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  1. Raya took Moira to Emerald City a few weeks ago. And while she enjoyed her time there - meeting other heroes, helping people out with a different set of circumstances - she had responsibilities in Freedom. So when Raya mentioned the convention in Freedom, she asked to tag along with her. While she did know some of this stuff from her trips to Compass Rose, she was hopelessly in over her head. Not that she was going to let it stop her from meeting new people. She wasn't a super genius, she had a knack for talking people up. Something that could probably make her an excellent company
  2. Moira nodded with interest as Raya went on about the weird parts of the up and coming city. "Well. I'm sure The Emerald Spider and the rock monster and maybe even you have your hands full!" She tapped the phone again to shut off the talking. Nothing grabbed her attention anyway. "But yeah, I need to hear about these things. I do enjoy an exciting story told. Second best thing to being there." The list of landmarks caught her attention. She would take pictures of the museum for Lynn. "Oh that's right," she said thinking out loud, "I do have a kind of connection here. My roommate's e
  3. Curry did sound nice, but they had just eaten. Moira had heard very little about the city on the east coast. She'd heard there were a few heroes there, which was good. Every city outside of Freedom needed some kind of protector. There's was Emerald Spider, if she remembered correctly. She didn't know the extent of Raya's dealings with heroism in the city. "I'd actually like to learn a little bit about the place. See the big stuff." Reaching for her phone on her hip and pressing a button, "Emerald City news." The phone beeped telling her of the recent goings on. A few stuck out in h
  4. Moira stayed quiet for a little bit, letting Raya explain things. The whole rich thing really didn't bother her. Yes, the spoiling was nice, but even if not, the trip was worth it. Raya herself was worth it. Thoughts of a fun day swam in her mind. She saw the dogs before the dog walker. the two little dogs caught her eyes as soon as she heard them walking up. Kneeling down to pet them, as Raya and Mike talked. She stood up when she was introduced to the dog walker, "hey. Nice to finally meet you, Mike," she said with a grin. She remembered him, if by face only. Not that she was pay
  5. Moira watched the arrow fly by, and an idea popped into her head. She dropped to one knee, reaching for one of the arrows that didn't miss. "Oh no," she shouted, sounding like she'd been hurt, "I'm hit! In the chest. It's too deep! I... I can't get it out." She coughed and hacked a bit. "Spare them, please," she pleaded, "I'm. The one. You want." It wasn't her best performance, but anything to get the snake to come to her.
  6. Moira would be having a grand old time if it weren't for these damned mists. But now she was running around in circles. Maybe? Still, she remained the level headed one of the group and of the combatants. "Listen, Hiss-tina, I'm already art," she prodded the snake with her tone if she couldn't pound her with her fists, "I'm just not going to be standing around waiting for you to-" Another arrow, another shoulder. This one actually almost hurt. She sucked in air as she winced, quickly pulling it out. "Don't worry, babe," she said to Val as she scoured the misty room, fruitlessly agai
  7. Fortitude 15: 1d20+10 23 Toughness 18: 1d20+12 13 No. Toughness 18: 1d20+12 24 Yes. Notice: 1d20+5 6 Miss Chance: 1d20 9 Second verse, same as the first.
  8. The clothes were her normal style of dress. Jeans and a t-shirt that fit her form very well, some comfortable sandals. Then again, this set of clothes were probably worth more than everything in her closet. She felt awesome. Slipping on her golden bracer, a slow trickle of thoughts from Aphrodite. The two conversed in small talk, but Moira was interested in Raya at the moment. "I am a walker, yeah. A bit of a fast one if I do say so myself," she beamed. "I promise not to outrun you. Why would I," she smirked nudging against her. She shrugged, "or, driving is nice. A bit less intera
  9. Moira smiled as Raya got closer, "yeah, I'm a light sleeper. I was once able to go without sleep. I enjoyed 24 hour days. But that was a different time." She looked at her wrist. The golden bracer wasn't on as much as it used to be. She did enjoy her conversations with her parents and friends on Olympus, but being with Raya felt more like true private time. She hoped they were OK with that. Unlike last time. "Breakfast and a shower sounds nice," she said trying to steer the conversation away from the place she unintentionally took it. The giant guy dressed as the little girl shouti
  10. Yawning as she rose from the almost unfamiliar setting, she looked around with a smile. Raya was not here at the moment. Remembering last night with so much clarity. It was one of the few she dates she really remembered. And then afterwards. Retiring to... wait, she was in Emerald City! Bounding up happily, she clothed herself in a near by robe that was a little too big on her. She followed the noise of cartoons to the living room. She was looking for Raya, but the scenery as she wandered around grabbed her too. This place was very nice. Standing behind the couch, she looked over R
  11. The talk was small as they waited, which wasn't all that long. She got closer to Raya, holding to her side and on her arm with pride. The rush of endorphins after being shot and knocking a giant beast man out carried out for a while. She was quite happy and wanted to be with Raya just that much longer. The walk to the parking garage, however, was quiet. She was enamored with this whole situation for reasons she couldn't put her finger on. Maybe Raya was a keeper? Then again, that could have been the adrenaline running through her. When they got there, and before they went home, she
  12. As quickly as Moira shifted to Scion, Scion shifted back into Moira. It was just a costume, really. They didn't know her from Adam in this time and place. At least the cops were on their way to clean this up. She wondered, if only for a split second, what the process was like in a French dominated world. But that wasn't her problem. She looked to Raya with a welcoming smile, "I'm sure there's worlds without monkey criminals," she said consoling her, trying to lighten the mood. The invitation to her place did seem nice though. "Drinks and a nice hot tub conversation? I'm all for tha
  13. The whole 'hero hotline' thing was interesting to her. Moira never got in on it here when she was here last time. Was it even a thing when she lived here last? Then again, Moira was an extroverted hero. Patrolling was her thing. It got her out and mingling with the people. The regular folks as well as the heroes and villains. She was a social creature. As Lynn dozed off, Moira smiled. She didn't even get a word in. IT was fine, she was a good enough listener as much as a talker. She would listen to one of her best friends for hours on end. She quietly stood up, lifting Lynn in her
  14. Apologies for the long answer time. I've been dealing with stuffy head and snot. I promise I won't go another week before answering Taunting Killa Gorilla as a move action: 1d20+12-5 25 If that works, he gets -2 to all attack rolls and checks. If it doesn't, well, I'm very concerned Attacking Killa Gorilla: 1d20+8 24 If that hits, he's going to have to roll Toughness 27. Grappling Killa Gorilla: 1d20+18 37 And if she grapples him, that's another Toughness 27.
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