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May 7th, 2016, 2.04 AM


Somewhere beyond Freedom City, one mile beneath the surface


To Alex, the white room stretched into forever, his body floating in a silent void. Only the sensation of the forcefields holding him in place and the faint echoes over the hidden intercom kept things from seeming wholly unreal. The stream of regular visitors kept things lively, too.

"As you can see, colonel, the assimian specimen is as unharmed as their sibling."
A figure materialized out of the white glare, in the same tan uniform with the same mechanically-styled "G", ventilator mask and narrow glowing eyeslits as the rest. Even the voice, muffled by the uniform, sounded as androgynous and indistinctive as the rest. This one, however, was followed by a whirring drone projecting a silhouette of a face, its features obscured by static. Regardi Alex with its implacable mechanical stare, a voice eventually crackled
"Good work. You're sure he can't copy energy forms?"
"Positive." Some kind of control panel slid down from the ceiling, and the figure idly checked it over, seeing nothing they did not expect to see "Only solids and possibly certain liquids can be mimicked by the subject. We'll bring them into contact with the piece of the Shard, then proceed with the other tests."
"Hm. Keep them in good condition, doctor, and bring back results I can use or nothing at all. That sibling, by the way...can they be enhanced using the subject, like you told them?"
The figure laughed, and the control panel vanished like a ghost into the white mist "Nothing's impossible, colonel! But some things are very, very improbable. I'll keep you informed, breaking commlink."
The projected face winked out, and the buglike robot droned back into the world outside the void. The figure remained for a moment, regarding Alex as a slender piece of red crystal imprisoned in a clear pillar rose from the floor in front of the teenager. As it began moving closer to him, the figure walked out, saying aloud "Do a good job, subject 13505, and I'll open a channel to your brother's room. "Results I can use", please, like we're ASTRO Labs or something..."
The crystal was uncovered, and tilted as it gently came to rest against Alex's forehead.
Sakurako's cell
The ceiling had four cameras, or at least four visible ones, in each corner. The door was an arrangement of thick metal held in place by a thoroughly old-fashioned forcefield. Perfectly-placed lights kept things illuminated, but allowed for sleep. Outside were thirteen other cells, all empty by the way they were ignored by the guards, who stood facing Endeavor's from the wall opposite.
There were various accomodations for living beings, and a privacy screen, but nothing was hidden from the unmoving electronic eyes.
"What's with the hair, mutant?"
By some quirk, anything inside the cell could be heard in the corridor directly outside (they'd already teased her for snoring while sleeping off the knockout pulse) and the same inside.
"Nah, I looked over Loretta's shoulder when she was doing the scan, just chemical dye."
"That's no fun. So, what're they going to do with her?"
"Still figuring that out. Didn't count on a third person being there when they grabbed the other two."
"Long as we don't have to go back to regular duty, hope that takes 'em forever."
There was a long pause, and the second guard said "Do you hate being on these memory-loss drugs as much as me?"
"So very, very much. Pretty sure you asked me that exact question ten minutes ago."
It was actually twenty-eight seconds ago.
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Sakurako took to her knees in her cell, it looked like she was assuming a meditative stance. That wasn't her thing though. She was thinking.

Everything was a blur up to this moment, although her faculties were now coming into synch. She looked about her room, before closing her eyes in frustration about the remark of her hair. She used that momentary fluster to override the shock of waking up in a cell.


"If you must know... the hair is natural. But I'm not suprised it came up as dyed, as the compounds that cause the coloration are close to a biological simulacrum of an artificial dye. Also I'm not a mutant, I am a genetically engineered life-form." She opened her eyes. "Good luck figuring that out."


Her brain once it was free of the knock-out pulse clicked into action. Claremont had put Sakurako and her fellow classmates through training in how to deal with kidnapping or hostage situations. While telling her captors nothing would seem a good protocol, there seemed to be nothing else that could be done for the moment.


