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Found 21 results

  1. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone, The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. Beneath the blasted surface of the planet however there was secrets long buried bought to light but the miners that didn’t know what they had d
  2. Fennic Town, Temuera II, Lor Exlcusion Zone The planet Temuera sat on the edge of the Lor Republic, a blasted rock that was barely able to support life. It would probably have been of no interest to anyone but the Science core if it wasn’t for the deposits of Tepeyoite a glassy mineral with numerous uses in high tech equipment. Hence places like Fennic Town had popped up around the more generous veins of the mineral. With so many credits changing hands the worst scum of the Republic, and surrounding interstellar nations had congratulated to fl
  3. GM Ardor asteroid belt just a few light years inside Lor Space Along the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1881.7 [January 16, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] The Ardor asteroid belt was a collection of various sized asteroids that stretched nearly half a light year along one of the boarders of Lor Space. For centuries it has lay well away from any inhabited Lor systems and thus was out of the path of any regular trade lanes. However, that had changed several cycles ago, back before the Incursion, when a Quantum Dark Zone singularity had caused the belt to
  4. Deep Space, Lor Border Zone 14th Jyeshtha 2075 "I did not know that Terrans still had a nudity taboo!" A bemused Sitara walked back into the cabin of the Kavaca zipping up her freshly donned jumpsuit, the ships proximity alarm providing a well-timed distraction. The voice of Akazavani spoke as soon as Sitara entered the cabin, she could speak where she wanted in the ship and even had a holographic image for just such occasions. But she was being well behaved today, obviously, she understood Terran behaviour better than Sitara did. "We're pic
  5. Derendis, the City of the Grand Tributary Kolast They were leading one of the heretics through the town square. What she had done, Cavalier couldn't say. They had cast her in dirty cloth that he couldn't entirely say was clean on animal waste. Her head had been shaved bald, and her mouth was fitted with rusted iron. As far as he could guess, she might have tried dealing in one of the forbidden arts. Like making thunder from the stinking earth, or concocting potions that could drive out the so-called "invisible demons" that brought men to ruin. All men knew that ru
  6. Eh'Qui 9 Time and Date unknown There were many signs that Facsimile wasn't on Earth anymore, the grass he was lying in was to green, the sky was a little too blue and looking down at him was several small horse-faced aliens. They looked down at him with a mix of concern and curiosity, after all as far as he knew he'd just fallen from the sky in front of them. The chatted excitedly to each other, apparently trying to work out if he was a danger, in cute little voices that sounded a little like horse whinnies.
  7. Asteroid 60339-Bixby, The Asteroid Belt, Sol System Asteroid 60339-Bixby was an unremarkable object in Earths solar system on recently found after 5 million years in the darkness it would have remained unremarkable until humanity made it's into space. But a passing ESA probe had picked up a faint signal of alien origins coming from the asteroid, they'd passed it onto the Freedom League who'd passed it onto CoVic station. Seeing as it was probably a fairly innocuous signal, many systems had scattered remains of various von Neumann machines of pass explorations, the Praet
  8. Kestevan 79 Coalition Victory Station Legion Day GM Post Tra’Nor should have been celebrating with all the other Lor on the station, today was when they celebrated all the achievements of the Lor military and even though the station wasn’t part of the Republic many of the establishments allowed those like her to eat and drink for free. On New Lor-Van the finest ships of the fleet would fill the skies and the finest legion would march to be cheered by the gathered Lor. But Tra’Nor didn’t feel that they really had anything to celebrate, since the fal
  9. GM Coalition Victory Station The Shift Work Bar, Brickstown March 24, 2017 (Terran Calendar) The Shift Work was hardly the most upstanding establishment. Tucked right in the heart of Brickstown the bar was an easy stop off for the various workers in the manufacturing plants of this part of the station. The patrons were mostly honest working people, looking for a place to rest after a long day's work. Some of course were looking to do a little more, get into fights or get drunk on cheaper and stronger stuff than you could find in plenty of other places in Lor
  10. @Ari @KnightDisciple @Tiffany Korta Let's hunt some not so friendly neighborhood space vampires: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9620-blood-runs-cold-ic/
  11. Rodnak 252 Edge of the Lor Republic GM Post Even when the Republic was at it’s height Rodnak was considered a frontier world. Far from the machinations of Lor-Van this sleepy little agricultural planet was beneath most people’s knowledge. The Communion and even common raiders passed it by considering it too small for there notice. Even with the republic still recovering from the Incursion and the safe borders creeping parsec’s from this little planet no one gave it any notice. It was the perfect place if you wanted to hide away from everyone, just you and you secre
  12. Kestevan 79 GM A pair of Lor officers made their way into the new headquarters of the ancient alien group known as the Praetorians. The space was still very much under construction and being refurbished, with a number of Lor technicians assisting in the process. But these two Lor officers were not there to oversee assisting the Praetorians in establishing their new facility. Instead they were there on behalf of the Republic to request the assistance of the Praetorians. With the Communion stopped, some semblance of normalcy had returned to this sector of the universe, and th
  13. Unit 47-42 Coalition Victory Station, Kestevan 79 Almost every place where starfaring races gathered you’d find a bar like this tucked away where only those in the know would find it. Not the brawl ridden bars where crew who’s spent day or weeks in space could go to let off a little steam but somewhere where those who were a little different could find some company, if not there own species than someone who could understand. Bipedal Carbon based sapients may be the norm, and just as many theories why they did, but others sentients were out there and many liked to gather to sh
  14. Aboard the Kavaca, Kuiper Belt, Terran System The Praetorian craft zipped through the various objects at the very edge of the Terran Solar system. Everything had seemed to have recovered from the Communion attack but the station near the Pluto wormhole kept picking up stray signals from beyond Eris. Terran equipment was struggling to pinpoint anything solid, so they’d asked the Praetorians to come take a look with these more sophisticated sensors. With the general rebuilding of the Praetorians and their base they could only spare a one craft and crew, though with the Praetorians that was nor
  15. San El-H, Djanei VI GM Post In the height of the Delaztri Empire Djanei was the height of learning bringing scientists and academics from throughout the empire and beyond. Now it was a forgotten world on the edge of Lor space, it one great universities lost to the deciduous forest that covered much of the world. Sam El-H was a small frontier town sat on the edge of a mine reclaiming exotic metals from the soil. Most of the miners were still working their claims so the cantina was mostly deserted when a half dozen armoured figures entered the bar. A mass of almost clashing colours and
  16. Kestevan 79 Magnetar  23,000 LY from Terra November 2014 (Terran Calendar)   Why are we here?    It was a hard question not to ask as the Praetorians' starship approached the world Moon-Moth had designated as the next target of the Communion. Kestevan 79, and its companion magnetar were a long-dead supernova remnant - the nebula, the neutron star inside, and its magentar companion both had been classified as navigational hazards by the Delaztri and generally avoided by their fleets, something that as far as they could tell had remained the same for Lor and Grue both. After
  17. The Traveller Power Level: 11 [15] (200/250PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 50 In Brief: A warrior-scholar who has spent millennia wandering the galaxy helping people. Residence: A citizen of the Universe Base of Operations: Space Catchphrase: "In all mine time wandering the Universe.." Alternate Identity: Sitara Shashikala Identity: Public Birthplace: Indus Valley, Earth Occupation: Soldier, Scholar and Explorer Affiliations: Praetorians Family: Long dead Description: Age: 5,000 Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity: South Asian. Height: 5'8" Weight: 119 lbs. Eyes: Bro
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