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Found 8 results

  1. The Southern Queen, North End, Freedom City June 27, 2020 9:00 PM Starlok Ever since Ori-Bath had met the Praetorians, two things had been on her mind. The first was that all Lor bureaucracy was trash and the Praetorians should be able to help her overthrow her brother if she wanted them to. The second was more relevant to now: She had to meet the one known as ‘Maybelle McQueen’, alias ‘Queenie.’ Partially to recruit her to her cause, but also to eat some of the delicious Terran food she was apparently quite deft at making. It had taken some time to track down the place - it turned out that humans were very uncreative and called many locations ‘the North End’, but she finally tracked it down with the help of the Terran mass-information network. Unfortunately, getting there posed even more problems. She had attempted to ‘rent a car’, but apparently that required vast amounts of documentation from the American Empire she simply did not have. And apparently government workers did not know who she was nor did they care. They kept calling her British, too, which was just patently incorrect. So instead, she had to have her servants pilot the Pale Rider to hover over the Southern Queen’s parking lot, causing an awful din. As papers and plastic bags were thrown about by a ship the size of a jumbo jet hovering over the restaurant, a lift descended down from the ship’s base, carrying on it Ori-Bath, Countess of Nos. She had decided to go formal for this, forgoing her normal wargear and instead wearing a fancy, frilled royal blue evening gown and makeup that had the strange feature of using blue wherever a human would use red, namely lipstick and blush. Her long, dark hair was done up in an updo. She felt she conveyed the very image of grace. Sending her ship off, Ori-Bath simply waved off the crowd of people who had gathered to see what exactly was happening. “Do not be alarmed,” she cried in perfect English, speaking with a flawless recreation of a High Received Pronunciation accent. “I am merely here to sample the food. Return to your business!”
  2. OOC for Carolina Red .
  3. GM The Emerald Cities, South March 21, 2020 Some time around Midnight The cargo came in at night. They always did. There was something cloak and dagger about it all, but Frank Pulasky was being paid well enough that he didn’t see much reason to care about that. He was content to ship the big, black crates from the dockside warehouse to the little shop down on the corner next to Daniken and Arnold every night while ignoring the strange lights he saw in the sky just before every deliver and the way the stevedores seemed to never say anything. He just wanted to do his job. Unfortunately for Frank, his partner Shawna was a little more curious. “You ever wonder what’s in those crates?” Shawna said as she climbed into the passenger side of the cab, slamming the door shut behind her. “Hell, even what they’re made of? It’s definitely not wood. S’like… Some kinda weird… metal… glass… thing.” Frank sighed to himself, gripping the wheel tightly. “Not really,” he replied, already wanting to leave the conversation. “I mean, it’s all kinda weird,” Shawna said, freeing her little gas-station coffee cup from its holder and taking a sip. “You think this is all legal?” Frank rolled his eyes as he turned the ignition, hearing the roar of the engine as the truck came to life. “Who friggin’ cares, Shawna? It’s not like we can pass up the money. Unless you suddenly won the lottery or somethin’, I’m gonna suggest you just be happy you got the work.” Shawna sighed, leaning back in her chair. “I mean, if it is illegal,” she began to say, but Frank interrupted her. “If it is illegal, then our legal defence is we didn’t know. We lose that defence if you keep bein’ nosy.” Shawna frowned, but had no retort. Frank took that as a chance to start moving. He pulled out of the dock, and turned out into the road. For a while, everything was blissfully quiet. Until he heard something go bang in the freight box. He cursed, and Shawna looked behind her as if she would be able to see through the metal. “We should probably check that,” Shawna said, frowning. “...I mean, probably something just fell over,” Frank said, gritting his teeth. “Which is bad, Frank,” Shawna said. “What if they get mad about broken goods?” Frank sighed. This time, he was the one without a reply. He ground his teeth and grumbled some more, before pulling into an alleyway and slowing to a stop. He glared at