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Found 30 results

  1. GM Mt. Olympus, home of the gods, "So..." Herakles was many things. A giant of a man, girded about with a strength that had challenged the world itself to contain, conqueror of innumerable impossible tasks(innumerable only to him, admittedly, whose education hadn't got very far in mathematics before his accidental murder of his mentor Chiron the wise), faithful guardian of Olympus, even an accomplished landscaper. But he wasn't good with making complex judgements on the fly. He rubbed his stubbled jaw with a hand easily big enough to contain both Scions' heads with room to spare, frowning in concentration. "She," he pointed a finger big as a sausage at the other Scion, "is not a god, but you want her to become one? And then go back to her world? After she's become divine and then needs mortal say-so to go back?" "Yeah!" The Scion from the other Earth looked indignantly at Moira "You never said anything about this 'Pact', when the Erebus-!" She blinked at the unfamiliar word "What? Why can't I say Erebus?" "Beats me," Herakles shrugged, leaning against the mighty gates leading into the celestial domain, "she's under Apollo's eye, I'd have figured he'd say something before you two got here." A mortal would have been dwarfed by the colorful portal and its gaily-painted doors. Next to the older demi-god it looked almost awkwardly small.
  2. Dr. Estelle de Havilland's Loft. July 21st, 2018. 10:30 am So strange to be back after all these years; the maid service expertly maintained the property, so the dust motes hanging in the air were entirely of her own invention, yet Estelle saw them nonetheless. Seven years away teaching and researching abroad in Berlin, Lisbon and Tokyo had done much to scour away the distressing memories of the Gorgon's first visit to Earth, but still her heart never left this sacred space, this feeling of belonging, of home. Her hair unfurled like a silk parachute, several fine tendrils depositing her bags upstairs in the sleeping loft, while countless others stretched out to gently stroke the walls, ceiling and furnishings with the caress of a long-lost love. A strong solid pair reached up and wrapped themselves around the arms of the combination metal sculpture/'jungle gym' that hung over the loft, and effortlessly drew her upward. Estelle closed her eyes and sighed as she stripped off her dusty traveling clothes while she floated in midair, and then carried herself into the master bathroom for a long, hot and entirely wasteful shower, an indulgence, true, but one that she earned after being trapped in an international flight for nine hours, her living hair forced into a confining French braid for far too long. Depositing herself onto the sectional sofa, wrapped in her favorite fluffy bathrobe with her damp hair majestically draped over the leather upholstery, Estelle finally allowed herself a long contented sigh. "Home..."
  3. GM Lots of things happen in a city of heroes and villains. About a month ago the Terminus invaded and left a stamp on the landscape in the form of mutated citizens. Terra, Razor, Silk, and Crush were some of the 'lucky' ones. Friends through the same neighborhood, they looked after each other. These powers made it easier to do. Razor got a voice that could melt minds. Terra was lucky all the time, though she could never hit the numbers. Silk and Crush, the twins, got fire and ice powers, respectively. Things were looking up for Plantation Circle. Except for when their plans started going off. The lure of cheap thrills hit them all too easy. Terra was their lynchpin in getting away scot free. If they got caught theyd slip through the cracks and be out on a technicality. Cops in The Fens were starting to call it the Plantation Circle Clause. So much so when they were called to the scene, they almost gave up. A police call to Cleary's Jewelers? Thats where they were today. The precinct preferenced it with PCC. Plantation Circle Clause.
  4. For rolls and such, Scion and Scion go to space castle. OOC for this thread. @Moira Morley Now it be up, sorry for the wait.
  5. For the past few days Moira had received cryptic messages in coded in ancient Greek. Mutually intelligibility aside, it was like reading ancient Greek. Smart people stuff. People that could read English couldn't understand all of it. That kind of stuff. She turned to her connections on Olympus and even they had a head scratch. It was machine code. If they were on good terms with Hephaestus, they'd have it solved. But the whole deal with him and them - Aphrodite and Ares, especially - was well noted. There was a hand full of smart people who could help. This was Freedom City. Turn the corner and you could find, like, fifteen geniuses. Still, you needed connections. Not like you could just... Well, it was worth a shot? Mandjet Building, 1 August 2018, Midday. Kamala Kanufasa was a technical genius. Her business was machine code. So Moira looked to her. Showing up after lunch. Walking in the front door and asking the receptionist to speak to Ms Kanufasa.
