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  1. It had been a long but good Fourth of July - a chance for the President and the First Family to put overt politics aside and have the celebration with military families that was de riguer these days. Judy had played her part to perfection, applauding the talent shows of little kids, cheering as the fireworks echoed above Washington, and even serving meals alongside her mother and sisters at the service table. It was all good footage for a Presidential election year, or so the news media was presenting it. She lay on her bed and listened to the news outside without having to turn on her television, then after a moment's consideration she took out her phone and texted Crystal-Gazer. Hey Lulu. Can you FaceTime?
  2. GM 5:30 PM, December 7th, 2020 Riverside, not too far from Riverside Park The Never-Ending Story was an interesting place to be. It was a small bookstore in Riverside, one that was known to be just the place to go to find rare books. Before his passing, Adrian Eldrich himself had been a common visitor. The book store was rarely busy, but it did well enough. The owner Andrew Orlando let his cats roam free among his book, while the portly gentleman puttered about. It was a peaceful place to be, it was a happy place to be, especially during Christmas time. At least, on every other day than today. Today, the sounds of struggles and things being pulled apart would meet a trio that just so happened to enter the building at the same time...
  3. Hanover Bypass Thursday, November 26th, 2020 2:30 pm Lulu checked her reflection for the upteenth time in the rear view mirror of her Honda CR-V, making sure her hair was just right. It was going to be her first time meeting her boyfriend's parents, which young women are taught to treat very seriously in rural Alabama. Her makeup was perfect, her coppery tresses draped over her right shoulder in an artful cascade, and her green sweater and red pleated skirt were both flattering and tasteful. And in the back seat, her secret weapon: Southern cooking! Carefully secured to prevent movement were hearty portions of her Aunt June's green bean casserole, her mother's buttermilk biscuits, and her Grandma Grace's pecan bourbon pie. The smells that rose out of the containers were positively heavenly. "Your momma did say 3pm, right, hon? Not 3:30? Ah know ah asked before, but mah brain's turnin' cartwheels right now."
  4. Summer 2020 The first thing you have to understand is that Eira Katastroff was decidedly not bringing her boyfriend home to meet her parents. This was a real summer trip (albeit a short one) with her, Pan, Lulu, Mia, and Micah all heading across the Atlantic for a week or so to visit lovely Sweden. So what if they were going to start at her parents' house? The Natt och Dag estate was a natural place for their first arrival and convenient to much of the rest of the country. She'd asked (and not whined, definitely not that) to get hero visas for all of them and it had all worked out fine. Everything was going to go perfectly. So here they were, a couple of weeks after Claremont had dismissed its students for the summer, standing on a campus that was mostly deserted except for a few unhappy students stuck there rather than with their families, the sky overhead bright and sunny, the trees and grass a brilliant shade of green. It looked to be a good day. There was no sign of Angelic yet.
  5. The Wreck Room. Claremont Academy. Bayview, Freedom City. September 21, 2020. Hinako Fujimori looked over the assembled Violet Squad. Three Seniors, two Sophmores. Though two of the Seniors had missed significant time. The substitute teacher was of Japanese descent, and wearing a pretty stylish red tracksuit with white accents. She seemed perhaps a little young to be a teacher, but not overly so. “Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Fujimori Hinako desu ka.” Then she blinked and smiled apologetically. “Ah, gomen gomen.” She cleared her throat. “Don’t speak English too much at home. Started in default mode. Sorry about that. What I said was, hello! I’m Hinako Fujimori. I’ll be your Physical Education teacher for today. Now let’s see.” She flipped through her phone and found what she was looking for. “Oh, this’ll be fun.” She put her phone away. “So, today’s exercise is a unique one. What we’re going to do is pit two of you against another two in a timed event. Two of you will be playing ‘villain’ with a fake bomb on the second floor of a building. Two more will be playing the ‘heroes’. Lulu?” She looked at the five pointedly until Lulu identified herself. “Oh, good. They did not give me pictures of you guys, so please be patient with me there. You, Lulu, will decide who is on which team and their strategies. The other students will have input, of course, but the final decision is yours. This is both lesson and test. So…good luck and any questions?”