"So who do you work for? Doc Otaku? SHADOW?" She smirked. "Hardwire?"


"I've been looking forward to another conversation with my wayward sister... then again with how you guys seem well equipped, I doubt you're working for her... she usually works alone."


She stands up, massaging the spot on her head still sort of smarting from the pulse as she brushed her shoulder-length hair to the side. "So... as you guys don't sound like the Angel Androids, not even mentioning the lack of those cheesy, insipid cosplay school uniforms, that leaves SHADOW. But the lack of an authoritarian, neo-nazi motif to your gear suggests otherwise, and SHADOW doesn't hire out..."

"So... who are you guys, and who do you work for? For that matter, how much you know on me?"

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Alex felt a powerful surge of panic at the mention of his younger brother being detained in one of these spooky Roswell conspiracy cells without the benefit of his powers and Claremont training, squirming as much as he can in his containment he calls out to the voice n the white void "Let my brother go and I'll turn into whatever you want." voice edged with his desperation  and as a show of good faith activates his powers and tales on the properties of the ominous red crystal pressed to his brow waves of searing white light and heat pouring from his flesh as it transforms to red crystal filled with dozens of internal facets though he couldn't say why this form felt strange it made him feel ever so slightly dizzy to bear it. his frantic brain compiles what he knows so far to keep track of the situation he finds himself in.


so they think I'm limited to matter and only solids and liquids...good to keep in mind...that and colonel mustard

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On top of the bizarre sensation of turning from flesh and bone to crystal, Alex felt something else, something twisting and fracturing at the back of his mind. Focusing on it would take some real doing, though, whatever it was dispersed like cockroaches in sunlight when he tried to focus. If he could just ease it into mental view...


Over the intercom, his captor (or possibly a different person with the same voice) said "I think you're supposed to wait before transforming if you want to make that a serious offer. But don't worry 13505, your sibling isn't a captive like you, he even wants to be here. We've been showing him around. Really, Richard has been quite cooperative, and enormous help.


Who do you think told us about you, and got you alone out of that school?"


A turret-like machine dropped from the ceiling, carrying a tank of some kind of chemical. It aimed its nozzle at Alex's face.


"Now, please sit still, the burny-bots still don't have the best aim...oh right, the stasis-field you're in! Nevermind, just don't panic!"


From the turret erupted a stream of fire, the infamous smell and heat of napalm bursting on the teenaged boy like the fury of Hell.


He wasn't burning. But that didn't make it any more fun.


Sakurako's cell


The guards' uniforms were mostly hidden from the shoulders down, but as one drew closer to the broad slot that admitted a view into the outside, they became more visible as something like a light yet armored space-suit suit with a helmet underneath. They both had the same stylized "G" on their chests and black visors with yellow lenses that the people who'd captured Endeavor had worn. But these wore dark gold, not tan.


"Sorry, kid," the closer guard was aggravatingly cheerful, smiling broadly behind the dome of tinted material "no idea who these people are! We're only allowed to remember every other Friday. Payday, you know? Whoever they are, they do a lot of...sciencey things, got all kinds of robots, clones, stuff that makes a mile into a million miles, you name it, it all goes through here or gets made here."


"Never had any prisoners, though, that's a new one." His friend had followed his lead and peered curiously into the cell "Usually anyone's in these, their bodies aren't dangerous, but the bosses don't want a corpse on the workfloors."


"What was that about your sister?" The first leaned against the door's forcefield, which crackled and hissed against the armor "She some kind of supervillain? Do your parents know? My little girl, Maybelle, she tells me she wants to be a supervillain when she grows up, but she says all kinds of crazy things, like that I'm a supervillain, or that my bosses are."


He shook his head ruefully "Kids these days, they think everything's about the supers."


"Did we already say this?"


"Sure hope not, partner."

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"Nah, you've got a cohesive narrative." She said.


