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Found 9 results

  1. GM Ardor asteroid belt just a few light years inside Lor Space Along the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1881.7 [January 16, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] The Ardor asteroid belt was a collection of various sized asteroids that stretched nearly half a light year along one of the boarders of Lor Space. For centuries it has lay well away from any inhabited Lor systems and thus was out of the path of any regular trade lanes. However, that had changed several cycles ago, back before the Incursion, when a Quantum Dark Zone singularity had caused the belt to migrate, pulling it closer to one of the outer space lanes of the Republic. A team of Lor scientists along with Terran scientist Quentin Quill had gone to investigate the singularity. However, Quill was accidently pulled into the singularity during the investigation and the Lor science team eventually returned to Lor-Van. And then the Communion arrived. The singularity had been all but forgotten by the Republic during the Communion War and the aftermath. That was until almost one Terran year ago, when Quentin Quill managed to free himself from the singularity. But even then, the Lor had not resumed study of the anomaly and it was ignored once more. Less than one standard day ago, when the passive sensors of the Lor research laboratory situated on of the larges asteroids in the belt had detected a massive energy shift from within the singularity, sending the readings back to the Republic…
  2. Unknown Wednesday February 14, 2018 (hopefully) When Rev and SFX entered the portal, they immediately felt as if they were being pulled forward at incredible speed, yet at the same time felt as if they were going nowhere. All around bright light flashed by, creating a sort of tunnel around them. Just a little ways ahead of them were the simulacrums who were still holding on to Lawrence. However, some sort of distortion appeared around the three, appearing to be centered on Lawrence. "You will be taken to the master." Said the simulacrum that looked like Robert. "It is inevitable."
  3. GM Kestevan 79 Coalition Victory Station Lor time mark 1482.4 [April 2, 2016 (Terran Calender)] The slightly over a year that had passed since the Battle of Kestevan 79 and the defeat of the Communion had seen the former Communion mothership converted into a thriving center of galactic trade and politics. Multiple city sized sections of the former Communion mothership had been converted into living areas, markets and commercial districts, ship yards, industrial facilities, and all the other amenities one would expect of advance spacefaring societies. The station had become a truly cosmopolitan collection of the various galactic civilizations that had made up the Coalition that had defeated the Communion. Within the station there could be found representatives from all the races that made of the former Coalition members, and beyond. While it was not uncommon for tensions to exist between those that had long been enemies, those feeling were somewhat offset by the promise that the station represented, when those former enemies had come together to face a common foe and ensure the survival of all. But today, the normal routine of the vast space station had been disrupted, at least for the organizations aboard with sensor equipment that scanned the area around the station and monitored the traffic at the nearby wormhole which connected the remote system to other parts of the known galaxy. Just a short while ago, a Stellar Khanate cruiser had emerged from the wormhole, quickly causing the many smaller transports that were flying to or from the wormhole to scatter from its path. The Khanate cruiser approached CoVic Station at a steady pace, not making any overtly hostile movements. As best as the many sensors scanning it could tell, the cruiser had not charged any of its many weapons. Then, a transmission was sent from the Khanate cruiser to CoVic Station, focused on the channels used by the various governmental embassies, the station peacekeepers and administrators, and the Praetorians. "Greetings, I am Ambassador Draan Raal of the Stellar Khanate." Stated a stern and confident Zultasian noble in GalStandard. "I am here on behalf of the great Kinan Khan and request an audience with the ambassadors of the Lor Republic, Grue Unity and other governments that made up the Coalition Council which have official embassies aboard Coalition Victory Station."
