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Found 75 results

  1. Claremont Academy 10:30 am, August 28th, 2019 Weather: Sunny, 77 F, Wind E 15-20 mph The visitor's parking lot was packed. A sea of people bustled amidst vehicles and toward open, shining gates. Belongings, often with grunts of effort, were loaded onto carts. Laughter echoed from caravans trickling through the main entrance and the Quad. Hand-drawn signs pointed the way, each adorned with student messages. In time, the shadows of the twin dormitories provided respite to travelers. Staff and peer counselors dotted the trail, assisting overwhelmed students on their journey. Vice-Principal Dugan was the first new face to arrivals. Her table near the gates kicked off the journey. Mr. Marquez wheeled the circuit and kept visitors on course. Mr Kuzkin and Ms. Harcourt paced about the Kord and Carter dorms, respectively. Their task, to organize the move-in, appeared to have some success. At the very least, weary travelers could partake of cold refreshments and treats outside the main doors. While outside was organized chaos, the dorm halls were like herding cats. A din permeated the air. Dozens of students, parents, and guardians wandered in search of rooms. Boxes and bags transformed the hallways into obstacle courses. The excitement of new memories and old friends contrasted with worried hugs and goodbyes. If nothing else, the dorms were places of beginnings and endings. What are you doing this beautiful day? Moving into the dorm? Helping new students?
  2. Taking all recruits for those interested in a thread where Aquaria Innsmouth comes to Claremont to give a talk called: The Children of Dagon and Hydra - A Powerpoint Presentation! Look there's extra credit if you go and write a paper on it for that one class.
  3. Stressed out by the hustle and bustle of Freedom City? Looking for a way to better control your powers? Secretly carrying a torch for a redheaded Southern Belle? Then join Claremont's Meditation Club, led by Lulu Beaumont! Not quite sure if this will lead to threads specifically, but Lulu's noticed several students she thinks might benefit from transcendental mediation, and she's eager to teach them! This would involve yoga mats and comfortable clothes for those who are interested. (Dok, don't feel the need to join; just couldn't resist be the 'rule of three' joke )
  4. OOC thread for this thread. Teen and space heroes in space, meeting the space bears, fighting the star crimes.
  5. In celebration of new school year, I'm setting up an open thread for students and visitors. The move-in date is Wednesday, August 28th. The goal is a straightforward meet-and-greet thread. Feel free to drop by! I will be frank that my information on our version of Claremont is pretty basic. I plan to keep the opener fairly general and go from there. Please let me know of any changes needed, and feel free to add your own touches! Gentlebeings, behold!
  6. Vox Power Level: 7 (105/107PP) Unspent Power Points: 2 Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Amateur astronomer hears the voice of the universe and unleashes latent sonic abilities! Catchphrase: Words have Power. Alternate Identity: Nicholas Brown (secret) Birthplace: Ames, Iowa Residence: Nevada, Iowa (hometown); Freedom City, New Jersey (school) Base of Operations: Claremont Academy Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy, Unnamed Team, Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers Family: Marie and Johnathan Brown (Parents), Otis Brown (Great uncle), Judith and Buzz Oliver (grandparents), Orville and Jane Brown (grandparents, deceased), Various and sundry extended family members Description: Age: July 7th, 2003 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5’3” Weight: 118 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark brown Nicholas is a small, young man with short-cropped hair and fearful eyes. He’s not scrawny. Under his band t-shirts and jeans is a teenager that helped his uncle on the farm. Years of sun have given him a medium complexion, but his northern European heritage is still apparent. His long face is lined with worry, and makes him look older. On better days, he observes everything with interest. On bad days, he just keeps his head down. Vox’s costume is a long-sleeved shirt and pants affair with a loose jacket. The base color is a light gray with darker gray accents and spaced lines. When moving, the contrasts look like rippling sound waves. His mask is a head cover, sleek helmet, and mirrored goggles. He tried a mouth guard, but that lasted one use of his powers. Matching gloves and boots complete the look. The outfit is just “normal” enough that in a pinch he could blend into a crowd or dark alleyway. Nonetheless, it is still constructed of morphic molecules. History: On June 19th, 2019, at 9:46 pm Central Time, a blast was detected 9 miles northeast of Ames, Iowa. The shock wave flattened trees and buildings in a 2 mile radius and shattered windows up to 5 miles away. The radial pattern of fallen trees aided first responders in locating the origin point. Near a small creek surrounded by farmland, Nicholas Brown, 15, was pulled unharmed from the wreckage of his campsite. Suspicion immediately full on the survivor. Investigators recovered unusual components at his parents’ home and his great uncle’s barn near the site. Nicholas remained catatonic for days, and upon recovery, appeared to suffer from a form of aphasia. Physically healthy, he seemed afraid to speak. Law enforcement soon closed on him. Thankfully for Nicholas, a team of specialists arrived to assist the growing investigation. An agent by the name of Philip Burton interviewed the young man. Within 36 hours, the cause of the event was determined. A secondary fire along the creek had obscured an illegal dump containing a volatile mix of chemicals. On July 1st, Nick was offered a full scholarship to the prestigious Claremont Academy in Freedom City, New Jersey. Philip Burton, aka Lamar “Sonic” Phillips, extended the invitation. What followed was a summer-long whirlwind of testing, training, and long-distance moving. Since the incident, more details have emerged. Research suggested Nick was the first active member of a line of minor psions. Their powers consisted of sensitivity to certain auditory and electromagnetic frequencies. This pattern explained the erratic migration of the family and their refusal to adopt new technologies. Many members sought out areas with limited electromagnetic and noise pollution. For example, Nick’s family settled in rural Iowa in the ‘20s. The explosion was the first manifestation of his potential. He had set up his radio telescope according to precise instructions. Where did he receive this information? From Morse code signals chiming in his ears at night. Why would he use this information? A mix of confusion, curiosity, and the thought that he was losing his mind. The real horror, however, arrived at precisely 9:45 pm. A clear signal repeated a message in triplicate. Somehow he directly sensed and understood its meaning. We hear you. Personality & Motivation: Nick is a highly intelligent and genuinely sweet young man. He is introverted by nature with bullying-induced shyness on top. Despite his social awkwardness, he can be quite charming and a skilled organizer when given the opportunity. His read of others is better than people give him credit. Mostly though he’d rather be tinkering on some project or another. People exhaust him and largely can’t be trusted. The trauma of gaining powers has added anxiety to his problems. Nick’s long-term plans are on hold. Right now his motivation revolves completely around controlling his powers. The crash course over the summer of 2019 has helped, but he is ill-at-ease being what he considers a weapon of mass destruction. That the school wants to put him in a noisy, electromagnetically rich environment is, to him, very foolish. Part of him resents being beholden to the heroes running the school. Another part of him is grateful for the many opportunities. This conflict has left him more than a little adrift and unable to focus. Powers & Tactics: Nick’s powers are very bare bones and blunt at the moment. A lot of effort has gone into training himself not to speak. Even the slightest whisper can rattle cause tremors and break delicate objects. Speaking at normal volumes unleashes the equivalent of a bomb. A muzzle mutes him when sleeping or when he otherwise feels uncomfortable. Control aside, Nick is fairly capable with his basic array. The