"If you're wondering, Yeah my folks know about Hardwire. She was the first to be "Born"" She said, doing quotation marks in the air. "She came out of the artificial womb a bit dysfunctional so she was put in stasis until my folks could figure a way to fix her. But through that they learned how to make my birth a success. Amazing what you can do with genetic information from your parents when you don't have Sperm and Eggs to work with. Thing is someone stole the girl for some reason... there's quite a long story how she's got stabilized."


She observed the guards. "It's interesting... kids actually want to be a supervillain?" She said, noticing a old computer combined with the rest of the equipment that was keeping her from making a move. She wished she had her EM Wand... but then again things looked so old that it would probably short out all the un-shielded electronics in the room with a localized EMP through all the wires connected to what looked like a vacuum-tube computer.

She came up with an idea... Once that thing blows, and boy howdy it would, it would also cause the pulse she needed, and the set-piece for creating an accident. She'll fall over, looking unconscious and needing aid. Once the guards open the doors to her cell she'll have one chance to make a break.

She saw the red tape covering the switch. She knew it was now or never when she pulled down, triggering the switch. The computer came on and it's ancient circuits predictably popped and sparked as she falls over as everything goes dark in her cell except for the sparking and potentially catching fire computer box.

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"Oh come now, I thought you were a scientist?" He says as his body is licked by chemically induced agony "you need to be able to repeat your findings to make sure there aren't any outliers or flukes...the first one is free is all." He croaks out as his body convulses slightly under the pain though it's nothing compared to his heart aching with the news that his brother would sink to such levels over the whole affair of powers.


Though he does his best to concentrate on the unsettling sensation in the back of his mind for whilst he often found new forms strange at first this was something else entirely and today's surprises had sucked,  he could at least say the substance certainly wasn't napalm proof.

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"An excellent point, 13505!" 


Mercifully, the flood of volatile chemical stopped, and very soon the crystal body's stored heat dissipated into the room's air. The burny-bot slunk back out of focus.


"So, now we can see the copying of physical attributes is an apparent success, tell me, can you do anything now that you could not before? Do you feel anything different, besides the change in sensation?"


There was an unconcealable edge of greed to the voice "Can you see anyhing new? If yes, please do not spare a detail, if no we will proceed with a repeat of the first test."


Sakurako's cell


The guards' partly synthesized voices barked out laughing after a moment's stunned silence.


"Wow! Did you almost fall for that, Santos?"


"Nearly did, Wu! Not a bad job, kid, but come on, give us a little credit, will you?"


Santos peered into the cell, "Uh...come to think of it, partner. That was a pretty big shock. Don't think we can take any chances, not if we want to keep off regular duty. I'll get a medtech, you go make sure she's faking. Wish we could use the radios for this stuff, stupid no-chatter zones...""


"On it." Wu produced a slim metal card and swiped it through the slot by the door, disengaging the forcefield and causing the metal slab to retreat into the floor. He stepped through cautiously, a surprisingly fearsome-looking shock-prod in his off hand.


Santos jogged quickly out of sight, remarkably fast for all his bulky gear.


Wu nudged Endeavor, gingerly, with his foot "Okay, kid, show's over, get on up. The Hell'd you go and do something so darn fool as that? Could've killed yourself!"

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Sakurako wasted no time... completely out of her usual nature she manages to take the card still exposed in a pocket on the guard's pants, rolling and getting outside her cell. Then she swipes the card, causing the metal door to slam shut, the force field cracking back to life, leaving the guard inside. "Well... didn't work as expected..." She said before running as best she can, looking for any ventilation shaft or whatever she could hide and move around in. She couldn't be out in the open for long, all she had on was the skin-tight black bodysuit she wears under her suit...

Why she even thought she could engage a kidnapper with her em-wand which is probably laying in some gutter somewhere is beyond her.

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Engagement... Not a good idea she thought. But the out-of-the-way passage she ducked down was more than enough to buy her some planning time.

Looking about she started noting where was where.


