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  1. Soliton Mia had mostly checked out during dinner. Her capacity for drama went way down when she was eating, and so she learned, in her own way, to shut out the students of Claremont to avoid it as best she could. Eating was supposed to be a time of joy and peace, not a time of screaming and fighting. But now dinner was done, and people were talking trash about her friend in her own house. She supposed, today, would feed the drama by coming to Eira's defence. Moving over to Pan and Micah, she inhaled sharply as if to give them a moment to flee before she spoke. "Eira can be difficult, but it's a little messed up to say she's just doing something to make her parents mad. Especially since she's been into Pan since, like... They met. Also talking about your host behind their back while you're in their house is super bad manners okay bye." Not giving Micah the chance to interject, Mia disappeared by teleporting to a random location in the house, thus making her more of an angel of conscience rather than a nagging friend, in her own mind.
  2. Starlok The Countess blinked. Oh, of course, it was probably one of those acronyms the Earth sorts seemed to love more than life itself. Well, she would have to deal with that later. Wait, she had been to this planet before. Did they know about that too? Oh, she hoped not. She hated having to scream at bureaucrats. When the tenders came out, Ori-Bath inclined her head politely, and using a fork and knife, cut off a small portion, and chewed thoughtfully, letting it travel over the different portions of her tongue, before taking a small sip of water and swallowing. She considered the flavours and the textures, before finally saying. "They're good. There's a similar dish on my home planet made from fried mycoprotein. The family chef would make it for me when I was going through my picky phase as a little girl. It was all I would eat for a few months. It's... Very nostalgic, thank you." she said with a small smile. Her eyes scanned the menu for anything she remotely recognized, her expression becoming more lost with each passing moment. Until her eyes settled on the drink menu. "Oh! Sweet tea. I will have some sweet tea, please. As for food... I... Whatever dish you are most proud of here? I don't know any of these but I enjoy trying new things."
  3. Starlok Ori-Bath considered for a moment. "Nothing else food related," she said. "At least, nothing that grows on Earth, as far as I am aware. As for Uni-Son, I am certain she and I can come to an arrangement." She did find it interesting that a Terran woman had the same name as her maternal great aunt. Perhaps Noktonians had influenced this planet in the past? She folded her hands in her lap, smiling up at Maybelle. "Food in the County of Lugo is primarily vegetarian, so I am especially curious to try your dishes. I understand Southern food is very meat-heavy from what cursory research I did before I came here." There were some other thoughts she had, like the fact that the woman's name was 'McQueen'. Did that mean she was royalty? Or was the "Mc" an indicator of servitude? There was also a place called 'McDonalds' that served food. Perhaps the position of cook was hereditary here on Earth. Questions for later.
  4. Starlok Ori-Bath nodded, retrieving the coins, and smiled at Rory. “Thank you, I am unaware of your customs. I’m sorry if I offended. Have a good night,” she said before she was lead away from him by Maybelle. Ori-Bath smiled today more than she usually did, as she considered herself something of a gourmand and thought nothing better than being able to receive especially good food. As she took her seat, she felt the need to apologize once more. “I hope I did not upset your guests. It is incredibly hard to acquire a vehicle on Terra. Er, it’s actually called Earth in your dialect, isn’t it? I do not intend to seem dismissive of your culture,” Ori-Bath. Normally, she would not be so cautious, but Noktonian chefs head a very special and important place in their homeworld’s culture. Given that politics were so vicious on the Night Moon, one had to stay forever in the good graces of those who served you food, lest they agree to one’s enemies’ proposition to put silver in their food. As such, chefs, waiters and cupbearers were effectively as sacred and untouchable as priests were in other cultures, and were to be treated as such. “I am excited to try your food, as I have heard tell of it even from my distant corner of the galaxy.”She paused, and then felt the need to explain things. “I understand I resemble a creature known on Terra as a ‘vampire’. I would like to clarify that my species’ taste map correlates strongly to Terrans, and as such you need not take any precautions for the purposes of food preparation. Oh. And, while this is embarrassing to admit, I cannot touch silver cutlery for very long or I will begin to develop ulcers on the affected area and may potentially get what you call ‘tetanus’.” She frowned. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound demanding. I merely wish to list… health concerns.”
