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  1. Dirge (who now has an Injury) may make a recovery check to remove it at a +6 (the Dok's medicine check) in one hour. Starlok will do the same for her bruise, which is only 1 minute so I will roll now. Since her con is already at a +8, she autosucceeds, meaning she will have to wait out for her injury to heal.
  2. Soliton Mia smiled weakly at Lulu, nodding. "I think... If you're there with me, I'll be able to handle it," she said softly. Slowly, Mia got up to her feet unsteadily, and got herself ready for the next leg of their journey. She knew things weren't going to get any easier for her from here, but at this point she didn't think they were going to get any harder, either. She just had to acclimate. Once CoVic came into view, she did actually find some level of comfort in the sheer size of the thing. It was almost as though she could trick herself into believing that something that big was too big to actually run into the dangers of other, smaller stations. It wasn't much comfort, admittedly, but it was something and she needed to latch onto that. Walking out into the hangar, Mia looked as Eira changed and suppressed an eye-roll. She did not understand why the mechanical girl was this way, but Mia supposed she had to give her credit on theatrics? Whatever. Not her problem. Looking around the hangar, she took note of the enormity of everything. Was this what humanity was missing out on? Ugh, and they probably couldn't share due to some Prime Directive nonsense. Then again, the Lor Republic was pretty weird from what she had heard. This could be a more 'Terrans aren't good enough' sort of thing. OH MAN! What if the US government refused it so it wouldn't shake up their status as superpower? That was totally something it would do.
  3. Soliton Sitting atop the highest building she could find (that didn't have rooftop security or a sloped roof, anyway), Mia was content to listen to the winds whip around her at her high altitude as she thought. Mostly about why was she like this? Other people in that house definitely had social anxiety, but she was the only one who chose to bail. Was she just a coward or what? She didn't know. She didn't have time to flagellate herself any more, because she got a text. Pulling her phone up, she saw it was Ben, and a little smile formed despite herself. She hammered back a response as quick as she could so he wouldn't worry about her. I'm fine, dude. Thanx for asking, though. I didn't mean to make you worry. Should probably pop back tho, it's really freezing up here in a bathing suit and all the clothes in my pocket dimension haven't been washed. Meet me in the room next to the pool. Left side. With a flash, Mia suddenly reappearing inside the building. At least she was entirely dry now, thanks to all those high winds. Would be real rude to drip all over those nice floors. Sighing to herself, she hoped that she wouldn't get ambushed.
  4. Soliton Mia frowned as the mention of a text came up. Of course Eira was already off to do aerial fighting. Why wouldn't she be? Everything was bananas now. She sighed, looking over to Leroy, suddenly seeming very tired. This was probably fine. Everyone here was competent and sturdy. This was probably fine. This was fine. It's fine. "I can't really fly," Mia said. "But I can teleport and do this sort of thing with my momentum so... Yeah, sure, I will follow. You guys just text me if there's a problem and I will be there in six seconds, tops. Okay? Just... Yeah. We're good? We're good." Mia looked over at Lulu. "Let's go make sure Eira doesn't start Armageddon or just get hit with an EMP and turned into a lawn ornament or get hurt no one joined her," Mia said, considering the aftermath of all three possibilities listed to be equal in severity.
  5. The Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut looked between everyone, noting no one had chosen so much as acknowledge her entry. Cool, cool, cool. So Emerald Cities at least had being abominably rude in common. Like sure they were talking to other people but most people at parties at least had the good graces to say 'hi' or whatever. The bare minimum of acknowledgement. Whatever. It didn't matter anyway. Grumbling, the Meta-Naut went and took a seat in the most distant corner, folding her arms and fuming. Saved the city from being turned into comic-book criminal stereotypes en masse, and been at this more than most of them, but sure, talk to Protectron first. He wasn't even around! SHE was around! This was the problem with mostly working in other dimensions. No one knew all the cool stuff you did. But they would if they asked! Except then the Protectron greeted her, and suddenly she was the jerk. Of course. She'd been in this dimension travelling business to know the multiverse had something of a sense of humour and liked to humble people. She waved at the Protectron, smiling awkwardly. Please don't be a mind-reading robot. "Uh, hey! Thanks, I'm sure we could find time to talk about it if you can set up the call! Totally... have time... to talk about my hero stuff," she said, glad she couldn't visibly blush. "You're cool too. Would love to talk to you about time stuff."
