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  1. November 3, 2021. Claremont Academy. Diana Falk Cafeteria. Queenie Maybelle McQueen had not been assigned a specific student for Mentorship Day. She’d signed up, that much was true. But in a reversal of how things normally worked, there were too many heroes for the job. Instead, the Headmistress had asked if Queenie could cater the event instead, and she was more than happy to. So here she was in the cafeteria. The equipment was…adequate, but all in all Maybelle was very happy she’d premade what she could. Word quickly got out that the food in the cafeteria was really good today, and soon the entire student body was finding an excuse to swing through. Not all at once, naturally, but enough to keep the ring slinging chef busy as a bee.
  2. GM Wyvaan IV Outer length of the Perseus Arm Lor Time Mark 2002.5 (August 28, 2021 Terran Calendar) Blaster fire streaked past Sitara Shashikala and Maybelle McQueen as they had approached the entrance to a pre-fab warehouses within an industrial zone of a large city that had sprung up on the once sparsely populated fourth planet of the Wyvaan system. Like many of the most hospitable worlds within or near Coalition worlds, Wyvaan IV had seen a massive increase in population in the years since the Incursion through the relocation efforts for those that had been displaced. Despite how recent the relocation efforts had been, many of the relocated sentients had come to view Wyvaan IV as their home and the world had begun to prosper as it joined the Coalition. However, given its proximity to the revived portions of the Stellar Khanate, the sudden growth in population had allowed Khanate criminal syndicates to easily expand their influence to the world. It had been a request from the planetary government that had brought a group of Praetorians to the world to help shut down some of those operations. Sitara had managed to quickly uncover some leads, which had led them to this industrial zone. Apparently the syndicate members were not at all reluctant about putting up a bit of a fight. "Traveller, Quennie, be careful, there are more armed beings approaching from the side streets." Came a message over the comms channel from Magnetar, another Praetorian who had been covering the pair's approach to the warehouse from the air.
  3. July 11, 2020. The Hanover Zoo. The Promenade. Hanover, Freedom City. Noon. GM Five minutes ago, everything had been fine, mused one Lisa Sandlin. Just another day at the Zoo. And then some lunatic had started popping open cages and enclosures, proclaiming that the animals needed their freedom. There were children in the Zoo, for heaven’s sake! It was a Saturday! And now Lisa, professional zoo keeper with a master’s in zoology, was going to be eaten by a lion. How embarrassing. She had no idea how she was going to explain this one. Where was a super hero went you needed one?
  4. The Southern Queen, North End, Freedom City June 27, 2020 9:00 PM Starlok Ever since Ori-Bath had met the Praetorians, two things had been on her mind. The first was that all Lor bureaucracy was trash and the Praetorians should be able to help her overthrow her brother if she wanted them to. The second was more relevant to now: She had to meet the one known as ‘Maybelle McQueen’, alias ‘Queenie.’ Partially to recruit her to her cause, but also to eat some of the delicious Terran food she was apparently quite deft at making. It had taken some time to track down the place - it turned out that humans were very uncreative and called many locations ‘the North End’, but she finally tracked it down with the help of the Terran mass-information network. Unfortunately, getting there posed even more problems. She had attempted to ‘rent a car’, but apparently that required vast amounts of documentation from the American Empire she simply did not have. And apparently government workers did not know who she was nor did they care. They kept calling her British, too, which was just patently incorrect. So instead, she had to have her servants pilot the Pale Rider to hover over the Southern Queen’s parking lot, causing an awful din. As papers and plastic bags were thrown about by a ship the size of a jumbo jet hovering over the restaurant, a lift descended down from the ship’s base, carrying on it Ori-Bath, Countess of Nos. She had decided to go formal for this, forgoing her normal wargear and instead wearing a fancy, frilled royal blue evening gown and makeup that had the strange feature of using blue wherever a human would use red, namely lipstick and blush. Her long, dark hair was done up in an updo. She felt she conveyed the very image of grace. Sending her ship off, Ori-Bath simply waved off the crowd of people who had gathered to see what exactly was happening. “Do not be alarmed,” she cried in perfect English, speaking with a flawless recreation of a High Received Pronunciation accent. “I am merely here to sample the food. Return to your business!”