  6. Nerdzul

    Midnight Tour

    ‘God this place looks way creepier after dark.’ Sure Luke could actually see clearly, even with no lights, perks of being a mythological monster in disguise, yet while perhaps it was just his imagination, the young man could not shake the feeling that Claremont did feel a bit like a haunted castle if you looked at the place in the right way. He had been circling the Academy for a while, trying to find a way in, but turns out that a school for heroes valued its privacy and his confidence in being able to get past its walls unnoticed was getting lower with every passing minute. 'This is pointless.' And risky, what if they caught him? That would be an interesting way to start the school year, especially as a scholarship student. And yet, there he was. ‘Maybe I should just get to bed…’ No way though. He wanted to see Claremont on his own terms and it was gonna happen tonight. Sure, the tour a few days before had been very convincing (kinda awesome if you asked him), but that was the whole point right? Show off the place at its best, with all its glitters, glamours and magics. That was not enough for the teenage boy though, he wanted to see past the paint job, check if there was rust underneath. Trust was good, he knew that, in fact kinda of a necessity in his future line of work, but he was still putting his life in the hands of these people and truth was, he didn't know anything about them, or the Academy. It was only fair... Besides it was not like he was there to commit a crime (well technically), just taking a peak. 'Whatever.' So there he was, black sweatpants and sneakers, hands struck in the pocket of his hoodie, darting from one shadow to the next. ‘If anyone sees me they must think I must be the most foolish burglar in the world.’ The thought made him chuckle. Yeah trying to get into an academy for superheroes. ‘Come on! It’s a school, not freaking Fort Knox, there should be a way…’ @Heritage
  7. Thevshi

    Rally Me This

    Bayview, Freedom City, New Jersey Sunday September 6, 2020 1:34 PM During the slightly controlled chaos of the day before, Veronica had reached out to several of her friends from the Senior class at Claremont about wanting to talk with them about a new project she had in the works. So the teenage Danger (well, really Prudence) had arranged for a van to pick up Lulu Beaumont, Micah Roebuck, Davyd Palahniuk and Elizabeth Grey at Campus and bring them down to a small warehouse building a few blocks from Bayview Mall. The parking lot around the warehouse was fenced in, an electronic gate allowing entry in. Veronica was already there, standing near the side of the building and her parked DangerCycle. As might be expected, she was dressed in her typical cargo shorts, T-shirt with light linen shirt over it and the well-worn hiking boots. "Hey, thanks for coming!" Veronica said in greeting as the other four Claremont students exited the van in the parking lot next to the warehouse. "Sorry I have been a bit vague about what I am working on, but I figured it would be much easier to just show you." She added with a small grin as she led the group over toward a door beside a larger garage door.
  8. North Bay, Freedom City, New Jersey Friday January 31, 2020 4:21 PM Lulu Beaumont turned the BMW SUV onto small road that led back to the Harrows’ mansion in North Bay. Tonight Megan and Robert had an event to attend, so they had asked Lulu to be home to watch Lawrence. They had agreed to allow Adam to join her as well to watch movies and otherwise hangout while keeping an eye on the twelve year old. The two teens had left Claremont not long after classes had finished for the day. The Harrows' home was a large mansion set well off from the main road, a long driveway leading up to the front. Hedges ran alongside the road, although not so tall that one could not see more of the grounds beyond. There as a large, well groomed garden to the right of the driveway, and open grounds to the left that stretched back around behind the mansion. The home itself was of a classical style, one that would like right at home on some English estate. This was not Adam's first visit to the home of Lulu’s foster parents. The family had invited him to join them for Thanksgiving back in November and had been very warm and welcoming to Lulu's boyfriend.
  9. Hi, y'all! So right now, Lulu is only in one thread that is even remotely active, and I really want to use her more. Is anyone looking for a sassy Southern telepath, either in a Claremont-related thread or pretty much anything else? She's willing to travel
  10. GM 5:30 PM, December 17th, 2019 Riverside, not too far from Riverside Park It was the week before Christmas, and Freedom City was as calm as one could expect the city to be. It had been snowing, but wasn't right now, and the city was as busy as ever, with people leaving work, looking at Christmas decorations, shopping for Christmas gifts or whatever other activity they felt like doing the week before Christmas. Pan was leading his friends through the streets of Freedom, heavy shopping bags in his hands. After his first Christmas on this world, he had quickly decided that it was much more enjoyable to do Christmas shopping together, instead of on his own, and so he had managed to bring Lulu, Adam and Veronica along, visiting shops, stores and what have you. Now, they were heading towards one particular shop in Riverside at Pan's insistence, a little bookshop called the Never-Ending Story...
