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  1. Starlok Countess Ori-Bath simmered in silent anger at the intruders. Not only had they ruined her meal, they threatened her hostess and her fellow guests. However, she was faced with a conundrum. Her gear remained aboard the Pale Rider, leaving her less effective than she would be normally. To make matters worse, the signal jammer ensured that she wouldn't be able to call it back either. Not unless she could find the machine responsible and break it. Still... Something had to be done. She looked over at Maybelle, hoping to lock eyes with her. She intended t
  2. GM The man in the reflective mask's face obviously could not be seen, but there was a palpable sense that he was smiling like a jackal when Maybelle made her way into the dining room. He seemed to regard the forcefield for a moment, before briefly tilting his head to one of the other individuals, who proceeded to make a small nod. "Excellent, excellent. You saw reason. Hostages can do that, of course," he said, clearly pleased with himself. "Maybelle McQueen, please come with us. We have many questions to ask, and you have many valuable answers I plan to sell to the highes
  3. GM The armed men looked between each other, shrugging, until the man with the reflective mask finally spoke up, chattering to his men in the language of the Lor. Three peeled off from the main group, moving around so that they could secure the back entrance as well, leaving five, including the apparent leader, in the main room. Then, he turned to Rose. "I think fetching her would be a very good idea," he said in a low, restrained tone. "You should go do that now. Oh, and if she tries to escape, I would like for her to know that I will feel compelled to take out my frust
  4. Soliton Despite herself (and the situation), Mia genuinely enjoyed the whole 'mad scientist' thing. It felt like a rare occasion that Mia got to use her powers for what she felt they were meant for - making things that pushed the boundaries of what was possible. After all, she had all the rarest materials in the universe at her fingertips! And yet the idiots in the governments of the world would rather she waste it on blasting petty criminals and dealing with whatever nonsense came up that week. She could change the world! But oh, no. That wasn't allowed! All to maintain a status q
  5. Mia is going to investigate the hole to the outdoors, along with the rest of the crime scene, for any sign of chemical or techno foolery. Result is 13+10 = 23 on a Know Physical Sciences check
  6. Soliton Mia had been sleeping fairly soundly, for the most part. She had considered teleporting home to sleep and returning in the morning like she often did on trips, but it felt like kind of a waste to do it here, in this big house with all these big, extra beds. Besides, it was nice to relax away from home sometimes. Of course that was now all up in smoke thanks to screams of despair and the sound of people talking. Resisting the urge to just teleport to the noise, Mia instead went the slow way, tromping over in her t-shirt and black pajama pants, rubbing her forehea
  7. Starlok ”Thank you, Ori-Bath sipped her sweet tea thoughtfully, taking in the restaurant around her now that she had time to herself. She found herself watching the patrons around her. Despite herself, she found herself comparing the people here to the people of Nokton. She listened to the way they spoke, and while it was more… rudimentary, she could hear flashes of something she might expect to hear in Castle Lugo’s dining halls… Ugh, now was not the time to be riddled with nostalgia. She produced her data pad so that she might record her thoughts on the fo
  8. GM Not too far in the distance, another spaceship entered into Freedom City and lowered itself invisibly onto a rooftop in the North End. Silently, several men clad in high-tech armour and armed with blasters stepped out, observing the Southern Queen from afar. They had come with one purpose: to capture a member of the Praetorians. After considering each member, they had settled upon Maybelle McQueen, reasoning that if they moved swiftly and decisively, they could wrangle her without having to worry about the Terran law enforcement’s woefully underdeveloped weaponry. As
  9. OOC for Carolina Red .
  10. Soliton Mia looked up at Eira's mother, smiling awkwardly. "Oh, uh, hey Mrs. Natt och Dag. I'm alright, just taking a break from talking to everyone," she said. "Sorta get overwhelmed when there's too many people for too long. Uh..." Mia rubbed the back of her neck. She knew that Eira was pretty shaky with her parents, but Mia didn't know that it was her place to really say anything. Her mom definitely would have said something, but her mom was also used to being thrown out of places. Still, she felt like she had to say something. Just not something provocative. Just... had...
  11. Soliton Mia had mostly checked out during dinner. Her capacity for drama went way down when she was eating, and so she learned, in her own way, to shut out the students of Claremont to avoid it as best she could. Eating was supposed to be a time of joy and peace, not a time of screaming and fighting. But now dinner was done, and people were talking trash about her friend in her own house. She supposed, today, would feed the drama by coming to Eira's defence. Moving over to Pan and Micah, she inhaled sharply as if to give them a moment to flee before she spoke.
  12. Starlok The Countess blinked. Oh, of course, it was probably one of those acronyms the Earth sorts seemed to love more than life itself. Well, she would have to deal with that later. Wait, she had been to this planet before. Did they know about that too? Oh, she hoped not. She hated having to scream at bureaucrats. When the tenders came out, Ori-Bath inclined her head politely, and using a fork and knife, cut off a small portion, and chewed thoughtfully, letting it travel over the different portions of her tongue, before taking a small sip of water and swallowing. She c
  13. Starlok Ori-Bath considered for a moment. "Nothing else food related," she said. "At least, nothing that grows on Earth, as far as I am aware. As for Uni-Son, I am certain she and I can come to an arrangement." She did find it interesting that a Terran woman had the same name as her maternal great aunt. Perhaps Noktonians had influenced this planet in the past? She folded her hands in her lap, smiling up at Maybelle. "Food in the County of Lugo is primarily vegetarian, so I am especially curious to try your dishes. I understand Southern food is very meat-heavy from wha
  14. Starlok Ori-Bath nodded, retrieving the coins, and smiled at Rory. “Thank you, I am unaware of your customs. I’m sorry if I offended. Have a good night,” she said before she was lead away from him by Maybelle. Ori-Bath smiled today more than she usually did, as she considered herself something of a gourmand and thought nothing better than being able to receive especially good food. As she took her seat, she felt the need to apologize once more. “I hope I did not upset your guests. It is incredibly hard to acquire a vehicle on Terra. Er, it’s actually called Earth in your dia
  15. The Meta-Naut Raya stared at the two of them, her mouth formed into a near-flat line. Somehow, neither of them had answered her question. That was fine. This was fine. She'd just ask it again later, and then if they ignored her then, just keep interrupting them with the question until they answered. For now, though, she'd let it slide. It was fine. This was fine. "Yeah I mean, dude, you can think whatever you like but it's not like I can just suddenly switch the resources out of thin air to make a supersuit. My facilities make spaceship parts and satellites. Like, even
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