"Barracks, huh... no... teeming with guards. The experiment chambers I'll have to look at if... ah hah! Equipment Lab!" She thought. "I gotta get up to speed and find something that can protect me in here. Some body-armor is better than nothing at all. Anything defensive..." She thought, looking at the equipment lab from behind a corner, once the coast was clear, she made a break for the lab.

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The Equipment Lab resembled a vast arsenal surrounding a surgical theater, racks and shelves and lockers of technology ranging from the crude and rustily human to the gleaming and distinctly alien, while behind tinted ballistic glass lay a sterile white room with a long table under blazing lights. The door between the two areas was effectively an airlock, with the same keycard setup as Endeavor's cell but some kind of retinal scanner in addition.


Two people in the same uniform as Sakurako and Alex's captors were poring over the X1 Suit and EM Wand, bee-like drones buzzed through the room, monitors on the examination room's walls showing the readouts of their scanners. 


Besides the small robots and the two people, the Lab was empty, with the air of an office during overtime. A very large, very hefty looking fan ventilated the inner room's air, directly above the technicians.




The world melted away before Alex's eyes, or at least the walls did. Row on row of cells identical to his slid past, almost all seemingly empty, all but one directly adjacent to his. Up above was a room crowded with people in uniforms like that of his visitor peering into screens and typing at keyboards, one sitting before a microphone and looking down at Alex.


Inside what looked like a Faraday cage, a crackling blue something bounced and rebounded off of the copper walls, an erratic voice hissing "LeTmEOUtMEoUTOUUUUUU-krszhhhhhh" a soothing purple ray shone from the ceiling, stopping the ball in its tracks.


With that distraction out of the way, a much more familiar voice said seemingly in the boy's ear "Transfer between Shard fragment and subject working perfectly! Just one repeat to be sure, and 13505 will be ready to sync with 00002, and then we can send for the alien subjects. I like the two blue kids, be useful to just hand out psychic powers without months of gene therapy. Fire up the burny-bot!"


Leaning forward, the observer repeated his question "Can you see anything new?"

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Endeavor smiled. "What you guys forget is I'm not in here with you, you're in here with me." She whispered, looking about, before finding three devices. One looked like some sort of pistol, but it's design looked like a high-tech grappling hook. The next looked like a cylinder, and the final was a brooch worn on a necklace-like lanyard. She paid attention to the boxes she rifled through.


"Mag-Grapple.. looks the role, Security Disruptor..." She sees the prongs on the cylinder. "Ah user friendly... and the Warp Trigger... looks like a short range teleporter... cute. Gonna dissect this when I get back to the school lab." She thought.


She looked in the door, the two armored scientists working over her suit and wand like they were about to dissect her suit like a specimen. She glared, gripping the Mag-Tether she stepped back, her game-plan in her head. She pointed it at the fan in the ceiling as she turned the grapple on. Luckily it's reach worked through things she didn't want to touch as she pulled on it. It functioned like her EM-Wand, allowing her to leverage her meager strength in addition to it's own pulling force. In one move the fan came down, dropping the boom on the two knocking them out cold, and smashing the drones at the same time.


Grinning, she then hits the button of the Warp Trigger around her neck, Jumping her into the room. "Ever get that funny feeling of Deja-Vu?" She playfully mused, looking about she stabs the security disruptor into the controls on the side she was on, disabling all the security features in the room. "Excellent... this'll buy time." She thought, starting to recover her property.


It wasn't long before she was putting her suit on. With the skin-tight black suit's material helping the X1 slide on. Luckily her vest was still attached She'd need a pocket for the warp-trigger... it looked useful enough It's battery looked like it had for more jumps before it'd be out of juice. Before closing up she remembered finally how she was kidnapped in the first place. Someone grabbed the sailor collar of her suit and slammed her to the concrete and she didn't have her helmet up. In a pull she disengages it from the suit, realizing it's "breakaway" feature was somehow malfunctioning. "I think it's time for some refits. And a change of design. I'm not Torpedo Lass after all." She thought.