default power, Cascade, can quickly bludgeon groups of foes. Shear releases a directional wave with similar, albeit more precise, results. His favorite accomplishment is Resonance, a directional cone that disrupts targets’ physiology without lasting injury. At the moment, his defense is largely based on training and lots of bruises. Typically, he will evade attacks, close on one or more targets, and unleash one of his effects when they are in range. His training suggests he should be able to develop finer control and more powers over time. The techniques of other sonic (especially Sonic!) heroes have inspired him. Even if he is a bit too bitter to admit it right now. Power Descriptions: The Vox Universum array appears as visible distortions in the air: layers of sound waves rippling from him. Transverse waves imparted into material follow a similar pattern. Although the results tend to pulverize many materials. The exception is Resonance, which appears as a fuzzy, heat-like shimmer as unpleasant to see as feel. All uses are accompanied by a booming amplification of the words he speaks. The specific words aren’t important (yet!). Volume, duration, and inflection seem to be the drivers. All of his powers are psionic in nature. A current hypothesis is that his sensitivity has induced an ability to interpret universal principles as sonic effects. They originate from his mind. The more he listens to radio frequencies and sounds, particularly interstellar signals, the more he seems to understand them, and at an analytical level. Sources as esoteric as Words of Creation, echoes of the big bang, and murmurs of chthonic entities have all been considered. Obviously, these effects have the sonic descriptor. Complications: Bad Company (Reputation): Where he grew up, he is now considered a public menace. Enemy Mine: Nick doesn’t know it yet, but interested parties have noticed him. Among them is the ever curious Maestro. Goes to 11 (Accident): Nick’s powers default to Cascade. Even the slightest whisper can rattle foundations and shatter objects around him. In combat, his powers have a tendency to cause collateral damage. Let It All Out (Phobia): As much neurosis as training, Nick holds himself back out of fear. This can cause him to hesitate or freeze up at the worst times. Never Going Home: Developing powers has put a strain on his relationship with his family. Being far from home and homesick doesn’t help. Secret Agent Man: Having a secret identity sucks. Werewolves of London: Ames was the biggest town he knew. “Fish out of water” does not describe how overwhelmed he is by the big city. Abilities: 2 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 22PP Strength: 12 (+1) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 6 + 16 = 22PP Initiative: +6 Attack: +5 Melee (+2 Attack Focus), +3 Ranged, +3 Base Defense: +9 (+8 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +6 (+5 Melee, +1 Str) Knockback: -2 Saving Throws: 3 + 4 + 3 = 10PP Toughness: +5 (+2 Con, +3 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3) Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4) Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3) Skills: 48/48R = 12PP Climb 2 (+3) Concentration 4 (+6) Computers 4 (+7) Craft (Electronics) 4 (+7) Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+7) Diplomacy 2 (+3) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 3 (+6) Knowledge (Technology) 3 (+6) Language 1 (English [Base], American Sign Language) Notice 5 (+7) Perform (Stringed Instruments) 4 (+5) Search 2 (+5) Sense Motive 4 (+6) Stealth 4 (+6) Swim 2 (+3) Feats: 12PP Accurate Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 2 Defensive Roll 3 Improved Initiative Luck 2 Power Attack Quick Change Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 1 + 11 + 18 = 30PP Immunity 1 (own powers) [1PP] (Psionic) Super Senses 11 (Accurate [All Hearing] 4, Analytical [All Hearing] 2, Cosmic Awareness [Hearing] 1, Electromagnetic Energy Awareness [Hearing] 1, Tremorsense 2, Ultra-Hearing 1] [11PP] (Psionic) Array 9 (Vox Universum; 18 PP Array; Power Feats: Alternate Power 2; Drawbacks: Full Power -1 PP, Power Loss [When Unable to Speak] -1 PP) [18PP] (Psionic, Sonic) Base Power: Damage 9 (Cascade; Extras: Area (Targeted: Burst) +1) [18PP] Alternate Power: Damage 9 (Shear; Extras: Area (Targeted: Cone) +1) [18PP] Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Resonance; Extras: Area (General: Cone) +1) [18PP] Drawbacks: -3 = -3PP Disability (Mute, unless using powers; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate) [-3PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 16 Toughness Damage Cascade Burst Touch DC 24 Toughness Damage Shear Cone Touch DC 24 Toughness Damage Resonance Cone Touch DC 16 Fortitude Stun Totals: Abilities (22) + Combat (22) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (12) + Feats (12) + Powers (30) - Drawbacks (-3) = 105/107 Power Points Comments: Formatting troubles aside, here is my Claremonter. The build is deliberately basic. I'm looking forward to figuring out the character and his power set will mature.
  7. GM July 1st, 2019, 4.51PM Lor Diplomatic Navy vessel A Grace in Steel, in orbit of Xix Yr, first planet and capital of the Lia system civilization... The meeting room was structured along clearly hierarchal lines, in contrast to the more egalitarian architecture of the Science Navy ship that had carried the Earth teens to the Lia system. The Ambassador's seat was elevated by a few significant steps, the room arcing inward from there, encompassing a torus-shaped table. Everything was birds, from the Great Galactic Bird blazing across the walls and ceiling to the bird-shaped chairs with crossed wings for backs to the furred and snuffling eagle-like creatures that appeared from nowhere to snuggle against the legs of everyone in the room. From his seat, poised as if about to take flight himself, the Ambassador spoke. "...which is why Squire B'ka will not be joining us! Hopefully your visit to Xix will be less eventful! On behalf of the Coalition Council, and the worlds it represents, welcome to the galactic community!" Ambassador Ortilac already looked angelic with his sweeping red wings, long gold hair and dazzling white formal gown; his outright glow of joy at meeting the 'Terresi' teenagers was infectious, and the previously stern and solemn Lor Navy personnel had been suppressing grins at the excitable envoy throughout his welcoming speech, which had veered spectacularly from the Ealan's dignified, practical notes into vivid speculation about the glories to be seen, the wonders created and the almost frighteningly-rosy picture of the future Ambassador Ortilac believed in. Luckily, he had very easily been dissuaded from trying to hug everyone in glee at paragraph breaks. With a wing, he indicated the armored feline at the table "Squire Kath'lana, of the Star Knights," with the other he gestured to the armored Earth woman and her strange, robotic associate "Sitara the Traveler, and Universal Field Operative 777, of our Praetorians. These good people have agreed to be present at this, the final stage of union with our newest member. For form's sake, the Li have requested we only meet them face to face on the planet surface. I promise, you won't be disappointed!" The ambassdor's ash-grey face creased as his grin returned. He leaned back in the chair, nodding to the assembled officers, dignitaries and Claremont students. "So, any questions?" "Dozens, Ambassador, but they can wait." Dr. Rakesh Chawla never smiled, but he especially didn't around people as gregarious as Ortilac. Cold and quiet, the Claremont head of Extrasolar Studies had been watching his students like a hawk's keener-eyed and more vigilant cousin, keeping the party firmly on track and where, in his mind, everyone was supposed to be. His uncanny talent for finding people just in time to spoil things hadn't endeared him to the teenagers, and even the Lor found the brooding young man hard to get along with. Rakesh glanced at the Claremont students "I am sure the young heroes have questions, however, that can't wait. Not you, Leroy," he added with a sharp look at the tattooed boy who'd started to jump up, arm raised, causing him to wilt in disappointment, "you have done enough damage for today. I will be writing to your mother about that, rest assured." Seated beside Nicole, the gravity-bending prince of Earth-2 practically sunk into his chair. "I merely wished to know where the bathroom was" he murmured in utter dejection, golden eyes fixed miserably on the table.
