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  1. Player Name: Moira Morley Character Name: Seraph Power Level: 11 (160/160) Tradeoffs: TBD Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Vitakinetic member of the Martel lineage. Looks to reconnect with her States-side family and be a superhero again. Residence: TBD Base of Operations: TBD Catchphrase: TBD Alternate Identity: Faith Martel (birth name) Identity: Secret Birthplace: Atlantic Ocean, International Waters Occupation: None Affiliations: TBD Family: Eve Martel Date of Birth: November X, 1993 Apparent Age: late teens Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian (French) Height: 5'1" (1.55 meters) Weight: 110 pounds (50 kg) Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde Faith is short. She has a lean, athletic form. Muscle tone of a gymnast. Golden blonde hair, long enough to reach her shoulder blades. Her eyes are noticeably a thick jade-green; this is a vanity, they were originally hazel. Other attributes to be explained later. Power Descriptions TBD History To be written Personality and Motivation Faith is an optimist, believing in the good of all people. More verbosity later. Complications Budding Mentalist: Her newly developing mind powers are capricious. Any power that effects her mind, even if she passes, will have some side effect. Hope: She's not naive, but does have a bit of a soft heart. Where Have You Been?: She did kind of leave people hanging abruptly.
  2. Happy birthday, Angel. I miss you. I love you. I won't ever forget you.
  3. "Business casual," she asked with a grin. Cute. Not the type of thing she's imagine him wearing outside of the costume. "Well, maybe Fred needs to be bigger. Stronger." She caught one of the large pieces of metal as it landed haphazardly. "Hm," she rearranged Fred into a bison. It was now twice the size. She was sure some tech genius would build something like this to ride around in. She was proud of her artwork indeed. And even more impressed by Stalwart's lift. The junkyard owner came out to see the 'mess' they'd made. Even he was impressed by the two. He did tell them to put the pieces back afterward. Or pay for it. Seeing as Scion was not in a place to pay anyone, she looked to Stalwart, "Let's see how fast we can put this man's stuff back the way it was and then. I dunno, There's a quarry outside of town." She grinned and picked up an imaginary rock, "boulders."
  4. While the two were talking, Scion had changed out of her costume into civilian clothes. Some pants that rode her hips and a yellow and black midriff tshirt with a Beekeeper logo on it. The costume, a long toga, wouldn't really work in this place. She started piling car scraps on top of each other in various formations. She seemed to be building something? Nah, the lifting competition was on her mind too. She wanted to see how much Stalwart could smash upwards and down. The innuendo did not escape her. But now? They were having some fun. She looked over to Stalwart with a smile, putting her hand above her eyes to block the sun - maybe Apollo, maybe just coincidence - from blinding her. "Well, we have to start somewhere," she looked to the pile of metal she situated into a semi- idea of a large humanesque figure. "This here is Fred. Should be light work for you."
  5. Scion looked around, borrowing power from Apollo always made her think of artistic things. Liberty Park was full of so much beauty she could work with. She saw the trees Stalwart was eyeing as a project and didn't want to destroy it for kicks. "Hm," she touched him on the shoulder, "you know what would be even heavier? Junkyard. Lots of heavy stuff there. And we can put thing on top of each other to make them heavier." She smiled and nodded. There was an ulterior motive to lifting and breaking scrap metal. It was art, of course. She just hoped Stalwart was along for the ride. "Meet you there," she smiled and disappeared in a ray of light.
  6. Ok, so he was a lot faster than she thought he was. At least that wasn't his normal trotting speed. There was nowau she could catch up to him, unless. "Apollo, love," she spoke to the god of, well, many things, "might you turn me into a ray of sunshine so that I may be at Liberty Park right now?" Apollo tsked, "We'll talk about payment later. I have some modeling you might be interested in anyway." Scion appeared right next to Stalwart in a flash of light from the sky. Luckily it was daylight enough that no one saw any difference, but people in the immediate area got a btight flash of light. She laughed, "we'll call it a tie?"