  11. Name: Crystal-Gazer Power Level: 13 (built as PL 10; 184/200PP) Tradeoffs: None Unspent PP: 16PP In Brief: Psionic teen trying to escape her criminal family. Alternate Identity: Louise 'Lulu' Beaumont Identity: Secret Birthplace: Columbia, AL Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Charlene Beaumont (mother), Darryl Beaumont (father), Kyle Beaumont (older brother), Caleb Beaumont (older brother), Bobby Beaumont (older brother), Megan Howell-Harrow and Robert Harrow (foster parents) Description: DOB: February 23, 2002 Gender: Female Height: 5' 6" Weight: 125 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Red Lulu is a pretty girl from Alabama with pale skin, long red hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a lot of denim, mostly cutoffs in her favorite colors (pink and black), and she favors denim purses trimmed with studs or sequins. In terms of shoes, she has a large collection of pink sneakers and gym shoes, and she often wears girly baseball caps. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup, mostly just enhancing her lips and eyes. Since moving in with the Harrows, her style has become a bit more sophisticated, especially at formal events. She hasn't figured out a costume yet, but is leaning towards a mixture of black, pink and rhinestones. History: The Beaumont family has a somewhat checkered past back in Columbia, Alabama, with a history full of moonshine stills, reckless driving, and the occasional assault or petty theft. But those exploits are largely associated with the men of the family; the Beaumont women are known for something entirely different. Some call it ‘the gift’ and others ‘the sight’, but the red-headed women of this family all seem to have an eeriness to them. Harriet Beaumont predicted the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, and Imogene Beaumont before her saw the Blocton Mine cave-in of 1895 clear as day. The fact of the matter is, very few of the Beaumonts have demonstrated the ‘true gift’, but that hasn't kept them from running a lucrative fortune-telling business for over forty years out of a rundown house just outside of town. On the night Lulu was born, a bolt of lightning struck a tree in their backyard, splitting it right down the middle, though there hadn't been a storm. Her father Darryl, an assistant manager at the local Piggly Wiggly who’d recently been fired for stealing steaks, declared nothing good would ever come of the girl, and seemed determined to prove his point. Darryl hounded her incessantly throughout her childhood, while showering undeserved praise on his delinquent sons Kyle and Caleb, both of whom were notorious in the Columbia area for drunken fights and making their own explosives. Only the Beaumont’s youngest son Bobby ever showed her any kindness, and they had always been close. However, once she began to show signs of the true sight at age ten, everything changed; suddenly Lulu was 'daddy's little girl’ as Darryl finally saw a way to use her to make money. With Lulu's unseen help, the fortune-telling business became very profitable, but her daddy didn't stop there. He forced his young daughter to extract credit card and banking information from their clients’ minds, threatening her or Bobby with physical harm if she didn't comply. They even pulled her out of school when she turned thirteen, supposedly to ‘homeschool’ her, but really it was to have her around the house so she could do more 'sneakin’ and peekin'’, and her studies suffered. One day when she was a fifteen, it finally came to a head; Darryl wanted her to enter the thoughts of woman who'd just lost her husband, and was looking to talk to his ‘spirit’, a scam they'd pulled before. But the woman had three children to feed, and her daddy wanted to rob her blind. When Lulu refused to steal her thoughts, Darryl moved to strike her, but then he suddenly stopped; Lulu had just discovered her mind control ability. To her father's horror, she forced him to drive them both to the local police station to confess to his crimes. However she couldn't maintain control forever, and a confession under coercion is not legally admissible. The revelations were enough for DCFS to step in, and when word of her story reached the headmaster of Claremont Academy, an offer was made to place her with a foster family in Freedom and enroll her in the academy, where she could obtain a proper education and learn to use her powers for good. She chose the heroic name 'Crystal-Gazer’ after the derogatory term her dad used to describe the family fortune-telling business. Personality & Motivation: Lulu is friendly and outgoing, though prone to long, thoughtful gazes, which usually