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  1. GM December 12 2018, 11 PM Local Time Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean The A.E.G.I.S. vessel that had carried the heroes so far was finally beginning its descent. They hadn't had long to prepare, but now they were almost at the destination. Asad, Sgt. Shark and Sea Devil. An unlikely group, perhaps, but they had been the ones available that would actually be able to participate in this mission. The A.E.G.I.S. commander was a frail little man, with thinning grey hair. He was reading from a tablet, looking over his bottle cap glasses, explaining the situation to the three heroes. "Err... yeah, so... A company that I'm not legally allowed to name was drilling for oil here. And, err, they kinda hit something." He fidgeted a bit with his glasses, adjusting them, before scrolling further down on his tablet. "Turns out that some, errr, aliens had crashed under there. We don't know how long they, err, have been there. But, they're rather annoyed at being woken up, so, errr... They threatened to basically flood the Pacifim rim and the rest of the world?" He looked up, a little smile on his lips. "So, please go stop them, and save the world?"
  2. Dakana Parliament N'Gome ya Watu, Dakana 09:00 EAT (0:00 EDT) Thursday 12th July 2018 It was rare that all of the Clan representatives, both major and minor were all gathered in the main room of the parliament. Much more rare was that no one was arguing or trying to outdo the others, instead, they spoke in nervous hush tones. And whilst their nation had yet to be involved none of them, even the most isolationist of them, would dare suggest they do nothing, for an invasion from the Terminus was a threat to the entire world. After a few moments one of the nations chief scientists, despite her young age, K'Sema moved to the center of the gathered representatives and with a swipe bought up a giant hologram of the globe. As King M'Balla raised a hand to silence everyone else she began to speak. "As expected were have detected a vast amount of Terminus energies around Freedom City, but that's not the only place we discovered them. We've passed the information onto the Freedom League but we have a problem closer to home." With a sweep of her hand, the map focused on Dakana itself, with one region in the south-west being illuminates, the Singing Hills. Due to a fluke of geology, the Daka crystals found below the hills had formed in perfectly linked crystal strata. This allowed to natural collect and store energy in their structure which caused them to give out a low-level hum that was disconcerting to both humans and animals alike. It also tended to build up and release energy at random making it difficult to operate electronics in the area. All this made the area more or less uninhabitable, even mostly ignored by those that kept Dakana's borders secure. "We picked up an anomaly on the regions seismographs back on the 10th but paid it no heed, until we got news from America about the invasion, so we used a technology we'd been developing to use the natural frequencies of the area like a sonar and we've formed an image." The hologram changed to that of some sort of massive structure though apparently much of the image was made up of best guess and still it looked menacing in its structure. "Our best guess is that they're using the crystals to generate powers four there other structure on the planet. We're can't even guess at how it operates but it should be easy to shut it down safely." "Why can't we just bombard the place before they become more of threat? If they send people out to capture the sacred mountain or even the Beast itself?" ask one of the representatives "The feedback from that or any large-scale assault could cause a catastrophic feedback loop in the crystal below destroying them and most of the hill. The environmental damage would be catastrophic with that along, not to mention possible harm from terminus infused materials." having said her piece K'Sema stepped back to allow the parliament to discuss a solution to the problem. For the next hour, the parliament debated how to deal with this discovery, whilst still performing their ancient duty to guard the caged beast, with every one of them getting a chance to speak their piece. Finally, it was decided that the Dakana army would prepare itself to defend the sacred mountain, whilst a small band of heroes would go and hopefully destroy the structure. Naturally, the two defenders of Dakana would go on this dangerous mission as well as some assistance from experts from outside the country that could assist them in their own way.
  3. GM Post Freedom Ledger, Business pages GRANT CEO RETIRES by Dancia Devons The business world was surprised today by the announcement of the retirement of Grant Conglomerate CEO Jonathan Grant (57). Even more surprising was the announcement of the appointed of his daughter Sarah Grant (28) to the position. Ms. Grant has been a champion of metahuman and alien right and averment critic of her own father. FEUD WITH MARSTECH DEEPENS by Dancia Devons The Grant Conglomerate has pulled out of a co-project with MARSTECH to develop the new Spartoi Powered Armor for the US Army, citing severe mismanagement of the project.
