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  1. Mia's eyebrows flew up at the implication that she should be anywhere near any sort of official position. "I... Uh... I mean, like... I guess? I'm not going to say no, but... Shouldn't it be someone who actually knows what they are? I don't want to be stepping on anyone's toes. I mean... If people are okay with it, I guess, sure, then." But then, Abby started to speak, and Mia's heart kind of bled for the girl. She had no idea how to deal with any of that. Yeah, her mom was an ex-supervillain but their relationship was pretty sunny, and she'd never been expected to be a literal weapon. But she did understand having to hold back a part of herself. That part was something she was unfortunately fairly intimate with. "Abby... I am so sorry that has happened to you. But I'm glad you found that about yourself. Your feelings matter, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."
  2. Shofet


    GM As Dio dug, something strange happened. Though in the moment the grass seemed to part to show the mud beneath, somehow, after a few moments the mud would always return. More concerning, perhaps, was the fact that no one seemed to notice the giant dragon having what appeared to be a breakdown in the middle of the courtyard. In fact, not even the Orange Squad (and Danica), save Leroy, could see Dio anymore. He was as invisible to them as he appeared to be to everyone else in the courtyard. It seemed as though whatever was happening here had obscured Dio from notice.
  3. The Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut watched with interest as Justice’s armour faded away, replied with an undersuit. Oh, she’s adorable, she thought to herself with a smile. It was good to see a tech hero here in Emerald City, it bode well for the future of humanity as a whole. The Meta-Naut firmly believed that some day, superhero hyper-tech would make the world a better place. Sure, governments were restricting things now, but it was only a matter of time. “Sure, local coffee sounds good,” she said. She rose up into the air, and then looked back down at Justice. “Sorry, I don’t have much to remove. I take off my helmet and you know who I am and that’s… You know, maybe one day, but not today. Still, really digging the under-outfit. Real cool.”
  4. Raya giggled at the secretary offer. “Unfortunately, I have a very nice woman named Victoria who would fight you if you tried to take her job. That and she makes me cookies every Friday and honestly, that’s pretty much earned her the job for life,” she said sunnily. “But if you want a story, a month or two ago this guy called Captain Crime showed up, like out of nowhere, and started blasting people with this… Crime Gun. Turned people into stereotypical criminals. I had this guy, Rebellion, helping me on the case. We chased the guy back to my company’s transmitter, and then a whole bunch of weird stuff happened. Turns out the guy was from another dimension, go figure,” she said. “But okay. It’s going to be a long walk to my company, so we’ll be able to see stuff on the way,” she said.
  5. Mia followed along after Ashley and Judy, mostly interested in taking a look at the beer can. She stared at it, being pretty old and all, but she didn't understand why people would be bothered. She didn't see it as especially threatening, even if it was pretty interesting. "I mean, like, we've had other groups come here, right? Could be an old one leftover. Or, hey, you know. We're not the only dimension in the multiverse with dimensional travelers. Could be some alternate Claremont had the same idea we have had. Or you know, any sort of interdimensional traveler," she said dismissively. Then, a thought occurred to her. "Hey! What if there's other goodies? Campers forget cool stuff all the time." She looked around, but saw nothing obvious. She frowned. "Would be neat to find an old magazine or something from another dimension."
  6. Liteshow is dazed, so he can't do anything! @Exaccus is next.
  7. Shofet

