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Alder's Art Thread


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Hey! So, before our long hiatus, I had an art requests thread and I am re-opening that at least for the moment! I'll update the thread if the request queue has to be suspended for real life at some point. 

A few caveats:

  • I cannot promise to do these in the exact order they are requested. Some characters are harder for me than others and I'll usually get the ones that are easy and less complicated done quicker as I often have multiple pieces going at once in progress. 
  • They'll also be posted to my art tumbler (which you are welcome to check out but the work there is not always PG 13 and might be NSFW: http://rowanwoodwritings.tumblr.com ) 
  • You are welcome to request couples/pairings/groups. Group pictures take me for-ev-er. I can't promise quick turn arounds on anything but especially on group shots.
  • If its for Freedom City, it'll have to be PG-13 though I was at one point working on pin up shots for a calendar for FreedomCity (tasteful pin ups!) cuz I don't want to get in trouble with the admins!

Pin the request in the thread below with:

  • The character(s) in question and a link to their sheet
  • Any links to references regarding the character or requested poses
  • If you have specifics, like costume or civvies, full body or bust, the more you give me sooner, the better!



Character Requests



Avenger Assembled




Tiffany Korta


Thread Illustrations



  • Electra's Wander and Midnight II (thread illustration) WIP
  • Gizmo's Ghost Girl (costume)
  • The Osprey's Seahawk (costume)
  • My Alex and Taylor busts

Current Requests (Not Yet Begun):

  • Gizmo: Ghost Girl & Wraith (candid), Jack & Willow (family portrait), Interceptors (team picture)
  • Angrydurf: Ouroboros (portrait)
  • Thunder King: Crimson Tiger (portrait)
  • Raveled: Blue Jay (bust)
  • Electra: Hologram (portrait)
  • Tiffany Korta: Miss Grue (portrait), Current Claremont Kids (class picture)

Personal: Young Freedom: Year One (class picture)


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Great to have you two back! The art request thread is making me nostalgic, too. I haven't actually retired anybody in the whole time you've been away, just added more PCs, so I'm going to be indecisive and throw out a bunch of suggestions; just cherry pick whichever ones catch your interest!

Ghost Girl just updated her look - as described on her sheet - and it'd be great to have something to illustrate that! Her best friend Wraith is a shapeshifting metal alien so having the two of them together instead doing their best 'monster smiles' could be fun, too! It'd be nice to get a bust for Trevor to go along with the one for Erin or alternatively something with the two of them together.

Along similarly coupley lines, I'll also suggest Jack of all Blades and his wife Willow or Jill O'Cure and Dragonfly. Of course, throw in Geckoman and Harrier with those four and you've got the whole current Interceptors line-up if you're feeling particularly ambitious and/or bored. I'll defer to your expertise as to what makes for the better pictures!

I'm sure I could think of more to request but that's already looking pretty greedy! Let me know if you want any specific details or have better suggestions for who should be shown in what way!

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I'm going to be bold and request a full-body or bust shot of Miras. She's a heavier gal, and most modeling programs have a distinct bent towards athletic and thinner bases, at least for women. At the same time I'd like a headshot of Blue Jay. She has a lot of piercings that I'm intentionally vague about, and it's always fun to see people's interpretation of that.

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Whee, art time! :D I haven't got any art for my character Hologram, so anything for her would be very nice! She looks about 35, brown and brown, keeps her hair cut short in a trendy mom style, fit but not skinny, average height, wears a lot of casual blouses or turtlenecks and blue jeans. In her uniform, she wears a black turtleneck with a holographic patch on the shoulder, a silver belt, close-fit black slacks and a domino mask.  

And one picture I would love to have is a picture of eighteen-year-old Wander and Midnight from the end of the Graduation Day arc. She's wearing her blue and gold Young Freedom uniform, but it's all but burnt off her in a lot of places, and he's put his black uniform jacket and his fedora on her. They are both singed and sooty, but triumphant! The post is here. If you could draw them like that, it would be amazing! 


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Hey. Thought perhaps I'd take a shot and request something done for Seahawk.

Pretty much her suit looks like this...
Also she's wearing a large round backpack (which is also her flight pack). The suit itself is blue with some white trim on the straps, and the life preserver collar (the portion that seems to go around her neck over the shoulders, then down the front) is red, and the helmet she wears looks like a full helmet that could seal with the suit. If you want her to have a similar pose to the suit example, the helmet has quite a large clear faceplate in front (almost like a bubble-helmet in a way). Seahawk has shoulder-length blonde hair, and she has long, pointy elvish ears with fair skin and freckles with green eyes that seem to have a slight shine to them. If she's hiding her identity she has a large pair of goggles she can wear too (that fit under the helmet).

One side thing... She's just gotten out of the water after yet another misadventure, so having her sitting on a beach (next to a life raft maybe?) looking soaking wet and her vest activated would be how I want her set up.

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As I've finally settled on how Klara look's I'd like to humbly request an picture of her in full heroic glory. I've imagine her armour to be similar to Big Barda, who inspired alot about Klara, but I'm happy to give you pretty free rein to go with what you think works well.


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I'd like to request a picture of an adult Geckoman. This is a pretty old reference, but the basic costume design is the same, sans HeroFactory's idiosyncrasies. The goggle lack the little antennae, and the gloves lack the metal bars. He's also using a darker green costume (more like the gloves and boots on this image), with his belt, pouches, boots and gloves being dark yellow. The goggles are also all orange, the frame and lenses.

Thank you~ :x 

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Changed up Torpedo Lass for the sketch. A couple of things, I was thinking of having her vest look more puffy, as if it was full of air, instead of how tight it is to the body in this example, and the pockets on her belt are on the vest. Of course, her collar has a couple white bits of reflective tape in the back, and if you're wondering the collar should be connected to the wetsuit under the vest, not sitting free like a scarf because of how this CoH character thing works.


Also if you're doing Sakurako for the huge class pic, this is probably the last time people will see her in the "Space Sailor" phase of her costume. Before I jump her PL up when I hit Bronze.


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If you could, Alderwitch, fit into your schedule something with Kyle Steward in mid-transformation into Cavalier, I'd be profoundly grateful. He already has an entry in Gizmo's marvelous Visual Guide, which might help give an idea for how to portray armor unfolding from some otherworldly space.

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