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  1. GM The young woman sniffled, and rubbed at her eyes. The hugs seemed to have worked to some extent, calming her down. She stepped back, and nodded at the two women, straightening up as much as she could as she gathered herself. “I am Naisha Chaudhary, and my brother is Mohinder Chaudhary. The attack, it was… About a week… Maybe a little longer, ago. It was around noon, I remember because I got the call when I was just about to sit down with my boyfriend. It had been in his room, apparently. He was taking a nap after morning classes. His girlfriend, Joanne… She saw it climbing out through the window, and my brother was just… staring with these… empty eyes.” She rubbed her temples, and then fished something out of her pockets. “Here are the keys to his dorm. I… Hung onto them for him. For when he gets better. And here’s Joanne’s number, she’ll be able to talk to you.” She hastily scrawled down a number, and handed it off. What Terrifica discovered was that there was no magic, but there was plenty of psychic residue. It took the form of glowing blue fingerprints, ebbing with ethereal psychic ‘smoke’ off of her temples. It had faded some, but was still pleasant. Looking around, she could see it on all of them. It was potent, too, coming from something that clearly possessed potent capabilities. The next area brought them to an area around an on-campus drinking establishment, for those students who were of age. The foot traffic was, at the moment, fairly relaxed, but there was no obvious sign of a struggle here, either. The pub itself seemed to have a fair few people inside, mostly eating and relaxing.
  2. Meta-Naut Raya squinted at the woman suspiciously, though it could not be made out behind her sunglasses. She considered things for a moment, wondering what the woman's angle was. Then, her stomach grumbled. She was still due for cheeseburgers. "Uh, sure," she said. "Walk with me." She began moving towards the exit. "I got a car waiting for me. Uhhh, so! Polybius. The rumour goes it was a game that appeared in Portland for a few months in 1981 in a few small backwater arcades. What made it interesting is it was supposed to do a bunch of weird stuff to kids' minds. Made them angrier, do violent stuff, have seizures, become addicted... And these guys in suits would show up to collect data. The theory is that it was made by the US government for mind control stuff." She rubbed the back of her neck. "It's been a huge urban legend in the gaming community for a while now. I just sorta like weird stuff, so I looked around, found one that seemed legit, and now I am going to go meet with the guy who sells it." As they made it out the door, a fancy looking car pulled up, and Raya nodded at the driver. "After lunch, anyway. Hopefully I don't run into any more Conan weirdoes." She paused. "If your hero friend wants to meet me, guess they could do it at uh..." She quickly punched in some details into Google maps, and then nodded. "The A&W at this address. You can come too I guess, if you want."
  3. GM The officer stared at Rebellion with a mix of confusion and horror. “Uh, what? I don’t… What?” He stepped back a few feet, obviously unprepared for this kind of confrontation. “I don’t know anything about the gun? We just got it?” He paused, and then he squinted at Rebellion. “Why? Do you know anything about it?” By the sound of his voice, it seemed as though Rebellion’s reaction had made him suddenly suspicious of the young man. He looked back at the other officers that had remained behind, then back at Rebellion, his squint deepening.
  4. Serena frowned at Fast-Forward. "You know, I was waiting for someone to make a beer joke, but I thought I was safe from it from you. God, the worst is that I don't have any good nicknam-- Speedo!" She snapped her fingers, then puzzled. "No, now it sounds forced." She turned to the others. "Okay, it looks like we have a good idea of teams. You all have my number, so we can check in. Let me know if you run into trouble with Rachel." She sighed. "She has to charge every week to keep her cybernetics going. She takes it in the form of an injection of power cells, every Sunday. If you go tomorrow, she will be at her lowest power. She'll still have plenty in reserves, but if she's hostile, you might be able to drain her." "If she isn't hostile, she's a sweetheart and one of my best friends." She scanned the room, taking in all the people who were helping her. "I think that covers everything. Thank you, all of you. I really appreciate this."
  5. Meta-Naut Raya turned around, surprised to see another woman behind her. She jolted, managing to not jump off the ground but only barely. She frowned. Normally, Raya dressed quite garishly, but today she was understated, wearing an open flannel shirt, a white t-shirt underneath and some cargo pants, along with a pair of mirrored sunglasses and a baseball cap. Still, it was hard to hide the buzzed left side of her head, bedecked with laser lines. "Man, I don't even know. I am just here to buy a rare arcade cabinet called Polybius and I got accosted by this weird Conan looking dude who told me it had ruined him or something," she said, neglecting to mention he had disappeared "Someone must've tipped off the reporters and it sent all the freakazoids after me. Game has this weird mythology around it so it attracts weirdoes like flies."