She grabs her EM-Wand and in one smooth motion like an experienced swordswoman she cuts the EM-grapple in half, destroying it. Walking over to the door, using it's manual opening system to get back through into the first room and then she closes the bubble-helmet around her head. "Now... who was it they captured... I think it's time for a rescue." Then she felt something building in her. Rage.


"No... I'm gonna tear this place a new one... Saving that guy in the process..."

Her suit coloration glitched for a moment, before switching to it's default pink and white. "Problematic... But that's what I get for designing this thing for high-visibility, not stealth. To the Experiment Chambers." She thought, making sure her EM Wand was set to it's blaster mode. "I'm gonna science the heck out of this place." She mumbled, gritting her teeth.

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"No, Nothing." he says plainly and simply as he turns what he saw over in his mind back in the here and now "Why? this Rock psychotropic when you cook it?" he asks a little tongue in cheek as he readies himself for the second round with the burn bot, he'd have to act fast to drop his current form and absorb the properties of the fire to avoid getting another grilling in the name of mad engineering, he hoped that the barrier wasn't just one way permeable and he wasnt tipping his hand prematurely. If all went well he'd make a break for it towards the other trapped prisoner and grab richard any other prisoners on his way out.

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This area of the base or whatever it was had been a much higher priority than the holding cells. The flooring looked almost new, and the lighting and ventilation looked like it was at lesst from this century. 


The place was some kind of segmented testing area, with mini-labs arranged in a rough circle below the all-seeing eyes of an observation deck whose windows sparkled with frosted glass.


The cells had small portholes looking in, and were numbered, but the numbers didn't follow any clear pattern. Room 00002 was right next to the door, with 01088 on the other side. 


The air was still and silent save for a faint electrical humming, and a harsh indigo light crackled from the porthole of 0002.




"Wait...nothing?" The voice was utterly baffled "That...but the read-outs..."


There was a long, fuming silence.


"Oh well, maybe you just need to get more attuned. Have some more napalm. Activate the burny-bot!"


Once more the turret slid out of the white void, aimed its nozzle at the force-field-contained young mimicker, and once again a stream of flammable acid burst against the crystalline Claremonter.


It was all too easy to forget how much pain hurt. Even pain that was really the abstracted stresses of a silicate gem structure.


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Endeavor walked over to the lit cell, peering in with her lighting on her suit's helmet offline. Except for a meter. She looked about, hoping there was some wireless protocol active in this section of the facility. If so all she had to do was touch a computer and start thinking her way to victory against this perversion of science. As she did so, she saw the atrocity being laid out before her. Her anger made her momentarily forget her original plan. "I gotta get him outta here... wait... isn't that one of the new students? My god..." She thought, gripping her EM-Wand like a Light Saber. Then rationality started to kick in. "No... it won't serve him to go in recklessly... Think Sakurako... what would disrupt these Class-A Jerk's little party? That Drone... Seems to be a real spit-fire."


She sighed. "By Backus' punch-cards... I need some bars..." She thought, placing her left hand where it won't be read, but still touching the security terminal. Her back to the door with her bubble-helmeted head just out of view.

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Endeavor's "sight" was soon in the realm of cyber-space, the tangled web of interlocking digital systems rolling like rivers of infinitesimal boulders of information. It was connected most strongly to a series of integrated platforms containing a dizzying array of power systems and storage containers. Most of them were obviously lethal, or at leat horribly dangerous, except for one that simply projected a high-frequency beam of some kind. Luckily, being in the security system also gave readouts for what was in the labs, and whatever was in there was listed as "Harmless".

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Alex steeled himself as the gushing torrent of blazing pain cascaded over his crystallized form but clenching his teeth he persevered and managed to concentrate enough to begin absorbintg the properties of the bright orange flames dancing across his form, Blood red Silicate giving way to raging swirling flames barely constrained to humanoid form by sheer will power, energy forms had always been bothersome for him, keeping himself from dispersing was a great strain on his mind as the very nature of his assimilated form struggled to explode outward.


