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Found 5 results

  1. GM Dreeda III, Lor Republic Nova-Lor City Lor time mark 1882.6 [February 14, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] During the incursion, the Lor colony on Dreeda III had been spared any direct effect of the fighting. But shortly after the incursion was over, it fell prey to a dozen super-powered criminals that had managed to escape confinement on a prison ship and size control over the vessel. The colony was rescued when a large force of Preatorians arrived in search of the escaped criminals. At the time, the planet was home to about forty thousand Lor. In the past few years, the colony had seen a massive influx of displaced beings from across the Republic and beyond. Entire cities have sprouted up on several continents, as well as the addition of at least two orbital ones. Now the world was home to over one billion sentients, though there were still large tracts of untouched wilderness across the planet, mixed with large areas of cultivated farmland. But along with the massive increase in population had come some of the problems associated with large populations. One such problem was the recent appearance of a number of Spectrum Knights operating in the system, which had brought a group of Praetorians back to the world to try to root out the threat. As the team of Praetorians had been investigating the Spectrum Knight activity on the world, they had received a communication that the Spectrum Knights were attacking a governmental facility in one of the new cities in the lower hemisphere. Boarding the Kavaca, the group had flow to Nova-Lor City, several columns of smoke rising into the air quickly pointing them toward the scene of the attack. Half a dozen Spectrum Knights, each in different colored armor, were still on sight, engaged in combat with Lor security forces which appeared to be having trouble dealing with the armored criminals.
  2. Hyperslice Power Level: 12 (180/187PP) Unspent Power Points: 7 Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness In Brief: A serpentine star-soaring aristocrat. Catchphrase: "Have a slice!" Theme: Garbage: When I Grow Up Alternate Identity: Skirris Sandwinder of the Silver Shadow Birthplace: Haasaa Prime, The Nest Residence: Coalition Victory Station Base of Operations: Coalition Victory Station Occupation: Aristocrat, Praetorian, Affiliations: Praetorians, Lor Republic, Queenmother Neshath Family: Nasselth Sandwinder (mother), Ashmet Scourtail (father), several dozen sisters and brothers, Description: Age: 18 ( calendar) Apparent Age: N/A Gender: Female Ethnicity: Northern Dune Height: 7' Weight: 250lbs Eyes: Green Hair: None Resembling the naga from Hindu legend, Skirris is a brawny brown and black reptilian alien with a humanoid upper body and snake's lower body. While her head is blunter and more ape-like than a snake or Lemurian's, she is covered in golden-brown scales patterned with red, lacks ears and hair, and has a mouth full of curving fangs and a forked tongue. Like most adolescents of her species she hasn't fully developed the complex network of facial scales that give the haasaan their identification. On duty she wears a silvery costume from head to tip that doubles as a space-suit and armor, off duty she wears all the frills, bands, bangles and bizarre mixes of galactic fashion she can get her hands on. History: Two thousand years ago, in service of the now-vanished Delaztri Empire, there was an army of specially-gifted citizens called the Praetorians. Among their number was the Silver Shadow, a serpentine ghost who could pass through light-years as easily as millimetres and fell a hundred enemies on a hundred worlds before the first could fall. She was a conduit for that mysterious region known as hyperspace, able to bridge material gulfs through a benign mutation. She is thought to have died in the war against the Communion and was lost to history on all worlds but her home, Haasaa Prime, home of the haasaan, a golden-green jewel of deserts and luscious jungles. On that same world two millenia later was born Skirris Sandwinder, who quickly showed signs of having the same talent for manipulating hyperspace. Unfortunately, growing up in the royal estates, surrounded by the wealth and privilege of her rank and with the power to escape any situation she didn't want to be in, the kind of nobility and courage that marked her predecessor evaded her. Quickly boring of her home, by the age of seven she began wandering off to find trouble. By the age of ten she had graduated to petty mischief and the Queenmother of the haasaan knew that only worse was to come. She ordered the secret construction of a device to restrict Skirris's powers, and call her back to the Nest if she strayed. To the young girl, who all her life had been