  6. Serena ran her fingers through her hair again, leaning against the bar-top. She folded her arms, and frowned. She knew what the best option for her visit was, but she wasn't jazzed about it. "...I hate to say this, but I should head to Belgium too. I'm the only one who really knew Adrian who can travel, and if he's anything like he used to be..." "He is," Lester chimed in. "Then I am probably the best equipped to deal with his... Adrian-ness."
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    Mia rolled her eyes. "I am mostly legs, it's true," she deadpanned. "And hey, maybe we can get a booster seat for mom." Serena scoffed. "I am not that short." Mia smirked as they walked towards the vehicle. "Suuuurrre." "Hey, it's not my fault they started putted hormones in everything and made a generation of giants. I used to be pretty average. Heck, lookit your grandfather, he's only 5'07"" "That's because he grew up in Yugoslavia, I am pretty sure he got to eat like, once a week as a kid," Mia retorted. Serena blew a raspberry. "You're full of it, he ate fine as a kid. He'll tell you himself. He's just naturally short, like me, thanks to not having eaten those hormones I mentioned," said Serena.
  8. Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut shrugged her shoulders. "I feel a bit sore from when he shot me, but no real compulsion to go do some crimes, no," she said, looking as a good portion of the police began to drive away. One, however, walked up to the truck. "Hey guys," he said. "Sorry to break up your conversation, but this truck is evidence and we gotta take it back to the station, so if you could just..." The Meta-Naut blinked. "Oh! Oh, yeah." She landed, the light constructs around her legs disappearing as she touched the ground. "Sorry about that, sorta blanked there." "It's fine," the officer said, adjusting his gun belt. "Oh, uh... Noticed you got shot back there." The Meta-Naut nodded. "Yeah, really stung." "Feeling any different?" The cop asked. "No, not really." The cop stared for a moment, sticking a tongue in her cheek. "Weird. Mind if we have medical take a look at you?"
  9. Serena breathed a sigh of relief, looking down at the kittens. It seemed as though her plan had worked, if one could call empathizing with a mommy cat "a plan". "We need ASTRO Labs. They will probably know what to do. Power nullifying collars, or... Something. She ran her fingers through her hair. "We also need to make sure they're fed. Need to get to a pet store. Kitten formula." She paused, and looked at Aquaria. "Oh, and... Uh... You have real pretty eyes, by the way." Having seen the woman's face, she wanted to extend an olive branch. She imagined that she probably had to deal with enough prejudice in her life, and Serena really did appreciate the help.
  10. This is the OOC for Not All Fun and Games
  11. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 2:04 PM, August 10, 2019 Meta-Naut They were only ten minutes out of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, but after a whole third of a day spent in the sky on her private jet, even ten minutes seemed like a lot to Raya Wells. It helped that she had been waiting on this purchase for months now, and there had already been a few delays. The chance to buy a cabinet of the infamous Polybius, perhaps the only cabinet in the world, was something she never expected to have. That was, until, someone had contacted her with an offer. They had found her through some forum posts a few months back, and there had been a back and forth ever since. But now, it seemed like she was going to have it. It was a bit strange, honestly. She had checked through multiple dimensions, and never found any indication that any such models still existed. It had taken some time travelling to even confirm that the thing even ever existed, and even that, multiple trips since they were hidden back in some pretty low-key arcades in 1980s Portland. There were all sorts of myths around the cabinet. That it gave kids seizures or changed their behaviours, that it was strangely addictive, or that somehow it was connected to MKULTRA and government research into mind-control. Well, if the last was true, the USG was saying absolutely nothing to her. Which, given, wasn’t all that unusual. If it wasn’t them, they wouldn’t want to reveal they were testing mind control on kids, and if they weren’t, then they were just as in the dark as she was. A voice crackled over the intercom. “Alright, buckle up, we’re landing.” Raya did as she was told, and watched as the ground grew ever closer through the window. When they touched down, it took a bit of willpower to not immediately stand up even though the plane was still rolling into place. Once it stopped, she could not get her seatbelt off fast enough. She rose to her feet, moving to the door, pulled on a baseball cap and sunglasses, and headed out. Only to find a bunch of reporters standing at the bottom. She frowned, pulling her cap down, and moved quickly, not even looking at the reporters as she descended the steps. “Excuse me!” one called “We heard you were buying a Polybius cabinet for $6 million, can we borrow a moment of your time?” She ignored that comment, and