"Suprise." his voice crackles almost menacingly as embers and sparks tumble from his shifting surface

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The response, to the mystery hosts' credit, was all but immediate. Security doors and heavy blast shields slammed down into place, cutting off physical movement throughout the laboratory's lower floor as red lights in the outer hallway and hidden claxons started to resound. 


Luckily the people above her had not the faintest idea of Endeavor's infiltration. But   that just meant she had to act quickly before her window closed. Already a security team was hurrying to the rescue, and someone was accessing the platform controls to try and get the sudden ignition of 'shifting assimian: high risk' in 13505under control.


In the lab, the man's voice barked "Subject 13505! Resume the crystalline form at once! I don't have to remind you we have your brother, do I? We haven't hurt him, do you want to give me a reason?"


"And this doesn't need to turn violent. None of us want to fight. Just give us what we want, and nobody gets hurt and you and Richard go back to your lives."


"What good can that form do you?"

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Endeavor smiled.


It is interesting what can happen when a 0 and a 1 is switched in a computer's coding. Particularly when the 0 and 1 represent the status of whoever is in a room.


For instance... Endeavor, and all the captives are recognized as captive. Heck, their vitals are recorded as such. The Guards have their own signatures... But Sakurako isn't worried about that. She's thinking of how the drones process the information, and it all boils down to one decision junction in their programming. Captive? or Guard?

In a moment Sakurako switches the binary code, causing a single 1 to be changed into a 0 on the Captive decision tree, and a 0 to a 1 on the Guard decision tree. Guards are Captives, and Captives are Guards!


"Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow..." She mutters with a impish grin, deploying the blade on her EM-wand as it glows a pinkish hue. "Hack the frickin' planet!"

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"A little basic science lesson for you, fire is viable heat, heat transmits through the air, Since i can breath inside this force field...." trailing off as he pushes his raging ephermial form through the air permeable energy and blazes his way over towards the sound of the voice "i can transmit this form through it; infact i can transmit it through any conductor." he explains as he holds his blazing palm out towards the scientist "and you're right...I don't want this to get violent if it doesn't have to be, but when a innocent is threatened I'd say that's where it starts having to be...care to convince me otherwise?"

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"Gah! Ale-13505, stay back!" The man who had been talking so confidently over the intercom turned out to be remarkably tall and willowy now that he was out of whatever the white light had done,  recoiling from the blazing former prisoner but only managing to corner himself in the observation window. Through it was a clear view of every lab below, all but the one with the electrical being empty.


Holding out inhumanly skinny arms in a futile defensive gesture, the man began talking very, very quickly. Meanwhile, the other observers were already deserting their stations and running with all speed out of the room.


"13505, think about this! Even if you kill me, disintegrate this lab, even if you fight your way through all the guards and burn your way to the surface, you can't burn off the psychic tag we have on you and Richard! Just give me a little time and I can get it off, but I need to be out of here and not have a flaming superbeing out and loose!"


Failling to his knees and looking up beseechingly through his blank mask, the man said fervently "Let me get out of here so I can shut off the alarm, go back to the cell, in a quarter of an hour I'll have everything calmed down, released your brother and opened the way out for you three!"


"If you don't, none of your family will be safe from the Ghostworks!"


Meanwhile, Endeavor's work was paying off in spades, the platforms dropping from the ceiling in the outer corridors and audibly putting a stop to whatever dreams the security teams had of getting in. The hail of gunfire and crackle of force-fields reverberating through the ground and walls. 

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Endeavor knew she had to free the captives here. That... and she was gonna bring this place down around whoever runs this place's ears. Namely the one electricity deprived "subject"...