  5. OOC for Carolina Red .
  6. My new PC, Dragoneer, is approved. And Thev's gotten the busyness at work, so Queenie once again is not doing anything. JETTE's cooling her heels in Bedlam as well. So how about it? Let's do some posting together.
  7. GM Ardor asteroid belt just a few light years inside Lor Space Along the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1881.7 [January 16, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] The Ardor asteroid belt was a collection of various sized asteroids that stretched nearly half a light year along one of the boarders of Lor Space. For centuries it has lay well away from any inhabited Lor systems and thus was out of the path of any regular trade lanes. However, that had changed several cycles ago, back before the Incursion, when a Quantum Dark Zone singularity had caused the belt to migrate, pulling it closer to one of the outer space lanes of the Republic. A team of Lor scientists along with Terran scientist Quentin Quill had gone to investigate the singularity. However, Quill was accidently pulled into the singularity during the investigation and the Lor science team eventually returned to Lor-Van. And then the Communion arrived. The singularity had been all but forgotten by the Republic during the Communion War and the aftermath. That was until almost one Terran year ago, when Quentin Quill managed to free himself from the singularity. But even then, the Lor had not resumed study of the anomaly and it was ignored once more. Less than one standard day ago, when the passive sensors of the Lor research laboratory situated on of the larges asteroids in the belt had detected a massive energy shift from within the singularity, sending the readings back to the Republic…
  8. Maybelle McQueen was many things. Master chef, restaurateur, solo superhero, Praetorian. What she was not was internet savvy. A touch embarrassing in the current age, maybe, but true nonetheless. So Hero House had it's hands full getting a hold of her and convincing her to do this. She was a face to face convo while feeding you kind of woman, and the internet was rather impersonal. At least that's how she saw it. But it was true that the vast majority of people couldn't just pop on down to Freedom City and visit the Southern Queen, so she agreed to do it. She was a terrible typist, stuck hunting and pecking. Well. Maybe the ring could help her next time. Her screen name was SouthernKitchenQueen.
  9. Freedom Aquarium - 9:00 a.m., Tuesday It is a fine day on the Waterfront. Bright, sunny, and with just a hint of fluffy clouds in a warm blue sky, it was a safe day to leave the umbrella at home. A crowd unusual for a weekday mills about around the shops and ice cream stands, taking advantage of the cool - yet pleasant, for this time of year - weather. Many of these people are already lined up outside the Freedom Aquarium minutes before opening, eager to see a brand new exhibit featuring rare and deep sea specimens from the coasts of Japan and Korea. Most of the fish to be on display have never been featured alive for the general populace before, and a few are new species only discovered some months ago. The ticket booths are already running, trying to get ahead of the forming crowd of eager locals and tourists alike, and failing. As the front doors open a cheer ripples through the crowd, and the line drips forward slowly by steadily. Meanwhile, a few school buses pull into the parking lot nearby, all carrying schoolkids on a unique field trip and their just-as-excited chaperones. As people filter into the aquarium, some make a bee-line straight to the new exhibit, while some meander through the older exhibits, patient to save the best for last. A dark interior of gently winding hallways and dim lamps weave through massive glass cases filled with millions of pounds of water and entire ecosystems of exotic fish and other aquatic flora and fauna. A low hum of banter intertwined with the occasional screech of a small child rises to fill the air, and smartly dressed tour guides enthusiastically start to lead throngs of patrons through the corridors, facts and trivia falling from their lips to land on the ears of an enthralled crowd. Then, starting from the front, and slowly inching its way back all the way out the front doors, travelling past the ticket booths and even into the parking lot, haunting and hushed whispers wash over the atmosphere. Rumors of something gone wrong spread, hands cover mouths, and eyes go wide in confusion and concern. From the newly opened exhibit, several adults retreat, one ushering out two small, confused and irate children. Shortly after, employees close off the new exhibit, its grand opening lasting less than a few minutes. One tells another to call the police not quite quietly enough to avoid a few patrons from