placated and coaxed with the awesome destiny that was her birthright, it was a sign that all along everyone had been lying and just wanted to control her. No longer able to simply leave her classes, the young aristocrat sullenly got back into studies and attending court lessons like all her noble siblings. It was in her thirteenth year that she figured out how to channel hyperspacial energy to empower her strikes, forcing a hasty refit of the Dam. By seventeen however, Skirris had seemed to calm and mellow, showing real interest in the wider world, especially the exotic cultures of other species. The Dam was relaxed, on the condition that she not do anything that had necessitated its existence. The rule proved depressingly easy to break, as every other month the teenaged noblewoman would systematically empty every bar on Haasaa Prime of its liquor and any local alpha female who figured they stood a chance in a fight with her. There was never death or permanent injury, but the constant reports of their misbehaving super-being and the seeming impossibility of correcting Skirris's behaviour outside of force made up for that. Even her parents were at a loss of how to deal with her. The outbreak of the Incursion War, and the desperate struggle for survival in the early days of the Communion attack, proved to be the solution. Despite her lack of experience Skirris was packed off to help haasaan colonies evacuate and get valuables and artifacts out of the growing warspace. Torn from the stifling confines of one planet, one people, and flung into a myriad others, the novice Silver Shadow saw for the first time how small and petty her lifelong-tantrum had been, the wonders and adventure that lay beyond her familiar star. Rushing through the shifting silence of hyperspace, saving innocent lives and priceless treasures from destruction, Skirris found her true calling. However, the war ended, she was recalled to Haasaa Prime, and though the Queenmother formally deactivated the Dam in light of her efforts and unexpected valour, she was forbidden from wandering outside the system until a Republic scientific study could be done on her unusual genetics and she had selected suitable mates. Realizing the years that now stood between her and any chance of getting to live like she had during the war, Skirris sank back into her old ways of boozing and barfights, enlivened wih the occasional scandalous dalliance with some obviously unsuitable male. At last, her parents and the Queenmother had had enough. With the opening of the ranks of the reestablished Praetorians, Skirris was promptly offered as a potential member, nobody more surprised than her when she was accepted. Presented with a specially-crafted Silver Shadow suit she was quickly packed off to the Praetorian base at CoVic Station, cut off from her family, her parents' wealth and prestige, everything she had known since childhood, out into the wild black yonder of infinite terrors and evils. Her life had begun at last. Personality & Motivation: Skirris is an unsophisticated party girl, a thuggish and loud-mouthed extract of a rigidly hierarchal and class-based society. While her name has no weight outside the Haas system, she's never short of confidence or expectation of obedience, especially from men, who she still has trouble taking seriously as leaders or fighters. Her naive ignorance about the world is compounded by an overweening self-regard for herself and her abilities, to the point where she all but reflexively challenges the decisions of anyone she sees as a rival. Lacking in social skills besides a well-honed ability to lie with a straight face, Skirris is largely concerned with getting what she wants when she wants it. Having lacked true peers for most of her life, she has trouble emphathizing with others' problems, though she does have a fierce sense of loyalty to anyone who treats her even a little like she sees as her due. Preferring bars to battlefields and roaming to reconnaissance, as Hyperslice she nontheless puts herself aside, plunging into battles and contests of power she has no chance of winning, both to avoid the nagging doubt of "Could I?" and to make herself into what she knows she was born to be: the greatest hero in all space. Powers & Tactics: Able to dart in and out of battlefields on multiple planets, when fighting alone Skirris prefers to rush in, get her punches into the enemy, and rush out before they can retaliate. When with allies, she constantly looks for ways to tilt the odds in their favour, though her inexperience limits what she can really do even with all her power. Power Descriptions: Hyperslice channels the forces underlying hyperspace, the intersitial dimension commonly used for travel by space-faring species. With it she can hurl herself across the cosmos by opening gaps or lanes to her