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  1. When things start slowing down, ninjas undead army. Roll some initiatives if you're at the restaurant area.
  2. As if on cue, from the outside, a horde of people were walking down the street. They wore the form of human, but as anyone could tell, these were the recently dead. There was no time for answers. Barron scoffed, "so, sorcerer, this'll be my chance to show y' my loyalty." He drew two sharp glowing daggers. Gorth was already up and out of the door, giant ax in hands, screaming in his barbaric language. Barron sighed, if y' wan' any of th' dead in one piece, I'd recommend gettin' out there quick."
  3. Of course, on Moe's side of town, disappearance basically was the polite way of saying 'dead but not found'. But this city had shown her some weird things before. Maybe aliens, demons, or faeries did it. Still, some of the transients were some of the people she knew, at least in passing. Technically they were supposed to throw away refuse at Joe's. But Moe knew where the homeless looked first and took the food out first. The only ones to shoo them away was the cops that barely came around. But boy were they in trouble if those cops ever came around. At least they didn't 'disappear' if they wer
  4. Moe grinned at Casey's forward attitude. She didn't know what power she had, but bot did that girl have gumption. Her little talk to the blue haired guy worked. Everything was 'calming down'. then the police came. She could see the punks flair up, chafe at last! To be fair, that was one of their friends lying on the floor. And she had no idea why. Could her large jolt of emotion been the catalyst of his demise? Moe had to lay down some truths when the officers asked for her statement. She mentioned the boys harassing the girls, that there was a big cross up. That he was dead when h
  5. Shrike Hysti looked confused and surprised. Like the thought Shrike put forth was anathema. "Is it this world that has no ambition or is it you?" She stood up and looked down to Shrike, her hands gesturing gesturing quickly, "power is the only thing that keeps us alive. Power is the only thing that will keep anyone alive." She put her hands down in front of Shrike, palms up, splayed in an arcane way. An eye appeared in both hands. "Take my left hand and I'll show you true power. Give you some of mine. Take my right hand and I'll show you where you started... after i take my robe."
  6. I'll be answering this some time today. My weekend has been busy. Sorry for faltering!
  7. Sensus Maybe I'm Blind Spirited Away Eat at Joe's The Pied Piper of Hanover GM Visitors? Visitors!
  8. Right now, she's letting him go. And tending to the customers until Frank sees to let her go. Which is why she asked Casey to stay close.
  9. She morbidly laughed to herself about the thought of him kicking into overdrive and her falling to her doom in some backwater fly over country. "Yeah, I can wait. Like you said, the scenery's awesome," she said, still holding on. This was going to be the weirdest story yet! "About Hologram and psychics. How many others are there? Like is there a population?" She stopped herself, maybe she was asking the wrong person. Then again, his computer wit was what kept them talking. Maybe he was a giant computer. "Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Sure, give her a call. Ask her add one more to the lin
  10. Oh great. Cops. And here Moe was with only one alibi, the drunken pirate lady. Moe closed the textbook and drummed her fingers on it. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes," Moe smiled at the cop lady. "What you see is what you get," she motioned to the room. "Heard a scream. Went to investigate. Found Flintlock doing investigations too!" She nodded to Flintlock, "we seem to have some very strange circumstances, eh?"
  11. Time skip to later or do dem gangers got sumfin fow us?
  12. Moe stopped for a moment when Casey admitted she had powers. That was either the alcohol talking or, being Freedom City, it could be true. She nodded, either way, she wasn't about to put the over emotional college girl in the way of danger. "Yeah, paper thin disguise, I guess," she said softly conversing with Casey in her mother tongue, "I'm more brains than brawn though. Eh, more heart then brawn... That doesn't even make sense. Just don't get too far away. I don't want to have to pick your pretty corpse up." She looked to Stephanie, with a smile and her native language, "don't wo
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