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  1. Cho Paige Lee/Rampart July 1st, Some unimportant country in a civil war... It didn't matter which country it was. It didn't matter to this particular story, the final story of Cho Paige Lee and how she came to put aside this foolish hope of ever being a hero. She had spent the last months or so trying to find her teammates in the World Youth Rescue Movement, or WYRM. Alongside Racer Konchu, Magmatic and Felipe she had tracked down the other members to that country, forsaken by the rest of the world, stuck in a civil war. There Saboteur, Brainclay and Bestia Diablo awaited. In the ravaged streets, Cho walked up to Bestia, while the other members of the once-united team waited on the sidelines. The team had been fractured. It was now a battle of ideologies, with one side represented by Cho and the other Bestia. "Cho. Why are you here?" Bestia said, looking tense and ready to fight. Her hands had moprhed into claws. "You know damn well why I'm here." "Probably. So, you're going to stop me from actually making a change. Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that what you signed for? Making the world a better place!" "Not like that." "There's no other way. You know that." "Maybe. We'll see. But...why?" Cho clenched her fists, entropic energy spiraling out of them in red and orange crackles. "Why?" The sad piano begin to play. The music start. "I’m trying to understand. They told me you all had been killed. Yet, here you stands in the very shadow of the thing I came here to destroy." “You came here to avenge our deaths. You came here to reunite the team. You see now, you cannot do both.” Cho's eyes raised to meet her former comrade. Bestia met her stare, held it for only a second and turned hier attention to the bloodthirsty crowd. "Tell me now. Is there a believer in here? Is there no one who will stand up and believe? Tell me Man, is there not one in all your ranks? Is there not one who still believe in them?" “I looked to them once. And once so did you. Do you understand now? Do you see that the truth is they don't want to change this? They don't want to save them. They just want to be great, a statue to raise.” “I've given everything I can. There are no heroes left in man. So it begins!” “No matter which one of us lives, the ground we're standing on will crack and blow away. And you will fight. But when you fight, you'll fight alone. And in the end you'll see that you were all wrong.” “I've been here before. I've stood where you stand. They called me their hero, called me superhero. But why should we be like them when they stand only for themselves? If they deserve the title LET THEM EARN IT FOR THEMSELVES” “We've given everything we can. There are no heroes left in man. They'll let you die to save their face. They will not stand here by your side.” “We've given everything we can. There are no heroes left in man. So let them watch as we decide the very fate of all mankind!” Bestia stopped, looking at the crowd. People used to believe in heroes, superhuman saviors to right all wrongs. But was it that decided what was right and what was wrong? And where were these heroes when these people had suffered? Busy in their shining city, raising monuments to their own glory, static displays of their heroism for all to see, never changing anything in order to ensure the world would remain as it is so their existence would be justified. After all; if the heroes actually won, then they wouldn't need to exist. And with no reason to exist what would fuel their ego and delusions, then? Cho also felt that way but she wasn't willing to admit it. If only because of Bestia and the other's methods. The world still needed heroes, after all. Or did it, really? Who was it that judged who was a hero? Cho and Bestia stare at each others, ready to move at any time. If this fight erupt, it will be bloody and horrific beyond all imagination. “I will not fight you. (You have no choice.) I'll stand beside you. (I don’t want to.) You can still be a hero. (Not like them) This cannot be the only way! (You will see.)” “They don't deserve this. (When this is through,) Now more than ever, (‘Heroes’ will fall.) We can change them (They won’t change)” “They know no better. (They fully know) They’re doing their best (Best for who?) Even now they can help end this (Your stupid words!)” “I still believe in you. (You still believes?) My heart was broken. (Your only weakness.) My greatest strength! (Now we shall see) You are not evil. (if they will change) You are not insane. (for the better of all) We both know they'll never change!” The words slipped out of Cho's mouth. She knew Bestia was right. Nothing would ever change them. They would never do anything to actually help change the world. They would even go as far as to hunt her down and brand her a 'villain' to make sure they would look clean. But at the same time, there was no way Cho was willing to break the world to 'save it'. Surely there was another way. Surely, this whole hero gig had not been a lie, right? “You finally get it. There are no heroes. Only villains pretending” Bestia yelled at the crowd and Cho: “They are not heroes! They are not saviors! They will hurt you because they’re only doing it for themselves!” The crowd begin to chant like a choir: "Destroy her!/You can end this/Destroy her/You're our only hope! KILL RAMPART/KILL BESTIA!" Screaming in rage and frustration at their misunderstanding, Cho and Bestia charged each others. Cho's terminus-infused fist connected to Bestia's morphed animalistic face, while her sharp claws plunged into Cho's body. The rest of the WYRM looked in horror as the two began fighting, screaming in anger all the way. Bestia screaming how Cho and herself had been a fool, that the so-called heroes had misled them. Cho screaming there HAD to be another way, that surely things could be changed. But she knew that they would never change. No one saw the final blows. The light was blinding. The crash was deafening. The two former friends stood feet apart. Both in pain. Only Bestia fell. Her knees hit the ground. Before she could fall any further Cho was at her side. The former comrades embraced. Bestia was dying. Nothing could stop that now. Bestia looked up through strained eyes and tried to speak. At first nothing came. Summoning all her remaining strength,Bestia whispered these words into Cho's ears: "If these people...tell this story...to their children...as they sleep...maybe someday...they'll see a Hero...is just someone...who think he's somehow doing something right." Bestia was dead. Cho finally understood: There were never any heroes. Music: Protomen The Stand (Man or Machine) and Protomen Sons of Fate
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    Player Away Thread

    Too busy. Activity down to a minimum, no idea when I'll get back.
