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  1. Corona Gather Information DC 10: Corona is a superheroine active in Freedom City, largely active around the Fens DC 15: Corona is capable of generating blasts of hyper hot plasma and most of her powers are based around this DC 20: Corona is formerly the supervillain Revolt, who was a member of the teen supervillain group the Delinquents in the early to mid 1990s. DC 25: Corona was too young to have her real name published, but because she was arrested, her identity is out there in some government database Serena Mustafic Gather Information DC 5: Serena Mustafic lives in the Fens in Freedom City DC 10: Serena Mustafic has a daughter named Mia she is very close with DC 15: Serena Mustafic works at a bookstore for Lynn Epstein.
  2. Mia nodded. "Cybernetic? Nice, cyborg. I'm a teleporter and matter manipulator. Powers come from an energy field I am projecting thanks to some crystals in my mom's blood when she was pregnant with me. As for your question... Yeah, I'm here because I'm doing time. My mom was worried I was gonna make some mistakes and... Anyway, yes. Here for shoplifting." "So what are you into? Movies? Music?" Mia asked.
  3. GM The statue remained still, being a statue and all. For a long time, there was silence, before what appeared to be an imp or goblin of some kind happened along. They were small, with a bulbous nose and bright cyan skin. They looked up at Bobbi curiously, rubbing their chin. "Ah, you must be the Wallcurio or whatever," it said. "You have a friend looking for you, though I should warn you, it's been a few months..."
  4. Shofet


    "The ah, Forever Boy, gotcha," Mia said, tilting her head. She considered Pan for a moment, wondering what his angle could be. He kind of gave her a bit of a Pan's Labyrinth vibe, now that she thought about it. 'Follow me, little girl, I'll show you a bunch of horrifying stuff and also Spanish fascism yadda yadda yadda...' She probably should have paid more attention when she watched that movie. "Okay, sure, I'm down," Mia said with a shrug. "Whatcha got planned?" She realized that this was potentially a terrible idea, but she could teleport on out at any moment, right? Also she could blast him with the force of a Howitzer on steroids. Lots of potential exit strategies.
  5. "Jesus, Judy, I mentioned that in confidence," Mia mumbled to herself, before looking up at Eira and sighing. "No, it was shoplifting. I, uh... Grew up poor and not allowed to use my whole..." She paused, and generated a small Funko pop style doll of Eira. "Matter thing." She laid the thing down on the table, sliding it over to Eira. "Go ahead, take it, it's genuine matter." "Can make anything I want, so long as it doesn't have a soul. Even elements they can only make in labs," she said. "Though, uh, can't make any precious metals, money or anything like that or the government will kick in my ribs." She had given the speech before, but she found it useful to point out. A few people were really into the idea of her making herself rich. "What's your powers?"
  6. Mia was the first to arrive, after Eira. She had been interested in meeting the new student, mostly because she had heard little about her beyond the bad attitude. That intrigued her. The fact that this was a team-building day did not, really. She didn't know exactly why they were doing this now instead of at the start of the semester, but hey. Whatever, it was a credit. Heading into the room, she smirked as she saw Eira, taking a seat across from her. Mia was dressed fairly casually, wearing the new psychedelic hoodie she had gotten for Christmas from her dad, along with a set of faded jeans and a new set of cherry knockoff Doc Martens. She felt fairly fancy today, these were probably the most expensive pieces of clothing she had ever worn in her entire life. Sure, she could make stuff like this for free, but actually receiving it from her parents? That was special. "So, you're Eira," Mia said. "I'm Mia."
  7. Gabe rolls to counter - 23. He's safe. FOR NOW. Toughness save from Termita: 31. Still a tough lady. I am going to give both characters present a hero point as I alter the scene to the bad guys' benefit. Now, a cop has been observing quietly, and Gabe has just noticed him. Wanting to go tit-for-tat, he envelops the officer and begins forcing his smokey self into the guy's lungs. Let's see if the cop can avoid the doomfart. As expected, he does not, with a 14. He makes his fort save... 10. Well, police officer's constitution isn't doing very well. Angela isn't going to do much beyond let her boyfriend know that he's proooobably going too far? Soliton is going to remember she's a teleporter and is thus going to teleport down, grab the officer, and then yoink him out of there. And I just confirmed AoO don't exist so that's pretty neat and doesn't ruin any plans I have at all.
  8. The Meta-Naut "Sure can," the Meta-Naut said, walking over to the one she had blasted in the arm and crouching down over him. "They were insulting us earlier. They're pretty confident in themselves in general, seems like, which is pretty rich for a bunch of losers who had to attack from the shadows." She walked over to the one she had shot in the arm, leaning over top of him. "I'm about to heal him, so I'd be ready in case he pulls any dumb stunts," she said, leveling the healing gun to his head. Once Justice was in position, she began bombarding the archer with healing energy, before she quickly shifted her healing gun back to blaster mode, keeping it leveled at his face. She didn't actually intend to do anything but knock him out again if he attacked, but he didn't have to know that. "Hey," she said in their language. "Wake up. We got some questions to ask you."
  9. Mia smirked at Micah. "If you need any stockings, just lemme know, I can conjure up a pair. Any time," she said. Micah seemed nice enough, a good guy, but she wished she was hanging out with him on different terms. The whole set-up was a little off-putting, but she knew Judy's heart was in the right place. It always was. Still, though, the idea of sitting through a three hour movie - while entirely sober! - was a fairly daunting proposition. Mia knew it wasn't accurate, but she was just wearing a toga, one with some purple on it, the kind senators wore, because why not, really? How many historians were there going to be to tell her girls couldn't wear a toga? Most of the girls were probably wearing them too. Heading on in, she waved at Judy. "Yo," she said. "We are here and ready to watch." She nodded at the father as well.
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    Birthday Girl