Shawna. “Alright, we’ll make sure nothing’s broken, but you,” he said, pointing at her. “Are not going to do any snoopin’.” Shawna rolled her eyes. “Got it.” Frank left the truck in idle, and they both hopped out. Wheeling around to the back, the duo flung open the door to the freight box, and immediately, they were illuminated by a green light. One of the black crates had shattered, and nestled amongst the wreckage was a glowing green orb the size of a bowling ball. Frank cursed, the light almost blinding him, but Shawna was transfixed. She climbed inside, walking as though possessed towards the orb. “What’re you doing?” Frank hissed. “It’s calling to me,” Shawna replied, her voice an eerie monotone. She picked it up, staring at it for a moment, before turning around. Frank saw, to his horror, that her eyes were now glowing the same colour as the orb. “Shawna?” Frank asked, stepping back away from the crate. “Can you hear it, Frank?” she asked. “It’s alive. It’s talking to us. It’ll give us everything. We just… Gotta get it out of here.” “I… think you should put it down, Shawna,” Frank said, climbing up into the box to try and take it from her. “NO!” Shawna shrieked, and suddenly, a pair of beams erupted from her eyes, striking Frank directly in the chest. His eyes went wide, and he went sprawling as he gawped down at the two new, smoking holes in chest. Shawna giggled evilly. “Yes. I see now. You’ll make me powerful. With you, I’ll conquer this c--” She didn’t have time to finish her thought. Another beam came, but not from her. The pain was only momentary before she fell apart into dust, the green orb falling onto the bed of the trunk with a heavy clang. Stepping out of the darkness and stowing his blaster pistol, Rojek sighed. “Humans are goddamned weak-willed,” he muttered to his partner. “Now we’re gonna hafta to drive the truck ourselves,” Rojek said. His partner, Ageda, smirked at him. “And you didn’t want to tail them,” she said as she hefted the lifeless body of Frank into the back of the truck. “I thought maybe at least something on this planet might not disappoint me for once,” Rojek spat as he kicked the orb. “Alright, let’s get this to the shop before we get in trouble.” “Just gonna leave the car?” Ageda asked. “Sure, why not,” Rojek said with a shrug. “We can just steal another one if we have to. Clunky pieces of crap are everywhere, here.” Ageda giggled to herself, and climbed into the cab, and as she did, her appearance became that of Shawna. “Whatever you say, ‘Frank’.” Rojek rolled his eyes as his appearance turned into Frank, and he climbed into the driver’s seat. “Friggin’ Earth.” They drove off into the night, leaving nothing but a small pile of ash. Before anyone found or saw them, Rojek and Ageda were long gone.
  4. OOC for this thread. @Grumblefloof
  5. Aboard the Pale Rider in the Naraka System Early February, 2020 Evening The Stigmata hung in view on the Pale Rider’s cockpit video screen. A great, cyclopean vessel, it spanned at least two miles in length and almost resembled a greatly displaced ancient Mayan temple in construction. Strange geometric patterns ran across its surface, glowing in what seemed to be a strange equivalent to running lights. Rather than steel, its exterior seemed to be made of some strange, orange ceramic or stone. And around it, there was some sort of aura of portent, as though it were a prophet of ill-omens to come. Moving in front of the screen was a young Lor woman, short but solidly built, dressed for an expedition with a skintight space-suit and a pack full of analytic tools. She was Dr. Ea’Po, an archaeologist specializing in the lost civilizations in the Galaxy, and she was the reason both Starlok and Dirge were there. She smiled at both of them, showing off her perfect white teeth, and gestured. “So, this is the Stigmata. It belonged to the Atchpa civilization, which went extinct some 1200 years ago. Like the Noktoni,” she said, shooting a glance to Starlok, “they looked humanoid but had several key features that separated them.Four-chambered stomachs like most ruminants, flat teeth, a supernumerary eye at the centre of the forehead, and a strange variation on the pineal gland that allowed them to perceive things most sapient species cannot.” “Now, the Stigmata was from the end of their civilization. As we understand it, it was supposed to make a warp to the Andromeda Galaxy to find a new homeland for their species. Their own planet was going through ecological collapse for uncertain reasons and for reasons we don’t know, they