's got you beat there." He gave a smile to the werewolf as well, hoping she wasn't offended by the comparison. That would be a bad idea, especially if she was the contagious kind of werewolf. He had enough trouble explaining to Jane where he disappeared at night, if he had to start worrying about the moon...
  5. Coiled Lightning Incursion: Spirit of the Blitz Organized Crimes Dragonid Incursion: Blockade Runners Tales of the Praetorians: We Are Legion Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen
  6. "London? Never been over there. Heard it's nice. I guess you didn't want to stay over where you, uh died, though." He was clearly a little uncomfortable talking about death with the undead. "But nice to meet you, Harry. I've been keeping my real name to myself for now. Protecting the family and loved ones, you know. And myself I guess. The whip doesn't protect me much when I'm asleep." He looked back up at the building, "You think this kid is going to find anything skulking around up there?" he asked.
  7. Coiled Lightning looked back at Phantasmo and nodded, "Born and raised down in Southside. Still living down there, most days. But I haven't been swinging around as Coiled Lightning all that long, it's all still a bit of a rush. Gets the adrenaline flowing, if you know what I mean." He looked the creepy magician over a bit and felt a bit embarrassed. Was this guy really some sort of zombie like Wildcat said? He might not have any adrenaline to flow. Quickly moving on, he asked. "How about you? You, uh.. live here long?"
  8. Coiled Lightning gave a nod of respect as the big russian and the man who called electricty dispatched the remaining antibodies nearby. He was about to catch his breath when he saw another batch of fighters spewing antibodies all over the field. "These things just won't stop. Those jets better get airborne soon or I think my whip-arm is going to fall off." Hoping his new allies would back him, up Lightning run up to one of the downed fighter. Like shooting fish in a barrel he snapped his whip at the antibodies as they struggled forth, leaving two in a broken pile, but two more creeping toward him.
  9. Can Coiled Lightning do some lion-taming with his whip?
  10. It sounds like the only one on the ground who still needs help is Professor Chiron, and I don't think I can see what's going on over there. I'll rush one of the downed fighters and attack its antibodies, taking 10. DC22
  11. Dragonid jumped off the empty plateau, flying down into the valley to seek out new targets. The pirates were not putting up much of a fight, but still refused to surrender. Not as cowardly a lot as he expected, but still no real threat. He saw one Praetorian raining energy bursts down on a group of pirates that mostly shrugged off the assault. Her name escaped him, too many new allies too quickly. No matter, Dragonid rushed down to help, sending a tight fireball down amongst the pirates, but the dusk the energy controller had kicked up obscurred his view and his his attack harmlessly hit the empty ground.
  12. Dragonid will fly down and completely miss one of the elite pirates. Attack Roll: 1d20+8 9
  13. How far up is the plateau? Will Kharag need a lift down, or can he safely jump down?
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