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Found 9 results

  1. GM Ardor asteroid belt just a few light years inside Lor Space Along the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1881.7 [January 16, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] The Ardor asteroid belt was a collection of various sized asteroids that stretched nearly half a light year along one of the boarders of Lor Space. For centuries it has lay well away from any inhabited Lor systems and thus was out of the path of any regular trade lanes. However, that had changed several cycles ago, back before the Incursion, when a Quantum Dark Zone singularity had caused the belt to migrate, pulling it closer to one of the outer space lanes of the Republic. A team of Lor scientists along with Terran scientist Quentin Quill had gone to investigate the singularity. However, Quill was accidently pulled into the singularity during the investigation and the Lor science team eventually returned to Lor-Van. And then the Communion arrived. The singularity had been all but forgotten by the Republic during the Communion War and the aftermath. That was until almost one Terran year ago, when Quentin Quill managed to free himself from the singularity. But even then, the Lor had not resumed study of the anomaly and it was ignored once more. Less than one standard day ago, when the passive sensors of the Lor research laboratory situated on of the larges asteroids in the belt had detected a massive energy shift from within the singularity, sending the readings back to the Republic…
  2. Signa System Towards the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1752.9 [January 12, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] The Signa system was located just out of the inner most edge of the Lor Republic. Its location, along with that of its neighbors, had long afforded it protection from the threats of the Grue Unity and the Stellar Khanate. This safety, and friendly relations with the Lor allowed those systems to flourish through peaceful cooperation and trade. When the Incursion had come and the Communion forces struck at the very center of Lor space, Signa and its neighbors found themselves suddenly on the forefront of the conflict. Their limited defense forces, even combined, were little match for the Communion, and it was only timely assistance by the Lor and other Coalition forces that prevented the sector from being completely overrun. As it was, several of Signa's neighboring systems were taken and cyberformed by the Communion, although large portions of their populations were evacuated to Signa and other neighboring systems. Once the Incursion was over, Signa continued to welcome its displaced neighbors as work began to try to undo the damage the Communion had done. Recently the system had been experiencing a rash of crimes committed by beings using supertech equipment. The local law enforcement had been unable to control the situation, so Signa’s representative to the Coalition Counsel had requested the assistance of the Praetorians. So now Traveller, Barrier, Hyperslice and Queenie were making their way along a corridor inside one of the orbiting cities above Signa Prime, the fifth planet from the large blue star at the center of the system. Large portions of the corridor were covered with translucent walls, which provided impressive views of the sprawling orbital city below, and the planet and star beyond. "I am so pleased for your assistance Praetorians." Stated Counselor Farrin in Gal Standard, the Signaian ambassador that had requested their assistance. Like all Signian natives, Counselor Farrin was a squat humanoid, covered with short dark brown fur. "A most vexing problem for our local law enforcement, but one that you should be able to handle."
  3. Kestevan 79 The Spinal Core, Coalition Victory Station Lor time mark 1482.4 [April 2, 2016 (Terran Calender)] The Voidrunners' work rarely brought them near CoVic Station, as their bounties typically favored the border regions, away from whatever government, organization or individual that was looking for them. But their latest bounty had required them to make the delivery to CoVic Station, so now they had the rare chance to take in the thriving galactic hub that had arisen in the aftermath of the Incursion. Currently, they were making their way into the Spinal Core. The Spinal Core was a section of CoVic Station that had developed as the central market place, filled with business and shops. Its named derived from the fact that it was built along the inside of a hundred-meter-wide shaft that descended deep into the lower levels of the station from the section where most of the embassies and other governmental facilities had been established. With the somewhat hasty construction that had taken place in making parts of CoVic Station habitable, the engineers had not bothered trying to alter the shaft, but had simply set up the artificial gravity generators so that the entire surface of the Spinal Core was covered with two or three story buildings and numerous stalls. Assuming one could find a straight path that went all the way around the interior of the Core, it would have been possible to have starting walking and ending up right back where one had started. While there had been an initial attempt to set out orderly and symmetrical buildings and shops, expansion and additions had quickly sprung up that created twisting and curving avenues. Added to this were numerous small stalls and vendors selling their wares on a mat laid on the ground, making the Spinal Core something of a crowded, fast paced environment where all manner of goods could be found, if one looked hard enough. The Voidrunners had been taking in the sights of the Spinal Core, and taking advantage of the wide array of goods, when the news that a Stellar Khanate warship had emerged from the nearby wormhole and approached the station. As sense of nervousness had come over many in the Core, although they still went about their business as best they could. It lessened somewhat when the news began to spread that apparently the Khanate ship was delivering a diplomatic envoy that was to meet with Ambassador Th'emme and envoys from other intergalactic governments that had embassies aboard the station.