seemed to want to get as far away from the Milky Way as they could,” she said. “Instead, it’s ended up here, about 60 000 LY from their home planet and 1200 years later, but definitely not in Andromeda. However, weirdly enough, it seems to be working fine. Life support’s running with specs similar to Lor-Van, so’s anti-gravity, and power’s active at least in portions of the ship. No visible damage on the outside…” Starlok stared from her position in the captain’s chair, legs crossed. All around her were electro-candelabras, her preferred method of lighting, which complemented the steel gothic look that the interior of the ship had. “And how many weapons would you say it has?” Starlok asked. “Oh, plenty,” the doctor said. “We’re talking some potent stuff, too. I’ve identified several class-1 torpedo bays - those could punch a hole even in a state-of-the-art Khanate ship-of-the-line, and at least a hundred laser batteries. They were expecting some pretty serious resistance in Andromeda.” Starlok steepled her fingers. “Excellent,” she said, sounding pleased. The doctor then turned to Dirge. “Now, from what I can tell… None of the ship is metal. It seems to be some kind of… I don’t even know how to explain it. But just in case I am wrong, I need you to not. Destroy. Anything. Everything on that ship is priceless. Once I have a look at what I need to look at, you can do what you want with it, but I need to study this thing.” Starlok tapped her chin. “And we know the ship can still be controlled?” “I mean, everything else is working, and as long as you have me around with you in the control room, I know their tech enough to teach you how to pilot this thing.” Starlok grinned. “Goooood.”
  6. Coalition Victory Station, Docking Bay 2 Late January 7:30 PM For the past few months, Ori-Bath, scion of House Nos, Countess of Lugo, had been bandied about various Lor worlds, talking to countless faceless bureaucrats while being redirected at every turn. Though she had come to them for aid, the Lor and their pitiful Coalition had been reluctant to aid her. Nokton and its small demesne was outside both the Republic and the Khanate, a minor independent power, and thus it was not politically expedient to intervene in such a small matter. Especially since the Grand Duke of Nokton was similarly uninterested in doing anything about the problem, and had made as much clear to any who asked him. However, after some mild intimidation of low-ranking pencil-pushers and a dedicated effort to being a thorn in the side of the bureaucracy, Ori-Bath had been directed to the Coalition Victory station, basely referred to as “CoVic” by the locals. There, she was told she might be able to make some allies who could prove useful to her in her dynastic struggle in the future. Many had been warned in advance of her notoriously acidic temperament before her arrival, in order to ensure as few issues as possible. She had received some warnings in return about her own behaviour, but she had mostly tuned out. She was a countess, and conduct herself as such. “This is Ori-Bath, Countess of Lugo, aboard the Pale Rider. I have forwarded you the requisite permits, and am looking to land. You shall furnish me with a docking bay. Is this clear?” Said Ori-Bath, speaking over her channel to the docking manager. “...Alright, checks out, you’re cleared to land in Bay 2,” responded a monotone voice. Before she could take issue with the blasé manner in which she was addressed, Ori-Bath’s attention was drawn by the landing lights guiding her towards Bay 2. She decided that she would merely complain later to their superior, and instead focus on claiming her spot before some other buffoon tried to. Flicking a few switches, Ori-Bath guided her ship into the bay, deploying her landing gear and feeling the familiar rocking of the landing process as her ship settled into position. She waited for the bay doors to close behind her, and listened to the characteristic hiss as breathable air rapidly filled the room around her. After a few minutes, a green light flashed telling her that it was now safe to depart the Pale Rider and head into the bay itself. With a loud hum, the walkway descended from the Pale Rider, and Ori-Bath descended. She was dressed in the Panoply of Nos, complete with sword. Her cape fluttered behind her as she walked down the steps, eyes searching for any procession to meet her. She wished to make an impression on this day, to make it known that she was not someone to be trifled with. “Behold!” She cried. “Starlok has arrived!”