simply kept moving into the airport. She hated talking to reporters. Raya had earned a reputation as being rather mysterious, avoiding contact with the media where she could and doing what she could to keep a low profile. The main factor was mostly anxiety - those cameras freaked her out. But also, the fact that any records before a few years ago were fabricated helped make her nervous. She didn’t want to draw too much attention and get people investigating her too much. As she made her way inside, her first thought was getting something to eat. She was thinking burgers. Yet she was interrupted again, this time by a grubby looking man with a long, dirty blonde beard and wild eyes, wrapped in a long green coat that was definitely too warm for the weather. He looked like he had really been through the ringer. She would have felt bad for him, if not for the giant sword he held in his hand. “How did you even get that in here?” she asked, confused. “YOU!” he rasped. “You threaten to truck with dark forces. Turn back, and return from whence you came!” She stared at him. “Uh… Right.” She looked around. “Security?” “They cannot see me,” he said. “I have been disconnected from this realm, and it takes all my strength merely to reveal myself to you. Turn back, Raya Wells! Seek not Polybius! ‘Tis an evil game! I was once like you, and it ruined me! RUINED ME!” With that, he seemed to fade from existence before her eyes. She looked around, confused, and frowned. “Oh, this is going to be stupid, isn’t it?” she asked rhetorically.
  12. Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut looked back at where the gun had been, now being taken away to be used as evidence. At least, she was pretty sure that was what was going to happen. She frowned for a moment, before looking back at Rebellion and shrugging her shoulders. "They already have the gun, dude, and I don't think they'll just hand it over to us," she said. "And, uh, you know, like it's not that I disagree with you. Just, not in a mood to start picking fights with the police right now. I just got shot, which, you know, shot with a weird gun means I'm already on the hook if I do anything suspicious since it can be like "heyyy, delayed reaction", and I'm already not white so the deck's kind of stacked against me there from the start, right?" She paused. "Right?"
  13. Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut watched as all the goons were rounded up from the truck, moved away in handcuffs. She wondered if they were actually transformed or not, and if they would be tried even if they were. She wouldn't put it past the legal system to blunder this, somehow. Then again, who was to say she wouldn't either. She turned to see police grabbing the strange gun and bagging it as its owner was loaded into a well-guarded ambulance. She frowned to herself. She had wanted to study the gun, but it seemed like that was out of the question for now. It was then that her gaze turned to the person still standing on top of the truck. She levitated up and off the ground, floating up towards the top of the truck. "Hey," she said. "Good save back there. I'm the Meta-Naut... And you are?"
  14. Meta-Naut The Meta-Naut managed to regain a hold of her senses after a few moments, and immediately got back to the chase. She got to see a strange looking man attack Captain Crime with a baton, throwing him off of the truck in the process. She watched him hit the ground, shriek, tumble for a bit, shriek some more and somehow despite it all get back up. She didn’t want to take any chances, and thus prepared a blast. Her hand was engulfed in a blue, transparent gauntlet, and she let loose a tachyonic burst. It hit true, and he let loose another shriek in the middle of what appeared to be a tantrum, collapsing to the ground. “That’s for shooting me!” Still, not wanting to risk the guy’s life, she landed next to him. First, she took his gun, then gently prodded him with her foot, eliciting a slow, high-pitched whine. Then she looked up to see the goons getting out of his armoured car. “Ah, crud. Right.” The only thing that stopped the confrontation was the screech of the police cars skidding a halt behind her as a bunch of officers came pouring out to meet the thugs, guns at the ready. The goons dropped their own weapons, and raised their hands up high in the air. "...Huh," she said. "This seemed... way too easy."
  15. GM “Nya-ha-ha!” cried Captain Crime. “Well, that deals with that noble nuisance!” Yet just as the words left his lips, his victory turned to ashes in his mouth as some strange, abyssal looking man threw a baton in his face. He didn’t even get to quip as he went sailing off of the truck, shrieking the entire way. His shrieking did not stop when he hit the street below, the truck only barely swerving to miss him. The truck slowed to a stop as they realized what happened, the men hurrying out to see what had happened to their boss. Meanwhile, Captain Crime slowly staggered to his feet, a terrible stinging in his ribs. At least, where it wasn’t numb. “Nocturnal ne’erdowell…”he whined to himself, rubbing the blood from his lower lip. “INKY INGRATE!”
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