destination, redirect energy and impacts directed at her into hyperspace, or just turn herself into a cosmically-fast brawler. Whenever she uses her powers, her body is suffused with a shifting silver aura, and in flight she leaves a trail of exotic particles that in some atmospheres create dazzling auroras. Complications: Amazing Traffic Hazard: Sending dangerous things into the most-used transit dimension in the known omniverse is hardly an infallible or safe strategy. Bar Boa: Local watering holes are good places for information and fun, but also good places to get into needless trouble or attract unwanted attention. Skirris doesn't care about that last, yet. Blowing through life: If it even kind of sounds like a good time, Skirris is there. Challenger: Hyperslice must prove equal or superior in all challenges or contests, no matter how improbable. Got Dam: The device created to nullify her powers and transport her back to Haasaa Prime is currently deactivated and partially disassembled. With the right know-how, that can easily change. Easy Mark: Skirris is horrifyingly easy to mislead. Got Something Ancient On My Scales: In the course of ferrying prehistoric artifacts and heirlooms, Skirris could have exposed herself to any number of things, from Preserver nanites to Hierarchy biomoulds, Delaztri energy reformers or the mystic crystal Siphons of Sirrion. Motivation: Living up to her and others' expectations of herself. Responsibility: Helping other Praetorians. Rivals with her boss: Hyperslice has an irrational and utterly pointless combatative relationship with Paradigm, leader of the Praetorians. Rivals with ANY boss: That extends to almost anyone in authority, no matter how earned it is or how good the authority figure. The Replacement: There's more going on with the first Silver Shadow's disappearance than anyone knows. Sucker for a good tail: Surrounded by exotic, fascinating aliens, Skirris is willing to overlook a LOT in someone if she thinks he's pretty. Abilities: 8 + 10 + 10 + 0 - 2 + 0 = 26PP Strength: 18 (+4) Dexterity: 20 (+5) Constitution: 20 (+5) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 8 (-1) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +13 Attack: +10 Melee, +6 Ranged Defense: +17 (+6 Base, +11 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +15 Knockback: -4/-2 Saving Throws: 3 + 7 + 8 = 18PP Toughness: +7 (+5 Con, +2 Protection, +5/+0 Impervious) Fortitude: +8 (+5 Con, +3) Reflex: +12 (+5 Dex, +7) Will: +7 (-1 Wis, +8) Skills: 44R = 11PP Bluff 12 (+12) Escape Artist 5 (+10) Knowledge(Current Events) 10 (+10) Knowledge(Galactic Lore) 5 (+5) Knowledge(Pop Culture) 10 (+10) Languages 2(Galactic Standard, Haasri(Native), Jerreid) Feats: 22PP Attack Focus 4 (Melee) Dodge Bonus 11 Grappling Finesse Improved Initiative 2 Improved Trip Interpose Luck Move-by-Action Equipment 0 = 0EP Praetorian Personal Communicator(Communication: Flaw: to/from other PPCs only)[0EP] Powers: 17 + 6 + 32 + 27 + 2 = 84PP Device 4(20PP Device; Hard to Lose; Feats: Restricted 1(haasaan)[17PP] hypersuit Technology Immunity 9(Life Support) Impervious TOU 5 Protection 2 Super-Senses 4(Direction Sense(oriented towards Haasaa Prime), Distance Sense, Time Sense, Tracking(Infravision)) Haasaan Physiology(5PP Passive Container; Feats: Innate)[6PP] Elongation 1(5'; tail)[1PP] Super-Movement 1(Slithering)[2PP] Super-Senses 2(Acute Normal Olfactory; Infravision)[2PP] Hyper Array 15(30PP array; Feats: Alternate Power 2)[32PP] Mutant/Cosmic Base Power: Flight 12(50,000MPH, 500,000FPR)[24] + Super-Movement 3(Space-Travel 3)[6PP] = 30PP AP: Immunity 20(All Lethal Physical Damage; Extras: Linked(Immunity(Lethal Energy Damage, Heat/Radiation Effects); Flaws: Half-effect)[10PP] + Immunity 20(Lethal Energy Damage; Extras: Linked(Lethal Physical Damage, Heat/Radiation Effects); Flaws: Half-effect)[10PP] + Immunity 10(Heat/Radiation Effects; Extras: Linked(Lethal Energy/Physical Damage))[10PP] = 30PP AP: Teleport 15(anywhere in same solar system.; Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Long-Range Only)[30PP] Slice Array 12.5(25PP; Feats: Alternate power 2)[27PP] Mutant/training Base Power: Damage 10(Extras: Penetration 7; Feats: Mighty[DMG 14], Knockback 7[DMG 21])[25PP] AP: Damage 10(Extras: Area(Burst, 100ft), Selective Attack; Flaws: Action(Full-Round); Feats: Mighty[DMG 14], Progression 4(Area Radius))[25PP] AP: Damage 10(Extras: Autofire [DMG 14]; Feats: Mighty)[25PP] Super-Movement 1(Dimensional Movement 1 (to/from Hyperspace))[2PP] Mutant Drawbacks: (-3) + (-2 = -5PP Vulnerability(Cold Effects; Moderate(x1.5 DC), Common)[-3] Vulnerability(Gravity Effects; Moderate(x1.5 DC), Uncommon[-2] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 19 Toughness Damage(Physical) Damage Touch DC 29 Toughness Damage(Physical) Damage(Area) Area(100') DC 29 Toughness Damage(Physical) Totals: Abilities (26) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (11) + Feats (22) + Powers (84) - Drawbacks (5) = 180/187 Power Points