  5. The Meta-Naut Raya stared at the two of them, her mouth formed into a near-flat line. Somehow, neither of them had answered her question. That was fine. This was fine. She'd just ask it again later, and then if they ignored her then, just keep interrupting them with the question until they answered. For now, though, she'd let it slide. It was fine. This was fine. "Yeah I mean, dude, you can think whatever you like but it's not like I can just suddenly switch the resources out of thin air to make a supersuit. My facilities make spaceship parts and satellites. Like, even if I did, the amount of product testing and creation would take actual years before I could bring my own to market, at which point MarsTech would have a commanding share of the market. That's not even to mention the amount of permissions I would need to get from the government to manufacture that stuff," Raya said. "But sure, yeah, just because I'm jealous and trying to steal business secrets. For an entirely different industry."
  6. Soliton "Eira said I wasn't into science?" Mia asked, confused. "I've wanted to get into chemistry for a long time now. It's like... Super important for half of my powers." She paused. "In addition to bending space time I can rearrange things at like, the atomic level to turn them into other stuff." She demonstrated by creating a block of metal the size of her palm. "This is Iridium-191. It's a stable isotope of Iridium so it's entirely safe. It's also one of the rarest naturally occuring elements on Earth. At least of the ones that won't kill you if you get too close to it." "I actually volunteered at a science camp thing for superkids to do demonstrations like that," Mia said. "It's happening like right after this trip." She closed her hand around the Iridium, and it dissipated into nothingness. "Oh! And fun fact, Iridium's super hard to corrode normally so you basically need superpowers to destroy it if you're not looking to spend a lot of money." "But yeah, I am planning on getting my major or doctorate in chemical engineering."
  7. Starlok Ori-Bath, for a rare occasion, actually felt bashful. She really hadn’t intended to draw as much attention to herself on this planet, but it seemed even when she wasn’t trying, she would make a memorable entrance. She managed to keep her head high regardless, maintaining a sympathetic but ultimately detached air about her as she made her way inside the Southern Queen. “I apologize for my entrance,” she said as the Pale Rider soared off into the sky. “But rest assured, things shall go smoothly from here. For I am Ori-Bath, Countess of Nos, alias STARLOK! And I know courtesy.” She marched forward towards the maitre d’s desk. “I would like to procure a table for one,” she said. She then slapped down two solid gold coins the size of her palm. “I think this should be enough to buy a seat, yes?” she asked. She knew that Terrans liked ever so much to commodify everything. They even sold seats to their arts! She smiled, revealing her fangs.
  8. The Southern Queen, North End, Freedom City June 27, 2020 9:00 PM Starlok Ever since Ori-Bath had met the Praetorians, two things had been on her mind. The first was that all Lor bureaucracy was trash and the Praetorians should be able to help her overthrow her brother if she wanted them to. The second was more relevant to now: She had to meet the one known as ‘Maybelle McQueen’, alias ‘Queenie.’ Partially to recruit her to her cause, but also to eat some of the delicious Terran food she was apparently quite deft at making. It had taken some time to track down the place - it turned out that humans were very uncreative and called many locations ‘the North End’, but she finally tracked it down with the help of the Terran mass-information network. Unfortunately, getting there posed even more problems. She had attempted to ‘rent a car’, but apparently that required vast amounts of documentation from the American Empire she simply did not have. And apparently government workers did not know who she was nor did they care. They kept calling her British, too, which was just patently incorrect. So instead, she had to have her servants pilot the Pale Rider to hover over the Southern Queen’s parking lot, causing an awful din. As papers and plastic bags were thrown about by a ship the size of a jumbo jet hovering over the restaurant, a lift descended down from the ship’s base, carrying on it Ori-Bath, Countess of Nos. She had decided to go formal for this, forgoing her normal wargear and instead wearing a fancy, frilled royal blue evening gown and makeup that had the strange feature of using blue wherever a human would use red, namely lipstick and blush. Her long, dark hair was done up in an updo. She felt she conveyed the very image of grace. Sending her ship off, Ori-Bath simply waved off the crowd of people who had gathered to see what exactly was happening. “Do not be alarmed,” she cried in perfect English, speaking with a flawless recreation of a High Received Pronunciation accent. “I am merely here to sample the food. Return to your business!”