overhearing. The whispers ripple through the crowd again, rumors that the tanks featured no fish, no living things... nothing but blood-red water. __________________________________________ Forever Boy If it weren't for his physical build, Pan might have just fit in with the school kids. The Aquarium wasn't much, but on some of the more boring days, you take all the adventure you can get, even the small ones. Besides, sometimes one just needs to relax a little. Never-before-seen fish? Having been on Earth as long as he has, Pan knows that they either won't be half as strange as some of the creatures from Neverworld, or they will be incredible, horrifying monstrosities he could never have dreamed of. Slipping through the crowd to the front, however, the trickster is met with something truly unexpected... no fish at all. In fact, all he can see before employees begin trying to usher him and the others out of the exhibit are a lot of empty tanks with red water in them... save for one tank. In this one tank remains a lone fish. It is small and slight, barely as long as his hand, and its scales glimmer all the colors of the rainbow, and shinier than pixie dust. __________________________________________ Queenie Being an "unmasked" hero has its perks, although Maybelle may not enjoy all of them. She didn't arrive early like some folks, but as soon as a few people recognized her, the crowds parted like the Biblical Red Sea. Locals pulled out cell phones and began snapping photos and taking videos, some folks asked for an autograph. Maybe it was just because when she was cooking, she didn't have much time - or perhaps patience - to deal with autographs. Maybe it was just a novelty to see her outside of the diner. Either way, right now, she is being treated like a celebrity, and shuffled up to the front of the lines. Not that all that did much in the end. All it meant was Maybelle was one of the first to see the new exhibit close down. Two steps inside and all she sees are tanks filled with red... and it doesn't take an expert chef whose fillet thousands of fish to guess what kind of red it is. Only one critter remains... a small, slight dartfish, its body barely as long as her hand, but glimmering like a rainbow. __________________________________________ Delta What a day to pick a clandestine meeting. Delta had been expecting a small crowd... someplace public, sure. But this... this was ridiculous. How was he supposed to blend in? Was his "anonymous informant" having a laugh? It seemed like a lot of trouble to drop coded messages and spend days picking a time and place to meet just to play a stupid prank. Still, his informant was nowhere in sight. Perhaps it had been foolish of Delta to trust a man (or maybe a woman. Delta didn't even know that much!) whose only claim was "I know someone who can tell you more about your past." As the minutes pass, the threat of a trap grows ever more ominous, but that trap never springs. However, a wave of unrest ripples through the crowds of people. Something about the new exhibit... something about everything being dead. A glance over his shoulder reveals what all the other glances have revealed: nothing. No informant. So far, Delta's only lead - if there even was one to begin with - lies with what has happened here at the Aquarium. After all... it might not be a coincidence that he just happened to be lured here at the precise time to witness all this unfold. __________________________________________ Bee Melissa is one of the first in line for the aquarium. Most people were here to see pretty fish. However, unlike most, Melissa is just as interested in the science behind it. The only reason half of the new specimens were on display was because of some fascinating technology. First, deep sea submersibles with the capability of capturing specimens had to be built and installed with a pressure chamber. Without the chamber, any organism from too deep would die from the journey up to the surface, as their internal body pressure became too great for the atmosphere around it. Next, those chambers had to be transported and seamlessly emptied into equally pressurized tanks, the very same tanks the Aquarium had spent millions installing. Through a very careful process and a series of airlocks, the specimens were introduced into their new homes here in Freedom City. Finally, to maintain the ecosystem in the tanks, automated maintenance robots were installed to monitor and clean the tanks as needed. After all, the less need to open the tanks or introduce a human element, the less risk of human error, or mechanical failure resulting in the untimely death of the new residents. All of that effort seemed to be wasted, as Melissa found out as she reached the exhibit. Nothing remains, save for the dark red tendril stains slowly diffusing and mixing with the water.