means she's using one of her powers. She loves to find out other people's stories, but is fairly reluctant to share her own, as she is deeply ashamed of her family. Though she learned a lot of tricks and scams from her brothers, she detests swindlers of any kind, and will only use these skills for harmless pranks or to punish wrongdoing. Lulu is very powerful psionic, the sort that only comes around once or twice a generation, and she feels awful about how her family used her powers for criminal gain. She is particularly interested in exposing con artists and loan sharks, and any who would harm mothers or children. Powers & Tactics: Lulu can read minds, project her senses miles away, send thoughts to others and create impressive psychic illusions, including the ability to make herself invisible, though this does not fool devices like cameras or other surveillance equipment. She can also control minds, though she finds this power a little unsettling. Lulu recently discovered an aptitude for telekinesis, which she's still learning to master. Up until recently, she mostly relied on her illusions to confuse or frighten bad guys, and her ESP is excellent for recon. If things get really desperate, she will take over a thug's body, and shift the balance of power that way. She's still figuring out the best ways to use her telekinesis, mostly using it to grapple foes for now. Complications: "Ah’m sorry, ah didn't mean to pry.” Sometimes it's hard for Lulu to resist the urge to poke around other people's heads, even though she knows it's wrong. “Ah can't let them find me!” Lulu lives in terror of her family tracking her down in Freedom and trying to take her back home. “There's too many voices in mah head!” As a small town psychic in a big city, sometimes Lulu can get overwhelmed by all the telepathic ‘noise’ in the area. “Oh, ah didn't mean nothin’ by it!” Sometimes Lulu likes to play pranks on her friends with her powers; it isn't always well-received. “Ah dunno; it just gets really hard sometimes.” Lulu's been through a lot and is a long way from home, and misses her brother Bobby. Sometimes this can lead to depression and loneliness. ABILITIES: 0 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 10 + 10 = 30PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 20 (+5) COMBAT: 8 + 10 = 18PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +4, +8 Throwing with Telekinesis Defense: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +4, +20 w/ Telekinesis Knockback: -7, -5 flat-footed w/ Force Field; -3, -1 flat-footed w/out Force Field SAVES: 4 + 5 + 5 = 14PP Toughness: +10 (+2 Con, +4 Defensive Roll, +4 Force Field [Imp 4]), +6 flat-footed; +6 w/out FF, +2 flat-footed Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4) Reflex: +6, (+1 Dex, +5) Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5), Ultimate Save SKILLS: 92R=23PP Bluff 15 (+20) Concentration 15 (+20) Second Chance Diplomacy 15 (+20) Disable Device 3 (+5) Drive 4 (+5) Gather Information 5 (+10) Intimidate 5 (+10) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 3 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+5) Notice 10 (+15) Sense Motive 10 (+15) Survival 4 (+9) FEATS: 5PP Luck Second Chance (Concentration) Trance Taunt Ultimate Save (Will) Enhanced Feats Beginner's Luck Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 5 POWERS: 8 + 8 + 9 + 41 + 10 + 18 = 94PP (Descriptors: all psionic) Enhanced Feats 8 (Beginner's Luck, Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 5) [8PP] (Telepathic) Flight 3 (50 mph / 500 feet per round; Feats: Subtle 2) [8PP] (Telekinetic) Force Field 4 (Extras: Impervious 4; PF: Subtle) [9PP] (Telekinetic) Psionics 17 (34PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 7) [41PP] Base Power: [34PP] ESP 5 (Sense Types: Auditory + Visual, Range: 5 miles, Extras: Action [Free], Duration [Sustained], Simultaneous, Feats: Rapid 3 [x1,000, 18 seconds / 3 rounds to Search a 5 mile diameter area, 6 minutes if Taking 20], Subtle [DC25 Notice]) {34/34} (Telepathic) Alternate Power: [34PP] Create Object 10 (10 5-10-ft. cubes, STR 50; Extras: Impervious 10; Feats: Progression [Size] 1 [10-ft cubes], Selective, Subtle 2) {34/34} (Telekinetic) Alternate Power: [32PP] Damage 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]) {30/34} (Telepathic) Alternate Power: [34PP] Illusion 10 (Sense Types: All; Extras: Selective; Flaws: Action [Full], Phantasm; Feats: Progression [Size] 4 [100ft radius]) {34/34} (Telepathic) Alternate Power: [32PP] Mind Control 10 (Extras: Conscious, Duration [Sustained, Lasting], Instant Command, Mental; Flaws: Action [Full], Feedback; Feats: Mental Link, Subtle) {32/34} (Telepathic) Alternate