  4. GM The Bridges connecting North and South Emerald Mallory Bay, The Emerald Cities, Washington and Oregon Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 6:00 PM The Emergency Civil Defense Siren blared throughout the city. Atlantis had sent warning ahead of time of an attack through an encrypted military frequency. It wasn't long before local seismic activity changed drastically, with scientists able to predict the fact that a massive tsunami was coming for the cities. Coupled with rush hour traffic, this meant that the bridges connecting the sister cities were filled to the brim. Defenseless, as the waves could be seen in the distance. Nearing by the minute. The frantic sense of fear overwhelming the drivers did nothing to speed up the egress issue. In fact, people started getting into car accidents in a desperate bid to escape the bridges. Unintentionally trapping themselves and others and dooming them to their fate. That was unless aid happened to arrive in a timely manner.
  5. OOC thread for this thread. @SomethingHere @TheAbsurdist Initiatives, if you would!
  6. GM August 4th, 2017 Outside the Eastern Seaboard Bank, Lincoln Branch Summer was fading away. It was still too hot for non-summer wear, but every Freedonian felt the chill coming off the bay a little stronger each day. They were cramming as much summer into their lives as they could. Including the criminals. With a shattering *SKREE* the bank's windows exploded outward, letting a dozen women in yellow and black, ski masks with welding glass on their heads and chunky electro-punk guns in their hands, into the streets of Freedom! At that moment, ensconced in a limousine that he had, on some unaccountable urge, called from its cubby hole back at the Transnational Building, Amir al-Misri had spent the last half hour with a voluable redheaded man with a thick beard, a $350 haircut streaked with a light dusting of grey, and a 12,000,000 watt smile. Max Mars, of MarsTech, who had somehow talked him into listening to a spiel about wave power generators. The explosion had, mercifully forced him to pause and politely wait until the crisis was resolved. Meanwhile, just down the street was a certain Carol, who unlike the rest of the running, shouting Freedonian, could do something about this.
  7. Freedom City. North End. The Southern Queen. 1 PM. Maybelle McQueen was having a lovely day. It was the lunch rush. Dishes had to be cooked fast, served fast, and cleared fast. Her waitstaff was up to the task today. Her kitchen staff was on fire. Man, she’s really picked some good supporting staff. David, Matt, and Peter followed her orders precisely, and were more than competent. At times, even their creativity met her standards. Rose, Martha, Amy, and Clara kept the dining area both in order and moving. Everything was going just fine today. Maybelle grinning and slid the dish she was cooking onto a waiting plate. “Order up! Vegetarian stir fry with tofu balls!”
  8. May 8, 2017. Tortuga, Haiti. The Bonny Read Tavern. Just After Sunrise. AEGIS agent Hannah Snell sighed as she looked at the tattered remnants of the Bonny Read Tavern. She didn’t know how she got herself into these things. Her mum back in Devonshire would say it was her desperate need for adventure. She sorted through the sleeping and/or battered unconscious figures scattered throughout the tavern with her eyes, hands, and (occasionally) fists, until she settled on one. “Oi.” She prodded the sleeping figure with her boot. “Oi. Flint.” What happened here last night would live in infamy…until next weekend, at the least. And it was at least half this woman’s fault. With the woman not waking from her rum induced slumber so easily, Hannah Snell decided to just go for it, and kicked the pirate captain in the side. Hard. “Oi. Get up, Flint. Need your ‘elp. Some pillock thought it’d be brilliant to resurrect a few old pirates for a lark. Needless to say, the prat’s dead and they’re on the loose.” Snell kicked the pirate again. “So get up, you lazy sod. You’ve got work to do.”