  10. Supercape

    Texan BBQ

    GM Sept 1st, Redhill It was a moderate sized southern town that bathed in sunshine. It could feel too hot mid summer, but the blaze had cooled a little and the friendly Texan town was now enjoying great weather. It was not a remarkable town, except for its annual Barbeque championships, where the finest chefs of the South congregated to explore new flavours, meats, and flames. Do not be mislead - this was world class cuisine despite its narrow remit. And it was not even as narrow as one might imagine. The cooking blended in from around the world. Indonesian, Nepalese, and Thia flavours and recipes permeated the event, and every possible variation and twist on the theme was not only allowed, but encouraged. And of course, Queenie was there. Being hounded by Mr Vernon Salt, a man of immense girth and considerable sweat, who fancied himself the second best BBQ chef in Texas. And wanted to be the first. "Please, give me a pointer!" "Just a little hint!" "Show me how to do it!" and other refrains bubbled from his bubbly lips. This was pointed out by Ms. Samantha Pepper, agent of W.E.S.T, to Gossamer. "Thanks for coming, Ma'am" she said to Gossamer. "I know it was all a bit of a rush and you didn't get fully briefed" she started. "Doctor North requested your presence and probably gave you half the picture..." she added, almost apolegetically. Sam Pepper was a tall blond woman with clear blue eyes and a functional business suit. Her pretty face had a badly broken nose and her voice had a nasal quality. Texan, through and through, but educated, too. "World Exoctic Science Taskforce. Brand new. Logistical Nightmare. No official authority here" she explained. "But we have had some unusual chemical readings here. Nothing hazardous. Odd organic chemicals. We haven't had a chance to analyse properly, but the potential is there for self-replicating molecules. Grey Goo Scenario..."
  11. Signa System Towards the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1752.9 [January 12, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] The Signa system was located just out of the inner most edge of the Lor Republic. Its location, along with that of its neighbors, had long afforded it protection from the threats of the Grue Unity and the Stellar Khanate. This safety, and friendly relations with the Lor allowed those systems to flourish through peaceful cooperation and trade. When the Incursion had come and the Communion forces struck at the very center of Lor space, Signa and its neighbors found themselves suddenly on the forefront of the conflict. Their limited defense forces, even combined, were little match for the Communion, and it was only timely assistance by the Lor and other Coalition forces that prevented the sector from being completely overrun. As it was, several of Signa's neighboring systems were taken and cyberformed by the Communion, although large portions of their populations were evacuated to Signa and other neighboring systems. Once the Incursion was over, Signa continued to welcome its displaced neighbors as work began to try to undo the damage the Communion had done. Recently the system had been experiencing a rash of crimes committed by beings using supertech equipment. The local law enforcement had been unable to control the situation, so Signa’s representative to the Coalition Counsel had requested the assistance of the Praetorians. So now Traveller, Barrier, Hyperslice and Queenie were making their way along a corridor inside one of the orbiting cities above Signa Prime, the fifth planet from the large blue star at the center of the system. Large portions of the corridor were covered with translucent walls, which provided impressive views of the sprawling orbital city below, and the planet and star beyond. "I am so pleased for your assistance Praetorians." Stated Counselor Farrin in Gal Standard, the Signaian ambassador that had requested their assistance. Like all Signian natives, Counselor Farrin was a squat humanoid, covered with short dark brown fur. "A most vexing problem for our local law enforcement, but one that you should be able to handle."
