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The Fellowship for the Advencment of Humanity


The Fellowship for the Advancement of Humanity AKA; The Fellowship, FAH


The Fellowship for the Advancement of Humanity is an organization gaining recent ground online and among youth angry at the status quo. On the surface its is a somewhat shady charitable organization devoted to 'Improving the Human Condition'. It's lite on specifics and heavy on rhetoric however and has a rather fervent base of support in among disaffected suburban youth throughout the west. It blames the problems of the world on authority figures such as 'an uncaring government' and 'Business leaders more interested in profit than parity'. While it falls well short of anything like calls for revolution it stirs the anarchistic tendencies of its followers to bring in plenty of donations with little transparency as to where that money goes beyond 'humanitarian efforts to help those oppressed by authoritarian regimes the world over'. It's followers are vocal but largely unorganized and it's popular online message boards clogged with arguments as to how best to free humanity from the repressive cultural norm of the week.


In actuality the fellowship is a front for a violent group of Terminus Enhanced Human Supremacists. They follow a line of thought that those effected by the terminus energies are the next stage of human evolution and that humanity as it stands and it's morals and governments can not continue to exist in the New World Order. They know that eventually Humanity will realize that Enhanced humans are their superiors and that then a war will come. They plan to be on the winning side when that time comes. All of this is a deeply held secret of those at the helm of the fellowship of course and nearly none outside of those few are aware of the groups true goals. At best any normal humans int he organization believe it to be a fine mesh money screen to siphon funding from spoiled and angry college students. It has found itself on a few government watch-lists but only with regard to possible fraud but they are squeaky clean when it comes to payment of fees and taxes and thus is largely ignored.


The Fellowship

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