  3. Spending a HP to shake it off. If there's anything in range, same as always; moving, attacking and taking 10 on a minion and takedown if it's doable.
  4. http://orokos.com/roll/294867 1d20+8: 18 [1d20=10]
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    The Dig

    GM "Yes, I definately expect us to meet again on the ground." Replied the alien, bowing again, before taking his leave. Certainly a lot more courtesy than the rest of them. Later that day... "What is there to say? Our people have been digging up in the badlands when they started finding the remains of advanced technology." Explained the lumpy-looking Lor, still looking as nervous as ever. "We had a rather limited access to good quality excavation tools so they had to get their hands quite dirty in digging everything out the old way. Currently most of what they dig is nearly junk, or at least seems to be until we get someone good enough to appraise the origin and worth of these artifacts. What we really need to dig out are those two massive devices, several meters long and quite heavy. These are still active and we think they might be devices able to alter the environment. We won't know until it's all out and examined by an expert." He then handed over to her a bunch of data slates. "If you want, you can read everything in these."
  6. "Well, all right then." Cho said, clapping her hands, creating a small draft in the process. "If we got any lead, anything, we'll follow it it. Seems simple, doesn't it? I've been to South America before. Well okay it wasn't that much and it ended pretty messily but that place shouldn't be a problem for me. L-let's just hope we don't have to deal with an army of mutated critters."
  7. "Why would there be anything wrong with being dramatic? One should strive to be larger-than-life!" Kharag replied, as he made short work of an antibody, punching it's head off, messily. If there was one positive thing from the Communion invasion is that these antibodies allowed him to unleash a lot of pent of fury and frustration. Which was a good thing as it meant he at least wouldn't inflict such wanton violence on anything sentient and capable of feeling pain. "OBSERVE!" He shouted, thrusting his hands right through the metallic chest of antibody. Lifting the metallic creature overhead, he proceeded to rip it in half from the inside, pulling the creature apart, it's body coming loose in a rather horrific display. Had it been alive, that would have looked a dozen times worse. "HRAAAAAAAH! Such shame these creatures feel and think nothing! It is impossible to strike fear into them."
  8. As always when Kharag deal with minions; move to the nearest, take 10, DC 25 and takedown any nearby.
  9. Having asked the only thing he needed to ask, Kharag had remained quiet. Of course he had high hopes for this mission, especially of getting to challenge of one those criminals in single combat and then defeating it. Ever since he had been defeated by the first Praetorian he met, which had led to his species joining the Delaztri empire, Kharag had been more than eager to find alien warriors with unusual abilities and defeat them both for glory's sake and perhaps hoping it would help him get over such humiliating defeat. There were wounds to his pride that had never healed. Still, he'd assist for this, so he took a seat in the ship.
  10. I'll try to save a few points this month and the next.
  11. Time to roll some initiative! Rampart Initiative: http://orokos.com/roll/292499 1d20+2: 10 [1d20=8] Monster Initiative: http://orokos.com/roll/292505 1d20+8: 9 [1d20=1] Patriot Initiative(!!!): http://orokos.com/roll/292500 Bowman Initiative: http://orokos.com/roll/292504
  12. A glowing orange-red crackling shooting star seen across the sky, Rampart arrived on the scene and came crashing down right in front of Cerulean and Hestina, briefly creating a blinding red flash. The debris and the energy crackles quickly subsumed. "So, um...any of you two know what's going on here?" She asked as she stood up. Appearance and costume-wise, Cho hadn't really changed all that much. "Wait, nevermind, that's not a priority. That thing is" She said, realizing that it would be a rather poor move to start thinking what exactly was going on here when a monster was tearing down downtown.
  13. GM The creature, the 'Alien Annhiliator' as named by the still-unseen cosmic genie Quirk, had quickly turned downtown into hell as it rampaged through the place, unstoppable. Ordinary police forces simple were no match for such a monster who could destroy buildings with a single punch. Still imperceptible to any senses, Quirk cheered upon the creature from the top of an half-collapsed building. "And a punch! And a kick! Grab the car and throw it!" He was enjoying the carnage but, even more so, couldn't wait for things to get even better. As the creature spotted the approaching superheroes, it strangely paused, as if waiting for them to leap into action dramatically.
  14. I'll have a GM post up sometime tomorrow.
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