  6. Left to right: Terra, Razor, Silk, and Crush. All wearing bandanas. But people around here know who they are. Terra is Scarlet Witch build. Razor is Songstress build with dances converted to song, dropped to PL8. Silk and Crush are Energy Controllers PL6.
  7. OOC thread for this thread. Demigodfight. @Moira Morley Roll Initiative, please. Paragons-Moira: 4.
  8. Moira was a guest employee at Silberman's since the beginning of the year. She'd pop in every Wednesday ring the register, but lately she and Lynn had an idea. What if instead of register work, she pulled in customers? She and Lynn talked about it and they both agreed that she would dress up in a costume. For the past two weeks it was successful. More people in the store, more word of mouth, more sales. Good for all. Not that she didn't get a say in the matter, but Moira generally joyed the work. She would have done it for free, but that's not how businesses work. This week she and Gretchen - the two had mended bridges over the winter months, taking to warmer climes to get to know each other better - had been talking back and forth. They would take lunch break together and wouldn't come back for the rest of the shift. A few hours later, Moira woke up in Gretchen's room, rested. She hadn't slept this peacefully in a while. No mind talk from the parents. And then she noticed her bracer was gone. That thing never left her arm! She didn't want to wake Gretchen, but Gretchen wasn't there either. hopping up from the comforting bed, she raced to put on a night dress and scoured the apartment. For her bracer. For her lover. For any signs of what happened. And nothing had happened! The only thing rustled was the things that got in the way when they came in.
  9. OOC thread for this thread. A Scion of another Earth steals the Holy Grail. @Moira Morley I apologize for taking so long. If you would, please roll Reflex/Acrobatics(whichever is higher), DC15. Wisdom at the same DC and Stealth/Dexterity(higher takes precedence) at DC10. The idea here is that Scion just leaps out and slides down the side of the skyscraper. Then steals a rando's(Marcel's)car, at which point it becomes more open.
  10. @Heritage Heroic hijinks are about to ensue!
  11. Ari


    GM Inside the SouTeq headquarters building, Thebes, Egypt, Earth-C-Tech-20970 50 years since big business superceded governments, 1 month since the creation of the Device, 45 minutes since entry, three and one-quarter seconds since things began to go wrong... With a bone-jarring impact Marcel Suvou, one of the richest and most powerful men on Earth, flew headlong into a transparent wall, the creation of exotic polymers and high-stressed metal rippling around him as he slumped awkwardly against one of the obsidian lions inexplicably ringing the office. The archaic-looking wristwatch that would have ended her for good lay peacefully on Marcel's desk. But, despite her lighting-swift kick, Scion was still in trouble. The alarm rattled and screamed through the thick, hot night air and even with the suitcase she had risked so much for mag-locked to her arm it would take a miracle to make it hers. Outside, in the halls she had been sauntering through without a care, she could hear booted feet, the heavy tread of bullbots and the ringing shrieks of hawkbots as the small army she had ghosted past just minutes ago moved to trap her. Outside, beyond the balcony, she could see the complex moving into lockdown. She could also see the relatively gentle slope of the SouTeq Building's pyramidal facade. At the least, it would be faster than walking.