  8. May 2019 Claremont Academy Dorms Night-time For once, Ashley was the one who was asleep - stretched out flat in her bed, wearing the fluffy flannel pajamas that Judy had bought her for her birthday, gun tucked under her pillow. The lights were dim, but that was no matter to Judy, who'd been able to see in the dark ever since the terrible day when her powers had developed. She had a heat-blocking sleep shield when she needed it, but she didn't need it right now - didn't want it, anyway. So Judy was awake, leaning back in her desk chair, listening to the noises of the city. There was a lot to hear. Freedom Cityians always seemed to have something to say to each other...
  9. Here's an idea. Four Claremont students meet a mysterious punk and decide to help rescue her misfit friends from the clutches of some very, very bad people. Oh, and they also go back in time to the 1980s. Expect copious amounts of "subtle" references and 80s nostalgia porn. If any of that sounds at all interesting and not a nightmare to you than feel free to submit one of your Claremont PCs for play! Power level requirements are loose. I'd prefer PL 10, but PL 7 and everything between the two is more than acceptable. There are no especially vital skills in this, but Computer, Disable Device, Knowledge (Cosmology), Knowledge (History) and Stealth can be relevant and useful at certain points, if not fundamentally necessary for the overall adventure. Feel free to ask me any questions either here or on the Discord. Recruitment will stay open until I have four players and will work on a first come first served basis.
  10. OOC for this. The assumption is the PCs are all returning from a Halloween party and are now relaxing together in a rec room when Sam shows up, but if you have another reason why'd you'd be hanging out there go for it and explain it in IC.
  11. GM Claremont Academy October 31 2018 10:13 PM Halloween was almost always hectic night for the heroes of Freedom City, with all kinds of occult madness happening all over the city. Most of Claremont's faculty was off campus dealing with it right this moment. The same used to be true for a lot of Claremont's students but since Headmistress Summer's crackdown on late night teen superheroing most students were spending All Hallow's Eve having parties off campus. Sam Thorn knew all this. In fact, it was one of the reasons why he and the rest of the other students that made up the Hidden Convenant decided to have the ritual tonight. It made sense at the time. The school would be mostly deserted, the wards would weakened without the teachers being around to bolster them, and Halloween was just altogether a great day for late-night summoning. As Sam ran down down an another empty hallway, his hands filled with an ancient tome that felt so heavy in them, and looked for someone, anyone, that could help him he tried to remember that things weren't supposed to be this way. He wasn't supposed to covered in sot and other things we didn't want to even think about. He wasn't supposed to be alone and scared out of his mind. And he was supposed to feel like some presence was getting closer and closer to him no matter how much he ran. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way..." He kept repeating those words over and over again as he ran. Maybe if said them enough times everything would go back to normal. When he finally spotted a rec room with a light on it Sam immediately barged right in there huffing and coughing as he entered. He didn't know the people in the room but that didn't matter. He needed their help if he was going to save his friends and his soul. "Please! Oh God, please help me!"
  12. Main Quad, Claremont Academy Bayview, Freedom City, New Jeresy Monday, Febraury 18, 2019; 8:35 AM The morning sun had done little to warm the cold morning air thus far as it began to shine over the open air courtyard located at the front entrance of Claremont Academy. Veronica Danger stood toward the front entrance, not far from the grass circle in the center where stood a statute of Dr. Charles Claremont. The teenage Danger was dressed in dark green cargo pants, a pair of well-worn hiking boots and a long sleeved brown shirt with a winter jacket over it. The rest of the quad was deserted as the school was closed today. Veronica was out waiting to meet a new student that was arriving this morning so she could provide him a tour and help get him settled in.
  13. Some day soon, Forever Boy will learn that he's not the only one from Neverworld that's come to Earth! And there will be Sky-Pirates following in his wake! So, I'm looking for Claremont characters that could be interested here, preferably, but not limited to, someone that has some sort of relationship with Forever Boy. PL shouldn't matter too much, but preferably PL10-12. My original plan was for 3-4 characters including Forever Boy, but if the number of positive reactions in discord was an indication of the interest, I might figure out a way to run it for more, or do dual threads or something like that.
  14. I've decided after a long sabbatical to take another crack at this GM business. The jest of the game was more or less described in the title and will involve Claremont students fighting demons on Halloween because I think that would be awesome. Does anyone else? Looking for three to four players PL 10 who are Claremonters (because they need something that isn't a social thread) unless you give a good reason why'd you'd be on campus. At least one of the PC's should have a decent Arcane Lore and Theology and Philosophy score. Also, having a ridiculous high Civics might prove super helpful. Maybe. Possibly.
  15. Got an idea to do at least one thread. It will involve Corinne, and at least one Canon NPC villain.
  16. Bayview Bowl at the Bayview Mall. Sunday, October 14th, 2018. 5:00 pm As part of the new intramural squad system at Claremont, members of each squad were encouraged not just to compete together, but to socialize together as well. Each squad was issued a list of suggested group activities, and allowed to vote for their preferred outing. And so it was that on a blustery autumn evening, a handful of gifted students were delivered to the local retro bowling alley for a few hours' fun. Bayview Bowl was designed to look like it had been around since the 50s, ancient history for today's kids; it's design featured lots of Formica, polished aluminum and buzzing neon, hallmarks of the Doo Wop style associated with the old Jersey Shore. All the seats were upholstered in red leatherette, and recesssed speakers blared out Bill Haley the Comets' 'Rock Around The Clock'. But despite the nostalgia being layed on with a trowel, the Bayview Bowl was a laid-back establishment that appealed to suburban families and offered affordable entertainment and classic American food like cheeseburgers, chili dogs and big chocolate shakes. "Well, I don't know about y'all," said Lulu Beaumont as she stood inside the lobby, taking in the crashing of the pins and the smells of hot nachos. "But a'hm gonna eat like a pig!"