  12. Kestevan 79 The Spinal Core, Coalition Victory Station Lor time mark 1482.4 [April 2, 2016 (Terran Calender)] The Voidrunners' work rarely brought them near CoVic Station, as their bounties typically favored the border regions, away from whatever government, organization or individual that was looking for them. But their latest bounty had required them to make the delivery to CoVic Station, so now they had the rare chance to take in the thriving galactic hub that had arisen in the aftermath of the Incursion. Currently, they were making their way into the Spinal Core. The Spinal Core was a section of CoVic Station that had developed as the central market place, filled with business and shops. Its named derived from the fact that it was built along the inside of a hundred-meter-wide shaft that descended deep into the lower levels of the station from the section where most of the embassies and other governmental facilities had been established. With the somewhat hasty construction that had taken place in making parts of CoVic Station habitable, the engineers had not bothered trying to alter the shaft, but had simply set up the artificial gravity generators so that the entire surface of the Spinal Core was covered with two or three story buildings and numerous stalls. Assuming one could find a straight path that went all the way around the interior of the Core, it would have been possible to have starting walking and ending up right back where one had started. While there had been an initial attempt to set out orderly and symmetrical buildings and shops, expansion and additions had quickly sprung up that created twisting and curving avenues. Added to this were numerous small stalls and vendors selling their wares on a mat laid on the ground, making the Spinal Core something of a crowded, fast paced environment where all manner of goods could be found, if one looked hard enough. The Voidrunners had been taking in the sights of the Spinal Core, and taking advantage of the wide array of goods, when the news that a Stellar Khanate warship had emerged from the nearby wormhole and approached the station. As sense of nervousness had come over many in the Core, although they still went about their business as best they could. It lessened somewhat when the news began to spread that apparently the Khanate ship was delivering a diplomatic envoy that was to meet with Ambassador Th'emme and envoys from other intergalactic governments that had embassies aboard the station.
  13. Sol System About .25 AU past Mars Monday November 16, 2015 (Terran Calendar) The great vastness of space stretched out before Maybelle McQueen as she slowed down from having accelerated as fast as the Ring of Aura would take her. Behind her the sun hung at the center of the solar system, but was a fraction of the size it appeared from Earth, and felt much cooler, although the ring protected her from the freezing cold of the void. Out here, so far from the sun, the countless stars that made up the Milky Way seemed almost to twinkle everywhere Maybelle looked. Perhaps someday the ring would be able to take her to some of the closer ones, but for the present, she was learning what she could about its ability to carry her through space…..
  14. Of course, everyone in the thread is in the area when this happens. You can place yourself anywhere within sight of it.
  15. Earth K-Eldritch-5, Geloyra. The people of this Earth live by a loose set of morals, but there are heroes. And some of them are actually OK people. Oh, they'll save you, but you'll pay them for it somehow. Almost all believe in the reward for a job well done. Almost all believe in leaving a swath of bodies in their wake and taking the 'stuff' from said bodies. They'll return to small villages and towns to spend their rewards on alcohol and companionship. Gorth, a marauder. He wields a giant ax with the rage and fury of a demon. He speaks very little words that don't involve the name of his ax and his clan. Hysti, a chaos witch. A comely maiden who's lot in life is to get everything through her physical wiles or, if that fails, her magic. Barron, a thief. Like his trade implies, he will steal anything that isn't bolted down. And you most likely won't see him do it. Windleaf, a shaman. Turns into owls and trees and humanoid hybrids of those to heal and protect the others. The least bloodthirsty. Oh, she'll kill, no problem, but she goes down the path of least resistance. Who are these people? They call themselves the Squires of Avalon. They've made a name for themselves. Minstrels sing of their deeds far and wide. They're not quite legends, but everyone has at least heard of them on their earth. Right now they are planning the end of an epic adventure that will take them to another dimension to find the evil wizard Evadsrednas! Once they have his head on a pike, they will return to the kingdom of Autumnal and receive their rewards. Earth-Prime. Freedom City. 632PM. Friday. Near Federal Plaza. It's just another cold January day. A week or two ago, the world came to 2018 peacefully. Business has slowed to a crawl in the busiest part of town. But people still believe in commerce, the businesses thrive! But there are other reasons to be here. Mr. Murk has received a premonition that there will be a massive dying around this place at this time. He searches for answers to how and why. As if to answer the immortal's query, a giant red portal opened up. If the ancient neanderthal could see what came out of it, he's see a tall mountain of a man with sun darkened skin carrying a large ax on his shoulder, wearing nary but a loincloth made of a lion. A woman so beautiful that both man and women stop and stare. She's dressed in a revealing robe made of red and purple silks. A short man - a child maybe? - dressed in black leather armor, his hands resting on two of the multiple daggers on his person. And a woman with long sharp ears and a wearily expression, wearing a dress made of withered fallen leaves. "This, this place," the leaf-wearing woman speaks with a troubled ton and a valley accent, "its the right place. The connection to the world is greatly diminished!" "Don't worry, Leafy," the short guy said merrily with a British ganger accent, "we ain't gunna be here that long, luv. An' maybe we'll get some weird shyte that we can take back? Countin on it!" The silken robed woman looked to the gathering crowd, she smiled and giggled before making a snowman out of nowhere and having her and it dance for them. The muscle beast growled harshly, "less talk. Less play. Find Evas- Every-... Gods damned wizard." He looked to the robed woman, "talk, not dance!" The silken robed woman rolled her eyes at the wall of meat. Making the snowman disappear. "excuse me, excuse me," she addressed the crowd, her voice sounded French accented, "where would we find your tower of wizards? We are looking for Evadsrednas Do you know of him?"