    Amygdala OOC

    Big post! For this first room, no one has their powers. Anything supernatural is similarly missing. Any ability scores are capped at/reduced to 20 at max. All devices and equipment are missing. The only exception to this is Dio.
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    Soliton Mia sighed, and headed toward the door. At the very least, they could have gotten this over with before the night was through. She cast one last look at the witch, and smiled at her. “Wish us luck,” she said awkwardly. “Oh, you’ll need it,” the witch replied sunnily, but Mia could have sworn there was something like malice in her eyes when she said it. Chastising herself for getting psyched out on what was clearly a cheapo Halloween house, Mia headed on inside. The interior of the first room was completely empty. Just bare floor-boards and a 30-by-30 room. No furniture, no ghouls, nothing. “Aw, come on!” Mia said miserably. Yet once all the teens filled in, the door slammed shut, and something really weird happened: The door seemed to fade out of existence. Before Mia could react further, the lights suddenly cut out. It was black, so black that none could see what was going on even with the most potent of supernatural senses. Then, it felt like she was plummeting. Mia tried to teleport herself back out of the room, but despite her attempts, nothing came. She screamed. Then, suddenly, the lights were back on. Except now, she seemed to be standing in a court-yard. Green grass surrounded her, enclosed by brown brick walls. She felt different. Looking down, she saw her costume was gone. In its place was a soft, white set up of comfortable draw-string pants and a button up long-sleeve shirt. Mia looked at her hands to see long, thin scars running up her forearms, and doubled-back. She was even more shocked when she got a look at Danica. The most confusing thing was that, in addition to the uniform, she wasn’t green anymore. She looked… plainly human. Mia’s eyes went wide. “What is going on?” She didn’t have long to question. A man in a red sweater and slacks ran up, a little name-tag pinned to his right breast declaring him to be “Dr. Harlan”. He looked between the group. “I heard screaming, is everything okay? No one's hurt, right?" he said, his tone like that of a concerned teacher or parent.
  9. Hits! 8. She is unconscious!
  10. GM Roadkill sneered at Fast-Forward. "My ma's the reason I'm here, you relic. I don't give a rat's ☠☠☠ about your stupid professional or your dumb villain gimmicks. Maybe if you had actually taken things seriously you might have actually been worth something as a vill-- AAA WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUR STUPID BI-GGGRasDDRAAD!" Roadkill's little rant was cut short as she was lifted off the ground and thrown into the wall. Suddenly, the force-field came to life, arcing around her and causing her to vibrate as her whole body went stiff. Liteshow's eyes went wide. "TABBY! DON'T HURT MY SISTER, YOU-- GUH!" His rage wasn't worth much, given how he was presently ensnared by Black Mamba, but he looked like he was ready to kill someone. Meanwhile, Adrian had enough. Seeing Rachel in danger, he ground his teeth. "Agreed. Listen to Serena, get back inside. You get hurt and I'm killing you myself," he said, before leveling the pistol up at the Rocket Trooper Facsimile had ignored and blasting it. It dissolved into slime like the rest.
  11. Ah, right. Well, she's safe now. For now.
  12. Adrian rolls to hit the last Rocket Trooper, and hits with a 30. Now the monster has to resist with a DC 29 Toughness save. It is super dead. Up next is Archer. Archer Liteshow Fascimile Ray Burst Speed Troopers Grimalkin Rachel Corona Godlike So, right now Facsimile, Hologram, Roadkill, Merge Trois, Liteshow, Fast-Forward and Black Mamba are out front. The Rocket Troopers have been killed off, while Godlike is still hanging above the house, and is about to soar off in a panic if she doesn't pass her new will save. Liteshow is tethered and in a bad spot, while Roadkill just got slammed into the wall. Out back are Corona and Grimalkin-as-Rachel, along with Adrian. Rachel is in the house with a duplicate of Grimalkin. The speed troopers, along with Rayburst, have yet to arrive.
  13. Shofet

    Late Arrival

    Mia's eyebrows flew up. "You're a long range teleporter too? Sweet! I uh... I can do that too. Like, all over. The first time I ever did it, my mom and I were in a fight, and I teleported to Dubai. Aaa... She freaked out. Anyway, sounds like our powers come from similar places. I just sort of... plug into the cosmic... ish, and then I'm where I need to be," she said happily. "And nah, you're not interrupting anything. I'm just moving in and it caused a thing. Oh! Hey, I made stuff for the rest, lemme make..." She paused, and then focused on making some things. First, she produced an enameled screwdiver, and handed it over to Heroditus, since she knew what he was into. However, seeing as she didn't really know Max yet, she went with another teddy bear, this time purple, with the name "Max" written on the belly. She hoped she wasn't being stereotypical here, but she probably was. "And there you go."
  14. Raya couldn't help but snort at the idea that the Emerald Cities were quiet. "Oh, honey," she said. "Don't let the rep fool you, this place is weird. One of my best friends in this city is a kid without a face who controls fear and happens to be a conspiracy theorist. There's also a rock monster who is a super hero, too. Not to mention I fought a dude who could turn people into criminals" The news feed was boring, compared to Freedom City's. Stocks going up, some protests, comments from the mayor on something, probably about reelection. Nothing worth checking. Nothing at all. Everything is fine. "And we can do big stuff," she said. "Do you want to see the Wizard of Oz museum? Or maybe Chantal Theatre. One of the only theatres left in the US that stuff has a floor for bands to play. Like for silent movies. Could also bring you to some of the company campuses. Like Compass Roooose? Eh? Eh? That's my company. We do space stuff." "I mean I mostly get my money from patents but I want to help contribute to getting us up into the stars. Anyway, we also have stuff like MarsTech. Could also show you the university."
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