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  1. Oh! I totally forgot. I shall fix that.
  2. First toughness save: 20. Safe there. Next... 25. I am feeling really lucky. Now, to try and hit one of these jerks. Using a tachyonic blast... 26 to hit. That's a DC 21 Toughness save for the one that badmouthed her.
  3. Mia looked off at the side, and sniffled slightly, nodding curtly. "Yeah... Yeah, of course," she said very quietly. She pinched her brow, and stood there in silence until a stray thought came to her. "...Judy, I'm sorry I ruined this revelation with my... being me. Look, I'm going to see if my babo can pick me up for Thanksgiving early... I... Keep in touch this Thanksgiving, okay? Text me and... Maybe don't use that group chat we had." At the last request, she tried not to look at Ashley. "Unless, I guess, you have to for like security stuff." She sighed, and quickly texted something out to her granddad. Just said she wanted to come home early, that she had a fight with a friend. Everything was already packed, of course. That was easy with a dimensional pocket for stuff. There was a vibration, and she nodded, putting her phone away once more with a neutral expression. "Alright," she said. "...He'll be here in a bit..."
  4. The Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut's eyes lit up when the creatures were revealed. Suddenly, all the panic she had been feeling just a moment ago was gone. The unknown element removed, she could go ahead and begin an assault with confidence. She took only a second to chastise herself for almost losing her cool. That couldn't happen again. Eyes focusing on the one who shot at her, a malicious grin crossed her face as she hatched a plan. The translucent image of the blaster around her hand reshaped slightly into its tractor beam form, and she aimed it at her attacker. Her plan was simple: She was going to use him as a bludgeon to beat the other assailants with, taking out multiple opponents at once! "Take this!" she said, the beam firing down toward the strange looking being.
  5. Woof, that's a 13 on that toughness test. Rerolling with a hero point and... 26. Excellent! Now, she's going to try and attack one of these things with a grapple. And I rolled a 10! Nevermind.
  6. The Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut fidgeted with her badge for a moment, and as Mag-Might signed with her hands, a little cone of light projected out over Mag-Might's hands. It scanned them for a moment, before producing a robotic sounding translation for her. "Ah-hah!" she cried. "It works! Oh, man, but I'm going to have to let it scan you to work. That's going to be rough. Still! I can understand you!" Then, her attention turned to Rebellion. "Drug dealers aren't usually my thing - live and let live and all - but this one seems to be causing a lot of trouble and I don't want that in my home city. Superpower drugs are no joke. So I am in. But I am going to warn you, I am not really someone used to fighting people with powers. But you already knew that," she said to Rebellion.
  7. Mia stopped and thought about what she had just heard. By all accounts, she should have been ashamed of herself. Shouldn't she have? She had assumed and blown up at Ashley and now she was wrong. But she was still angry. She was still hurt. She slumped her shoulders, her bangs slipping over her face and obscuring her face. "...I am sorry I yelled at you, Ashley," she said quietly, but there was still resentment in her voice, resentment she couldn't mask. "And I'm... glad you were able to come to that realization." The skin of her fingers groaned noisily as her thumbs dragged across them as her hands tightened into fists. Then, just as quickly they relaxed. She sighed, rubbing some more tears out of her eyes. "I... I can't help it. I'm still so goddamn mad at you. I meant it. I wanted to be you. Everything you projected. You were strong, you're... You didn't need to please anyone. Cool... And I... I wanted to be like that. I wanted to be like you because I thought you were my friend and I thought you were cool." "...And it was a lie. I don't know if I can forgive that," she said very quietly. "...I want to, because I know you were doing it for Judy, but I don't know if I can." Her voice was hoarse from her throat being tight.
  8. Mia’s expression suddenly darkened at the latest revelation. Her head whipped to look Ashley square in the eyes, and there was danger there. Her lips curled into a sneer, and her teeth were tightly clenched. “You… aren’t… GAY? YOU WERE PRETENDING?” she practically hollered. She waved a finger at Ashley. “☠☠☠☠ YOU! How dare you? How dare you? The amount of bull☠☠☠☠ the community goes through, and you think you can just pretend? What is wrong with you? God, I can’t believe this! I thought you were so cool and then it turns out not only are you pretending to be my friend, you’re lying to my face about being gay!” Mia suddenly looked lost. “I thought… You were… God damnit. You said it so casually and self-assured and I wanted to be able to be like that. I thought hey, Ash is cool, she knows who she is and yeah, maybe she’s a little mean but sort of comes with the territory! But no! You’re just actually a bad person! COOL!” She wiped at moisture from her eyes. “I’m gonna be on the roof,” she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your stupid secret.” With that, there was a flash and Mia disappeared. Yet just as quickly as that happened, she reappeared, looking around, confused. "Damnit, you've got me so upset I can't even..." She tossed her head and started to head for the door.