  7. Scion was surprised when Pacer didn't automatically reappear. She did it a lot in that shared dream. She did it not a few minutes ago. But hey, Scion could get to know her brother. The more friends the better, right? Right. "Yeah," she nodded, "how about we get away from his scene? I know you're strong - something I'd really like to know your... upper limits on - but are you fast too? I'm saying we blow this place for a more scenic one. Liberty Park? If not I can get you there."
  8. Scion 2 + 5 + 6 + 3 = 16 posts + 9 GM posts = 25 Clearing Out The Cobwebs [2 posts] Excuse Me, Your Head Is On Fire [5 posts] The Battle Roil: Scion vs. Scion [6 posts] The Bright And The Bewitching [3 posts] Sanguine 0 posts + 1 GM posts = 1 GM 5 posts x 2 = 10 Excuse Me, Your Head Is On Fire [5 posts] 9 to Scion 1 to Sanguine
  9. Scion rolled her eyes at the tough talk. Then again, she did take a full on face smash from her. Scion never stayed around for paperwork, and now she knew why. It was tedious. But she got to tell an epic retelling of the events. So there was that. Still, she had to get her drunk friend home. "Wait a second..." As if fate would deign it, Pacer showed up. She smiled slipping her hand into the speedster's and looking her in the eye, "can I ask you a quick favor? If you can, I have a friend across the street. He's pretty out of it. And light touch if you can, I dont know how well he held his drink tonight."
  10. SAFIYA found out, well, she had a past. Moira Morley was a former hero - name of Divine - and superpowered socialite from the late 2000s/early 2010s. She was more a party girl than a hero. Saucy content a plenty was definitely caught on camera. Though there were a few good deeds under her belt. After that, there was nearly a decade in absentia. Reappearing in 2017, she was less abrasive. Definitely not cavorting with villains anymore. She became a Hellenistic priestess and shared ownership in her adoptive father's pub, Morley's (which recently added some late night activities). Scion was her moniker all over social media now. While she didnt do much to hide it, Scion and Moira presented as two separate entities, legally. Moira nodded enthusiastically when she was invited to meet Ms Kanufasa, "great!" She followed Nadiya, taking in the architecture of the building. She asked questions and made small talk with her guide. Just pleasantries. Learning things about the place she was in. Until they reached Kamala's office. "Thank you again, Nadiya. I hope we can see more of this place later." Walking in the office, she was measured in her response, "thank you for your time, Ms Khanufasa."
  11. GM The ones who were conscious heard the cop sirens from outside. The ice manipulator looked over to the girl being pinned. She shrugged, "cool heads prevail?" Looking at Scion and Pacer, she snarled, "don't think you !@#$&es off the hook yet. Come up in here again. In your !@#$in costumes. We'll be ready." She put her hands behind her back as she was handcuffed. It was obvious shed seen this rodeo before. Not even resisting. "Hey boy," the girl Stalwart held wiggled unsuccessfully againt his grip, "you got a hero name? Let me hear it. I wanna know who I gotta follow." She laughed as the police picked her up and cuffed her, "I'll see you around, boy." He could sense a general like in her voice. Like how a person saw a meal ticket. The paramedics tended to the wounded and the cops too questions and filled out reports. Ah, the humdrum aftermath.
  12. "I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking," Scion happily said to her otherself, pulling in for a hug. This would be tatamount to a loss on her side, but neither of them had to fall. "Aphrodite, Ares," she offered up words to her parents, "prepare a place for me. I'm bringing some company." "Dear, we've seen what has transpired," Aphrodite spoke back to her, "Ares is not pleased with the outcome. But me? Well, I'll see what I can get." Picking her otherself up and carrying her in her arms, she walked towards the portal. "Well, dream or not, here we go." And they crossed the threshhold.
  13. Attack Crush: 1d20+8 22 Hits Grapple Checks (Scion, Crush): 1d20+18 29 1d20+3 14 DC 27 Toughness: 1d20+5 25 Nat 20 saves. Crush is lucky!
  14. Scion was a watcher of shows more than a reader of books, so the reference flew over her head. But she got the jist of it. Meh, low hanging fruit. She was far too focused on the freezer girl. "Fire, ice, mind tricks," she said grabbing the one Pacer pelted, "what's the other one do?" Scion slammed her head into the girl, but it did little to her except make her more angry.