  4. Lor Timemark 1329.7 - February 28, 2015 Repiuk System Asteroid Belt When rich ore deposits had been discovered in the asteroid belt of a system with no habitable worlds nearly a hundred and fifty years prior it had drawn in a rush of prospectors, independent fortune seekers and small companies looking to stake a claim that would set them and their families up for generations. As the demands of the galactic economy shifted and the best veins had been tapped out, however, the cost of refinement had risen past the profitability of the belt and one by one facilities had been abandoned, subterranean ghost towns riddling the asteroids with tunnels and shafts. Decades later those abandoned mines would serve as a base of operations for a vicious pirate fleet, their leader cannily realizing that the remaining deposits of heavy metals would play havoc with snooping sensor sweeps. They'd been found out by the Star Knights nevertheless and soundly routed, leaving another layer of abandoned equipment in their wake. It was Sri A'Lan Koor who had remembered those raids and suggested the belt, a remote location of no military significance or appeal to the Communion, as a staging area for the Coalition forces. For the past three months the secret had remained kept, long enough for the leaders of the Coalition to feel secure gathering together in one room as they planned out their last, best chance to drive out the invading menace. Standing at the war table the veteran Star Knight had to wonder if they weren't going to do the Communion's job for it. "You need to pull your head out of whatever orifice you've shapeshifted for defecation purposes," Senator Diena Th'emme told the Grue Arcane across from her flatly, fingertips pressed firmly against the surface of the horizontal display between them. The tall, imperious woman managed to make even the utilitarian grey jumpsuit she was wearing come across as regalia, her honey blonde hair done up in a crisp bun. "We have a precise window of opportunity. What troops we can spare to assault the communication relay will have to be enough." The short, stocky being to her made a fluting growl, waving fur covered hands for emphasis as his translator box did its work in an incongruously light soprano. "You would send them to their deaths and for what?" Minister Ch'rrr had rallied a number of worlds to the Coalition's banner in his home sector but was by nature disinclined toward risk taking. "The slim hope of a possible advantage for a doomed plan? Your ancestors' pardon, Citizen Tulink, but I cannot place so much faith in a single simulacrum. Surely you agree, Praetorian Val-Ren?"
  5. We'll need this soon enough!
  6. Aboard the Nomad The edge of the Lor Republic 19 Hours After Destruction of Lor-Van Aya K'zan, also known as Corona, had received a transmission about the attack on Lor-Van far too late for her to be able to try to get there aboard the Nomad. After learning of the destruction of the capital of the Republic at the hands of some new enemy called the Communion, she had contacted two of the few allies she had made since her arrival on Earth, a human Emily Stenford, also known as Mechanized; and another off-worlder, Memorial, formally of Belran. As it turned out, Memorial knew a good deal about the Communion, making it an even easier decision for Corona to bring her along. The three had been heading to try to rendezvous with the Lor fleet on the Nomad when they had received a transmission from Lor Fleet Command. With the chaos the Communion attacks had brought, and the Star Knights shifting their forces to help address the threat, large sections of space had been left unpatrolled or defended. Reports had come in from systems just along the spinward boarder of the Republic about increased pirate activity, capitalizing on the chaos and absence of Star Knights. Command had ordered Corona to alter course to investigate the activity and deal with it, noting that it was the sector assigned to one of the Star Knights that had died trying to defend Lor-Van. Corona had also been directed to make a stop to pick up an additional passenger from a system along the way, a Tempestian known as Galvanic, who had been known to provide help to those in need since leaving Tempest. Now with Galvanic aboard, the Nomad was well underway towards the sector of space that had seen the worst increase in pirate activity.
  7. OOC for thread. You can go ahead and make opposed Int checks for the chess game if you really want. Kn: Tactics would likely be appropriate as well.