Power: [34PP] Move Object 10 (Lifting Strength: 50, Heavy Load: 12 tons; Extras: Range [Perception]; Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Precise, Subtle) {34/34} (Telekinetic) Alternate Power: [34PP] Stun 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Mental, Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Reversible, Sedation, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [Pain or Sleep]) {34/34} (Telepathic) Alternate Power: [31PP] Transform 10 (Memory Alteration; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Duration [Continuous, Lasting], Mental, Range [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Subtle) {31/34} (Telepathic) Super-Senses 14 (Danger Sense [Mental], Postcognition [Flaw: Uncontrolled], Precognition [Flaw: Uncontrolled], Psionic Awareness [Descriptor Frequency: Common, Sense Type: Mental {Default Extras: None}; Extras: Radius, Ranged], Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [10PP] (Telepathic) Telepathy 8 (16PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [18PP] (Telepathic) Base Power: [16PP] Communication 6 (Mental, 20 miles; Extra: Linked [Comprehend]; Feats: Rapid 3 [x1000], Subtle) [10PP] + Comprehend 3 (Speak and Understand Any Language; Extra: Linked [Communication]) [6PP] (Telepathic) {16/16} Alternate Power: [11PP] Concealment 10 (All Senses, Flaw: Phantasm, Feat: Selective) (Telepathic) {11/16} Alternate Power: [11PP] Mind Reading 10 (Extras: Effortless, Mental; Flaw: Duration [Instant/Lasting]; Feat: Subtle) (Telepathic) {11/16} DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 16 Toughness Damage [Physical] Illusion Perception Check vs. Will Deceived Mental Blast Perception DC 20 Will Save Damage [Mental] Mental Transform Perception DC 20 Will Save Transformed Mind Control Perception DC 20 Will Save Controlled Mind Reading Perception DC 20 Will Save Read (Not an attack) Stun Perception DC 20 Will Save Dazed/Stunned or Asleep TOTALS: Abilities (30) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (23) + Feats (5) + Powers (94) - Drawbacks (0) = 184/200 Power Points
  12. High Earth Orbit The Lighthouse Friday February 7, 2020 8:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time (3:50 PM Freedom City) In the aftermath of Eria's first meeting with her fellow members of Orange Team, the Swedish teen had made arrangements for her team to spend the weekend on CoVic Station as guests of the Praetorians. So when classes had finished today, the members of Orange Team were taken in a school van to Freedom Hall, where they teleported up to the Lighthouse, the most convenient place for the Praetorians to meet them. The Claremont students had been aboard the Freedom League's space headquarters for about half an hour, getting a tour from Freedom League member Velocity, who for the most part had managed to keep herself moving at a more normal speed. When the yellow clad speedster got word that the Praetorians' spacecraft had exited the wormhole at the edge of the solar system, she led the teens down to a large viewing lounge located near the airlock where the spacecraft would be docking. Outside the large windows of the lounge, the teens could see the Earth moving past below, with the northern half of Africa having moved into view. "Well, it should only be a few more minutes before they arrive." Velocity said as she moved over near some of the windows before turning back to regard the group of teens.
  13. March 21, 2020 DuTemps Castle "Kimber!" called Eira from the guest bedroom the Claremont girls were using to change. "I need your advice!" Technically the members of Orange Squad (along with her room-mate and her friend Pan) were here for diplomatic and professional purposes. True North, Canada's super-team, had recently teamed up with the British super-team Vanguard to battle the forces of the Fenian Liberation Army - the fight had been long, been hard, and it was all very interesting if you cared about the history of cross-Atlantic imperialism and the lasting legacy of American and British imperialism. But what was relevant right now was that in the aftermath of the battle in upstate New York, the teams had come to a neutral spot to celebrate, reconnect, and enjoy the hospitality of one of their richest American partners. It was a great opportunity to meet adult heroes from all over Europe and Canada, use the DuTemps pool - the big one, that the Deep One who lived here typically avoided because of its chlorination, get acquainted with the Claremont alums who lived in the castle, get out from under Claremont discipline under the watchful eye of adult heroes, and maybe hit the sound system and eat snacks while they were at it.