  9. Soliton Soliton's head was swimming at the realization that the woman she was fighting was Angela Ruiz, one of her best friends from Joseph Clark. She didn't have superpowers, as far as she knew, last time they spoke. But Soliton didn't have time to question her old friend, instead watching her get yanked away by Octoman and into a fire hydrant. She felt some concern, but the girl did just try and fry her face, so she understood why Octoman did what he did. She was more annoyed by what Angela had to say as she was struggling. "Octoman and I are just friends, okay? You always do this! You always assume I'm trying to date every boy I-- Ope! None of that!" Her attention was drawn to the jet of acid that Gabe was firing at Octoman, and she knew she had to do something about this guy. Conjuring a giant gas canister, she tried to envelop Gabe, but found that the guy was too slippery for her. "Ah, come on!" she said. "Can't do anything today." She looked to Octoman, wondering what he was going to do next.
  10. GM "Oh my God, Mia, it's been forever! You totally dropped off the face of the earth this summer, what the hell happ-- AAAAAAAA," Angela screamed as her reunion was cut short by tentacles wrapped around her and suddenly yanked her into the geyser of a broken fire hydrant. She tried to struggle, but there was no use. Suddenly, Angela felt herself cool down rapidly, her metallic skin going from red hot to a cool chrome colour. She looked around, bewildered, and tried to reignite herself, but found she couldn't. She struggled against Ben's grasp, her eyes wide. "Hey!" she said. "Lemme go, you dick! Mia, get your boyfriend offa me!" She cried. Gabe's eyes went wide, and he turned his focus on Octoman. "Let go of her!" He aimed towards Octoman, focusing a blast of concentrated acid in Octoman's direction. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for Octoman, he missed.
  11. Alright, to cap things off, Mia is going to attempt to use Create Object to contain our gaseous friend with a big gas canister. That's a DC20 Reflex for him to avoid, so... 22. Then it's Ben up again. To recap, Angela is semi-depowered and attempting to flee, it looks like Gabe is about to do the same, and Mia has attempted to contain him but failed.
  12. Yes, and yes. That's all fine. @Tarrakhash.
  13. Mia didn't entirely know what to do with this information. However, it did make her nervous. Dio had been a spy the whole time? Oh man, had he told Leroy's mom about the whole Black House thing? Oh no, she was probably on this lady's ☠☠☠☠list. She frowned, and held her hands in a moment, making a stressed noise, before looking up at Leroy balefully. "So Dio is also someone who could..." she paused, then her expression became more dire. "Am I going to find out Ben is secretly a robot? Like, I was prepared for secrets. Secrets are normal with super stuff. But this is some surveillance state crap, and I am not into it," she said, her breath becoming more erratic. Her face blanched a bit. Feeling something unpleasant coming on, Mia pulled out her inhaler and took a puff on it, then took a few seconds to just breathe. In and out, like she was taught. "Okay. Is there any other potentially big secret we need to get out into the air here? Because I just found out two people I considered friends, one of them a good one," she said, side-eyeing Ashley "are more like handlers paid or ordered or something to tolerate their, ah, charges friends." She sighed, rubbing her temples. "I don't mean to be mean, but... You know. Would be nice to know."
  14. GM "What?" The man said, confused. Then, horror dawned on his face. "No! You can't! We need this! I... Can't fight, I'm not really a combatant, old man body and all, but..." He looked around, and then began to pick up random objects around him, lightly tossing them at Valkyrja and the horse and watching as they bounced off of them harmlessly. "Nyeehhhh," he said. It was clear the old man posed no obvious physical threat to the two, meaning they were able to move on to the dimension that held Raya's soul easily enough. Normally, it would have been a chore to locate the dimension, but the cabinet provided an easy in. The dimension itself was... strange. A great mass of neon colours: pink hills, green sky, red ground, where weird, whale like beings drifted through the aether, their sound sounded distorted and unnatural. There was no obvious sign of Raya. In fact, there was no sign of intelligent life at all, beyond what appeared to be a single stone edifice out in the distance, made in the shape of a rigid looking... creature. It had no obvious facial features on a round, mantis-like head aside from a long trunk that descended down to a distended belly. A pair of wings extended from its back, while its arms were like that of a lobster. Its body ended in a mass of tentacles in the place of legs. Aside from that, there wasn't much.
  15. The Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut groaned at the second arrow coming out of nowhere. That wasn't good. She looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the attack. Their defences were holding up, sure, but her force field wasn't that reliable and she really didn't like being attacked from somewhere she couldn't see. But as she flew around over the mountain, towards the ruins, she couldn't find anything. "Aaaaaahhhh," she groaned, frowning as her eyes darted about. She didn't want to freak out. Justice had just started to like her and she knew if she lost her cool, that would stop. The Meta-Naut was an adventurer, not a superhero. She had said that. But still. No one wanted to be around a coward. And she was a coward, wasn't she? Always running from things. Freaking out when things didn't go right. No, get it under control. "Where ARE these guys?"
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