  12. January 3rd, 2018 Dorm Room, Claremont Alexa sat in her room scanning through her YouTube channel at some of the comments. Her fingers did not grace the keyboard even as the screen scrolled and flicked from topic to topic. When she had been in Shanghai, her presence on her channel had been constant as her schoolwork had barely occupied a fraction of her time. Yet, with the move and transition to Claremont and her work to assimilate into American society she had barely put out anything in the past couple of months. While the comments on her work were positive, there was an undercurrent of restlessness from the posters wondering if she had dropped the channel or not. "Zhu, you need to post more!" "Where have you gone? We miss your stuff!" Of course there were some of the more rude and crude posts, but she had learned long ago to filter them out. The inevitable crude propositions and inarticulate rage that the internet seemed rife with were taken care of with a reasonably good set of filters. Still, she missed producing videos and now that she was feeling a little more settled in, the urge to create had crept back up on her. The question always was what to make this time? She was known for her special effects and short films with elaborate sets. Ideas were always the hardest part, but once she had one, then she could start laying the groundwork for it. Jumping off her own channel, she started to scan the news, looking both at current and past events. Thankfully, Freedom City had more than enough colorful material for her to look through and she was soon awash in photos of epic struggles and colorful heroes. As she was scanning she paused on a story about an Olympian hero, Scion. Reading through it she grinned as an idea for a short came to mind. She could practically picture the set with sweeping Greek architecture and who wouldn't want to do immortal special effects. Right! Idea found, now to find a leading lady. She didn't think that anyone would really want to see a comically underage Chinese girl play the part, so starring in it herself was out of the question. She didn't have the money to hire a professional, but probably could get some funds for an amateur. Especially someone who might be looking for some supplementary income. Grinning, she started a scan across social media outlets searching for someone who would have the right looks. Her ability to work the computer without having to operate it manually was a godsend as images and threads blazed by across the screen. Suddenly one paused and she gave it a good look. The woman, Moira Morley, had a face that would really suit the Greek Goddess part... well with a little post processing at least. She wasn't a professional and worked at a bar in the West End. That was about as perfect as it was going to get. Hopefully she would want the money and perhaps some exposure! To: Moira.Morley@morleyspub.com From: Zhu.Xieng@gmail.com Subject: Hi! Would you like to star in a movie? Hello, I know this is really kind of random, but I produce YouTube short movies and have been looking for someone to feature in my latest one. You have a perfect look for what I want to do and was wondering if you might be willing to spend a couple of afternoons to star in my film. I'm a student at Claremont but have some money to pay you as well as a successful channel. While the money wouldn't be great, if you are at all interested in acting, the exposure would be pretty good. I would love to meet with you and show you my work and talk over the possibility of you working with me. Sincerely, Alexa Xieng
  13. HGM


    GM Eastern Seaboard Bank Wading Way, Freedom City, New Jersey Thursday, July 27 2017 12:30 PM Tellers working lunch hours at a bank knew they were a part of the peak shift. It was the busy period when everyone could sneak away from their day to make a quick withdrawal or deposit without disrupting whatever else they had going on. That extra bit of traffic alone would account for the increase in pay for anyone working the busy shift. Anywhere else that is. For Freedom City's own E-Sea, the prime tellers were instead earning hazzard pay. Yet again the popular destination for criminals whose plans started and stopped with the words 'I want to rob a bank today', was being held up. "This is a hold up! If you don't want to get a taste of my Devil Ray's you'll--uh shut up. Yeah just shut up or else." A distorted voice called out from a jet black demonic looking helmet. It was the all too familiar site of the infamous Devil Ray. The Crime League's own superarmored aquatic thug was pointing his gauntlets at everyone. While three men wearing animal themed luchador masks (A wolf, puffer fish, and owl respectively) backed him up. The trio were making demands to be let into the safety deposit box whilst Devil Ray continued to simply bully the victims in the bank lobby. A result of which began to bring media attention to the latest E-Sea robbery.
  14. November 7th, Morleys Pub, West End. The snow fell across Freedom City like a smothering blanket in a surprise Nor'easter which hammered the proud city with over 24 inches of snow in less than six hours. Across the city, old timers were reminiscing about the Megalopolitan Blizzard of 83 and telling anyone who would listen that this paltry bit of snow hardly counted. Emergency services were out in force and with the help of many of the cities more civil minded heroes, had most of the essential services running to most of the city. The gusting winds and blistering cold at least had the tendency to keep most of the citizens indoors and those few who ventured out, seemed to find solace and company in the many cozy pubs and taverns which mostly managed to stay open. Morley's pub, home to many of the cities finest, was one such place. Offering warmth and spirits even as the storm raged just outside the wood paneled walls. The crowd was sparse, but lively, with most of them relishing the chance to have a day off their normal schedules. Sean Morley wiped clean a few glasses before walking over to the fireplace to drop another log into the glowing warmth. While it didn't really put out a ton of heat, it just made the place seem more comforting and on a day like today, that's what people were looking for.
  15. OOC thread for an alternate dimensional romp through Zemlya, an alternate Earth if Patton had invaded the USSR after WWII and lost.