  14. April 13th, 2020, 9AM at all points in the Omniverse, the start of Spring Break, Eternity Threshold of Primes, The Dimension of Doors, Infinity "I'm multiple liquid tons of 'dragon's blood', Prince. You're what, a gallon? Gallon and a half? This is stupid as hell." Above his charge, the green dragon lounged on a step, looking up at the boy with no little frustration. In the geometry-defying space Leroy Ransom-Conte, Dragon Prince of Earth-2, looked even more excessively dramatic than usual, a robe of pure white billowing from his shoulders, his feet unshod and his hair swirling in the shrill wind between worlds. In one hand was a knife of black diamond, in his other was a bundle of nerves very clearly trying to escape down his sleeves. Sweat trickled down his face as the blade approached his thumb. Beneath his shifting toes was a meticulous circle graven with Atlantean runes, with five circles intersecting at points any magician would understand at a glance, but to Leroy had been as alien as the experience of towering over most schoolmates. "My blood is unspilt for their sake, Dio." He swallowed, focusing on the descending arc of the smiling, smiling little dagger. "I am a coward." The dragon snorted, looking deeply unhappy "I don't think so, but...okay. Give a shout if you want something for the-" The knife brushed his skin, and like water dissolving salt it tore through. "-pain." Dio finished with a sigh, hopping off the step to pat Leroy on the back as the boy's face worked fantastically, the six scars on his cheeks stretching and growing ragged. Hurriedly, as the black blood beaded and smoked, Leroy walked to each circle and marked the names they enclosed with a smear. That done, he fumbled in a backpack, withdrawing a first aid kit and sitting down to disinfect and close the clumsy tear in his royal skin. "I thank you, Almighty," he muttered, tearing a band-aid out of its box, nose wrinkled at the sting of alcohol, "for Judy Smith, and her unerring foresight." "Now what?" Dio demanded, reclining once again, his pointed tail swinging over the edge of the abyss that gaped between the staircases wheeling and rambling in every direction. "They'll come here when they next walk through a door, but this dumb plan only works if they're all on board for visiting an Earth whose only advertisers are you and me. And one of us doesn't exactly make it sound amazing." he added with a look as pointed as his fifth limb. "I asked if they would like to visit a magical world, meet wonders and have an adventure. They all said 'yes'. This is the agreed-upon time. They know to open a door now will transport them." Leroy completed the application of the bandage with a gentle kiss, as Judy had always done, though he remained uncertain why. Despite the obvious lingering pain, his golden eyes shone. "I have erred many times, my dragon. But this time, nothing can possibly go wrong!"
  15. OOC for this. @Thevshi, @Heritage, @Thunder King
  16. OOC thread for this thread. Orange Squad goes to Earth-2 for spring break! Thrills, chills, blood-spills abound in a comedy classic! @Dr Archeville @Heritage @Shofet @Avenger Assembled
  17. January 2020 Just after "One by One" When Lulu arrived back at her dorm room after the meeting with Orange Squad, she knew Eira was in there - and in a mood. They'd only been sharing the same space for a few days but she knew what the loud music meant when the door was closed; and that Eira would be perfectly content to listen to it for hours at a time unless she was asked to stop. The sound vibrated through her hand as she opened the door, and she was bombarded by a guttural German voice singing a song that had been five years old when she was born, playing at a volume that pushed the limits of Claremont's policies without actually breaking them. "Du! Du Hast! Du Hast Mich!" Eira was standing at her desk-turned-lab-table, violently banging her head and thrashing her limbs, mouthing along to the song. She'd taken off her hoodie and was down to a black halter top that set off sharply against her pale skin, exposing what looked like deep scars over her shoulder blades as she danced. Eira was not by any means what Lulu would have called a competent dancer, but she was certainly aggressive about it. She looked Lulu's way as she came in; but didn't immediately stop.