  6. Starlok Starlok looked on as the metal around her cascaded to the floor, using her own flight capabilities to ensure she reached the ground slowly and painlessly. Aside from all the pain she was already in, of course. She tried to make a moment to breathe, but Dirge was ready to continue the excitement, all on his own. "What are you doing?!" Ori-Bath howled, immediately going to try and pull it out of Dirge. "I didn't ask you to do that! You will not harm yourself like that in my presence again, like some half-mad flagellant! I won't allow it! I refuse to watch my fr-ally do something so... Awful!" She was livid now. Something about seeing someone like Dirge harm himself like that deeply unsettled her, too. But then again, what was this mission of his but some elaborate, extended form of self-harm? The terrible truth that struck her was that this was a natural extension of Dirge's whole worldview. And she was enabling -- No! No, this was going to happen anyway. She would steer him on the right path in time. For her part, Dr. Ea'Po rose from the ground, frowning. "Maybe we shouldn't be yelling at each other..."
  7. Renfield'd Doktor'd! Another Edit for Starlok: +1 PP to Equipment, all 5 EP going to the Pale Rider Vehicle: Add features Personnel, Communications, Computer, Hangar and, separatel another +5 to its strength. Lady needs a butler.
  8. Alright! Given the chaos, I am going to bestow a hero point on Dirge for the beetroot complication. Starlok is also going to take an injury and a bruise, and for that, she shall also take a hero point.
  9. Starlok Starlok was ready to get back to business, when Dirge went wild. She only had a moment to realize what was about to happen when she saw storm of metal objects fly up into the air. She had no time to try and remove her metal girdle, sword or helmet, though she did make the attempt before she was flung violently into the wall, the Blade of the Blood Drinkers swinging into the opposite direction and impaling itself on the opposite side. Starlok felt her neck twist violently, and she heard pops as her spine tried to go in the opposite direction. Her legs spasmed, as her arms struggled to pull her helmet off of her, feeling it try and rip her head free from the rest of her spine. Only barely did she manage to pull it away from her, throwing it and watching it cascade away as blue blood spilled from her lips and onto her chin. She was almost ready to try and get things under control when she felt several pieces of what appeared to be archaelogical tools, little scrapers and pokers, embed themselves in her thigh. She hollered, and barked a threat that was interrupted by an AEDD striking her in the cheek. “Dirge!” she cried, grinding her teeth as she gripped onto the wall tightly, attempting to use her girdle’s flight capabilities to not be flung any further. “You must cease! You will the death of all us! KANEMU, STOP!” Dr. Ea’Po laid there in a huddle on the floor, having pulled the power cell from a blaster she kept on her person which now bounced around the interior of the ship. She clutched her head, trying to make herself as small as possible to avoid injury as best she could. Mercifully for her, nothing big was headed her way, but one could hear the warbling and static failure of the AEDD’s internals as the magnetism wiped hard-drives and pulled pieces of important chips free from their motherboards.
  10. Soliton Mia was starting to feel a little bit closed in, with all these people. She had never been a 'crowds' person. She was like her dad, in that regard. She liked people, liked socializing with them, but too many of them stressed her out and interacting with a lot of people made her very, very tired. Pulling her inhaler from its pocket space, she took a puff. Then, she decided to make a decision that was stressful in its own right. "Hey, so," she said, out loud in the hopes it might actually reach over the dozens of conversations. "I am actually kind of freaking out right now. This is a lot of people, and I dunno if I can deal with that right now, so I am gonna... Like, I am gonna go be somewhere else. Can teleport, so I don't need a ride or anyone to freak out. Uh, thanks for having me, but this was definitely a mistake on my part." Stepping backwards, Mia suddenly disappeared in a flash of sparkling light as she headed for anywhere-but-there. She knew her friends might worry about her, but she'd have her phone with her so they could check in on her if they were really worried. She'd be fine.