  7. Gather Info (For Space Characters) DC 10 - Starlok is Countess Ori-Bath, a noble from the vampire-like aliens of Nokton. DC 15 - Starlok is currently in a dynastic struggle with her brother, Lord Ven-Ruth, over the County of Lugo on the Night Moon of Nokton. DC 20 - Starlok has a notoriously acidic and flamboyant personality, and can be off-putting at first. She does, however, have something of a heroic side and is known to help out those in need. DC 25 - Her brother has put a sizable bounty on her head, but few are willing to collect, especially as it is a highly illegal one. Knowledge (Galactic Lore) DC 15 - Though Starlok appears to be a vampire, she is a member of the Noktoni, a species of aliens that happen to simply resemble the undead creatures. She is very much alive. DC 20 - Ori-Bath is the Countess of Lugo, a territory on Nokton roughly the size of Earth’s Arizona. However, she is not in control of it. Knowledge (History) DC 25 - The Panoply of Nos is an ancient set of gear, first worn around the same time of Caesar on Earth. The first bearer was known as Starlok, an ancient interstellar hero and warlord.
  8. Starlok Power Level: 12 (185/186 PP) Unspent Power Points: 1 Trade-Offs: N/A In Brief: A countess from a vampire-like alien species out to protect the galaxy as part of her noble duty. Catchphrase: Starlok hungers! Theme: Mannfred von Carstein Theme - Total War Warhammer 2 Alternate Identity: Ori-Bath of House Nos, Countess of Lugo (Public) Birthplace: Castle Lugo, on the night moon of Nokton Residence: Space Base of Operations: The Pale Rider Occupation: Aristocrat Affiliations: House of Nos Family: Ney-Var (father, deceased), Ka-Har (mother, deceased), Ven-Ruth (brother), Description: Age: 122 (DoB: May 26, 1897) Apparent Age: Mid-20s. Gender: Female Ethnicity: Alien Height: 5’08” Weight: 140 lbs Eyes: Red Hair: Dark blue, long Starlok’s appearance, to an Earthling, immediately calls to mind the wicked vampire. Her skin is pale grey, her eyes blood red, her ears pointed, her fingers ending in black, razor sharp fingernails and in place of canines, she has fangs. Yet there is the touch of something alien to her as well: Her long, widow’s peaked hair, though normally appearing black, is revealed to be actually a very dark blue under the right light; her skin lacks any blemish, not even a mole; her pupils are actually a subtle starburst shape rather than round. Starlok stands 5’08”, with a lithe, athletic figure. Her face is angular, with very prominent cheekbones, with a thin upper lip and a pointed nose. She is fond of makeup, wearing black eyeshadow and similarly coloured lipstick in most occasions, even when she is going into battle, and is fond of wearing golden rings and necklaces. When in a civilian context, she dresses richly, favouring long, flowing gowns and fashionable jewelry in colours like dark purple, mauve and burgundy. When dressed for battle, she dons the Panoply of Nos, which takes the form of a golden girdle, a similarly coloured open-top helmet that frames her face adorned with what looks like bat wings, and a sword made of blood red metal. This is accompanied by a midnight blue leotard, thigh high red boots, and a black opera cape with the collar turned upwards so that it reaches up above the back of her head. History: Ori-Bath was born as a scion of House Nos on the night moon of Nokton, the daughter of Count Ney-Var and his wife, Ka-Har. The oldest of two children, Ori-Bath was raised to become the next Countess of Lugo, a prestigious position that her younger brother Ven-Ruth made no secret of coveting. Only separated by a year, Ven-Ruth constantly jockeyed for favour, but both Ori-Bath and her parents ignored these attempts. For over a century, Ori-Bath remained convinced of her succession. However, in that time, her brother’s bitterness had grown. Secretly, Ven-Ruth made alliances with other houses and built up forces to strike when the time was right. The chance came when Ney-Var decided to abdicate and allow Ori-Bath to ascend as Countess. On the day of her coronation, Ven-Ruth struck. Both Ney-Var and Ka-Har were struck down, but Ori-Bath herself managed to survive. Taking with her the ancestral Panoply of Nos, the ancient gear necessary to hold the right to rule, she fled aboard one of her family space-ships, the Pale Rider, and took off into space. Adopting the title of “Starlok”, a sobriquet once used by the founder of her noble house, Ori-Bath fled into the wider galaxy looking for support to reclaim her