  9. OOC for this. As always, ask me anything.
  10. Syke's Gym. 3:00 PM, Jan. 23rd. It was an empty boxing gym, well more or less. Except for two people, Amir al-Misri, and Anastasia van Cleef. In other aspects, though it was clean, well lit and maintained. The mats pristine. It as a good neutral ground to learn from the daughter of someone he sort of kind of knew in business. "You're a colossal ass," came the snark statement from Ms. van Cleef, assistant, indispensable 'Dragon of the Summit.' She tapped away furiously on her phone, not deigning to lift her head and look at Amir making a colossal... well what she really wanted to say she wasn't going to. Not that she was going to be prudent and keep her mouth shut, but she really didn't want to pick that fight. Though, insulting him from the sidelines was fitting in with the ice cold blonde, in her smart grey suit. For his part Amir stood off to the side, well in the ring ring, leaning on the ropes. He was more or less dressed for learning how to fight better. Though it was more dressed in a sort of, he didn't know what else to wear type get up of t-shirt and boxing shorts, with his normal burgundy and gold coloring. "Jealous? I understand, completely." Smirking back at her, "As my ass is gosh-darned adorable, I will have you know." "Whatever it takes for you to feel better about yourself, Amir," was the tart reply, and staccato annoyed rat-tat-tat of her fingers on the screen..
  11. GM Elysian Forest, York Hill, Emerald Enclave Retreat Cabin , Emerald City, Oregon "...I am so glad to see so many unfamiliar faces here today!" Max Mars grinned out at the crowd from the stage, artistically set into a rock slab cloven by a trickling stream. The meeting room was walled in glass and metal, the ceiling admitting light falling golden and green through the boughs of pines swaying high above. The hundreds of guests were scattered at low Japanese-style tables laden with delicacies from dozens of countries. They'd been through four other speakers, starting in the morning and interspersed with music and other entertainments. Mars was the fundraiser's host and had gone to extravagant lengths to impress on the visitors what a great idea it would be to help fund the preservation of the Pacific Coast rainforests. Or, more precisely, to help fund technology that would help protect them. "We don't all live here, but all of us need this and other natural resources to stay in business. We need these just to live, folks, without paying Mother Nature a tax Uncle Sam can only dream of. In particular I'd like to thank-" His bright green eyes flashed across the holoprompter embedded in his contact lenses, an inhman mind whirring over the unusual names literally faster than thought. "-Amir ibn Jafar ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Misri, of al-Misri Holdings and Antoinette Baudin of Danger International! Come on up, you two!" In the deep woods, the polite applause and brief swell of congratulatory music stood out even more than would in the city below. And the ringing seemed to last even longer than usual as the two were collected by ushers and brought on stage. Max Mars was a full foot shorter than Amir and even Tona towered over his leonine-haired head, which do nothing to shake the irrepressible glee in his cat-green eyes. Extending a vigorous handshake to both of them and an ostentatious air-kiss next to Tona's ear (his beard scratching her cheek), Mars nodded to the crowd "Why don't you say a few words, let us all know a little about the good people we'll be working with?" His grin and expectant looks from the other guests brooked no refusal.
  12. The Liberty Dome was situated between Midtown and the Theater District. A large events complex where the city’s major sports teams play. The 80,000-seat stadium also plays host to other sporting events as well as major concerts and shows during the year. It modern and modular and able host something like the high end charity concert (a couple grand for the privilege), as well as have facilities for the after party. It also had a dumb name. Well Amir felt that was the case, it felt so dated, but then he supposed that was better than auctioning off the naming rights every five to ten years. At least the Europeans had that right with their naming conventions for such buildings, sports economics notwithstanding. As per usual he had arrived in high fashion, in his latest acquisition a 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante, sky blue with white trim. It cost him quite a bit, and he wondered, precisely, how much was the car for himself or the image he had cultivated carefully. He still liked it, however. What he didn't like was this concert, he was here to support the charity, something... he couldn't remember which one as he did so many. He couldn't get away with spending money on one of these things and then disappearing. He'd eat it in the press, and the rumor mill. It didn't help that Agnus was performing. So... here he was, trying to not interact with Agnus, while doing his best to be personable. Fortunately her hair made her easy to track, and adjust his path and everything accordingly, managing to come across extra 'not entirely present' tonight, while simultaneously wishing he could get three sheets to the wind.
