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  1. That makes two of us. The explosion caught Spectra by surprise--not enough for her to break her train of thought or concentration, but enough that she briefly looked up. It seemed that there was still conflict happening and not the quiet hostage situation she had envisioned. She hadn't figured out if that was a good thing yet. Spectra quickly weighed her options. Calling for assistance might have been a viable idea until the explosion. We should get up there. There was real urgency now, and enemy numbers were less of a concern.
  2. Round 2: Lament [13] : Uninjured Unknown Wolf Thing [8] : Uninjured, Shaken [-2 to attack/defense/checks] Lament is up!
  3. GM The beast recoiled, though only for a moment. It straightened up as best it could, Still looking somewhat hunchbcked in its stance. Hollow red lights where its eyes should have been glared at Lament, and its jaws parted as it spoke. Its voice was dry, raspy, and carried a creepy echo. "WhY... GiVe Us GwEn..." The sense of urgency in its tone was apparent. It was laced with desperation. It lunched forward, swinging one unnaturally long arm at Lament. "YoU wiLl NoT... KeEp HeR fRoM uS!"
  4. Will Save: 1d20+7 16 So, not quite good enough! The beast is now Shaken, but that isn't going to stop it from trying to claw its way past Lament. Literally. Attack: 1d20+10 20 (-2 for being Shaken; missed that!) GM post to follow!
  5. Arcturus had, admittedly, not give a lot of thought to what would happen if he surprised the Doctor. Now that it was a distinct possibility, , he wasn't completely sure how to proceed. Sucker punching him seemed almost wrong. Of course, that was Marcus's thinking; Animust didn't harbor any such hang-ups. We could ask him to surrender. ...that wasn't a joke, was it? No. I mean...its an opion Does that man LOOK like he can be reasoned with? Who knows what unnatural filth is in that man's system. Just change forms. Unleash the Tiger. Run in and snaphis neck. What?! ...okay fine. Just snap his neck a little bit. Why do I even bother... He wondered what Lobisomem would do. It wasn't as if he was going to stop the creature if it decided to just run in there and knock him senseless. Arcturus was probably going to have to be the one to haul him back to the surface anyhow, and he looked pretty heavy.
  6. Well. That brings back memories. Arcturus stared at the gator as it contemplated life in general; eventually it chose to take the path of least resistance and walk away. That was probably for the best had Marcus chosen to conserve magic and return to his natural form, it might have actually tried to eat him. The possibility of that hadn't completely passed though; Arc made sure to keep that in mind. That wasn't an alligator. That was nearly a dinosaur. The perversion of nature was something both Marcus and the Beast Rune actually agreed on. That, in and of itself, was more dangerous than anyone knew. "Before this gets any further out of hand," he commented, keeping his voice down... "...you're not one of this doctor's experiments, are you?" For a solid half an hour, Arcturus had been trying to figure out how to categorize Lobisomem. "Not Actively Trying To Eat People" was really the best he could come up with, but then again, Filth and Vermin also fit that very broad category. And he was certain at least one of them would try to clock him one if they were a little bit bigger.
  7. Initiative: 1d20+4 8 So Lament is 1st up then! (Apologies for the delay. Things happening. x_x)
  8. Liora didn't usually startle easily but Hyperslice managed to catch her off guard. She couldn't help but laugh. The enthusiastic handshake nearly made her drop her book. "Skirris, right? Nice to finally meet you. By all mans, join us!" For a moment, Liora pondered what she meant by having seen her work. In hindsight, that could really have meant anything. Just speculating on the specifics was amusing on its own; she decided not to question it. "Oh, I'm sure something is happening somewhere. Certainly no sense looking for trouble... I have a feeling it will find its mark sooner or later. But until then..."
  9. Definitely easier to spot now. While Queenie engaged the Zultasian, Spectra kept watching for the situation to change. She couldn't tell what was going on inside the tower; the next best thing was to see if skirmish drew any unnecessary attention. Already, she was looking around for a way inside with minimal detection. Whatever armed assault had gone before, Spectra didn't want to take any unnecessary risks, proverbial and literal guns blazing. If she could finesse an infiltration without having to put Queenie or herself in danger, she would find a way to make it happen.
  10. Well now. It looks like someone doesn't want to be seen. Queenie? There's someone keeping watch in front of the tower and an Assembly officer down. We should definitely get in there and see what's going on. In hindsight, Spectra was glad she didn't simply portal into the tower. She kept her extended sight fixed on the Zultasian. She wasn't about to act before Queenie did. Not that she couldn't, of course, but the Earth woman seemed very comfortable taking charge, and Liora was content to let her. In this particular situation, it worked out--Spectra was going to have to be the spotter, something the was more than used to doing. Be careful, she warned. I don't know if you can see him and I can't tell what he's armed with. Safe to assume he's taken the Assembly guard's weapon.
  11. Notice: 1d20+6 23 Steath: 1d20+7 20
  12. Sorry, I've been sick for a bit, and dealing with some stuff... I owe a Stealth and a Notice check though. I'll start up as soon as I'm home (I'm in a dentist's chair as we speak)
  13. I think this would be a good spot for an Initiative roll!
  14. GM The figure didn't move, at least not at first. After a few steps forward, Luther could make its features out, but not by much. It was maybe less than five feet tall, and its arms hung at its sides. They were unusually long, and they really did look more like tendrils than anything else. It seemed to either not notice Luther or it dismissed his presence entirely, because when when it it moved,, it was with clear, unfiltered purpose. Its movement was accompanied by an eerie hissing, something akin to an echoed exhale, it zigzagged a little as it moved, but its general direction was forward, and it almost seemed like it was going right for Luther. Its focus, however, seemed to be the room next to him. And it didn'tseem like it was going to stop voluntarily.
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