  18. January 2020 Eira sat in the library meeting room, staring at the closed door. The lights were off and it was quiet, and she had arrived several minutes early for the Orange Squad meeting. She was wearing an oversized blue hoodie and jeans, a concession to the relative cold that her robotic nature didn't actually require. This would be the first time she'd met most of the Orange Squad, the team to which she'd been assigned upon her admission to Claremont - an admission made possible by her parents connection to the hero community and substantial wealth. It was team-building day.
  19. Claremont Academy, Kord Dormitory. Sunday, October 6th, 2019. 11:00 am Contrary to popular belief, Adam and Lulu were not joined at the hip; sure, they had a very close relationship, but they didn't actually do everything together. For instance, this particular Sunday Adam was planning to work with some of his classmates on a science project, which was very cool, but not quite his girlfriend's cup of tea. She decided instead to head on over to the Bayview Mall to maybe do some shopping, or at very least check out the cool Halloween costumes and scary props for sale. She and Davyd had both expressed an interest in doing something fun for the holiday, so maybe she could- And then the idea hit her, and she loved it. Dressing up in a red jacket, green sweater and burgundy slacks, along with some black riding boots, she headed down to the second floor and knocked on Room 213's door. "Hey, Davyd. Do you have a sec?"
  20. January 2020 Claremont Academy Amid all the hubbub and bub of learning the secrets of various friends, and going on cosmic adventures with other friends, Crystal-Gazer had almost (but not quite) missed the fact that she'd technically been without a room-mate for the entire fall semester. There'd been a conversation before break about how she was going to have a new room-mate after the Christmas holiday, a girl from Sweden named Eira, but that was about all she'd heard. Now it was move-back-in day after the break, and she was set to meet her new room-mate for the first time. She was on her way down the hall to her room, the hallways full of students, parents, and even the occasional friend, when she overheard an argument coming from her open door - an argument that she couldn't understand. First came a man's voice, an older one. Someone not quite yelling but certainly speaking with authority, in a language that she couldn't immediately understand, a feminine voice about her own age. Then another voice, a woman's, as upset as the man's. It wasn't quite loud enough that people were coming to investigate but they were certainly listening. Turning the corner and stepping into her room, she was confronted with two people, no - three? The first two were easy enough to understand. A man in a shirt and slacks that were too expensive to be as casual as he wanted to look, the sort of middle-aged that's beginning to turn into a paunch, a blonde mustache turning to grey on his face. The woman next to him looked much the same, her blonde hair cut short in a pageboy, jewelry on her neck and hands, looking more like a college president than anything else. At Lulu's arrival, they turned to her and smiled politely. "Hello," said the father, "you must be...Lulu?" his accent in English was distinct, but his command of the language fluent. The third occupant of the room stared at Lulu, her pale cheeks flushed from anger. She looked like a punk, hair dyed blue and face pierced, and the only piece of furniture she'd brought with her was a single valise she'd left on the vacant desk on the other side of the room. She said nothing...and thought nothing. As far as Lulu could tell, there was nothing there at all. "Aren't you going to say hello, Eira?" asked her mother. Eira rolled her eyes and fired something off that made her parents glare at her. With a sigh, she turned her attention to Lulu. "Hello. What are you in for?"
  21. Shofet

    Teen Idle

    Claremont Academy, Freedom City Early November Just Past Midnight The room was dark, illuminated only by the flickering of the screen. Mia rested on her side, dressed in a sleep-shirt and comfortable pajama pants. Normally, she just went with the t-shirt, but it was colder in Lulu’s room than it was in her own. Danica had to maintain a fairly warm temperature, after all. It was normally tolerable, but it was good to get out of it sometimes. Normally, the sound coming out of her laptop would have been Japanese, but she had been forced to agree to use the dub this time. It was a concession she was not entirely happy about but she agreed to it anyway. Not everyone tolerated her weeb trash, and besides, the screen wasn’t the biggest anyway. After a few moments, though, a thought passed into her head. She turned on her side, and looked over at Lulu. They had been through a lot. Even though the Black House had, externally, only had them in there for an hour or two at most, the interior made it feel longer. A lot longer. It had helped her build a stronger bond with the girl, and honestly, she liked hanging out with her even if they did seem to occupy really different worlds at times. “So,” Mia said. “You wanna go get high and maybe get a pizza or something?” she asked Lulu. “No class tomorrow or anything.”