  8. Galvanic Power Level: 12/13 (200/206 PP)Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage (melee); -4 Defense / +4 ToughnessUnspent Power Points: 6 In Brief: Empowered paragon from a race of electrical aliens Residence: No fixed abodeBase of Operations: None (wandering hero) Alternate Identity: Chlo'zel ElzakIdentity: Public, although irrelevant outwith TempestBirthplace: The planet Tempest.Occupation: Climate scientist/full-time superheroAffiliations: None formalFamily: Mother, father and sister on Tempest Description:Age: 23 Earth years (born 1993)Apparent Age: Human equivalent of 20-25Species: TempestianHeight: 5'1''Weight: 95 lbsEyes: Deep redHair: White Chlo'zel is a Tempestian, and thus has the characteristic blue skin of her people. Hers is a darker, Cerulean hue. She is also of a Tempestian ethnicity which doesn't have the visible antennae on the forehead that most of the species do, although small circles under the skin can be seen glowing slightly when using her innate abilities. Her most prominent physical attribute is her height. She is very short, and slender but for some level of whipcord-thin muscle, belying the massive strength and durability her powers lend her. Her face is heart-shaped, with a somewhat sharp and pronounced chin and nose. Naturally excitable and inquisitive, her expression is usually set in a smile, frantic discussion, or a mix of both, red eyes literally sparking with intelligence. She wears her shoulder-length white hair loose and free, apparently Tempestian electric immunity extending to not frazzling her tresses. Off-duty, she usually wears a simple tunic and boots, customary to the oft-simple lifestyle enjoyed on Tempest. As Galvanic, she dresses a little more dramatically. She wears a gold-yellow coat with long floor-length tails, with blood-red trim on the cuffs, tail and front clasps. Beneath, she wears a leotard and leggings of a pale icy blue, and leather knee-high boots; made from the pale orange hide of the Tempestian wrackbeast. Power Descriptions: Chlo'zel is a Tempestian, and thus has innate powers to absorb and direct electrical energy in a variety of forms. While most of her people simply use this ability to redirect the lightning strikes from the storms which assail their planet, Chlo'zel is one of those who have applied effort and ingenuity into a variety of uses. Not only can she accurately direct bolts of lighting at her foes, she can wreath her body in it to harm enemies, produce blinding surges of arc lightning, and most impressively of all, convert her body into a seething mass of electromagnetic energy to propel herself through the hard vacuum of space. She can project her energy in an electromagnetic field that resists attack and dissipates some forms of energy entirely. If she focuses the field, she can disperse the effects of environmental conditions, and power the chemical reactions keeping her alive through stored electricity like a biological battery. Doing so, however, leaves her more vulnerable to assault. Her lightning takes on varying shades of blue and white, her projected blasts being the bluest, her energy fields much whiter, and her electromagnetic form somewhere in between. However, vulnerable is relative. The effects of the terraformer backlash extensively mutated her Tempestian physiology to impossible levels. She can lift and hurl phenomenal weights, resist massively heightened levels of physical stress and damage with little effect, and soar through the air at high speeds. She uses her powerful intellect to complement these powers, with such feats as turning into electricity so as to move unimpeded at even higher speeds through the air, or send shockwaves of displaced air rushing at foes. One weakness, however, is due to the properties of water. Pure water does not conduct electricity, whereas mineral deposits in impure water conduct it quite well. This means that, if soaked in it, she is unable to project the electricity past the water and is thus hampered from using her electrical powers. History: The world of Tempest is not one to produce galactic adventurers. It is riven by storms, its people surviving due to an ability to absorb and redirect the lightning. But the same storms also shred technology and make travel on and off planet fraught at best. As such, it's generally backwater and peaceful, not huge on technology, but developed in civilisation. There are few wars, as the sy itself rages against the planet. They are allies to the Lor Republic, and like them likely evolved from humans dispersed by Precursors. But beyond a few travellers and members of the Lor military and various mercenary bands, Tempestians are not big news on the galactic stage. Growing up on a small farmstead there, Chlo'zel Elzak was always a very bright girl. She delighted in the rocks, the soil, even in the perpetual storm in the sky. Despite the comparative poorness of the farm, her father and mother still arranged to send her off to the best schools, what money they lacked made up for in scholarships and grants for this intelligent, friendly young woman. She accrued great expertise in geology and climatology, and through her studies saw pictures and maps of other worlds brought during some of the limited contact the planet had with the Lor. And it amazed her. All this diversity and wonder, all these different species and worlds. It was just... remarkable, to a girl from a planet with a handful of biomes and one weather pattern: atrocious. So, upon graduation, she became attached to a project to do a limited terraforming, hoping to change the weather patterns which beget the perpetual storms. In doing so, the project hoped to manage to facilitate more contact with other worlds, to perhaps be more able to travel and share knowledge, and enrich the lives of the Tempestian peoples.They built a great terraforming tower, insulated and shielded, hoping to fire a directed pulse and disrupt the storm clouds. The loss of