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Rewind - Reputation

Naisha Sidhu

Knowledge (Physical Sciences)
DC 15: Naisha Sidhu is a published author on a number of Atom, Inc. research topics, mostly pertaining to quantum mechanics and high-energy physics. 
DC 20: Naisha Sidhu is one of the principal authors of modern experimental methodology, with three textbooks written on the topic. 
DC 30: Naisha Sidhu is on the cutting edge of temporal theory and research, and definitely one of the top candidates to kidnap if you're a supervillain interested in building your own time machine.. 

Gather Information
DC 10: Naisha Sidhu lives in Emerald City and works for Atom, Inc.
DC 15: Naisha has a job title of 'Researcher'.  
She has no listed family. 
She holds Doctorate degrees in Engineering Science (D.Eng), Physics (PhD), and Medicine (M.D.). 
She superficially resembles the superhero Rewind.
DC 20: Naisha bought a condominium about 8 years ago in Mid Town. 
Her fingerprints and genetic expression are a match for a Naisha Sidhu in Millscroft, Ohio. Both of the other Naisha's parents are alive, as are a brother and a sister (both married) with four nieces and nephews. 
DC 25: Tax records and background investigation can reveal that the Naisha Sidhu in Freedom City vs. the Naisha Sidhu in Millscroft, Ohio are two different people (with the latter visibly older than the former). 
DC 35: Naisha Sidhu's scientific credentials are forged; she never attended the universities in question and no record of her actually being on campus exists. 
Her tax and public background records prior to 2012 are likewise forgeries. 
A very skilled computer hacker appears to have covered her existence with a convincing amount of detail. 


Gather Information
DC 10: Rewind is a minor superheroine who works in connection with the Atom Academy.
DC 15: Rewind has been seen fixing broken cars and objects back to perfect condition, and fixing broken people in the same way.
She's worked with the Atom Academy since its founding.
She superficially resembles the Atom, Inc. researcher Naisha Sidhu.
DC 20: Her powers are temporally based, and she doesn't heal people and things so much as she rewinds them back to a state before they were damaged. 
DC 25: Rewind's time reversal power can reverse death. 

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