  17. Claremont Academy. Third Floor, Rita Kord Dorm. September 4, 2018 10:05 am Lulu didn't have too much stuff to bring in; most of her clothes were still back at the Harrows' place across in North Bay, still in the boxes and bags from the mall. She was used to travelling light, carrying her most important belongings in ziplock bags tucked into a backpack and a gym bag. Growing up in rural Alabama, there were always floods or hurricanes or tropical storms that forced you to relocate for days at a time, pulling up stakes in a hurry as you grabbed some bottled water for the road. Most of the houses in Columbia were either trailers or simple uninsulated structures that were cheap to repair or rebuild. There was no real sense of permanence; God could wipe out everything you owned with a simple wave of His hand. But Freedom was very different; everything here was built to last, or even survive assault by supervillains. The walls and floors of Claremont were thick and well-worn, scuffed and polished by the passing of hundreds of youthful hands and feet. Everything was spotless and freshly-cleaned, yet you could still feel the history of the place. Lulu found room 309 with little difficulty, and stood in the doorway for several seconds as she took in the space that would be her academic home for the next three years. Two beds, two dressers and two desks in a pleasant, airy room that somehow managed not to smell like a hotel. She picked the left-hand bed at random, dropping her two bags next to it as she laid down on her back, staring up at the ceiling, idly flexing her sneakered feet this way and that. "Well...here we are."
  18. Name: Crystal Gazer Power Level: 10/10 (150/150PP) Tradeoffs: None Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Telepathic teen trying to escape her criminal family. Alternate Identity: Louise 'Lulu' Beaumont Identity: Secret Birthplace: Columbia, AL Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Charlene Beaumont (mother), Darryl Beaumont (father), Kyle Beaumont (older brother), Caleb Beaumont (older brother), Bobby Beaumont (older brother), Janet Lewis (foster parent), Roger Lewis (foster parent) Description: DOB: February 23, 2002 Gender: Female Height: 5' 6" Weight: 125 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Red Lulu is a pretty girl from Alabama with pale skin, long red hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a lot of denim, mostly cutoffs in her favorite colors (pink and black), and she favors denim purses trimmed with studs or sequins. In terms of shoes, she has a large collection of pink sneakers and gym shoes, and she often wears girly baseball caps. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup, mostly just enhancing her lips and eyes. Though she's already chosen a heroic name ('Crystal Gazer’, after the derogatory nickname her dad gave to her mother), she's yet to design her own costume. History: The Beaumont family has a somewhat checkered past back in Columbia, Alabama, with a history full of moonshine stills, reckless driving, and the occasional assault or petty theft. But those exploits are largely associated with the men of the family; the Beaumont women are known for something entirely different. Some call it ‘the gift’ and others ‘the sight’, but the red-headed women of this family all seem to have an eeriness to them. Harriet Beaumont predicted the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, and Imogene Beaumont before her saw the Blocton Mine cave-in of 1895 clear as day. The fact of the matter is, very few of the Beaumonts have demonstrated the ‘true gift’, but that hasn't kept them from running a lucrative fortune-telling business for over forty years out of a rundown house just outside of town. On the night Lulu was born, a bolt of lightning struck a tree in their backyard, splitting it right down the middle, though there hadn't been a storm. Her father Darryl, an assistant manager at the local Piggly Wiggly who’d recently been fired for stealing steaks, declared nothing good would ever come of the girl, and seemed determined to prove his point. Darryl hounded her incessantly throughout her childhood, while showering undeserved praise on his delinquent sons Kyle and Caleb, both of whom were notorious in the Columbia area for drunken fights and making their own explosives. Only the Beaumont’s youngest son Bobby ever showed her any kindness, and they had always been close. However, once she began to show signs of the true sight at age ten, everything changed; suddenly Lulu was 'daddy's little girl’ as Darryl finally saw a way to use her to make money. With Lulu's unseen help, the fortune-telling business became very profitable, but her daddy didn't stop there. He forced his young daughter to extract credit card and banking information from their clients’ minds, threatening her or Bobby with physical harm if she didn't comply. They even pulled her out of school when she turned thirteen, supposedly to ‘homeschool’ her, but really it was to have her around the house so she could do more 'sneakin’ and peekin'’, and her studies suffered. One day when she was a fifteen, it finally came to a head; Darryl wanted her to enter the thoughts of woman who'd just lost her husband, and was looking to talk to his ‘spirit’, a scam they'd pulled before. But the woman had three children to feed, and her daddy wanted to rob her blind. When Lulu refused to steal her thoughts, Darryl moved to strike her, but then he suddenly stopped; Lulu had just discovered her mind control ability. To her father's horror, she forced him to drive them both to the local police station to confess to his crimes. However she couldn't maintain control forever, and a confession under coercion is not legally admissible. The revelations were enough for DCFS to step in, and when word of her story reached the headmaster of Claremont Academy, an offer was made to place her with a foster family in Freedom and enroll her in the academy, where she could obtain a proper education and learn to use her powers for good. Personality & Motivation: Lulu is friendly and outgoing, though prone to long, thoughtful gazes, which usually means she's using one of her powers. She loves to find out other people's stories, but is fairly reluctant to share her own, as she is deeply ashamed of her family. Though she learned a lot of tricks and scams from her brothers, she detests swindlers of any kind, and will only use these skills for harmless pranks or to punish wrongdoing. Lulu is very powerful telepath, the sort that only comes around once or twice a generation, and she feels awful about how her family used her powers for criminal gain. She is particularly interested in exposing con artists and loan sharks, and any who would harm mothers or children. Powers & Tactics: Lulu can read minds, project her senses miles away, send thoughts to others and create impressive psychic illusions, including the ability to make herself invisible, though this does not fool devices like cameras or other surveillance equipment. She can also control minds, though she finds this power a little unsettling. As a more or less straight telepath who lacks any purely physical powers, Lulu has to get creative in a combat situation. She mostly relies on her illusions to confuse or frighten bad guys, though her ESP is excellent for recon. If things get really desperate, she will take over a thug's body, and shift the balance of power that way. Complications: "Ah’m sorry, ah didn't mean to pry.” Sometimes it's hard for Lulu to resist the urge to poke around other people's heads, even though she knows it's wrong. “Ah can't let them find me!” Lulu lives in terror of her family tracking her down in Freedom and trying to take her back home. “There's too many voices in mah head!” As a small town psychic in a big city, sometimes Lulu can get overwhelmed by all the telepathic ‘noise’ in the area. “Oh, ah didn't mean nothin’ by it!” Sometimes Lulu likes to play pranks on her friends with her powers; it isn't always well-received. “Ah dunno; it just gets really hard sometimes.” Lulu's been through a lot and is a long way from home, and misses her brother Bobby. Sometimes this can lead to depression and loneliness. Abilities: 0 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 10 + 8 = 28PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 8 + 10 = 18PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +4 Defense: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus) Grapple: +4 Knockback: -1 Saves: 3 + 4 + 5 = 12PP Toughness: +10 (+2 Con, +8 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3) Reflex: +5, (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5) Skills: 56R=14PP Bluff 12 (+16) Skill Mastery Concentration 12 (+17) Disable Device 4 (+6) Drive 4 (+5) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 1 (+6) Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+5) Skill Mastery Notice 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Sense Motive 10 (+15) Skill Mastery Feats: 7PP Fascinate (Bluff) Luck Second Chance (Concentration checks to maintain powers) Skill Mastery (Bluff, Knowledge [Streetwise], Notice, Sense Motive) Trance Taunt Ultimate Save (Will) Powers: 13 + 36 + 8 + 14 = 71PP (Descriptors: all mutant) Enhanced Feats 13 (Defensive Roll 8 and Dodge Focus 5) [13PP] Psionics 16.5 (33PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 3) [36PP] BE: ESP 4 (Clairvoyance; Auditory + Visual Senses, 1 mile, DC 24 Notice; Extras: Action [Free], Duration [Sustained], No Conduit, Simultaneous; Feats: Fast Task 4 [Full Action to search 1-mile-diameter area], Subtle) {33/33} AP: Illusion 8 (All Senses; Extra: Duration [Sustained]; Flaw: Phantasm, Feat: Selective) {33/33} AP: Mind Control 10 (Domination; Extras: Conscious, Instant Command; Flaw: Action [Full]; Feats: Mental Link, Subtle) {32/33} AP: Stun 10 (Pain or Sleep; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Mental, Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Action [Full]; Feats: Sedation, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [pain or sleep]) {33/33} Super-Senses 12 (Danger Sense [Mental], Mental Awareness 2 [Mental], Postcognition [Flaw: Uncontrolled], Precognition [Flaw: Uncontrolled], Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [8PP] Telepathy 6 (12PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [14PP] BE: Communication 6 (Mental, 20 miles; Extras: Linked [Comprehend]; Feats: Rapid 3 [x1000], Subtle) {8} + Comprehend 1 (Speak Any Language; Extras: Linked [Communication]) {2} =12/12} AP: Concealment 10 (All Senses, Flaw: Phantasm, Feats: Selective) {11/12} AP: Mind Reading 10 (Extras: Effortless, Mental, Flaw: Duration [Instant/Lasting]; Feats: Subtle) {11/12} Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (14) + Feats (7) + Powers (71) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 16 Toughness Damage [Physical] Illusion Perception Check vs. Will Decieved Mind Control Perception Check vs. Will Controlled Stun Perception DC 20 Will Save Dazed/Stunned
  19. January 20th, 2018. Sometime around Noon. Jack relaxed against the tree, enjoying the weather outside. The snow fell softly against his skin, and he sat in the snow, covered only in basketball shorts and a sleeveless hoodie. It had been a few days since he started going to school here, but already he was enjoying his time. His friend Alexa had been correct when she told him that he would love it. The food alone was worth it. He cupped his hands around a snowball, packing it gently, a smile spreading on his face. Alexa usually passed this way between classes..and he had a concocted a pile of snowballs with her name on them...and a second pile for Lexa. Tis the season for a good snowball fight.
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  21. Monday, November 27th 2017: 9:00am, Claremont Academy Zhu got out of the small old Honda Civic and had to just stop and look. While she already had looked over the school with an illegally appropriated satellite, checked every photo that was in a cloud anywhere, and had as much comprehensive knowledge about her new school as she could possibly get, there was something about the majesty of the campus that still overwhelmed her. It was a stark reminder that while information was good, there was nothing that could quite replace actual experiences. Perhaps she would have to do some research into why reality was so real. Around her, the suprisingly warm November day had a glorious feel to it and the students were taking advantage of the Indian Summer, perhaps anticipating the winter to come. "<Go ahead, we're proud of you. You can do this>," her mother gently chided to her in Mandarin from the passenger seat. Zhu, no Alexa, she had to keep reminding herself that, turned to her mother and smiled, "<Thank you for your sacrifice. I will honor your choice.>" Her mother waved once and, as neither of them were fond of long emotional goodbyes, drove off leaving Alexa standing staring at her new school. Brushing back her hair, she took a deep breath and muttered to herself in slightly accented English, "this is where I should be." She knew the path to the registrar's office and began heading across the well manicured lawns not bothering to hide her wide eyed wonder at the diverse student body. Without taking the phone out of her pocket she pulled up the agenda that had been sent too her. It was rather vague, something that annoyed her, but contained at least a starting point to her new journey. Of course, in the name of efficiency, her parents had dropped her off nearly a full hour before she had to be anywhere, but if her schools in Shanghai taught her anything, it was that punctuality was to be observed to the exclusion of nearly all else. She was certain that the Dean would feel the same way.
  22. November 27th, Mid Morning Claremont Dormitory After meeting with the Dean, Alexa felt more at ease. She had a schedule as well as a room assignment, which while she loved new experiences, order was much preferable to chaos. Of course, she was wheeling a mostly broken suitcase with the remnants of her things, courtesy of a less than mindful speedster. The vaporized silicon components likely were ground into most of her things, but even that was just another problem to deal with. She was here; Claremont. It was now official and she could relax just a little bit before whomever the school had assigned to her as a roommate. She opened the door to her room and looked at the small, but orderly room. Two single beds twined with matching desks and small shelving units dominated most of the space. The carpet was soft and clean and the walls a pleasantly neutral color. What was nice was the wood trim and furniture which was something that was rare in China, although it certainly was more common here from what she could tell. Still, it added a touch of warmth to the space which was nice and made it feel more lived in even though nothing was there. She thought briefly on waiting to see if anyone showed up before unpacking and essentially choosing a side. However, her patience wore thin after a few seconds and she forced open the battered suitcase and began to unpack on the left side of the room. It was a shame that washing was going to have to be done already, but that was more than outweighed by the excitement of meeting all of the very special people that seemed to go to school here.
  23. 7:00 PM, December 2nd.. Amir al-Misri's beachfront mansion. Nestled into the Northbank was the nameless mansion-slash-semi vacation location of Amir al-Misri. For thanksgiving weekend he had loaned it to his daughter, Corinne Conrad, so she and her friends from school could have a beach bonfire party. Something he was told that the kids in the Northeast part of the states (and Jersey!) did. He had no first hand knowledge of such, but it was sort of the thing right? Corinne didn't know any better herself, but figured a party might smooth things over with some people who had bad first interactions. She also didn't assume, saying she had food and such, but people could bring what they want, if they wanted. Right now, though, she was tending to the bonfire she had started, and make sure that there was nothing near it that could start a fire, and she had built a fire pit around it (with judicious use of power, as well as shaped the sand into benches around it). She expected Hannah to show, maybe others. She had opened the invitation to anyone she had classes with. Even Jann, though it wasn't handed to him. She... well there still issues there. Wasn't there? There were some event tents set up nearby to sort of make it a cozy affair to shield against inclement weather. They had their own heaters in them, along with most amenities.