equilibrium would hopefully lead to periods of time where the storms were much weakened. It might have worked, were it not for one of the worst storms on record. As Chlo'zel and her colleagues laboured, one of the greatest storms in recorded history converged on the tower. Lightning struck again and again, melting the insulation, weakening the structural integrity of the entire project. Many scientists fled, but a hardbitten few tried to salvage some of the equipment, fighting to keep as much of it undamaged as possible. At the height of the assault, parts of the reactor began to melt down, driving the very last of the scientists away. Not Chlo'zel. She'd always wanted to see new worlds. To explore the universe. And so she stayed, and tried to activate the directed pulsar early. The reactor exploded, and the whole structure seemed to shake with the pulse, crumbling in on itself even as the storm abated. The scientists stood shocked as the dust cloud settled... to reveal Chlo'zel flying through the wreckage unharmed at great speed, give great powers by the irradiated chemicals and energy being driven into her system as the lightning has pummeled her. She found she could lift great weights, and didn't tire. At first, she used her abilities to help clear the wreckage and salvage the wounded or dead, and any equipment to perhaps, one day, try the project again. But she grew restless, increasingly pacing the clouds, experimenting with her limits by wrestling native beasts. This climaxed with her one day shooting up, and up, faster and faster, igniting her mass into electrical energy as she went, and bursting through the storm-hewn atmosphere... ... and she saw the stars. It was only a matter of time before, having sufficiently mastered fine control enough to attempt personal space travel, she left. To look for new worlds, new species. To study and to help them. To see the universe, and to, if one day it needed it, defend it. Personality & Motivation: Chlo'zel is a genuinely vivacious, friendly person. Hailing from a backwater world, she is still full of wonder at the wider universe and the people and places in it. Still young, yet also possessed of a keen scientific mind, she has both the unbridled enthusiasm of the young, and the excitement at small natural processes innate to climatologist and geologists. This does, however, often leave her rambling on and occasionally putting her foot in her mouth, or getting distracted by something when a larger issue looms. There is still a little of the farmgirl in her, and at times she can be painfully naive to things such as galactic politics and xenophobia. This can be a boon, as even the weirdest most tentacled gribbly alien doesn't disturb her, and she will merrily talk to it. It also means she's somewhat ignorant to the scale of the threat presented by the Khanate or Grue. Nonetheless, when she does recognise a threat, she can harden, unrelentingly defending those around her by charging into battle. What she lacks in experience or formal combat training, she makes up for in determination and raw power. What ultimately drives her is her past. Tempest is a storm-beset planet, which limits technology use. While they're aware of other worlds and people, space travel is unreliable given the difficulty in getting craft on and off the planet. Thus, when she soared above the raging storms and gazed upon the stars, she saw something wonderful and beautiful and terrifying. And she still finds it so, and will stand firm if it needs defending. Complications: Battery's Nearly Dead: Tempestians in general, while mainly absorbing and redirecting energy, aren't that limited off-world. Ambient static, the electric potentials their body produces, varying levels of innate aptitude for lightning bolts, there are various factors meaning they don't really need to 'charge up'. Galvanic has quite developed electrical powers, but isn't an unlimited font. Prolonged fighting won't really drain her, nor will long period uses of her powers. However, consistently using Extra Effort and Extraordinary Effort, especially when already wounded or tired, can lead to her powers reducing in rank or shutting off until she can regain her strength or find a power outlet or a friendly teammate with a lightning gun... Fun with Magnets: Tempestian electric powers can have some unforeseen magnetic effects, although Chlo'zel rarely consciously harnesses that due to her massive strength. However, use of her powers can sometimes disrupt or move magnetized objects, and on the flipside, concentrated and powerful magnetic fields can disrupt her attacks and if strong enough, shut down her ability to project electricity. Fzzzzt! Equipment on Tempest is made to last, as its air, animals and inhabitants are shooting, absorbing and redirecting lightning storms here there and everywhere. While Chlo'zel does have control over her powers, accidents do happen and it's possible she could flash-fry your food replicator. Let Me Strike This Awesome Pose: At heart, Chlo'zel is a bit of a showboat. She enjoys dramatically bursting onto a battlefield and hovering arms folded as laser shots bounce harmlessly from her force fields. However, this could prove a disadvantage when more superpowers come into play, as the