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Kount Every Klan Vote (IC)

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January 25, 2016 

The beach at Lonely Point 


The dimensional incursion caught Taylor's senses like the whiff of brimstone - not Hell, exactly, but maybe worse. She knew the stink of the Erdes well enough and this one was particularly foul. As far as she could tell it was a one-off, somewhere just at the shoreline of Lonely Point; away from the base, near the small sheltered park in the area. An annoying way to start the week - but if she was honest, not an unusual one. 



Sarah had been sent to the beach that morning with an assignment to meditate by the sea and then write a 250 word paper on her feelings about the dichotomy between land and sea embodied by her own 'chakra-sense'. Combining magic and secondary education sometimes didn't work very well. She had just found herself in a lotus position when suddenly the air opened up before her and a man leaped backwards through an invisible door. A big, beefy man in a brown uniform with a black hat, black tie, and the sort of pale skin that flushed ruddy red at the slightest provocation, it was easy to guess his politics. The swastika on his armband, jacket, and tie, all told that story. 


"Fools, you'll-hah, it worked!" He slapped himself on the thigh in triumph and turned around before fixing his gaze on Sarah. A suspicious look in his frankly quite piggy eyes, he said something in an Asian language that Sarah understood not at all. When she didn't understand, he tried again once, then again in English. "Me White Knight," he explained in a pidgin that would have sounded insulting to someone born at the time of Sarah's grandparents, much less now. "Me big cheese in skyboat," he said, pointing to the Heavens above, "You take me to chief, savvy?" 

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Sarah didn't even twitch when he showed up. The young woman had her assignment after all, and surely this caricature of a man couldn't possibly be real. Her mind rebelled so thoroughly that even his insults didn't register as real. Which led to the thought that this was probably an illusion conjured up to distract her from her assignment! Of course, that's the only thing it could be. Sarah gave herself a mental pat on the back and returned to her meditations.

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It took only a thought to let her body fall into the Void that Taylor was forever one foot within, her fingertips coming up absently to the Eye of Heshem at her throat. 


On the beach, the space over White Knight's initial portal rippled before the sky itself split apart. The space beyond was dark and endless, illuminated by intermittent eldritch lightning. Billowing fabric in midnight purple seemed to unfold from the opening before resolving into the ephemeral, cloaked figure of Phantom. 


"Oh good. You have no idea how long its been since I got to thrash a Nazi." Her tones echoed hollowly with dark humor and she lifted her hand, the cloak parting enough to reveal a black gloved arm and the tips of those fingers glinting with menacing witchlight. "If you leave the girl alone and surrender now, I might go easy on you."

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"Oh, well, if it's war you two want, it's war you shall have" declared the thick-necked man, flames beginning to crackle down his arms and into his hands. He shifted into Japanese again at this point, a language that only Phantom could understand. "First you, then your wretched Emperor, you foul piece of Green Dragon filth! And your little friend too!" He made sure to punctuate that point by pointing a meaty finger Hellbinder's way before taking off into the air, flames now washing over his body and uniform. "Face the burning power of the White Knight, Aryan Supreme!" 

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Her lips pursed at the sound of that. "Nobody can be THAT racist." she thought out loud before she stood. "Excuse me, am I going to get in trouble for interrupting my meditation exercises to help you deal with this... Whatever he is?" Hellbinder asked, her costume burning into existence around her body. "I don't want to fail the class. I'm on thin ice as it is, starting this late in the school year."

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Hellbinder (Sarah) frowned a pretty little frown at her own thoughts. "No, of course they wouldn't object to my beating up a... A rather unsettling man with a disproportionately large ego and powers to go with them." she said to herself. Raising her hands, she wove a spell. "Vincula de imis profundissimum inferni accedens alliget lacessat!" she chants. From the world around White Knight, dozens of tiny portals opened up. From them, bloody chains erupted, their serrated hooks wrapping around his limbs.

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"I'll write you a note," Phantom said in dry, sepulchral tones as she took in the girl's spell casting with an approving expression. Infernal magic, after all, had its uses. The Chosen of Heshem tightened her gloved hand into a fist, summoning crackling white energy that burned bright and sent it towards the captive man with an electric sizzle and the scent of ozone in the air. Although the dark robed woman was clearly using magic of some stripe, she made no arcane gestures or called out incantations, seeming to focus the magic with her very force of will.


When the bolt did no more than sizzle the man's clothes, a scowl darkened Phantom's face behind her hood as she cast her hands out towards the size - clearly reaching for bigger guns, mystically speaking. 

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With a roar, the White Knight ripped his way free from the bonds wrapped around him by Hellbinder, eyes flaming red as he scowled at the girl. "Witch! I'll show you pain!" he promised, fire erupting from his gaze as he fired beams of scorching-red heat out of his eyes that tore up the ground around Sarah's feet without actually striking her flesh. "Don't you understand?!" he demanded, glaring at the two women. "Must a man explain it to you? I am the White Knight, the mightiest defender of the Aryan States of America! I will destroy you, then shape this world to my will!" 

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Something changed in Hellbinder's demeanor as she looked through The White Knight. She seemed... Gentler. No. Not quite. She looked upon White Knight with pity! 'Oh you poor man," the hellish woman says. "To be so lowly that you must lie to those who do not know you." the young woman chuckled softly. As the flames burn around her feet without striking, she waved her hands. It's a spell she had never cast before, and never thought she would need to. But now, she does, if this man is to be saved.

"Ecce in te. Respice in peccatis vestris. Respice virum quem quæris. Ecce, non est mendacium, et media exiles lamminis vera et dic te." she incanted, and the words fell from her lips like stones dropping into a lake of lead. A burning mandala etched itself into the ground around The White Knight. "ANTE LUCEM!" finished the spell. Invisible fires sprung up around The White Knight, and the shadows of his sins were cast into the air about him. Onlookers only saw vague, indistinct shadows... But no matter where The White Knight turned, he was forced to see it all too clearly the truth of his whole being, laid bare before him.

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There was no pity in the Phantom's lambent gaze, nor mercy, and she hooked her fingers in one short, sharp gesture that summoned back the light she'd flung and sent it towards the White Knight in sinuous bands of living electricity. Although they lashed at the would-be world conquerer, threatening and crackling, for the moment the Nazi escaped Phantom's dread grip.


"I know what your kind is like." Phantom hissed from below the shadows of her hood. "Witch hunter." Phantom spat that word like it was an epithet most foul. As the heat of White Knight's gaze turned towards her, Phantom flung her cloak forward like it would shield her from the flame. The dark folds might smolder, but the woman under it failed to burn. "Not this world. Not today."

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