    "I'm suddenly really glad I'm not wearing one'a my band shirts," Serena remarked. Revealed on her back were more tattoos that Lynn had never seen before, some of which were definitely old stick and pokes. One was a roughly made heart with an arrow through it on her shoulder, with faded names that were now illegible, while a much nicer looking small one detailed a woman holding a billowing red and black flag Then she shivered. Not at the massage, but at Lynn's correction. Okay, a little at the massage. But her mind raced at the possibility, before it all melted away thanks to whatever it was Lynn was doing to her back. She exhaled sharply, and almost sounded like she was deflating. "Okay, yeah, I could do with more of this," Serena mumbled. "I swear, yer good at so many things." "Mmf, thank you, Lynn. I know I'm... Oh, okay, something popped just there... Kind of a birthday hater but this... I appreciate this," she said, sounding relaxed for the first time that night.
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    Birthday Girl

    Serena pouted. "Don' call me kiddo," she said under her breath, but she wasn't able to hold onto the sentiment for long because what Lynn did next took most of her attention. The idea of a massage was not one that she expected to come up tonight. "Ah, I mean, ah... I mean, alright!" Serena stuttered, removing her hoodie but leaving her shirt on as she walked over to the table, looking back at Lynn for a moment, before laying down on top of it, face down as instructed. This one threw her for a loop. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of this entire situation, especially as Lynn had turned her down earlier and was now giving her a massage. She told herself she was the one making this weird, not Lynn, and just tried to go with it. Lynn was a free spirit and this fit her MO, anyway. "Alright, I'm complyin', officer," she joked, her accent momentarily becoming even thicker than it normally was. "So what's the procedure here? Because I have never done this."
  12. Shofet

    Birthday Girl

    "The Knights, the Interceptors. Don't even have a name for our group. We're just the Group That Bails Serena Out of Her Mess," Serena said. "I guess you're right, they're not perfect, but... Ionno. I still feel like a screw up in comparison. I've never managed to do anything right. I messed up my whole life by being young, dumb and angry, and then I messed up my daughter's life by being too afraid of the consequences of what I did, and now... I just don't feel very heroic." "I'm sorry, I am being a huge downer. Like I said, I know I did well for myself, but you spend most of your childhood with people who tell you you're not good enough or you're not their REAL kid so you better remember to behave yourself oand you end up with... Self esteem issues, I guess. MAN. The 80s foster care system sucked. Especially in Jersey." Serena poured herself a double shot and downed. "I'm trying. I really am."
  13. Corona Serena finally managed to get control of herself after two bags, taking deep breaths to ensure she was fine. Then, she looked over at Facsimile, giving him a weak smile. "Uh, well, Akhona is going to have to go ahead and land us in a few hours, but unfortunately, we don't really know what's down there. I'm gonna go ahead and assume Wu's got guys who'll be there to meet us at the landing site, which means, uh... Probably should... Urp... I'm fine, just gimme a second... Okay. We're going to want our sturdier people leaving the ship first, and then squishier people firing from behind," she said. "So that'd probably be me... you, Facs... and Black Mamba? I can soak some pretty heavy damage, part of my whole... It's so my powers don't turn me into a hunka carbon every time I use them. And Facs, well we all know your whole shtick here, while uh... Well Mamba's got power armour. Right? That's power armour." She leaned back in her chair. "Once we're in, we're gonna try to neutralize Heather and Wu. Gonna hafta be careful. I'm pretty sure she's gonna try and mind control one of us into fighting the others."
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    Soliton Mia stared at the boy, trying to figure out what to make of him. She'd seen him in the halls before, but beyond that hadn't interacted with him in the slightest. Which made her a little bit wary, all things considered. "So, like, I don't really know you at all, and just, uh... Not really inclined to just go off and do stuff when I don't even know your name, you know? Do you even know mine? What's going on here?" She realized she might come off as rude here, but by the same token even Mia wasn't keen to run off somewhere without knowing what was going on, teleportation powers or not.
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