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  1. Sei nodded, her mouth turning up into a smile. "When it comes to it Oskar you are the one Sei is worried about. Humans trip over everything." She laughs, giving his shoulder a slight nudge as she walks by the fellow hunter. She followed after Oskar into the jungle, keeping a weather eye out for anything strange in the green around them. It was all so still, as if something had scared the wildlife away.
  2. Attempting to see how many there are or what they are up against. Notice: 1d20+13 23
  3. Seika wasted no time in drawing her bow. She kept low, crouched, allowing her natural coloration and dark clothing to help hide her among the foliage. She pulled the hood of her top up over her head, hoping to minimize any sheen from her scales. She moved quickly, quietly, shifting between points of cover and trying to get a better read on what they were facing.
  4. It was a beautiful sight. Rrminded her of the tales she heard of the jungle of her species home world. She wished their was time to enjoy the view, but something about it was troubling. Everything was too... still. Sei deftly scaled back down the tree, letting herself fall the last 10 feet or so. She crouched, a strange look in her face that Oskar might read as worried. She wiped her hands on her legs as she spoke. Her voice wasn't hushed but she was making an effort not to speak loudly. "Looks like caves up ahead. Hard to see back through branches though. Don't see anything moving through them though. Very still. No creatures flying above either. Like all ones are gone or hiding. Creature may be close. Caves maybe?" She sighed. "Oh... and Lor ones still fly above."
  5. Supercape did you want to put a post in or should I have Seika report back to the ground?
  6. Seika was a stalker, a hunter. Moving quietly, keeping her senses alert for danger, these are just the things she does. It's part of why they have her in this crew. She may not have been the most knowledgeable of people but she was good at what she does. As they traveled, dei decided that maybe Bliss should stick with what she was good at as well. Quiet she was not. It made their efforts at stealth mostly pointless. Only mostly. Suddenly alert to the sound, Sei crouched down behind a tree as a low hiss, meant to be a shush, rattled in her throat. She held her hand up for the others to know to stop. She turned toward them, her free hand pointing forward. He voice was low and hushed. "Sounds like others maybe.... Like ones pushing through the green."
  7. Yes! Yes sorry. Been having some medic stuff going on. Been distracted. Sorry. But yes! Go Seika!
  8. Honestly Seika had fun climbing that cliff. Her long limbs and strong hands serving her well. She was born for this type of thing. Like all the females of her kind she was a natural climber. It was easy enough even for her to hold with one hand and look back at the others to make sure all of them were getting safely to the top. She was all smiles and pointed teeth when the others came over the top behind her. "Seika not think this planet so bad." She laughed, dusting her hands off as she turned toward the jungle ahead of them. It would seem her expertise might serve them well here. "Do any ones know where other ships crashed? Sei did not see where they fell."
  9. Climb: 1d20+17 25 Climbing up! Notice: 1d20+13 33 What do I see?
  10. Seika felt some of the tension ease as the jungle closed back around them. They were less exposed now. Especially Seika with her dark coloring and the patterns of her hide. Oskar had the advantage for stealth with his smaller size, but she was the one that could blend in a bit. But Oskar was right. Something was.... off. It was too quiet. Almost.... well if it weren't for the trees the place might feel, well, empty. Seika nodded. "Sei can climb yes." She grinned a toothy smile as she stowed her bow at her back. A button on the side allowed it to fold down to nearly a third its normal size and clip to a harness on her lower back. She padded up to a tree, eyeing one that might have the holds she needs and the height to see, with her vision, for miles and miles. She was made for this really. The females of her kind were apt climbers and this really should be no problem for the Kahi'iru.
  11. Seika crouched near the tracks, reaching down to feel just how deep they are. "Bigger than Sei..... " her brow furrows and Seika's voice trails off. She stands quickly, on the alert and whirling her head around. She didn't think they were being followed, but she knew they needed to be careful. Keep on the lookout. "Oskar. Keep trigger ready. Bad feeling this one." She drew her bow to the ready and started straight where the tracks were once headed.
  12. Seika kept her bow at the ready, eyes narrowing to watch for any sign of attack from the strain alien. Its mention of an invasion made her shoulders rise as if to make herself already sizeable self look bigger, an instinctive reaction to the idea of an attack. She didn't allow herself even a deep breath until that rifle came down and put the alien to sleep. Even then it wasn't much of a comfort. "Great. There will Mr more then yes? This one thinks these ones should leave planet quickly." She turned her back on bliss, eyes scanning and keeping a lookout for any danger with her bow still at the ready but not drawn. She could see quiet a distance and should be able to see most threats long before they are spotted. "Bliss, is there anything these ones can use to fix Voidrunner?"
  13. Seika's eyes narrowed, carefully surveying the scene in from of her. Her pupils dilated and contracted, a second inner eyelid slid over her eyes to help filter light and enhance the infrared spectrum. She didn't see any signs of this creature being wounded or hurt, but she could clearly discern its shape. It's hind quarriers were quadrupedal and scaled and attached to it was a furred humanoid torso with the head of a wolf. It appeared to be wearing some sort of flight suit and- "And it is armed." She makes sure to point out the location of the creature by raising her bow and only partially drawing it back. Just enough to put tension on the frame and declare a warning to the creature that she is prepared to fire. "Weapon on ground." She commands. "Weapon on ground or this one will shoot."
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