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  1. She looked a little surprised at that, and wound up with a real, honest smile plastered across her face. "Why me though? Surely you don't take them on for everyone that they tease and pick on." she said, suddenly a little shy. She doesn't really seem used to 'nice', but she smiled softly. "So is there anything you want? I..." she paused for a few moments. "I'm wealthy. Disgustingly wealthy. If there's anything you want, just let me know. In thanks for your kindness. It's not much, but it's really all I have right now, other than helping with homework."
  2. Where is Huang in this right now?
  3. With a low, mirthless laugh, Sarah drew a large circle in the air. In the middle, a portal came to be. "So are they going to try anything? I have to admit, I'm usually very shy... About my powers and other things. But when it comes time to use them, I don't hold back. If they're going to try anything, I want to be ready. If nothing else, maybe I can strike first. Well..." she paused, and sighed a little. "That would just prove them right. There's really no way to win, is there? If I hit back, they win. If they," she stepped through the portal, her voice coming from the other side. "If they get away with it, they still win. There's nothing I can do."
  4. Sarah thought about it for a little bit... And nodded quietly. "Sure, let's go break into the café." she said with a smile. "Did you want me to teleport us there? I could you know, just as easy as breathing!" the young woman exclaimed, kipping to her feet with a smile. "I uh... Y'know, don't really get out much, so something as simply as 'breaking and entering' can be really fun and a whole new experience for me." Sarah chuckles, and finally started to relax a little. "This... Isn't so bad. I thought for sure I wouldn't fit in, but everyone seems to be so nice. Or at least, they're not making my life hell yet." *beat* "Well, not LITERALLY hell."
  5. Sarah quietly put her things away and went to join the rest of the group. Standing a ways away, she remained, as has been typical for her so far, shy and withdrawn. Part of the group, but not exactly part of the GROUP. The young woman had changed into a thick set of grey sweats, about as unflattering as one could get without just dragging down the drapes. She pushed her glasses up, nervously looking around at the others she'll be doing this with. It's not exactly her favorite sort of activity, but given her status as the 'new girl', she felt the need to at least TRY to participate.
  6. Counted by Tiff http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/8815-full-earth-tonight/#comment-236110 http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/8783-monotreme-melee-ic/ http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/8785-tagging/ http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/8797-kount-every-klan-vote-ic/ http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/8791-teenage-superstars-ic/ Sorry, still figuring out how this place works. Not used to it.
  7. Sarah stared quietly at the instructors before allowing her costume to fade off. Within moments it had been replaced with her street clothes. "So that's it? You drag us down here for training and screw around with our heads a bit before sending us home?" she asked, rubbing the bridge of her nose as she did so. The young woman seemed to contemplate things for a while before she strode out after Huang. Tapping him on the shoulder, Sarah stood up on her toes to murmur to him. "I think we should meet up privately later. Just you and me and maybe a couple of very CLOSE friends?"
  8. "It's REALLY boring. We should do something. Got any ideas? I don't want to use a weather spell. Haven't caught up on meteorology, and I'm forbidden from changing the weather on a large scale without permission." she said with a grin. "Weather spells aren't really my forte, it seems. Unless you think you could do something about this?" she asked. Sasha reached up to the sky, and waved a hand as she looked over to Raina. "As for flashy uses of my powers? Well, they're pretty flashy innately, but I don't like using them unless I have to. It's too easy to lose control in the heat of the moment."
  9. I'm stunting a Paralyze 12 (Extra: Range [Ranged], Flaw: Action [Full], PFs: Accurate 2) off of my magic array. Behold Your Sins, White Knight: 1d20+8 17
  10. "Don't look at me," Sarah sighed as she lay back on the quad. "I'm still learning about meteorology. Also that it's not polite to make it rain extra hard on your neighbors prize-winning flowers just before the competition so they're all waterlogged and wilting." She quirked a smile at that. "Oh man, you should have SEEN the look that they gave me at the show that year. Ah... Uhm... You don't necessarily need to tell the teachers about that one, okay? It's in the past, and I'd rather not have dirty laundry aired out." Sarah mumbled, blushing gracefully.
  11. "I didn't do anything to break the contract, so I got off... well... MOSTLY scot free," Sarah replied, her eyes looking back to the sky. "I didn't come out of it unscathed, mind you, but... Oooh! Yes please!" Sarah giggles. Chocolate, nature's miracle food, and a surefire way to get her thinking about something that isn't gloomy! "With mallows?"
  12. "All I wanted was my parents alive again." she said quietly. "They died in a plane crash, and I sold my soul for the power to bring them back to life. But they weren't IN Hell. Hell had no power to bring them back, and when they tried to give me the power, we realized only too late... Well... Let's just say that Hell is a sore loser when they break a contract, even if it's their fault. Since they had to give me enough power to bring them back to life... They brought them back as Zombies and tried to take my soul anyways. They couldn't, so they settled for ripping it open."
  13. AmyBall


    "Good morning," Hellbinder said with a dull look on her face. "I don't think the EPA can really handle this sort of thing though. I'm Hellbinder, new in town. Is this 'demon frog' thing a common occurrence?" she asked the magus that stood before her. "I appreciate the assistance by the way, I had no idea these things could multiply like that."
  14. Power Stunt/Extra Effort? I am uncertain of how this power would be constructed. But I was told Emotion Control: Despair by the chat. What are your thoughts?
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