  11. The Meta-Naut Raya was late. Very late! She had been stuck in an investors' meeting and there was no real way for her to get out of it. Now she had to race across town to get to the meeting spot. Justice was her friend - at least, she considered Justice her friend and the invite made her feel like it was mutual - and Raya felt as though she owed it to Justice to actually show up to this thing when she took the time to invite her. Thankfully, there wasn't a speed limit when you could fly. As the Meta-Naut, she rocketed over the Emerald Cities at full speed, watching as little bugs splatted against her force-field and created little sparks, like she was wearing a giant bug zapper. As she did, Google Maps told her to make all sorts of moves she didn't need to make, clearly unable to handle someone who could just fly over things. It occurred to her that using a GPS based service like this was probably bad for a secret identity thing but hey, the USG already knew her secret identity anyway and at this point, Google was pretty much an extension of that. Or the USG was extension of Google, depending on how cynical you were. Before she knew it, she was in Bethlehem Heights, and at the noodle shop. Eager to show she wasn't late on purpose, she surged into the noodle shop, fixing her helmet as she did, only to see that spandex was the most popular fashion choice in the shop. Taking a moment to gawk, the Meta-Naut straightened her posture, and gave a thumbs up at everyone. "Hi," she said, adopting a cool posture as she addressed the room. "I'm the Mighty Meta-Naut? I'm the one who goes to other dimensions and fights Time Nazis. Took down Captain Crime? Aaaaaanyway, Justice was pretty insistent I show up, thought I'd pop in."
  12. Soliton Mia's eyes went as wide as they ever had at the mention of meeting Leroy's mom. The amount of reasons even thinking about it was a bad idea was so vast that a list could wrap around the Earth multiple times. But how could she express that politely? She knew Leroy still loved his mom, for all her faults. All eight hundred and eighty-eight trillion of them. But also. This was a terrible idea. So bad. "How about we don't?" Mia finally said. "There's the chance she insults us, sure. But also consider our power set. I can literally make anything from thin air, including anti-matter, not to mention I can teleport anywhere on a planet, or on the continent if I am taking people with me. Davyd is the most perfect infiltrator that could ever exist. Lulu is a gob-smackingly powerful psychic who could, say, rewrite someone's memories. Eira's a super-genius who can also destroy a car with one finger. If I were a dictator looking to unite the multiverse, I wouldn't insult those people, I would forcibly recruit them, or, god forbid, kill them so they aren't a threat to me later. Do you see where I am going with this? Maybe, for once, we don't throw caution to the wind just because something is exciting and instead, we do the sane and sensible thing and avoid that possibility." She gestured wildly. "Sure, we may not be like, powerful in the sense of hitting hard like the Centurion could, but we're useful. And you never wanna be useful to a super-queen."
  13. GM The ash was out of place, to be sure. Nowhere around could produce this volume of ash or would have any reason to. But in the ash, there were no answers. Nothing that could tell Rebellion what had happened here. Only that it was wrong, and it needed more investigation. The alleyway similarly provided nothing to him. The city that seemed to normally be so generous with its information was now cold and silent. For B'ka, things were more obvious. The smell of diesel, a fuel used by more primitive, self-destructive species, hung in the air, and wide, fat tire tracks had marked the pavement, the smell of rubber thick in his nose. Unfortunately, heading out into the street, the smell of diesel and its sister gasoline became too prevalent to discern a direction, and the tire tracks disappeared on the darker, sturdier asphalt of the road. However, B'ka now had at least one lead - his prey was big, heavy, and used diesel.
  14. Intelligence tells B'ka that Terrans, being like the Lor, have all sorts of ethnicities and come in all sorts of colours and shapes. He is probably either a Terran or like many humanoids, a mix between the two. Give me an IC and I will explain the results of survival along with Reb's stuff in a GM post.
  15. Oof. Gimme an IC, and I'll give you the results.
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