  13. OOC thread for this thread. @Raveled @TheAbsurdist Blue Jay and Asad fight a chase thing. Okay RAVELED, here are the rolls: DC20 Notice to hear the engines of the badfolks before they arrive, if successful +5 to the following Reflex and Initiative rolls. DC15 Reflex from Blue Jay and Asad to dodge the shower of glass when the F.O.E. potentiate descends. Fail and you get a Bruise. Two initiative rolls, choose the higher for the encounter at the Enclave Retreat. Second for the chase scene through the Elysian Forest. Using Dreadnought and the Air Cavalry from the Emerald City Knights campaign for the baddies. Dreadnought("Air-Martial") first initiative: 25, second: 13 Drones: 22. Second: 17 Regardless, Asad gets a HP for his Misery Girl being flung into the sky, and Blue Jay gets one for being caught in her civilian ID. Assuming Blue Jay hijacks one of the drones to serve as aerial mount or otherwise gains some fast-moving capacitium, or Stunts a faster Swinging. And for the chase scene, please roll three Reflex saves at DC15, 18, then 20 to try and keep up with each section of the sky-flight, and an Attack roll to destroy the drones and free the captured guests, vs DC19. After that, Dreadnought slips out of his armor and leaves it to fight the heroes. It takes three hits and then self-destructs convincingly. DC15 to hit and +15 Toughness. If any escape with their valuable cargo, they tie into the later group thread.
  14. 8PM, Febuary 25th, 2017. Morley's. The scene for a fundraiser for the the medical costs of some sick police officers. It was hard to imagine Amir al-Misri attending a more down at heels event like this, at random. Yet, here he was. Without an invite, but with a fat checkbook. Of course he had reached out to the hospital and simply paid for all of the related bills. It wasn't announced either. Sure he could afford it, but frankly he liked being human sometimes. Even if, at about a hour in, and he showing his ability to drink alcohol with minimal effects. Hell he bet them they wouldn't been able to get a blood alcohol reading on the breathalyzer at the end of the night. It would seem that for some aspects of halaal the super powered billionaire with movie star looks did not keep (yes he stated a good bit of his lot in life was luck). Pork was right out though. And at this moment he was laughing loudly, at a joke told by one Detective Kirkendahl, a blond man in an suit that was a bit too large, as if he had lose weight recently. The clap on the detective's back was a bit, meaty swat, though without any super-strength behind it. "... he... he was... caught by his... Ah... on the fence? Ahhhhh-hahahahahahahaha!" He pounded on the table, managing to catch the pint glass before it fell over, as his shoulder shoot with mirth.
  15. GM February 12th, Friday, 2016 Summit Transnational building, meeting room 5, floor 10, Wading Way, Freedom City As far as company reps went, the people sent by ailing power and research firm Redshift Energy of Washington weren't much to inspire confidence. Mostly either noticeably young new blood still uncomfortable in their stiff shirts, or old company men who had the tired, rumpled look of somebody going through the motions until retirement, they filled the meeting room with a nervous atmosphere. Meanwhile, quite at his ease, a African-American man in his late twenties had already taken his seat and was quickly reading over a briefcase full of papers crammed with atomic formulae. One of his associates had to quickly nudge him in the shoulder to alert him the entrance of their host at Summit Transnational, Amir ibn Jafar ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Misri. With a hurried, apologetic and distracted smile, the man stood up and joined the other reps. An older man stepped up, offering his pale, soft hand to the imposing philanthropist. "Er, Michael Monday, Mr. Misri, of Redshift Energy. Glad you could meet us, it's a wonderful opportunity for both of our companies." All the Redshift people tried to look like they agreed, the young man with the briefcase looking entirely, naturally confident in contrast. Outside, the city was frosted with snow and clinging ice, but in the conference room the pale sunlight mingled with the warm florescents to cast a strangely tranquil TV-like colour over the walls and long table. Very thoughtfully, someone had put coffee and pastries around, so everyone could be even more jittery than they already were.
  16. GM Lincoln 18th April, Mid Afternoon The small apartment of Mr Dwayne Dee, Esq was a riot. In that it looked like a riot had stormed through it. Unwashed clothes, pizza boxes, and microwave meals peppered the floor like an abstract painting. Wires and electronics and computers without any discernible organisation lay on DIY furniture. These were the friends and loves of Mr Dwayne Dee, Esq. But right now, Mr Dwayne Dee had found “the one”. And he was most excited about it. So excited, in fact, he had elected to call his sister about it. “Sis, sis! I have met someone! On the internet! She really understands me! I think it’s love!” He paused to wobble off some meaningless computer jargon, his head spinning from the electronics around him. “You have to come over! HEEELLLLP!” he wailed, lost in this novel situation and equally novel emotions. Dwayne was overcome with excitement and anxiety, to torturous level.