  24. Player Name: Bestia Character Name: Cheri Ash Power Level: 8 (143/151PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Defense / +2 Toughness, -2 Attack / +2 DC Unspent Power Points: 8pp In Brief: Animal Aspected Mutant Alternate Identity: Bestia Identity: Public Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family - Father (39) "Trevor Ash IV, aka The Tremor" - Mother (36) "Naome Ash" Description Age: 16 (May 16th) Apparent Age: Mid-Teens Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian / Asian Height: 4'11" Weight: Varies, typically around 115 lbs Eyes: Red Hair: Black Appearance An extremely short, and rather slender looking teenage girl, Cheri would be a somewhat athletic school-age girl in all respects. Not particularly athletic nor slovenly she spent the vast majority of her life being considered a pretty but otherwise average girl. When her mutation struck, her body warped somewhat, growing thinner and leaner and her formerly brown eyes moving to a pinkish red. The most drastic, of course, is the animal-like characteristics she's become well known for around the Academy. While it is typically those of a rabbit, her body takes on the various attributes of whatever she is channeling sometimes multiple breeds and styles if she requires further power. As such, she's become something of a fluffball. Her body is laced with an extremely thin white fur, almost looking like another layer of flesh to the untrained eye. Power Descriptions While channeling, Cheri typically takes on aspects. Her upper arms might grow bear fur when she needs strength, or a cat's tail when she requires finesse and quiet. While these mutations can come and go, her default state appears to be a lithe and nimble rabbit. This could simply be her comfort zone, or her mutations default state as it appears to have had the most effect on her body in general. History Daughter of a rather well off pair, Cheri's life has been mostly filled with softness and ease. She was brought up with tutors and prep schools and kept far from any danger that she could perceive. It allowed her to be at peace but extremely sheltered to the world around her. It wasn't until she started to become a teenager did she even begin to question anything of her lifestyle. Everything had been provided so easily, and the news was constant flurries of action of superhuman feats that she only wished she could see for herself one day. The guards around the estate had always been cold, but she saw them to be more... dangerous as she grew older, and slowly began to understand that for all the simple pleasures her life was afforded, her actual freedom was the price she had paid. There was no leaving the estate except for her classes, no hanging out with less well off friends, or exploring the grand city without a posse of her caretakers. It was only through the rebellious need to know more that she barged in on her father's office, finding him in a state she couldn't comprehend. Masked and wearing some ensemble she'd never seen, he had just finished a video call with his men. His face was the terrifying visage of the Tremor, secretive underworld boss who was known for literally striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. This strange power was struck into Cheri in a rage, who fled back to the safety of her room. The heightened emotions perfect for adolescent's mutation. Taking on aspects similar to the pet rabbit she cared for, she became something quite bizarre, and upon realizing what had happened, her first test of these capabilities would be escaping the mansion she knew as home, and fleeing into the city itself. Now on her own for the first time, and looking as bizarre as she was, it wasn't any surprise she'd picked up attention. Lucky for her, it was exactly the right kind of attention she needed. After making her first attempted outing 'superheroing' she was quickly detained by the veterans of the city, and held by the authorities. Unwilling to betray her father, despite their last encounter, she kept quiet about any of her recent circumstances. She was held for quite some time, before her parents were eventually contacted. When she was face to face with her father once more, Cheri had summoned enough courage to make her ultimatum. Let her be free to grow, and use these powers, or she would tell the police everything that she knew. While it wasn't a particularly perfect solution, her courage earned her the leeway of attending the Claremont Academy for the time being, in hopes that perhaps she could be a useful asset in time. Personality & Motivation Cheri typically comes off as being fairly reserved. She is the type to stand back, take in information and act, rather than trying to involve herself in the drama of a moment. Most of this is a rather intentional visage she portrays, shielding her eagerness and desire to surpass those around her from bleeding out. In truth, she is determined to not only succeed and protect people but prove she can be the absolute greatest hero Freedom City has ever seen. Taking what some would consider a cosmetic mutation and using it to the fullest extent. She doesn't have laser beams or magic powers, but she'll happily face any of that to grow into a woman who can stand entirely on her own. Powers Tactics A scrapper through and through, Cheri expects a great deal of herself and desires to put what is a freakish and useless mutation to good use. She has a variety of tactics depending on what aspects she calls for. She has a tendency to get in over her head, and is extremely defensive about how delicate she looks despite her actual toughness. All these factors make her a frontliner who tries to perform the most heroically in any situation, no matter how outclassed she is. Complications Inexperienced Cheri has little practical experience, despite her relative strength. This makes her arrogant of her own capabilities and unable to understand when the situation has made subtle shifts. Herbivore Cheri's diet has become that of an herbivore, unable to consume anything else properly. Parental Misguidance Daughter of a notorious gangster, her father wishes to either keep her out of the limelight or have her join the family business. Thick Shell, Thin Skin Cheri puts on a display of being an eager, tough as nails superhero wannabe, but she cares quite deeply about what those around her think of her. She's easily embarrassed by many of the little things her mutation has done to her, and tries to mask any show of weakness with strength. However, this might very well be for little effect, as her body responds to her true emotions, and those who know her can easily see how deeply affected she is. Comfort Zone? While Cheri can rather freely change out her abilities and mutate her body into a variety of different styles, it would seem she has a natural resting state with the appearances of a rabbit. The black ears and tail have become a bit iconic of her, to the point that she naturally takes on the Rabbit Totem when she is overwhelmed or overly stressed. This might be a factor of her mutation, or simply a mental block keeping her from the full flexibility of her newfound abilities. Obvious Oddity Due to the nature of her powers making her look a bit less human than normal, she is pretty much instantly recognizable without a lot of work to hide the presence of large rabbit ears and a bushy tail. While her funding through her family allows for clothes to be tailor made for her, this generally takes some time, and most normal wearable articles need some fine adjustments, making a lot of superheroing gear simply unavailable. Emotionally Vulnerable Cheri's transformations are a mixture of conscious effort to 'channel' a totem and modify