  9. Soliton Mia was, for lack of a better term, stunned. For someone who had spent the entirety of her life living in tiny apartments in the Fens, the idea that a small family could live in a house like this was astounding to her. And maybe just a liiiiittle infuriating. Just a little bit though. Thankfully Eira’s family was super nice so there wasn’t too much time to focus on that. “It’s good to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Natt och Dag…” Mia said, way later then everyone else, her jaw finally done hanging open. Then Eira said something about Napoleon. Mia squinted. Did she have any important family? Babo sometimes mentioned something about being related to some Ottoman governor of Bosnia but she wasn’t sure if that was actually true. Her dad’s side simply came from shtetls in the Black Sea region of Russia. “Uh…” Mia said, trying to find words. “This place is pretty cool.” There was another pause from her. “I didn’t bring a trunk but I have like… a thing so it’s fine.”Come on, brain, work! “Another dimension sort of thing.” She had a sudden look of dopey realization and then looked at Eira. “Wait I’m allowed to tell them that right?”
  10. The Meta-Naut "Yeah, I've got a nose for bad dudes and Mars stinks to space of baditude," Raya said. "I also have a lot of experience with tech, given I do run an aerospace company, so I thought I might be able to lend my skills - and dollars - to this little quest." Raya produced her vape pen again, and blew out another cloud. The great thing about vaping was that it kind of added to her general 'self-absorbed tech-broette' angle she shot for. That and where else could you get cherry flavoured fog? "Oh by the way, where am I taking people?"
  11. Soliton Mia looked up at the manor, her eyebrows raised. She whistled. Aside from that mansion, this had to be the nicest house she had ever seen in person. She followed along after Eira, hands in her pockets. She did squint a little at the Cyberswede's vindictiveness at her parents, but she also understood. That worrying Eira had shown Mia was a little messed up. Then another thought occurred to her. She and Eira had gotten off to a rocky start, and... "Hey, Eira," Mia said. "Do your parents know anything about us?" There was an implied "anything bad" but Mia wasn't uncouth enough to say it out loud. Eira could be a little bit spiteful and Mia wouldn't be surprised if there had been some negativity spread about her. And god, was there negativity to spread. Oh, are you the shoplifting daughter of the former supervillain? Haha, going to have to watch the silverware around you, peasant! Mia squinted harder.
  12. The Meta-Naut "I really am Raya Wells," Raya said. She reached inside her jacket pocket and produced a little wallet and with it, her driver's license which proclaimed her to be, in fact, Raya Wells. It also said she was born in the late 90s which technically wasn't true but her real birthdate would require a lot of explaining and the US government decided to spare her that, thank God. "Gimme a second, though," Raya said. She slid back her sleeve and fiddled with her smart watch as they spoke. Thankfully she still had SOME technology. She spoke into it. "Call Lewis." For a few moments, she chattered into her watch about being at the Riverfront and needing a pickup. Then, quickly as the call started, she ended it. "Sorry about that. He should be here in like... Ten minutes," Raya said with a smile. "Anyway, yeah, I really am Raya Wells."
  13. The Meta-Naut Raya stayed at the kids. So they were racist and had weird social darwinist classification systems too. Something was deeply wrong with the youth of America. She gave them a disgusted look that was simultaneously dismissive, and turned, ushering her little duckies away from these rejects from the Third Wave. "God, I'm sorry you have to deal with that," Raya whispered in Elliott's ear. "I didn't really do the highschool thing but if that's what it's like, kinda glad I missed it. Sorry for earlier, too. You clearly got enough on your plate."
  14. Soliton Mia stared at Pan's question. "I dunno what you want me to say, dude," was the only answer he got out of her. When Quickstep arrived, Mia quirked her mouth slightly. Felt a little rude to bring another teleporter when you had a perfectly good one available at most times, but she wasn't going to say that out loud. She was just going to be polite about it for now. "Hey," Mia said from her lounging position. "I'm Soliton. Also do the teleporting thing, but, uh, not with portals. I sorta do a... Super... Quantum... I fold spacetime." She leaned up and got to her feet, extending her hand then. "Oh, and Eira. Like the look."
  15. The Meta-Naut "I am not handing you my phone, d--Ahhh, okay, I see," Raya said, looking at her phone drained of charge. "That's assault. And god, dude, are my lawyers so much better than your family's," she trailed off into muttering. She looked at the kid's uniform, nodded at it, and then looked over at Elliot and Naomi. "You know what," she said. "How about we ditch the baby brownshirts here and I bring you guys where you need to go. In my limo." She really didn't want to deal with these kids anymore, and there was no force in the entire multiverse that could make her give them the fight they wanted.
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