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In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your character, NPC or sidekick posted IC this month (including the News forum). This topic will automatically close on the seventh day of the following month at Midnight EST.  And if you are GMing something, list those threads, too. GM posts count as full posts, and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push' to get up in post numbers.

Remember that we require that posts be a minimum of about 500 characters.  Posts shorter than 500 characters will not be counted.

1-14  IC posts = 1pp
15-24 IC posts = 2pp
25-49 IC posts = 3pp
50-99 IC posts = 4pp
100+  IC posts = 5pp

When you make your list, please post a link to the IC threads -- preferably to the top of the page where your first post for that month appears (or the post itself) -- so we can jump right to it.

When you start a thread, make sure IC is the first tag and topic prefix of the In Character thread, and OOC is in the first tag and topic prefix of the Out Of Character thread.  It's not required, but additional tags including the major players and locations are viewed as a courtesy.

  • Please list your threads in alphabetical order.
  • Please clearly note any threads in which you are both player and GM/running an NPC.
  • Please list your threads in a timely manner (1 week after the month is over is pushing it.)

If you've done any "extracurriculars" -- artwork, HellQ, 20 Questions, NPC, Vignette, Wiki work, etc. -- please be sure to list them along with your active threads.


Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your post counts being postponed or skipped completely. If you missed the deadline, see this thread.

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Phantom (76)*
A Picture of Sophisticated Grace (8)
Community Gatekeeper (14)
Hard to Be Cool (In a Minivan) (4)
Mea Culpa (20)
Nighttime Wanderings (10)

Silberman's Books: Reprise (10)
Suburban Horror (10)

Psyche (27)*
The Golden Chain (18)
Like Riding a Bike (9)

And I have contributed art to the site: Alder's Art Thread If that could go to Psyche since she is behind in the posts, that'd be awesome. Thanks!

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Blodeuwedd (1 posts)

World Lost (1)                    

Merge Trois (1 post)

Two Duplicators and Grim too! (1)

Miss Grue (4 posts)

Don't Go Into the Water (1)

Next-Gen: Creature Feature (1)

Take Me To TV Land (2)                

Revenant (3 posts)

Dead Island (1)

How to Build a Better Scythe (2)

The Traveller (2 posts)

Envious Eyes (1)

Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen (1)

Triakosia (9 posts)

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (8)

Temporiad: Hasten Slowly (1)


GMing (6 posts (12))

Beautiful People Doing Bad Things (1)

Brain Drain (1)

Envious Eyes (1)

Jurassic Fight Club (1)

Punk Princess (1)

Two Duplicators and Grim too! (1)


GM points, Merge post and Ref point to Revenant, then assigned as follows. Miss Grue +11, Triakosia +6, Ref point to The Traveller.

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Jack of all Blades / Jill O'Cure (8)
Freedom's Finest #3: Corrupt to No Good (3)
So Great A Cause (5)

Midnight II (6)
That's Rough, Buddy (5)
Where They Have to Take You In (1)

Ghost Girl (7)
How to Build a Better Scythe (7)

Set / Sekhmet (21)
Teen Romance Superhero Drama (3)
Community Gatekeeper (13)
No Fortress Is So Strong (5)

GM / NPC (5)
How to Build a Better Scythe (2)
Leave a Mark (3)

The rollover and the Ref Point can all go to Reagent!

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