her body's capabilities combined with unconscious ideas of how they work. It is the basis for her power's capabilities. This unconscious part is also her Achilles heel, however, as her Totems react extremely poorly to intense emotions and instincts. A great fear shifts her body to that of a Rabbit Totem, where as a great rage would take on the Rhino Totem. Various other emotional states can transform her body in various other ways no matter how much willpower she tries to exert over it. Abilities:: 2 + 2 + 2 - 2 + 0 + 8 = 14pp STR 12 (+1) | 30 (+10) w/ Beastly Body. DEX 12 (+1) | 30 (+10) w/ Beastly Body. CON 12 (+1) | 30 (+10) w/ Beastly Body. INT 8 (-1) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 18 (+4) Initiative: +10 (+10 Dex) Combat; 2 + 8 = 16pp Attack: +2 (+2 Base Attack) -Ranged: +2 -Melee: +6 (+4 Attack Focus: Melee) Defense: +6 (+6 Base Defense) -Flat footed: +3 Grapple: +16 (+10 Strength +6 Melee Attack) Saves: 0 + 0 + 5 = 5pp Tough: +10 (+10 Con) Fortitude: +10 (+10 Con) Reflex: +10 (+10 Dex) Will: +5 (+0 Wis +5) Skills: 8pp = 32 Ranks Acrobatics 8 (+8), Bluff 6 (+8), Diplomacy 6 (+8), Gather Information 4 (+8), Notice 4 (+4), Sense Motive 4 (+4), Feats: 10pp Attack Focus (Melee) 4 Benefit 1 (Wealthy) Luck 2 Improved Grab Improved Grapple Power Attack Equipment: 0PP = 0ep Powers: 54 + 36 = 90pp Beastly Body 10.8 [Container; Mutation] [54 pp] Enhanced Dex 18 [18 pp] Enhanced Con 18 [18 pp Enhanced Str 18 [18 PP] Totem Synergy 6 (Variable [6/rank], Animal Mutation Powers only; Continuous, Full Round Action to alter) [36pp] (Mutation) Totals: Abilities 14 + Skills 8 (32 ranks) + Feats 10 + Equipment 0 + Powers 90 + Combat 20 + Saves 5 + Drawbacks 0 = 143 / 151 PP DC Block Name Range Effect Save Unarmed Touch Damage DC 25 Toughness (Staged)
  25. Player Name: Curious Key Character Name: Raiment Power Level: 10 (150/151) Trade-Offs: N/A Unspent Power Points: 1 In Brief: A scarf-slinging sorceress, imprisoned in the Netherworlds for an eon. Newly free, she tries to understand what it means to be a individual. Alternate Identity: Sanna Identity: Secret Birthplace: Dead, Forgotten World/Netherworld Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy, the Netherworlds Family: Unknown Apparent Age: Late Teens Age: No One Kept Track. Adolescent. Height: 6'3" Weight: 220 lbs Eyes: Yellow Hair: Black/White In her human form, Sanna resembles an impressively tall and broad-shouldered human girl. She appears fair-skinned with dark hair that hangs about her ears. Her face is rounded, with wide, piercing eyes and a resting expression that can be best described as 'calm.' Sanna's outfits can vary widely, though he favorites tend to reoccur. She doesn't really know what to do with the attention that she tends to get in crowds, so she tends to pick wardrobes that come with jackets and coats that make her form seem bulkier while her bottoms vary from shorts to skirts to jeans to leggings depending on her wishes that day. She tends to wear a scarf as well, when she can. Her true form is more much more striking. There are several major deviances from the human form. Instead of two eyes, Sanna has three; two in the usual places and a third in the center of her forehead, two dark horns that spiral up and backward from her top of her head, an extra pair of arms emerge from her back, just below her shoulders and she has a long black tail, with a point in the shape of an arrowhead. Aside from that, symmetrical purple 'birthmarks appear as slashes around her normal eyes and her hair is stark white. This unusual appearance can lead people to consider Sanna unsettling, monstrous or even demonic. As Raiment, she wears a purple cloak to hide and keep from restraining her four arms with a hood that she can pull up over her horns. Below that she wears black and gray, tailored to fit her body and spun in a fashion meant to be sturdy and functional rather than pretty. Her hands end in fingerless gloves that overlap with her sleeves while her feet end in brown combat boots. The biggest break to the theme of purple and black is some sort of deep orange scarf around her neck. In costume Raiment cuts quite a striking figure. Power Descriptions: Some aspects of Sanna's powers spring from her inhuman physique. Her extra limbs and disconnection with this reality serve as reminders of her otherworldly origin as a fiend of the Netherworld and her third eye allows her to see magic, which helps to give her an edge which cannot be denied. However, what most defines her power is her influence as a namer. She can 'speak' in any language, to any creature, object or spirit, allowing her to communicate almost anyone or anything, including humans. In addition to broadening her speech, this adds a certain supernatural weight to her words and actions that makes people of all kinds more pliant and eager to please. However, the most the most obvious expression of her power is how she speaks with and Names most of her possessions. Her Named possessions shapeshift according to Sanna's will, allowing her to turn her coat into wings to carry her, unfold her sleeves into great fists, sharpened blades in her hands and much, much more. History: Once upon a time, there was a world that bravely resisted Una, who rules the Netherworlds. Whose heroes were many and brave. Again and again they cast her forces down and forced her back, creating a bulwark she could not surpass. Until she did surpass it, like she always does. Eventually. Una chained their souls into many-eyed towers that forever witness their ultimate failure and in spite seized every person that they had ever known. And before the towers she ripped these people from their bodies, burning their memories, names and selves until all that remained was a writhing, spiritual core, barely aware enough to feel the pain. And these souls she shaped into feral creatures, imps who would fight and die, living as vermin in the world their heroes' had sought to protect them from. Satisfied, Una moved on to her next prize and forgot these remnants of her vengeance. One such remnant, clinging to the aching echo of memory fought amongst the creatures of the Netherworld to preserve the bitter flame of its life, surviving. The creature that she became was scarcely capable of personhood and had no name. But her shell belied the soul inside her, which burned with a brightness that her body could not quite cage. Though true language was beyond her, she could 'speak' to the world, and the world spoke back. In time, the little fiend learned to befriend her surroundings. With a gentle variant of Naming, she set herself above her peers, building herself allies into the walls of her warren and the tattered scraps of cloth across her body. After some time, during a purge of magical vermin, the fiend proved herself to be a particularly resilient creature. Her nascent magery intrigued one of Una's agents, Dankava the Antiquarian, who obtained her, bound her and enthralled her. Intrigued by the fiend's curious magic and bright soul, Dakava carried her with him across the worlds that Una would collapse into the Netherworld. The fiend had no concept of time, but as universe after universe collapsed, her magic matured. Eventually, she grew powerful and self-aware enough to Name herself. She called herself 'Sanna,' and the shell that had imprisoned her soul blossomed into a vessel which suited her. Dankava was delighted by her evolution but he did not understand how much her Naming had weakened his enchantment over her. She continued to work under his thrall but her self-awareness tugged constantly at his spell, chafing under the weight of a heavy-handed compulsion designed for a far weaker-willed creature. In the name of Una's conquest, Sanna