  22. “Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.” ― Bertrand Russell, New Hopes for a Changing World It was in mid-November of 2019, about the time that many Claremont students were about to go away for Thanksgiving break, that Judy Smith sent out a message to some of her best friends inviting them to a special meeting in her dorm room. This was quite unusual; as far as anyone knew, Judy and Ashley had never admitted anyone to their dorm room when they were actually living in it. There had been, to say the least, some discussion about who exactly to invite to the meeting. They'd settled on the most trustworthy of Judy's friends, the ones who were proven, reliable quantities. This meant Chelone, with her wisdom; and this meant Crystal-Gazer, who already knew some things. There'd been others on the table. But they didn't know Mia well enough yet, and Leroy was going to be told on his own. And Micah...well, it wouldn't really do to tell Micah before she told Leroy, now would it? So the woman and the girl sat together in their dorm room and waited, Judy on her bed and Ashley on hers, and Judy prayed. She prayed in her own prayer language that everything would work out okay, that her friends would understand and that telling the truth would save the day, and that taking pains to do what was right in the eyes of the Lord and the eyes of Man would save everything. Ashley had taken this opportunity to say a few words to Our Lady of Vietnam, because why the Hell not at this point, honestly, but was mostly thinking about operational security. She had a few extra gadgets on her belt if things really went south, but hallucinogenic gas and electric stunners were of dubious efficiacy against superheroes. If this went wrong, tricks of the trade weren't going to do it. _So why am I doing this?_ she reflected. She looked at the girl kneeling in prayer across the room, speaking in tongues the way she usually did when she prayed by herself. _Because Judy deserves it._ When there was a knock at the door, it was Ashley who answered it; Judy excusing herself for a moment to get dressed. "Be right there!" Ashley was in a punk rock T-shirt and jeans when she opened the door, a carefully composed look on her face. "Hey. Come in. She's just getting dressed." The Smith room was a bit larger than either Lulu or Danica's room, a private bathroom by what must be Judy's side of the room (with its Christian and Old West art on the walls), with vaguely punk rock decor on Ashley's side. It honestly looked like any other Claremont room, albeit with a few more books on the shelves, some extra electronics here and there, big pile of knitting projects on Judy's desk, and some tools and magnifiers for when Ashley worked on her gear.
  23. Shofet


    Lantern Hill, Freedom City October 31, 2019 8:00 PM Mia Mustafic-Markov looked especially spooky this Halloween night. She stood out front of a haunted house, her face marked with a false glasgow grin complemented by fake red blood, and her face was made even paler by white make-up, her eyes made dark and sunken looking by black makeup rimming them. Her neck had a similar false wound, and her denim jacket opened to reveal a white shirt marked by fake blood and three long slash marks over her belly. Yet, the effect was diminished some by the fact that she was dutifully staring at the screen of her phone. She had decided to invite out her Orange Squad team-mates (and Danica!) for the night, in order to get to know them better. And what better way to get to know them than scaring the bejeezus out of them with a Haunted House? Yet, unfortunately, it seemed she was the first to arrive. Which did make sense. She could teleport, and most of them… couldn’t. The choice of venue seemed cool. The Black House, they called it. Not the most creative name, but it was supposedly one of the scariest things ever. It traveled to different cities every year, almost always big ones, and was apparently so scary some people had to check into therapy after visiting. That probably wasn’t true, but it was a pretty great selling point and Mia wanted to check it out. But right now, she was here alone. She looked back at the great mansion behind her, watching as people stumbled out, pale-faced, while more brave looking souls headed on in. Her attention turned back to her phone. Opening up her group text, she hammered out a reply.
  24. Heritage

    Witchy Woman

    Claremont Academy. Sunday, September 8th, 2019. 1:03 am One of the realities of having a telepathic girlfriend is the fact that, as long as you're in range, she can basically reach you at anytime. In the case of Adam Lanchester and Lulu Beaumont's relationship, this meant thoughtful, silly or romantic 'chats' could take place at any hour, but in general the loquacious redhead left her man alone after 9pm most nights. Which made it extra surprising when she suddenly reached out to him the middle of the night, and at extra loud volume at that! - Adam! Adam, wake up! Something f###ing freaky is happening! -
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