  16. Freedom City. North End. The Southern Queen. 1 PM. Maybelle McQueen was having a lovely day. It was the lunch rush. Dishes had to be cooked fast, served fast, and cleared fast. Her waitstaff was up to the task today. Her kitchen staff was on fire. Man, she’s really picked some good supporting staff. David, Matt, and Peter followed her orders precisely, and were more than competent. At times, even their creativity met her standards. Rose, Martha, Amy, and Clara kept the dining area both in order and moving. Everything was going just fine today. Maybelle grinning and slid the dish she was cooking onto a waiting plate. “Order up! Vegetarian stir fry with tofu balls!”
  17. GM No one knew who Melissa Milani. No one cared. In her mind she was a quiet little dweeb from a poor family. The eldest of twelve siblings. When she got out of high school, she distanced herself from her family. Took the first bus to the east coast to live it up. But that was not to be.On the way to freedom, the bus crashed killing all of the passengers. Except one. Melissa rose from the ashes, but was different. She was bigger, stronger, more important. From that day on she took the name Princess. She found that she could turn back into her old useless self if no one was watching. She used this to do whatever she wanted. For all the world knew, Melissa Milani was dead. Princess was the one they had to deal with. A few years later, she had made her way to her destination. Well, kind of. This was no Atlantic City, but it did have some awesome people there. Princess could get or take help. Floating through a string of robberies, she teamed up with every pretty boy or girl that would appease her. On the other side of the tracks, Denise Weaver grew up pampered getting everything she wanted. 'Daddy I want a pony,' she'd say and poof, a pony she'd have. 'Mommy I want dance lessons,' poof, dance lessons! Though later on, she opened her mouth and stuck her foot in it. She wanted superpowers. And, unfortunately, her parents knew exactly where to get them. The DNAscent Project. And they had enough money to go through with it. This was the final straw in Denise's sanity. She had the ability to fly and shoot energy with the power of her mind. She didn't have to ask, she could take what she wanted! And that she did. Though the novelty did wear off after a while, she could take whatever she wanted, but she had no one to share it with. Princess and Denise had their eye on the same prize one day. They didn't know each other, but they saw they were kind of fighting on the same side. So after they made their get away, they shared more than just the money they'd stolen. They shared a few fun laughs, some drinks, each other. They were kind of inseparable. Princess was doing it because Denise was hot. Denise was doing it because she really thought she'd found a friend and partner in crime. Through out the past couple of months they'd team up exclusively. Which brings us to now. They were both kind of hungry and there was this place called 'The Southern Queen' they could eat and knock over. "The food's good," Denise said flipping through a manual as she floated along lackadaisically. "I don't care," Princess said holding her stomach, "just point the way before my I drop. Princess needs food badly!" Denise grinned, "if it's really good we might come up some." The two rolled into the front door of 'The Southern Queen', waiting to be seated.