  17. OOC for this Spies, Cyberintermaweb, Barbados, Fish Factories, Love, Loyalty and stuff.
  18. Sunday April 24, 2016 Nuevo Laredo, Mexico There have been some interesting reports from Freedom City for the last few days - but honestly the news from Freedom City is usually full of something interesting or another. Nuevo Laredo was a dangerous city - its status as the busiest inland port in Mexico made it a hotbed of cartel activity, crime and violence such serious problems that even families separated by the border only met on the American side to avoid the risk of street violence. And yet even so, the people that lived there lived better than any prole in the Terminus - better than those people could have dreamed. In the trainyards, as the local security monitored the loading of Dragonfly's new electronic decompilers into the cars of the Southern Pacific, Steve Murdock brooded on these thoughts, and more besides, his dark mood a strange contrast to the "Pixar-blue" sky overhead complete with perfect white puffy clouds dotted here and there. "Thank you for coming, Echo," he said in a moment when his speedy teammate joined him on top of the train where he crouched, watching the work. Of all the Interceptors, Echo was the one with the simplest passport card - no wonder, for a woman who could cross borders when it suited her fancy. "The men appreciate seeing an American superhero - and I appreciate a comrade here. I apologize I am not a better companion." And with that, as he had been doing so often since they arrived, he fell silent. - Getting assigned as a superhero 'ridealong' to the famous Asad had proven to be a real coup for Sparkler and El Huracan - the wealthy playboy had had no real superbattles to fight during a week when business had taken him down to south Texas to supervise the acquisition of Multimedios Radio, one of the largest Norteño stations in the region, a gateway towards making a real financial push into the relatively untapped media market that was northern Mexico. Now he'd crossed the border to actually sign the papers that would make this territory part of his business empire, bringing with him his business staff and the two teenage heroes who hadn't had very much to do this week. The Crowne Plaza Hotel might not have been very big at 12 stories high - but it was the largest building in Nuevo Laredo. From the penthouse suite that Asad's party had rented for the occasion, the group could see out over the struggling city. From this high up, and behind glass, it was impossible to see the city's troubles, or hear them; just to see a nice, sunny day and a thriving commercial metropolis below them. The streets all around here were crowded with semitrucks, thicker than any the teens had seen even back in major cities in the States, making things far easier for those who could fly.
  19. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland September 4, 2015 10:24 AM local time It had been several months since the members of Vanguard had been at the headquarters for UNISON, when they had joined several other heroes, and even villains, in protecting the base from the Communion until the Uni-Storm space fighters had been able to launch as part of a counteroffensive against the Incursion. The damage the buildings and surrounding town had suffered in that battle had all been repaired, one would not even have known that the battle had taken place now looking about. While the headquarters building was bustling with activity, it was not as hectic and desperate as it had been during that last visit. UNISON personnel were busy going about the daily routine of helping run and coordinate the international agency. Although the members of Vanguard had received a few stares as they had been led through the building toward an upper level conference room, they had been mostly brief. After all, the agency had a great deal of contact with superheroes, including having a number as agents. Today the four members of Vanguard had been led into a conference room with a long rectangular table capable of sitting over a dozen people. The UNISON staff member that had guided them to the room had provided water or other refreshments, then left them alone, stating that Colonel Ellis would be with them shortly.
  20. Thevshi

    Favored Son

    Midtown, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday February 23, 2016 7:15 PM The lights of Midtown seemed almost to blur past as Jason Draco drove through the busy streets near Liberty Park. Although it was late evening, there was still plenty of traffic in this part of the city, and at least some of it was on account of the event to which Jason was making his way. Up ahead, just across 52nd Avenue from Liberty Park stood the mansion of the Midnight Society, an old stone building with several towers and peaked roofs. The massive building was set back from the street, its large grounds separated from the sidewalk by stone walls. A wide iron gate provided a path through the section of stone wall along 52nd Avenue and into the circular driveway which led to the front of the mansion. As Jason drove through, he joined a small line of cars which were delivering their passengers to the event being hosted by the Society this evening. Several uniformed valets could be seen moving about, opening doors for those inside the stopped cars ahead. Jason had of course been to many events here while he was growing up, his parents having been members of the Midnight Society. But this would be the first real time he had attended an event on his own, the invitation having been sent directly to him.
