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Late Thread Counting

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Late thread counts for June 2017


I have no excuse.


Please give all GM-earned points to Salmon.




Here Comes the General 2 IC posts


Red Moon


Blood Runs Cold 2 IC posts



Everything Is Illegal Here 1 IC post

Freedom Needs Green 1 IC post




Calculating the Abyss 1 post




A Waste of Water 3 GM posts

Do It Again 2 GM posts

The Death Song 1 GM post

Underworld Hit 1 GM post



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Did I make the fire better or worse? - Absurdist.


How is it the 8th? :( I want my month back. No good excuses on this one, just too much other stuff going on.


Gaian Knight / Tiamat (maxed)
Strange Visitors (4)


Dragonfly (maxed)
The Nothing From Coming For You (3)








Deep Into That Darkness Peering (2)
Fragile (11)
MAXimum Hunting (2)


Knock on the Door Job (2)


Roll GK/Dragonfly over to Grim to get him to 15, if I miscounted, then split what remains between Wraith and Eclipse, please. Ref point to Eclipse.

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Sparklemotioned by Absurdist


So with a single post all month you would have thought I would have been on time with this.  Alas, my apologies.  



November Vignette

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No worries at all!


PP has been awarded for Bestia's December 2017 posts. In addition, I've created your reward tracker, here, which can be used to watch character slots and player advancement.


Welcome to the site! - Fox




Ah, didn't realize how things worked yet, my apologies.






Should be six posts for December. ^^;;

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OK, so I came in with a character on the last day of January and got one post. Technically January would be my first month here then! I would like to start my first month doing the double post deal February. If January has to be then ignore this!. If I can start in February, cool.


My first post was here.

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Bleh, was just one of those weeks...This should just be for October 2018.


Guide PP to Raven.



American Woman: 5 IC Posts

And Carnal Forebearance: 1 IC Post

Assemble!: 1 IC Post

Green Machine: 4 IC Posts

Last Gasp of Summer: 6 IC Posts

Let's Fall in Like: 1 IC Post

Roommates: 9 IC Posts

School Daze: 1 IC Post

The Slow and the Sensible: 3 IC Posts


Raven III

Racing Death: 5 IC Posts



Golgotha Tenemant Blues: 9 IC Posts



I'm a Believer, Are You: 1 IC Post

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Late again...not that May had much to count.



Sky-Pirates: 1 IC Post


Guide point to Judex

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As discussed with Fox on discord, I'll be moving my GM post spend for May around a bit, so these are the new counts:


Dust Devil II 1 post = 1PP

Sand and Water (1)


Forever Boy 12 posts + 38 GM posts = 50 Post Total = 4PP

Belly of the Beast (Posts marked Forever Boy) (4)

Puzzle Box: The Fun Guy (3)

Sky-Pirates (Posts marked Forever Boy) (1)

SOPHie's Choice: Shock to the System (1)

The Wearing of the Green (3)


Justice 13 posts + 37 GM Posts = 50 Posts Total = 4PP

Armor Leg (5)

Choose Your Own Adventure (Posts marked Justice) (6)

Monster of the Week (2)


Rebellion 5 posts + 20 GM Posts = 25 Posts Total = 3PP

School Rumble (Posts marked Rebellion) (5)


U.F.O. 0 posts + 4 GM posts = 5 Post Total = 1PP



GM 50 GM posts = 100 posts to divide

A Different Kind of Justice (2)

Belly of the Beast (Posts marked GM) (2)

Choose Your Own Adventure (Posts marked GM) (6)

Defenders of the Deep (4)

Glitter and Gold (6)

Happiness in Slavery (9)

Ink (4)

Monster of the Week (1)

Mysterious Menagerie of Monsters (5)

Run Fast (3)

School Rumble (Posts marked GM)  (4)

Sky-Pirates (Posts marked GM) (5)


37 GM posts to Justice

38 GM posts to Forever Boy

20 GM posts to Rebellion

5 GM posts to U.F.O.


If I did a miscount anywhere, remove GM posts from U.F.O. first, but leaving at least 1 post, then from Rebellion.

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Posted (edited)

I wasn't aware you got a PP bonus for the EU profiles, so here goes:



EU profile


This should give Justice 1 more PP, and since Justice was one of 3PP earners for July, that should add 1PP to my Reward Tracker, too, putting my Veteran Progress at 80PP before August PP gains.

Edited by RocketLord

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