  18. This is the place where the rolls go. Also, ask me anything. I mean it. Well, anything thread related.
  19. July 21st, 2017 8:30 PM The Southern Queen Restaurant Hyperactive had found that heroes played all sorts of roles. He liked to think of them as body parts. His father had been a powerful set of fists and his eyes cast tremendous vision. His best friend Druid was a heart that guided the Waco Warriors. And Hyperactive? Well he was almost always a pair of feet. Running around and kicking bad guys. But today was different. Today Hyperactive was a mouth. Hyperactive arrived in a blur of motion. He had on a simple black suit with a silver shirt. His green tie had his "H" in a pattern on it. He had opted for the visor that just went over his eyes and ears. This wasn't a combat mission, but it was a mission all the same. He strolled up to the entrance. The large briefcase with the congressional seal displayed hung at his side. "Hello Miss, table for two please." Hyperactive smiled at the hostess. "And tell Cheff McQueen that Hyperactive is here to see her."
  20. GM Maybelle McQueen, Queenie It had been a long trying night. The Moore family reunion was one of the most trying ones. Sure, the guy who made Freedom City hell in the late 80s and early 90s, but he had a family. And money. So, a labor of love of your job was. Franklin was all talk surrounded by people. He knew of Queenie's heroics. If you weren't one of the best chefs in town for impromptu large gatherings he would have went elsewhere. After the restaurant was clean and the employees gone, you took to the sky. It was clear and refreshing. When you got home, there was a light on in the kitchen. As you called out, you heard a voice you hadn't heard in a long time. "Yeah honey," your deceased husband said, sitting at the kitchen table in the work clothes you saw him last in, "don't worry about... where am I?" Lynn Epstein, Grimalkin You were alone, looking through orders, just before the store opened. Lady Liberty merchandise was flying off the shelf ever since that biopic was made. In a world full of superheroes, people had their favorites. You got a text from Gretchen, as you were just about done and the doors were open. "Who's this?" Followed by a face that you knew Instantly. It was Ren. Nanowire. Alive. "I walked in our home to find him. Said he wanted to see you. Know where you were." A quick message followed, "Is there something you want to tell me?" Robert Spalding, Vita Nexus "Son," you heard you father for the first time in a long time. It was a questioning. he saw you using your powers to dispatch a bunch of hooligans trying to rob a parts store late at night. He seemed to come from absolutely out of nowhere. "You, you have it? That explains a lot now that I think about it." Your father smiled, healthy as the day is long. A quick scan revealed that it was a person, and it was alive. But something did not match up with 'being alive'. Mechanical wasn't the term for it, but He was running on human interaction. But for all intents and purposes, this was your father. Dr Dmitri Ivanovich Peshov, Comrade Frost "Champion," you heard Hel's voice from beyond. "Do not be alarmed, I'm here to deliver to you a task. People from the realm of the dead are coming up missing. I want you to investigate. Find out who's taking them." And that's the command you were given. No other words were spoken. Your investigation lead you to many different people with seemingly returned friends and family. Though they knew nothing of being dead.Just remembering their last healthy moment before dying and showing up in their family's home. Leilani Keli'i, Volcanic Unfortunately not all people coming back were nice and/or good people. Villains, yes. But abusive and alcoholic relatives also. Some ran for cover, others had their past to deal with. Still, there were protectors looking to do good in the world. Alive or dead they weren't going to get a free walk. Still, you heard the pleas that the dead had come back to life. That something was very very wrong.
  21. April 20, 2017. The Caribbean. Cilan Island. Mid-Morning. Cilan Island was roughly the size of a postage stamp, metaphorically speaking. It was barely in the Caribbean at all, lying right between it and the Mid-Atlantic. Most people didn’t even know it was there. Until today, when a pair of hurricanes (Category 5, the both of them) sprung up almost as if by magic over the course of an hour and a half. It couldn’t possibly be right, but it seemed as if the two storms were fighting each other in deadly earnest. The poor little island was standing right in their path. Maybelle McQueen took one look at the breaking news report and ran out of the Southern Queen. The few hundred people on that island were in serious trouble, and neither of those storms were natural. She tossed command to her sous chef on the way out, and then shot into the air hard enough to rattle windows. Even at top speed, it would take her at least a half hour to get there. By then the storms would be overrunning the island, and people would be in desperate need of help. Fortunately, Queenie was on the job.