Seeing that his door was locked, the young supergenius used the warp-shunt she found to get into the room. "I don't know who you are... but this is a jail break" she said, taking care of anything restraining him using her em wand in it's blade more, before setting her wand into it's electrical discharge mode. Turning down it's output hoping that will do, she pointed it at the subject. She didn't want to hurt him, but she did want him to not need to lick a electrical outlet. "Seems you need a pick-me-up, and luckily I can give a recharge."


"Once we can blow this Popsicle stand, we're gonna tear this place apart. I really... REALLY don't like what's going on here. In fact I hate it, and I'm gonna make whoever is doing this pay."


Endeavor's eyes narrowed... this was a different response for the diminutive, space-suited super-genius, most kids even at her age would think of escape. "That and there's a classmate of mine trapped in here somewhere, and he also needs my help. The three of us together if he's not really injured could help us."

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Alexander's face as undefined and firey as it was softend a little bit when the man before him begged for his life, this wasn't the way a hero acted, a slight pang of guilt and shame ran through his stomach as he turned away "Forget it, professor I'll Melt my way out of this place, id consider a change in careers if i were you." he says as he turns his hands into an almost brilliant blue point of high intensity fire and turns them upon the blast door, strain on an emphermial substance was a weird sensation but it payed off as the door before him turned into slag.


"and if not...tell your bosses if they come after anyone in my family again...well; they'd best come prepared." and with that he darts out of the room, a blazing streak of orange gold fire not sure exactly where he should go but certain he'd need to find and retrieve Richard.

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As the door, and most of the wall around it, vaporized under the concentrated and super-heated acid, several things happened at once.


Down below, the will-o-wisp gratefully darted against the crackling tip of the EM Wand, the electrons visibly arcing away into the ball as it swiftly grew into a child-sized, humanoid figure of hissing electrical discharge. Turning a gaping white-hot grin and massive eyes like windows into an abyss on its savior, the thing babbled "Yszzzz! Lock'tVoltawy Straaosfgotme! Newfrennewfr'nnfn! New. Friend. For. VOLT. Volthelp newfren! Wreckingzzz, breakzzz!"


Taking an awkward step on one trembling limb of high-voltage, the small, frail thing suddenly looked up, already huge eyes widening as it abruptly lunged at Endeavor and pushed her off her feet, just as the lightning struck.


The thin man in the observation room lurched to his feet, yelling out a frantic "Alex, the tra-!"


A powerful current ripped through the lab, the thin man jerked and screamed for a long, horrible second, the lights burst in a shower of glass, the consoles exploded in gouts of sparks and the austere chambers below fell into darkness. The turrets stopped firing.


And Volt now towered over Sakurako, the size and relative shape of an adult man in his prime, thrumming with power. The face fit now. 


"Yeszzz. Newfrenfren above. Let'zzzggo!"

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"My god... what have I done?" Sakurako thought... "He's..."


"No... can't check on him... we gotta move." She considered her options.


"Volt, is it? If it looks like a computer... fry it." She said. "Just use something less... hurty... when it comes to the people here. Knock them out good, yes, but no fricassee, okay? I'd get more satisfaction with these guys behind bars."


"But this place... it's a perversion." Sakurako could feel the ill science here she even wrinkled her nose in disgust... what atrocities could have been done here was beyond her. She chased behind the Lightning-elemental like being. "There is no science here I can get any value from, other than what I'm taking with me. And I'm probably turnin' this stuff in to my advisors, they'll know which people to properly dispose of this stuff are. So... go ham, fam."


Sakurako's EM wand flickered back into it's emmitter mode, it's humming sound almost gave her comfort. "I'm about to go full Winston on this place."

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Closing his eyes at the junction Alex took the briefest of moments to listen to the clattering sound of boots on the ground, it seemed that they were converging on his location and whilst he might've been able to resist for a while he was in no state to take on an entire base worth of soliders possibly armed with countermeasures for his abilities.


so with that in mind he set off in the direction of the operations blazing through the corridors at his top speed towards the brains of the facility.


Time to blow their mind.

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