posing and showboating makes her more vulnerable to attacks which can injure her. Oh My God, Fjords! A gifted geologist and climatologist from a planet with a quite singular biosphere, Chlo'zel finds alien environments simply fascinating. It's easier to divert her attention by showing her a beautifully clear starry night, a lush and not-at-all-wrecked-by-storms forest, a light rain shower not accompanied by explosive thunder... In Earth terms, she's the Australian who hasn't seen snow in person yet. Pollyanna: Chlo'zel is still new to the wider galactic realm, and is thus ignorant to many local customs, politics, enemies and dangers. As such, the issues she faces include a wide variety of problems, from accidentally offending your host or local political group, not realising she's talking to and possibly being manipulated by villains, or trying to pet the carnivorous death kitty of Zoltran VIIII. Rollin' On Into Town: Since leaving Tempest, Chlo'zel has had no fixed abode. She rolls into a planet/town/space station, helps with any troubles they may have, and then moves on. This has a number of effects. Firstly, her Wealth level is Impoverished. Secondly, due to the scarcity of Tempestians in the galaxy, and the fact she is very very often new to an area, the locals may not immediately trust her, even with her sunny disposition. Abilities: 4 + 0 + 6 + 8 + 2 + 2 = 22PPStrength 14/45 (+2/+17)Dexterity 10 (+0)Constitution 16/38 (+3/+14)Intelligence 18 (+4)Wisdom 12 (+1)Charisma 12 (+1) Combat: 12 + 8 = 20PPInitiative: +4Attack: +6, +7 melee, +12 Electrical ControlGrapple: +9, +25 with powers, up to +32 with full Super-StrengthDefense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-FootedKnockback: -1/-8, [-14 vs energy attacks] Saving Throws: 1 + 5 + 6 = 12PPToughness: +3/+16 (+3/+14 Con, +2 Protection), [Impervious 12 vs energy attacks]Fortitude: +4/+15 (+3/+14 Con, +1)Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +5)Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6) Skills: 40R = 10PPComputers 6 (+10)Concentration 7 (+8)Knowledge ("Earth" sciences) 11 (+15)Knowledge (Physical sciences) 6 (+10)Language 2 (Galstandard, Lor, default: Tempestan)Notice 4 (+5)Sense Motive 4 (+5) Feats: 11PP All-out Attack Attack Focus (melee) 1 Dodge Focus 4 Environmental Adaptation (Zero-G) Improved Grapple Improved Initiative Luck 1 Power Attack Powers: 31 + 8 + 22 + 31 + 2 + 17 + 10 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 128PP Electrical Control Array 13.5 (27pp array, Power Feats: Alternate Power 4) [31pp] (alien, electric) Base Power: Blast 12 (Electrical Control, Power Feats: Accurate 3) [27pp] (alien, electric) Alternate Power: Insubstantial 3 (electrical form) [15PP]; Flight 5 (up to Flight 13 [100,000 MPH]) [10PP] and Super-Movement 1 (Space Travel 1>2 [interstellar]) [2PP] [total 27PP] (alien, electric, electromagnetic form) Alternate Power: Damage 6 (Extras: Reaction (to melee attacks against her) [+3]) [total 24PP] (alien, electric) Alternate Power: Blast 12 (ball lightning, Extras: Area - Burst [+1], Flaws: Action - Full -1] [24PP] (alien, electric) Alternate Power: Dazzle 12 (arc lightning, visual Dazzle, Extras: Area - Cone [+1], Flaws: Range - Touch [-1]) [24PP] (alien, electric) Electromagnetic Aura Array 3.5 (7pp array, Power Feats: Alternate Power 1) [8pp] (alien, electric, force field) Base Power: Immunity 7 (all environmental effects, and suffocation; Extras: Duration - Continuous [+1), Flaws: Duration - Sustained [-1]) [7PP] (alien, electric, force field) Alternate Power: Impervious Toughness 12 (Extras: Duration - Continuous [+1], Flaws: Duration - Sustained [-1], Limited to Energy attacks [-1]) [6PP] (alien, electric, force field) Enhanced Constitution 22 (superhuman endurance) [22PP] (genetic, mutant) Enhanced Strength 31 [31PP] (genetic, mutant) Flight 1 (10MPH / 100' per round) [2pp] (genetic, mutant) Paragon Powers Array 7 (14pp array, Power Feats: Dynamic, Dynamic Alternate Power 1) [17pp] (genetic, mutant) Base Power: Flight 7 (total of 8, 2500 MPH / 25,000' per round, Feats: Dynamic, 1 Dynamic Alternate Power) [17PP] (genetic, mutant) Alternate Power: Super-Strength 7 (total of 8, heavy load: 1,600 tons) [14PP] (genetic, mutant) Immunity 10 (electrical effects) [10PP] (alien) Protection 2 [2PP] (genetic, mutant) Super-Movement 1 (space travel [interplanetary]) [2PP] (genetic, mutant) Super-Strength 1 (Heavy load: 12 tons, Power Feats: Shockwave) [3PP] (genetic, mutant)Drawbacks: 3PPPower Loss (Electrical Control array and Force Field, when wet, Common, Moderate, -3PP) DC Block: ATTACK RANGE DC EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC32 Toughness (staged) Damage (Physical) Arc Lightning Touch Cone DC22 Reflex/Fortitude Visual Dazzle, Reflex is for Area, Fort for recovery Electric aura Reaction Touch DC21 Toughness (staged) Damage (Electricity) Shockwave Touch Cone DC23 Reflex/DC 28 Tough Damage, Reflex is for Area Blast Ranged DC27 Toughness (staged) Damage (Electricity) Ball Lightning Ranged Burst DC27 Toughness (staged) Damage (Electricity) Abilities (22) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (10) + Feats (11) + Powers (128) - Drawbacks (3) = 200/205 Power Points
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