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Found 5 results

  1. ROCKET Atomic Tower, Midtown, Freedom City Early March 2021 The Atomic Tower towered in the Freedom City skyline. After its recent expansion, it seemed almost like it stretched into the clouds, which it just might do. A modern marvel of super science, it held the newly opened Atom Academy, the Atom Family's newest gift to the city, inviting scientists, explorers, heroes and just curious regular people to join, to explore everything and anything! Jay was late. Of course he was late. You'd think having super speed would have helped with that, but no. It
  2. Gather Information DC10: Rocket debuted in late 2019. He was seen occasionally in 2020, being officially introduced to the world by Johnny Rocket II in May of that year. He has joined the Atom Academy as one of the initial members in early 2021. DC15: Rocket's real name is Jason 'Jay' Jacob Wade, the nephew of Johnny Rocket II and great-grandchild of Johnny Rocket I. He has been living with his uncles since 2010. DC20: Rocket's father is David Ross, the villainous Speed Freak, one of Johnny Rocket II's recurring foes. He is currently incarcerated. DC25: Rocket's mother w
  3. Atom Academy Guidebook Reputation Table Theme Music
  4. Atom Academy Housed in Atomic Tower, the Atom Academy is the Atom Family's attempt to expand! Super science! Exploration! Family! Join the Atom Academy, and journey into mystery! Location and Appearance The Atomc Academy is housed on the top 5 floors of Atomic Tower in Midtown Freedom City, formerly known as the Goodman Building. With the opening of the Atom Academy, the Atom Family has expanded the building, adding 5 extra floors on top of the Nucleus, the former top 5 floors of the building. From the outside, the building appears much like any other skyscraper in
  5. ROCKET Power Level: 12 Effective Power Level: 10 Power Points: 180/190PP Unspent Power Points: 10 Trade-Offs: DEF+5/TOU-5, No Offensive trade-off In Brief: The nephew of Johnny Rocket II races unto the scene as the Super Scientific Rocket! Catchphrase: "Let's rocket!" Theme: Yellow Line - REDLINE OST Alternate Identity: Jason "Jay" Jacob Wade Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Atomic Tower, Freedom City Base of Operations: Atomic Tower, Freedom City Occupation: Adventurer, Student/Member at Atom Academy Affiliations: Atom Academy
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