worked at Dankava's side on rituals--always thwarted--meant to undermine Prime and deepen Una's foothold. The last one should have worked; Dankava had done everything as he should have. He made his speech, threw open his arms and welcomed the armies of the Netherworld to storm Prime . . . And nothing happened. Eventually, the heroes found out why. Miles away, by the sea, where the sun had begun to set, Sanna had dropped her pieces of the ritual into the sand, stood by the water, feeling the tide wash over her feet and staring longingly toward the horizon. She was taken into custody, where there was some debate over how exactly she should be punished for her crimes against Prime. Ultimately, a mind control clause spared her heavy incarceration, but all the same, it wouldn't do to let an ancient, adolescent netherworlder out onto the world no strings attached. Ultimately, she was deemed an orphan child, which allowed her to be legally established as an orphan child. Claremont Academy was quick to offer a place for her to stay, and the establishment at Freedom found that in a matter of hours she was already being escorted, confused, out the door and into a car. In Claremont, she could have space to learn to be her own person. And in Claremont . . . She could be carefully watched, just in case she was not what she seemed. Personality & Motivation: The work Sanna does with her magic has done a lot to shape her personality. At the heart of it, her magic comes from empathy, from negotiation, from compromise and mutual respect. While she's generally more used to talking to objects and animals than peers, these skills translate well into Sanna's interactions with her peers. She listens intently and with absolute earnestness, which can make her easy to talk to . . . If her predisposition toward quiet doesn't put you off. Ultimately, her worldview revolves deeply around names. She has spent a long time listening to the worlds. Its stones. Its beasts. Its spirits. Each of them with a unique voice, something thorough, vivid, deeply and thoroughly their own. Their own personalities, boiled into the essence of who and what they were. A unique and precious thing, worth respecting. But, as Una conquered worlds, she seized these unique things, paved over their unique names, their unique selves and burned her own into its place. Just as she had once burned Sanna. That is the one thing that raises Sanna's ire. The theft of agency, the erasing of a name. Much crime can be boiled down to that, and she feels it is her obligation to stop it wherever she finds it. Powers & Tactics: Ultimately, it is Raiment's first instinct to negotiate. To talk before a fight breaks out. She will often move into confrontations with an intent to deescalate and hopefully end the combat before it starts and she will leverage every nuance of her supernatural charm to make it happen. If that fails, Raiment prefers to proceed in a supporting role. Restricting her targets, pushing to force them to reveal openings. snaring and inhibiting their movements to try to make it a little easier for anyone she is working with to pick them off. On her lonesome, all her clever tactics of support go out the window, and instead she becomes intensely focused on finishing the fight as quickly as possible with as much force as possible as she reverts back to her original mode of fighting; with fierce focus and brutality. Complications: New Cloak Who Dis? — Raiment's magic only works with clothes which she has had time to get acquainted with. It can take a few days for her to become familiar enough with a new garment to properly name and manipulate it. This can cause problems. Verbal Magic — Sanna's magic relies heavily on her ability to speak. If she can't speak, she can't give instructions to her clothes, which greatly inhibits her ability to use active powers. Netherfiend — Sanna's nature as a magical creature of the Netherworlds comes with many downsides. Many barriers designed to repel supernal intrusion will recognize her as a magical beast to keep out and spells which compel magical creatures into service affect her even if they would normally not affect humanoid creatures. As if that weren't enough, her true form is considered by many to be deeply sinister, which often leads to immediate distrust by those who are predisposed to judge her. Illiterate — Sanna cannot read any of earth's languages reliably. In a society like Freedom's which relies on literacy to navigate, this can cause some problems. The Antiquarian — One of Una's lesser lieutenants, Dankava, is a collector of exotic magical creatures and artifacts. Her ongoing independence galls him, as he considers her to be a fascinating specimen that must be enthralled in his service. Given the opportunity, he will try to snare her again. What's more, others on earth have run into her before, when she was under the Antiquarian's thrall. And not all of them have forgiven Sanna for the things she did . . . Abilities: 8 + 0 + 14 + 0 + 8 + 4 = 34PP Strength: 18 (+4) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 24 (+7) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 14/20 (+2/5) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +4 Base, (+10 Ensemble) Grapple: +8 Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 0 + 7 + 3 = 10PP Toughness: +10 (+7 Con, +3 Protection) Fortitude: +7 (+7 Con, +0) Reflex: +7 (+0 Dex, +7) Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +3) Skills: 36R = 9PP Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 10 (+10) Sense Motive 4 (+8) Notice 6 (+10) Diplomacy 10 (+12/16) Bluff 6 (+8/12) Disguise 0 (+22/27 Morph) Feats: 14PP Fearless Taunt Fascinate (Diplomacy) Distract (Bluff) Power Attack Dodge Focus 6 Inspire Luck Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 3 + 28 + 1 + 1 + 18 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 4 = 67 Protection 3 [3PP] (Enchanted Garb, Descriptor: Enchantment) Ensemble (25PP Array, Alternate Power 3) 28PP (Descriptor: Enchantment Unless Contradicted) BP: Move Object 10 (25 ft; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Accurate 3, Precise, Split Attack; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2) 24/25PP (Ensemble Hand) AP: Snare 10 (25 ft; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Accurate 3, Tether, Homing; Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2) [25/25PP] (Ensemble Snare) AP: Damage 6 (Extras: Autofire 10; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Extended Range 2 (10 Feet), Improved Crit, Mighty, Accurate 3) [25/25PP] (Ensemble Lashes, Descriptor: Slashing) AP: Flight 5 (250 MPH, 25000 ft per round) [10/25PP] (Ensemble Wings) Feature 1 (Ontological Inertia) [1PP] (Dimensional Vagabond, Descriptor: Dimensional) Immunity (Aging) [1PP] (Netherfiend, Descriptor: Biological) Comprehend 9 (Understand Languages, Speak One Language at a Time, Speak To Objects, Speak to Spirits, Speak to and Understand Beasts) [18PP] (Namer's Speech, Descriptor: Enchantment) Enhanced Charisma 6 [6PP] (Namer's Charm, Descriptor: Enchantment) Additional Limbs 2 (Two Arms; Feat: Innate) [3PP] (Armed And Dangerous, Descriptor: Biological) Super Senses 3 (Magic Awareness [Visual]) [3PP] (Third Eye, Descriptor: Biological) Morph 6 (“Human Sanna”, +20 Disguise Check) [4PP] (“Sanna”, Descriptor: Enchantment) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch 18DC Toughness Damage (Physical) Ensemble Lashes Touch 25+ Autofire DC Toughness Damage (Physical) Ensemble Snare Ranged 20 DC Reflex Entangled/Helpless (Physical) Totals: Abilities (34) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (9) + Feats (14) + Powers (67) = 150/151 Power Points
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