rightful lands. In doing so, she has occasionally deigned to act as a hero to whatever people she has been near, partially out of a sense of noble duty and partially because she knows that she needs to build respect to gain the aid she needs. All the while, her brother and his allies send hunters after her, knowing that without the Panoply of Nos, Ven-Ruth’s rule can never be legitimate. Forever watching her back and yet always moving forward, Starlok must contend with much if she is ever to reclaim her lands and return home. Personality & Motivation: As befitting a noblewoman, Starlok is a very haughty woman. She has an exceptionally high opinion of herself, and an even more exceptionally low opinion of most others. Her reasons are many - her noble blood, her impressive intellect, her appearance. But even if she had none of these, her personality is such that she would still hold herself in high regard. Bruises to her ego only strengthen her resolve to prove herself better than her enemies, of which she has many. Yet, for all her belief of superiority, Starlok believes strongly that she has an obligation to ensure the safety and security of those around her, a noblesse oblige. This is still tied into her ego - the helpless masses needing the aid of someone competent and regal - but it’s there. She bristles at the pointless mistreatment of others, and is completely and utterly honest to the point of bluntness. Unafraid of combat, she will gladly put her life on the line to defend the common people, even if this is mostly because she’s too arrogant to believe she’ll ever die. Starlok loves to be theatrical, and is prone to making grand proclamations and refer to herself in the third person. When people don’t take this seriously, she takes notice and becomes annoyed. She demands respect, and only becomes more theatrical the more it is denied to her. Powers & Tactics: Starlok is a frontline combatant, through and through. Wading into combat with her Blade of the Blood Drinkers, she hacks and slashes her way to victory. Should she be disarmed, or simply very injured, she switches to her claws, which allow her to drink the life-force of her enemies and restore herself. Preferring straight-forward combat, she primarily uses her flight to bridge the gap between herself and enemies, rushing forward to hit them with her sword. Power Descriptions: Though she appears humanoid, Starlok’s biology is very different than that of H. sapiens. Her flesh contains thin layers of non-newtonian fluid, which when combined with bones that possess natural carbon fiber and redundant organs like a second liver and heart make her body more resilient than many species in the galaxy. Her eyes are specially constructed to see in the dark, combining hyper-sensitive photoreceptors with cat-like reflectors. What appear to be merely claw-like fingernails are instead an important part of her digestive system, combining enzymes with efficient muscles to drain the blood of others and filter out important nutrients like Vitamin D even as it enters the bloodstream. However, she also faces some complications. Her species is native to the dark side of a massive moon, and as such she is effectively allergic to daylight, and other intense light is similarly damaging to her skin and eyes. Silver is as toxic to her as arsenic is to humans, due to its extreme rarity on her homeworld. The non-newtonian fluid in her flesh is also slightly flammable, and thus fire hurts her more than other substances.’ She is supplemented by the Panoply of Nos, a set of armour and a sword that have been designed to enhance its wearer to even higher levels. The girdle, also known as the Girdle of Es-Tep, projects a gravitic field that allows her to project a force-field of gravitic energy, which simultaneously allows her to take flight into the sky. It also releases pulses of energy into her muscles, stimulating them to the point that they allow her to perform amazing feats of strength. Her sword, the Blade of the Blood Drinkers, is made of a strange red metal that is profoundly sharp and sturdy, allowing her to hack through even the toughest enemies, while her helmet, the Helm of Nos, empowers her natural senses and notifies her of danger. Complications: You Fool! You Worm!: Starlok is of a grandiose disposition, and sometimes cannot help but remind the enemy of how superior she is to them. The GM can award her a hero point if she wastes her turn monologuing rather than doing anything productive. The Peasants are Revolting: Starlok is an aristocrat through and through, and sometimes she cannot conceal her contempt for the lower classes. The GM can award her a hero point if her snobbery ruins a social interaction. Starlok Hungers!: While she can be sated by normal food for a time, Starlok’s primary mode of sustenance is the life essence of others and she will become weak if she goes too long without feeding. The GM can award her a point to give her a -2 penalty to all physical stats until she feeds on a living thing. Nobless Oblige: For all her snobbery, Starlok firmly believes nobility comes with duties like protecting the lesser folk. The GM can award her a hero point to force her to drop what she is doing to protect the imperiled. How Dare You!: Starlok has an ego the size of a large nebula, and it is easily bruised. The GM can have award her a hero point to have her focus on an enemy who has insulted her, or to forgo her turn out of spite if another PC offends her. A Countess Should Keep Her Word: Starlok is painfully honest, and will always keep her word even if it would benefit her to break it. She is similarly almost pathologically unwilling to lie, something which has caused numerous problems for her in the past. The GM can award her a hero point whenever her honesty causes problems for her. ABILITIES: 10 + 4 + 16 + 20 + 10 + 6 = 66 PP Strength: 20 (+5), Lifting STR 40 Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 26 (+8) Intelligence: 30 (+10) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 16 (+3) COMBAT: 8 + 8 = 16 PP Initiative: +6 Attack: +12 Melee, +4 Ranged Defense: +12 (+4 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +17/+21 Knockback: -6/-12 SAVING THROWS: 2 + 8 + 5 = 15 PP Toughness: +12 (+8 Con, +4 Force Field; 8/10 Impervious) Fortitude: +10 (+8 Con, +2) Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8) Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5) SKILLS: 52R = 13PP Diplomacy 7 (+10) Intimidate 16 (+19) Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 2 (+12) Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 2 (+12) Languages 3 (Nokton [Native], English, Galstandard, Lor) Perform (Oratory) 7 (+10) Pilot 8 (+10) Search 2 (+10) Sense Motive 5 (+10) Enhanced Skills: Notice 4 (+9) FEATS: 36PP Attack Focus (Melee) 8 Dodge Focus 8 Equipment 12 Fearless Improved Initiative Jack-of-All Trades Luck 2 Status (Nobility, Wealth 2) Equipment: 12PP = 60EP The Pale Rider (Vehicle; Spaceship) [60 EP] Size: Colossal [4 EP] Strength: 75 [5 EP] Defence: 2 [0 EP] Toughness: 13 [0 EP] Features: Communications, Computer, Hangar, Living Space, Personnel Powers Damage 10 [Extras: Ranged] [20 EP] Flight 10 [10,000 MPH] [20 EP] Super Movement: Space Flight 3 [Intergalactic] [6 EP] POWERS: 25 + 12 + 2 + 9 + 3 = 51 PP Device 6 (Panoply of House Nos; Flaws: Hard to Lose; Power Feats: Restricted: Bloodline [House of Nos]) [25 PP] (Multiple items) Sword Damage 7 (Blade of the Blood Drinkers; Power Feats: Mighty, Penetrating 3, Takedown Attack) [12 DP] (Physical, Slashing, Piercing) Girdle Flight 3 (Wings of Nos; 50 MPH) [6 DP] (Cosmic, Gravitic) Force Field 4 (Invisible Armour of Estep; Extras: Impervious 2; Power Feats: Selective) [7 DP] (Cosmic, Gravitic) Super-Strength 4 (Micropulse Muscle Stimulation; Flaws: Sustained) (Cosmic, technology) [4 DP] Helmet Enhanced Skill (Integrated Sensors: Notice 4 [1 DP] (Technology, Computational) Drain Constitution 8 (Thirsting Talons; Power Feats: Progression 4 [20 minutes]) [12 PP] (Alien, Biological) Immunity 1 (Perfect Telomeres; Ageing; Power Feats: Innate) [2 PP] (Alien, Biological) Impervious Toughness 8 (Natural Resilience; Power Feats: Innate) [9 PP] (Alien, Biological) Super-Senses: Darkvision (Hunter’s Eyes; Power Feats: Innate) [3 PP] (Alien, Biological) DRAWBACKS: (-2) + (-2) + (-2) + (-5) = -12 PP Vulnerable (“Fire” effects; Frequency: Common. Intensity: Minor) [-2 PP] Vulnerable (“Light” effects; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate) [-3 PP] Vulnerable (“Silver” effects; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate) [-2 PP] Weakness (Daylight; Frequency: Very Common; Intensity: Moderate [-1 Constitution; Time: 20 minutes) [-5 PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage Thirsting Talons Touch DC 18 Fortitude Drain Constitution Blade Touch DC 27 Toughness Damage TOTALS: Abilities (66) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (13) + Feats (36) + Powers (51) - Drawbacks (12) = 185/186 points
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