  16. Lynn and Gretchen's Apartment. Tuesday, March 14th, 2017. 1:05 am It had been a long night for the Shrike; Grimalkin's website got an anonymous tip about a human trafficking operation in Greenbank, but it didn't sound like it would be too dangerous. Lynn and Gretchen had been working on inventory with a little informal help from their new roomie Moira when the tip came in; thinking the situation would be quickly resolved, Gretch offered to take the op solo, though Lynn insisted she call her the minute things got too dicey. Gretch found the operation all right; it just happened to be run by a den of Greek witches who loved throwing vipers at their enemies, and hired ex-Spetsnaz 'eyegougers' for security. The young barista repeatedly tried to call Lynn, but the witches somehow blocked magical communication, which left the ringwielder fighting for her life for the better part of an hour in a freightyard. But all those hours playing first person shooters and training with Lynn really payed off; by the time the cops finally showed up, Gretch had personally subdued seven witches and nine Russian bad guys. The FCPD was suitably impressed, and the officers thanked her once they got her statement. Not ready to head home just yet, Shrike grabbed a coffee and slowly savored it on a rooftop, her feet dangling over the edge. Part of her was glad she wasn't able to reach Lynn; it was nice to know that if the chips were down and her back against the wall, she, Gretchen McDaniels, could kick serious ass. Now flying back towards home and the comforting arms of her lover, Gretch gently probed to see if Lynn was still awake; if she didn't get an immediate response, it usually meant the changeling was passed out somewhere already. If she wasn't in bed, Gretch used the Ring of Power to carefully pick her up and float her into the bedroom and tuck her in. The invisble crimefighter landed in the small lightwell patio between the two apartments and opened the door, stepping into the dining room. There was a soft flickering glow coming from the living room, which probably meant Lynn had fallen asleep watching home movies on her beloved PictureBox from Otherworld. Not wanting to wake her girlfriend, Gretch floated silently into the room to an unexpected sight: Lynn and Moira, sleeping on the sofa together under a blanket. All she could do was float and stare at the two of them for several minutes. At length, she finally crossed her arms and spoke. "Well, then."
  17. So, then. Moira Morley (alias the superheroic Scion) found herself on a wide beach. It stretched to her front and back seemingly endlessly. To her left was a tropical jungle. To her right was the ocean. How did she get here? Gods (perhaps literally) only knew. Where was she? Again, gods only knew. At least it was a cloudless day, and the sun was bright. The only thing preventing her from relaxing and maybe going for a swim was the guy about ten feet down the beach from her. He was approaching quickly, and (one more time, because why not) gods only knew who he was or what he wanted.
  18. Well. We both know what this is for. Still, ask me anything. I do make mistakes, after all. Soul of Flame
  19. GM The Totality. The Solar Eclipse. Happens all the time, but why focus on it now? It has some magical significance for the Yellow Sign. Something about the Pact being weaker? Who knows, those guys are nuts. While they're being dealt with by other heroes, we focus on our daily life in Freedom City. Heroes with equally important tasks. Grimalkin, fae hero of great power. Spitfire, twisted firestarter. Red Moon, 'vampire'. Scion, former Olympian goddess. Going about their days as usual. Maybe they're fighting crime. Maybe they're trying to watch the eclipse (Good luck, only 70ish percent in New Jersey!)
  20. Ah, summer. Moira loved the warmth of the sun. Apollo's gaze upon her was delightful. But for every good, thing that she had, a little rain must fall. Not rain in the physical since. A giant divine-mechanical bull was giving her the chase. Not that she was running from it or it was running from her. They collided head on in the West End. Eris and Hephaestus had stepped up their antagony. This being the most blatant of it. As they clashed, it was clear more than brute strength was needed. "Would any of you great gods want to lend a hand? Apollo, your heat? Ares, you great fury? Dionysus, your zeal? Aphrodite, your..." -Alright, one crazy trip comin up!- It was Dionysus answering the call. Something sparked in her. A dark explosion, disintegrating the bull, but that wasn't the last of it. She felt a bit overloaded like there was something extra on it...