  4. HGM

    Space Jam

    GM Iridium Shore Gerivan, Volash Lor time mark 1484.1 [January 2nd (Terran Calendar)] Once again, the Voidrunners had found themselves acting as freelancers. Their recent individual successes let to an offered commission as professional privateers for the Lor. Which was promptly turned down. The news of the refusal led to their latest job offer from the man who taught Roulette everything he knew about surviving in space. But, they were not alone as the Praetorians had sent two envoys along to the meeting. General Almasi of the Stellar Khanate was one Kinan Khan's many "trusted" officers. The former captain of a band of Khanate Pirates, Star Khan conquered his crew and took the pirate under his control. Breaking and bending the man under his iron fist, one of many. But, after the Incursion as Kinan's heirs began squabbling for control of their father's territory, Amalsi's true loyalties revealed themselves. The former general starting his own campaign to take control of what was left of the Khanate. The Zultasian general was in his late 50's, dark indigo colored skin and greying silver hair that ran down to his waist. His left eye was covered by a cybernetic eyepatch that appeared as if were bolted on to his flesh. His right hand was missing, albeit safely protected behind the cover of the bright yellow Zultasian warsuit that he was wearing. The suit itself was heavily scarred with obvious signs that many pieces had been hastily replaced by other discarded armors. Amalsi's reputation for ruthlessness implied that the Khanate revolutionary would not drastically change the empire's culture. However, his deeds with the Coalition and expressed goals for at least some continued relations with the Lor made him sound almost trustworthy. The meeting place was inside a VIP room of the infamous Irridium Shore. Gerivan's finest casino and home to all manner of the worst dregs the Lor had to offer.
  5. GM The Loiterer, Osshrak Commerical Station, Edge of the Orto Nebula The Loiterer was one of the few establishments on OCS that weren’t subject to strict security. Hence, it was where the traders, crewmembers and other assorted folks with shady histories, bounties on their heads, or just a certain sense of adventure, stayed. OCS itself was not particularly notable, a medium size trading hub serving as a refuelling station for a few long routes. And, thanks to its position, a popular destination in some traveller circles. Not that any of them would ever come to a place like the Loiterer, where the weekly maintenance budget could probably buy you two or three glasses at most. It was by far not the worst place Bliss had ever been in, still. The past few days had been rather unspectacular, and there wasn’t really much of a reason to even stay. Or at least there hadn’t been, until a somewhat familiar face entered the building. Large, muscular and grey. Like always, wearing a white helmet. Kresh Melek, one of the Praetorians. Bliss had seen her before. And for a Praetorian to be in a place like this, it had to mean something.