  21. Freedom College, Harbridge Dorm Common Room Monday, December 1, 2014 3:59 AM Thanksgiving had come and gone, finals season was on the horizon, and no one was forgiving. There weren't many finals coming Eliza's way - half her classes were working on the idea of term papers and final presentations. But the other half did have some sort of exam component to the home stretch, and she wanted to be ready. And something about the encounter with the muggers on the night's patrol had left her wired and unable to get to sleep. With little else to do, she decamped to the common room and assembled flash cards from her textbooks, the TV blaring on in front of her. "Feeling restless?" Eliza looked up - it was Samantha, one of the RAs. She was clad in a bathrobe and clutching a mug of cocoa. "Your first finals season. It happens to all of us. Don't worry, you'll survive mostly intact." "Yeah, well," she said, "helps to make sure." Samantha plopped down on the couch behind her as she kept assembling cards on early playwrights and their works. "You usually watch TV when you can't sleep?" "Helps to lull. Always been hypnotic, since I was young. Never seen this one before, though..." Temperance looked up at the screen. A cheery yellow font advertised Five by Five!, backed up by a jaunty riff with trumpets. Going by the opening credits, it was a sitcom about a military family of five growing up in somewhat cramped on-base housing. "Maybe it's one of the short-lived ones," she said, as two of the family's kids flinched after a chance encounter with the gunnery sergeant descended into wordless shouting. "Sometimes they do that. Package all the forgotten classics of yesteryear --" 'Yeah, well, it looks interesting," said Samantha. "Looks like it would've been early Eighties, so while 'Nam was still hanging over everyone's head. Trying to normalize and lighten up the military while the shadow of a bloody conflict still hung in the popular consciousness, not unlike that Enlisted show last season - sorry, Media Studies student. This just comes naturally." Eliza smiled, then turned back to the screen. The credits didn't seem to be ending yet, even though the opening montage had now segued to the father in a live fire exercise. Something seemed to flicker on the screen, a motion out of the corner of the frame. "Wait. Did you see that?" "See what? I didn't --" And then, to that same jaunty Eighties soundtrack, the soldier right next to the father went down in a blaze of bullets, blood gushing from the wounds. The father turned in panic, only to take a round right in the temple. "Oh, Jesus!" As the music played on, the base was attacked by unseen foes, dressed in regalia Temperance didn't recognize. In that same montage style, the base was sacked, the soldiers and their families taken out one by one... and Eliza swore she could see something flickering through the static, lurking behind the scenery... "Change the channel!" Samantha reached for the remote, just as the wife's hand touched the camera, leaving a bloody handprint as she slid out of view. The channel flipped... to an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, already in progress. As if testing the waters, Samantha flipped back to find a rerun of Friends where Five by Five! had been. "...the **** was that?" "Probably some sort of prank. Like that creepypasta stuff that goes around the Internet." But Eliza couldn't shake the sensation that she had seen something in the broadcast. Something guiding the imagery...
  22. Wherein Temperance, Fast Forward, Hologram, Asad, and Miss Grue learn that it takes a lot to make a stew... Feel free to describe your character encountering a television program in the wee hours of the morning that descends into utter madness and bloodshed.
  23. Penthouse, Henderson Apartments, Downtown Freedom City 04:00 am 19th June 2015, First Day of Ramadan Agnus was gently woken from her sleep, snuggled against Amir, by Taylor declaring another beef about someone. Luckily she didn’t need much sleep and she quickly adjusted to the time zones she skipped everyday. And even she had been all tuckered out by what they’d done last night, probably the last time they’d get to do that for a month. “Come on sleepy head time to get up. It’s you that want’s to have breakfast at this ungodly hour.” It was around nine UK time, but she left that part out. Slipping out of bed she padded over naked to the massive window that gave amazing views over the city, without anyone else being able to see what they were doing. Which was quite useful as INS, Aegis and maybe even the League might want to know how and why she was in the country. She still felt a little guilty that this bedroom was probably bigger than her parents entire house, though they stubbornly refused to let her to buy them a bigger home. “You’ve still haven’t told us where we eating this morning.” she put the word morning i air quotes “I need to decide what I’m going to wear to breakfast, it takes a lot of time and effort to fit all this under a Hijab.” she gestured to her mass of hair.
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