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  1. @Kaiser6012, what would Anthony's last memory of being with Robert be before he was cursed? @EternalPhoenix, what was Steven's last memory with Maybelle be before the day he died? @Heritage, question's the same, Ren and Lynn, last 'together' moment before he died.
  2. Here are some threads that might help you with Ren; I also cleaned up his sheet in a Word doc, if you want it.


    The Date


    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


    The first one is really hard to read; I thought I archived it as a Word doc somewhere, but I've yet to find it. If I do, I'll send you a copy!

    1. Heritage


      I found the docs! What's the best way to send them to you?

  3. @Avenger Assembled, @alderwitch, @Heritage, @Kaiser6012, @EternalPhoenix Show who's here
  4. GM Maybelle McQueen, Queenie It had been a long trying night. The Moore family reunion was one of the most trying ones. Sure, the guy who made Freedom City hell in the late 80s and early 90s, but he had a family. And money. So, a labor of love of your job was. Franklin was all talk surrounded by people. He knew of Queenie's heroics. If you weren't one of the best chefs in town for impromptu large gatherings he would have went elsewhere. After the restaurant was clean and the employees gone, you took to the sky. It was clear and refreshing. When you got home, there was a light
  5. Right, as I mentioned in chat, there's a cut off. October 2007. Anyone who's died since then is resurrected. No death marks. As they were before they died. If any PCs want any in their past to pop up, please note. Clarification: Not everyone dead in the past ten years is alive again. There will be a number of them in the background, but not all of them. Just asking the PCs if they want anyone specific
  6. Sandman XI

    They Live

    Suggested by Raveled, can't take any of the credit, but I'm gonna throw my twists in there. The dead are coming back to life. Not as zombies or undead, but fully to life. Those with Life Sense see that they're alive, yes, but are going through the motions of life. Basically responding to human interactions and doing nothing else when left alone. This is not just for characters with Life Sense, but maybe for people who has someone recently dead. Whether friend or foe. This'll probably bring up some tough questions! So, anyone interested?
  7. So, how will the thread go? My suggestion is to start in the thick if the action. HT is attacking. We're there to stop him. As we fight we can recall how this whole thing started from our own point of view. Also banter with HT and each other. Afterwards a meetup of all three. That's my suggestion. @alderwitch, @EviscerusNox, you're good to share what you want
  8. Human Tapestry stats. Shark Totem (made by EternalPhoenix) + Growth 6 + Tattoo Powers X (up to PL14) Afterwards, when he's defeated, he'll probably not have this power or have a quantifiable not so powerful version of it. Storywise, he's either actually a wereshark aware of his divinity and it sparks. Or he was a human who wanted power and somehow got it. Maybe he made a deal with the devil. maybe he went through shady genetics brokers. Either way, he's made his way to the tattoo convention to show off. Feeling
  9. Sandman XI


    Talking color, "#cc9933" Questionnaire 20 Questions Reputation Other
  10. Vitalus None GM They Live (points to Vitalus)
  11. Undead Undead Hunter Back in the day you just wanted to live on your own piece of land. Nobody but you (and probably your spouse and kids) for miles and days around. It was peaceful, yup. But then the dead came back to life. First you thought it was the animals just being too damn tough unless you put a bullet in their head. But then you saw your first dead man walking. You could tell he was dead because the poor bastard was rotting. You did try to call out a warning, but when he only answered in grunts and groans, and then attacked you, you had to put him down. More and more
  12. Fighter "Why do we fight? To protect home, and family... to preserve balance, and bring harmony. For my kind, the true question is: What is worth fighting for?" I swear I'm not trying to make all fantasy classes. Though this guy probably fits in to the setting more than Big Paladin does. He uses his fists to bring down bullies and madmen. Criminals fear guys who can burn them alive or break their mind. This guy, however, metes out justice by throwing educated hands and feet. Mechanically, I've never been on this side of the tradeoff. +5 defense, +5 attack. Yo
  13. Big Paladin A holy warrior! The ultimate good guy! Before I dive into fluff, lets get to the numbers. His armor is so big it takes time to put on. Some of you fans of the cartoons from the east might fluff it as a mecha. I personally think it's too small to be a mecha, but too big to be power armor. Really though, superhero paladin armor should look and be epic. I see his sword as a two-hander. But the celestial armor makes it a one-hander. Speaking of the sword it's got, let's say, 'issues'. In a silver age game, good and evil can be defined. But us modern age folks? Well, we live i
  14. Table of Contents Big Paladin, PL 10 150PP Fighter, PL 10 150PP Undead Undead Hunter, PL 10 150PP Placeholder
  15. I figure we could work on the stats together. I like a little bit of both. Wereshark with the ability to power up from tattoos. The minions, if he has any, could be human followers. It takes all of us together to put him down the first time. That said, I don't want this to be a boring slog of a fight. Any ideas on how we could avoid "he swings we swing"?
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