  6. Kestevan 79 Coalition Victory Station Legion Day GM Post Tra’Nor should have been celebrating with all the other Lor on the station, today was when they celebrated all the achievements of the Lor military and even though the station wasn’t part of the Republic many of the establishments allowed those like her to eat and drink for free. On New Lor-Van the finest ships of the fleet would fill the skies and the finest legion would march to be cheered by the gathered Lor. But Tra’Nor didn’t feel that they really had anything to celebrate, since the fall of Lor-Var during the Communion War the Republic hadn’t been as strong as it once was, the different fleet off fighting to stabilize the Republic from threats outside. Maybe it was the old tales her clone mother use to tell but she felt that the Republic need larger than life heroes and whilst the Republic produced many of her own, like the Grand Nauarchus Frankan, but she felt that the almost mythic Praetorians fitted the bill rather well. So this Legion Day she had volunteered to sit on monitor duty in the CoVic’s Praetorian base bathed in the blue light of the many displays seeing the known galaxy monitored, though nothing apparently was happening today. Apparently today was going to be quiet today, the rest of the universe was taking the day off as well. With the Praetorian's she should have know better.
  7. GM CoVic Station The robot was an sphere of metal a few feet across, decorated with beautiful engraved patterns. It was a work of art. Literally. It was owned, and sculpted by the famous and eccentric Lor artist known as Lexa. She was a musician and performance artist, one of the best in the known galaxy, but obscure and erratic. Little or nothing had been heard from her the past few years, but now the galaxy was abuzz with the rumours that she was unveiling a new experimental opera called "The Night Flower" The Sphere ceremoniously and silently floated to Barrier and Paradigm. One could imagine it bowing, if a perfect sphere could do such a movement. Its voice was perfectly soft, low and rumbling, with a lovely inflection. "I am Sphere. Thank you for hospitality, dear friends. I have come at the behest of Lexa to invite you to the once only showing of The Night Flower, on the planet Nocturne. I hope you can represent the Praetorians, their noble history, their epic saga, and their everlasting philosophy"
  8. GM Arh-Zhak Arh-Zhak wasn’t really on the way when it came to space travel. Still, trade happened, and with it the exchange of messages. One of said messages had made its way to Kharag, the one known by many names, former Emperor of the Za’akis and current Praetorian. It was that last status that explained this message. It came from CoVic itself. Kharag was needed, and he was to meet with a fellow Praetorian, who would explain further. The meeting spot would be on Arh-Zhak itself, an establishment close to the planet’s main spaceport. Further mentioned in the message was to come prepared, and to be ready for the undertaking to take some time. Some time later… The Shady Hole was a pretty average establishment. It offered all the joys and pleasures of Arh-Zhak, plus whatever it could get from being quite close to a spaceport. People from all over the galaxy were here, their affiliations not a matter of concern so long as they remained peaceful. These places were great meeting spots, nobody looked out of place, and nobody cared what people were saying. And so, on the mentioned time, Kharag set foot into the building. The light was low, with some coloured lights lighting up various areas of the rooms, the first visible thing being the large round bar in the middle of the main room.
  9. olopi

    Barrier [PL10/12]

    Barrier / Kresh Melek / The Shieldbearer Power Level: 10/12 (150/194PP) Trade-Offs: -5 Defense, +5 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 44 In Brief: Shieldbearer wielding the ancient shield of an ancient civilization. Residence: CoVic station, wherever she goes Base of Operations: CoVic station Identity: Public Birthplace: The planet Lyanka Occupation: Praetorian, Shieldbearer Affiliations: Praetorians, Ancient Delaztri Empire, Lyankans Family: None Alive Description: Age: 213 (And 2000 in stasis) Apparent Age: around 40 for a human Gender: Female Ethnicity: non-human Height: 8‘8‘‘ Weight: 9488 lbs Eyes: Dark Green Hair: Black, cut short Appearance: Kresh is about 8 ft. tall, with light grey skin. All of her limbs are longer than those of a human would be, and by nature she only has 4 