  3. Derendis, the City of the Grand Tributary Kolast They were leading one of the heretics through the town square. What she had done, Cavalier couldn't say. They had cast her in dirty cloth that he couldn't entirely say was clean on animal waste. Her head had been shaved bald, and her mouth was fitted with rusted iron. As far as he could guess, she might have tried dealing in one of the forbidden arts. Like making thunder from the stinking earth, or concocting potions that could drive out the so-called "invisible demons" that brought men to ruin. All men knew that ruin was the gods inflicting disfavor. Or calling the anointed home. One of the two, and you could never tell which was which. It was all the province of the gods. Cavalier drew up his cloak and tried to look away. Intervention would just raise a hell of a lot of questions - questions they could not spare. Questions that would eventually end in fire and restraints. They had a target to find. "You guys got anything on this 'Anointed of Olaya' yet?"
  4. Signa System Towards the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1752.9 [January 12, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] The Signa system was located just out of the inner most edge of the Lor Republic. Its location, along with that of its neighbors, had long afforded it protection from the threats of the Grue Unity and the Stellar Khanate. This safety, and friendly relations with the Lor allowed those systems to flourish through peaceful cooperation and trade. When the Incursion had come and the Communion forces struck at the very center of Lor space, Signa and its neighbors found themselves suddenly on the forefront of the conflict. Their limited defense forces, even combined, were little match for the Communion, and it was only timely assistance by the Lor and other Coalition forces that prevented the sector from being completely overrun. As it was, several of Signa's neighboring systems were taken and cyberformed by the Communion, although large portions of their populations were evacuated to Signa and other neighboring systems. Once the Incursion was over, Signa continued to welcome its displaced neighbors as work began to try to undo the damage the Communion had done. Recently the system had been experiencing a rash of crimes committed by beings using supertech equipment. The local law enforcement had been unable to control the situation, so Signa’s representative to the Coalition Counsel had requested the assistance of the Praetorians. So now Traveller, Barrier, Hyperslice and Queenie were making their way along a corridor inside one of the orbiting cities above Signa Prime, the fifth planet from the large blue star at the center of the system. Large portions of the corridor were covered with translucent walls, which provided impressive views of the sprawling orbital city below, and the planet and star beyond. "I am so pleased for your assistance Praetorians." Stated Counselor Farrin in Gal Standard, the Signaian ambassador that had requested their assistance. Like all Signian natives, Counselor Farrin was a squat humanoid, covered with short dark brown fur. "A most vexing problem for our local law enforcement, but one that you should be able to handle."
  5. Kestevan 79 Coalition Victory Station Legion Day GM Post Tra’Nor should have been celebrating with all the other Lor on the station, today was when they celebrated all the achievements of the Lor military and even though the station wasn’t part of the Republic many of the establishments allowed those like her to eat and drink for free. On New Lor-Van the finest ships of the fleet would fill the skies and the finest legion would march to be cheered by the gathered Lor. But Tra’Nor didn’t feel that they really had anything to celebrate, since the fall of Lor-Var during the Communion War the Republic hadn’t been as strong as it once was, the different fleet off fighting to stabilize the Republic from threats outside. Maybe it was the old tales her clone mother use to tell but she felt that the Republic need larger than life heroes and whilst the Republic produced many of her own, like the Grand Nauarchus Frankan, but she felt that the almost mythic Praetorians fitted the bill rather well. So this Legion Day she had volunteered to sit on monitor duty in the CoVic’s Praetorian base bathed in the blue light of the many displays seeing the known galaxy monitored, though nothing apparently was happening today. Apparently today was going to be quiet today, the rest of the universe was taking the day off as well. With the Praetorian's she should have know better.
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