  22. From an early age, Jaden Maxwell had showed a love for cooking and baking, and was surprisingly talented at it too. Even before entering high school, he was able to confidently fry simple meals like eggs and bacon, or even put together mouth-watering chocolate chip muffins for a bake sale. Needless to say, he was very much within his element when making tasty delicacies. The sight and smell of freshly-baked bread and rolls alone was enough to remind him of the good times he had growing up...and that he still had a lot to live for. Wanting to give something back to the locals, he had opened up a small bakery on Riverside. A humble and modest shop that was set up like a square and painted with warm colors such as white and soft browns. Tables and chairs were set up outside and surrounded by rows of bushes with blooming flowers and roses to give off a pleasant, inviting atmosphere. A large billboard was above the oak door displaying a large tree that had a variety of sandwiches and pastries growing on its branches. Plastered on it were the words: "Homegrown Breads. Have A Slice Of Quality." "Thank you, come again!!" Jaden called out to his latest customers as they left the store carrying their orders. He sighed and nodded to himself with a smile before turning back to fill out another order. Even though the bakery was just getting off its feet, it had already attracted a nice amount of business which likely had to do with the delicious food that came in considerable portions yet at very generous prices too. The young man took a moment to himself to look up at a portrait of a younger version of himself sitting with his Aunt and Uncle under the Christmas tree. Warm smiles everywhere. Hopefully, one day they'd be able to be together again...but for now, there were orders to be fulfilled.
  23. 09/11/2016 12:35 PM The Boardwalk Freedom City It really does say something about Freedom City that the men and women on the Boardwalk weren't overly concerned by the sudden sound of speeding cars. The echo of revving engines up and down the long wooden walks. The squealing of rubber tires. Oh, I grant you, the majority of the citizens present still dove for safety when a trio of multicolored sports cars came screaming past, but they didn't let it end their perfectly nice shopping day on Freedom City's famous Boardwalk. The call had come in a few hours before - an 'anonymous tip' from a 'concerned citizen'. Five cars, complete with descriptions of license plates, would be stolen from the parking lot of one of the most expensive hotels in Freedom City. Cars worth millions - tens, if not hundreds of millions - in value. One, even belonging to a noted diplomat visiting from the Middle East. Thanks to the vigilant efforts of the FCPD, two had been stopped at the lot - one by catching the thief in the hotel bar's washroom (attempting to flush a shoe down the toilet?), and the other just before he'd jacked the door. It was the remaining three that were giving the FCPD headaches trying to catch. The first was a Lamborghini (because of course one was a Lamborghini) - it tore down one of the Boardwalk's straightaways, managing to take the lead for a few minutes - skidding around a corner on two wheels. Black, with red neon underlights; she belonged to a notable reality star who was currently screaming at one of the police officers in the hotel parking lot about how she'd sue the pants off anyone who so much as scratched it. The second, riding right on it's tail, was a lovely Ferrari. Cherry-red, of course, and belonging to a pleasantly tubby multi-millionaire internet tycoon; producer of the notable Irate Fowl knockoff of a popular video game series. He wasn't threatening to sue the pants off whoever scratched it, he was more threatening to ruin their credit scores. Yeah, he was one of those people. Bit late for it, either way - the thief behind the wheel wasn't that subtle about ploughing through a souvenir stand, and a Centurion shirt was currently flying like a flag off the back spoiler. And the last...oh, the last. Neon yellow Bugatti Veyron. This was the diplomat's vehicle. Import, with diplomatic plates, and who knew what in the glove compartment. This one was steadily remaining in the middle of the pack, the driver the most conservative of the three. Not to say he wasn't a point of concern - he'd escaped the parking lot by ramping off an asphalt pile and flying over the retaining wall. Credit where it was due, however, the gentleman in the turban who owned the car hadn't stated any threats or made any violent statements of intent if his car was damaged. He didn't really have to - savvy? Either way, under the circumstances - made sense when multiple networks monitored by heroes of the city started screaming blue murder begging for help before someone got killed, eh? Let's see who answered the call and why!
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