fingers, all but the thumb arranged in a triangle, on each hand. Other than that, she looks rather humanoid she is somewhat muscular, most of her muscle based in her legs and feet. She wears white Armor protecting her torso and legs, as well as a full helmet, also held in white. On her arms she wears bracers, covering up her entire lower arms, both with mechanisms to hold the shield of Elmega without causing too much encumbrance. She can also put it onto her back, her Armor also being able to hold it. Power Descriptions: The shield of Elmega is a grey kite shield with green accents. It is about 7 ft. tall, and weights around 200 pounds. It was masterfully crafted long in Lyanka’s past, from the most masterful materials to be found, and infused with the warrior spirits of Lyanka. Its powers come from both the technology it is crafted with and the spirits in it, manifesting as a green glow. History: The Planet of Lyanka was the only planet in orbit of a supergiant star. It existed in the habitable zone, and itself was an above average size planet, causing it to have very high gravity. The people of Lyanka were a race of warriors, but also a peaceful one. While they held the art of combat in highest regard, they also believed that an aggressive war was a lost cause. This caused the shield, usable in combat but a defensive weapon at its core, to become the symbol of Lyankan culture. The most promising recruits to the military were admissioned to the academy of Gayaza. Amongst them, Kresh Melek. The young recruit had proven incredibly proficient in the defensive arts, and quickly became one of the highest scoring soldiers in the academy’s history. When the Delaztri Empire, a close ally of Lyanka, called for help, Lyanka replied. And amongst the forces sent was Kresh Melek, having only recently finished training at the academy with highest grades. She led a contingent of Lyankan forces, and garnered attention of the Praetorians, whose ranks she quickly joined. Over the next 40 years, Kresh fought when needed, but spent most of the time in quiet meditation, almost lifeless to non-Lyankan around her. Then, the communion attacked. Equipped with the shield of Elmega, a powerful artefact forged long in Lyanka’s past and infused with the spirits of warriors from Lyanka’s past, she set out among the biggest force of Lyankan soldiers to ever set foot off the planet. Combat was long and harsh, and the Lyankan soldiers proved their abilities. Many fell, many more were badly injured. Kresh fought alongside the praetorians, saving many a life. In the end, when the fighting was over, Kresh was barely holding onto her life, but the war was won. Many had fallen beside her, she did what she could but it had not been enough. And then, while still unconscious in the medbay, unable to defend herself or anyone else, she and her fellow praetorians were captured by the curators. When Kresh woke up again, 2000 years had passed. Even with the incredibly long lifespan of a Lyankan, this was an eternity. She fought in the incursion, but immediately afterwards she chose to set out, learn what had become of her people, and meditate about what had happened. The only thing she learned was that in the 2000 years that had passed, Lyanka was no more. Its star had, as predicted, gone supernova. Devastated, she started to search for any information on whether or not any Lyankans had escaped and resettled, but so far, has not learned of any information. After a period of meditation and consideration, Kresh decided to seek her fellow praetorians, they could most likely use her help. They also were the only thing she knew that remained, and she would not lose this last thing too. Personality & Motivation: Lyankan warrior culture was based around defending those around you and considering your every action. It considers going onto the offense as a mistake, too prone to sudden changes and surprises. Meditation also played a major role. While the other Lyankan warriors might have perished, Kresh still upholds these values to their fullest. She still seeks to find out whatever she can about what remains of Lyankan culture, and protect everything that reminds her of the past. Her fellow praetorians are the only thing she knows of that still remains, so she will protect them with everything she has. Powers & Tactics: Most of Kresh’s powers are focused around the shield of Elmega, an ancient shield from Lyanka’s past, forged from the highest quality materials and infused with various powers. She focuses on defending those around her