  21. GM No one knew who Melissa Milani. No one cared. In her mind she was a quiet little dweeb from a poor family. The eldest of twelve siblings. When she got out of high school, she distanced herself from her family. Took the first bus to the east coast to live it up. But that was not to be.On the way to freedom, the bus crashed killing all of the passengers. Except one. Melissa rose from the ashes, but was different. She was bigger, stronger, more important. From that day on she took the name Princess. She found that she could turn back into her old useless self if no one was watching. She used this to do whatever she wanted. For all the world knew, Melissa Milani was dead. Princess was the one they had to deal with. A few years later, she had made her way to her destination. Well, kind of. This was no Atlantic City, but it did have some awesome people there. Princess could get or take help. Floating through a string of robberies, she teamed up with every pretty boy or girl that would appease her. On the other side of the tracks, Denise Weaver grew up pampered getting everything she wanted. 'Daddy I want a pony,' she'd say and poof, a pony she'd have. 'Mommy I want dance lessons,' poof, dance lessons! Though later on, she opened her mouth and stuck her foot in it. She wanted superpowers. And, unfortunately, her parents knew exactly where to get them. The DNAscent Project. And they had enough money to go through with it. This was the final straw in Denise's sanity. She had the ability to fly and shoot energy with the power of her mind. She didn't have to ask, she could take what she wanted! And that she did. Though the novelty did wear off after a while, she could take whatever she wanted, but she had no one to share it with. Princess and Denise had their eye on the same prize one day. They didn't know each other, but they saw they were kind of fighting on the same side. So after they made their get away, they shared more than just the money they'd stolen. They shared a few fun laughs, some drinks, each other. They were kind of inseparable. Princess was doing it because Denise was hot. Denise was doing it because she really thought she'd found a friend and partner in crime. Through out the past couple of months they'd team up exclusively. Which brings us to now. They were both kind of hungry and there was this place called 'The Southern Queen' they could eat and knock over. "The food's good," Denise said flipping through a manual as she floated along lackadaisically. "I don't care," Princess said holding her stomach, "just point the way before my I drop. Princess needs food badly!" Denise grinned, "if it's really good we might come up some." The two rolled into the front door of 'The Southern Queen', waiting to be seated.
  22. Ari

    Underworld Hit(IC)

    GM February 6th, Monday, 11.57AM, 2017 Kokinos' Greek Restaurant, West End, Freedom City The bell on the door chimed pleasantly as Moira walked in, the music cutting through the cacophany of conversation bubbling throughout the bright and crowded room, alerting the burly, bald and mustached Michel Kokinos behind the tall counter. Pausing briefly to smile in welcome, Michel marched out onto the floor to a corner table where two men in suits were chatting. One was bursting with confidence and intelligence, a handsome and bearded devil with mocking green eyes. The other had leonine hair, they were lean with hungry grey eyes that darted longingly between the enormous meal spread before him and those at the other occupied tables. Settling the plates of steaming fish and piled greens before what looked like a military couple off-duty, Michel stomped up to Moira, nodding in recognition as he said briskly "G'noon, Moira. What'll it be today, enh? Old Sean doing well?"
  23. GM Disclaimer: this thread will have politically incorrect white 'nationalist' villains that get punched in the face. No one writing here agrees with the very few things these idiots will be spouting. DJ Eclectic's concert was in need of a venue and Moira loved the idea of live music. Especially when it helped the local talent out! So posters were plastered all over the city. Every pole had at least one. Friday, June 16th. 9PM. Morley's pub. West End. Free admission." Below that was in a smaller font was the address. Blow that in the same sized font was Two Drink Minimum. White Knight II (Aidan Miller) looked at the poster with a sigh, letting out some curse word when he saw the poster with DJ Eclectic's face on it. "Like why do they even let people like her even work here?" His bodyguard, Big Girl (Mary Forth), and his yes man, Southern Charm (George Kent), nodded in agreement. "I don't know about you two," Aidan said scratching his chin, "but maybe we should make an appearance." George beamed, "like our constituents did with the park play. We could reach a lot of people." Mary grinned and nodded silently. "So, all for one and one for all then," Aidan checked his watch, "we have about four hours. Let's go plan out speech." Later That Evening, 15 minutes before the show DJ Eclectic's crew was setting up the equipment, and there was quite a crowd coming to see her! Moira was tending bar. DJ Eclectic was tending to set up, rehearsing while doing a sound check. Spitfire was conversing with folks in the crowd, being part of the crowd himself.
  24. Silberman's Books, at the corner of Frederick and Pratt. Saturday, February 4th, 2017. 12:05 pm. It was a rather cold and gray afternoon in February, the kind of day when really all you wanted to do was stay in bed, read a book, maybe watch something on Netflix; Gretchen in particular had argued in favor of this last point earlier that morning. But her girlfriend Lynn made the point that if they wanted a long and happy life, they wouldn't be working in retail; this led to a narrowing of the eyes and an icy telepathic rebuke. -Curse your alien faerie logic.- But now it was far too late; they'd been open for two hours, and it would be far too difficult to kill all the customers and hide the bodies. The surly barista was well and truly screwed, so she would just have to glare balefully at the Happy Morning People as they drank their coffee and ate their baked treats. You will all pay for this. For her part, Lynn was in the office, cheerfully going over her emails, seemingly oblivious to her love's virulent misanthropy this fine morning.