with various powers, and herself is incredibly resilient thanks to her Lyankan physique. If necessary, she also packs quite a mean punch, once again enhanced by her physique. Complications: My home is no more: Kresh’s home was destroyed in the time she was in suspended animation, and she still feels guilty about not being able to help her people. She does not know whether or not any of them survived, and will throw away everything to chase any information, small as it may be. The values of a shieldbearer: Kresh still follows the code of the Lyankan warriors, not voluntarily going onto the offense unless absolutely necessary. She will also protect those around her from any danger, no matter how unimportant they may be, and even if it puts her into more danger than necessary. Amongst other things, she also sees taking unprepared actions as problematic, something to be avoided whenever possible. No past, no belongings: Kresh owns nothing but her shield, her clothing, and whatever she receives from people. The Legends: History may have forgotten Lyanka, but it has not forgotten the praetorians. Whether or not they are remembered as heroes or as villains, however, changes in many places. A true warrior physique: Due to her being Lyankan, Kresh is over 8 ft. tall. Many people might be wary of her, or even consider her a monster due to this. Especially nowadays where nobody remembers the Lyankans. A long time: Lyankan culture, due to both its planet high gravity, and its member’s long lifespan, ran much slower than that of many other races. While Kresh has adapted to some degree, her perception of what a long time is still is a lot different from that of other people, and she still acts less quickly than most people. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 16 + 2 + 6 + 4 = 28PP Strength: 10/30 (+10) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 26/30 (+10) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 8 + 4 = 12PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +4 Melee, +3 Ranged, +10 Unarmed (4 Base, -1 due to Growth) Grapple: +20 Defense: +5 (+2 Base, +4, -1), +1 Flat-Footed Knockback: -12 Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Toughness: +15/+13 (+10 Con, +2Imp, +3Imp) Fortitude: +10 (+10 Con, +0) Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0) Will: +4/+3 (+3 Wis, +1(Mind Shield)) Skills: 40R = 10PP Concentration 6 (+9) Diplomacy 1 (+3) Drive 1 (+1) Gather Information 1 (+3) Intimidate 6 (+10) Knowledge 4 (Life Sciences) (+5) Knowledge 1 (Galactic Lore) (+2) Knowledge 2 (Tactics) (+3) Language (Lyankan [Native], Galstandart) Medicine 6 (+9) Notice 4 (+7) Sense Motive 4 (+7) Survival 3 (+6) Feats: 17PP Attack Specialization 3 (Unarmed) Attack Focus: Melee Dodge Focus 4 Environmental Adaption 2 (High Gravity, 0 Gravity) Fearless Interpose Improved Grab Improved Grapple Weapon Break Startle Ultimate Effort: Toughness Powers: 53 + 10 + 10 + 13 = 86PP Device 13 ( The Shield of Elmega, Hard to lose, 65EP, Restricted: Lyankans only ) (spirits/technology) 65/65EP 53 PP Super Movement (Space Travel 1) 2EP (Technology, spirits) Array 4 ( 8PP, Feat: Alternate Power 1) 9 EP (Spirits) BP: Teleport 4 (Extra: Accurate ,Flaw: Limited: Can only target area next to allies) 8PP AP: Flight 4 Array 17 ( 34 PP, Feat: Alt. Powers: 2 ) 36 EP BP: Healing 11 ( Extra: Total, Feat: Regrowth) 34/34 (spirits) AP: Create Object 12 (Impervious 10; feat: Selective; Flaw (Only create defensive barriers); linked Mind Shield 4 (extras: affects others; area; power loss: only inside protective barrier) 34/34 (spirits) AP: Immunity 30 (All piercing damage(10), All Fire Damage(5), All Radiation Damage(5), All Electricity Damage(5), All Cold Damage(5) ) (Extra : Affects Others ; Feat: Progression 4 (Subjects); Flaw: Limited (Half Effect) ) 34/34 (spirits) Mind Shield 1 1PP (spirits) Protection 2 (Extra: Impervious) 4 PP (technology) Impervious 10 (Extra: Affects only others, Feat: Progression 3 (Subjects) 13PP (spirits) Immunity 9 ( Life Support, Feat: Innate) (genetic) 10PP Growth 4 ( Flaw: Permanent, Feat: Innate) (genetic) 10PP (+8 Strength, +4 Con) Density 6 (Flaw: Permanent, Feat: Innate) (genetic) 13PP (+12 Strength, 3 Impervious Protection, Immovable 2, Super Strength 2) Drawbacks: (-3) + (-0) = -3PP Vulnerability: Magic (Minor) -3PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC25 Tou Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (10) + Feats (17) + Powers (86) - Drawbacks (3) = 150/194 Power Points
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