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The Young Guardians

will save you!


A team of young heroes in the style of the Wolfman/Perez era New Teen Titans, out to make their mark on the world.



The genesis for the Young Guardians team started with the formation of the New Young Freedom team, which was formed by Sebastian Shields (Casanova) at Claremont Academy in 2020, which included Bluebird, Stinger, Chump and Toxin. Raven III's sidekick Nevermore II, had joined the Academy during that year, and, upon realizing that something was off about New Young Freedom, he started organizing a number of students to oppose them, initially gathering Shift, Nightscale, Arrow IV and Howl around him. They quickly learned that New Young Freedom engineered the crimes that they solved through Casanova's mind control abilities and were, at least initially, able to stop them, defeating them in a fight. 


An attempt by Casanova to force Nightscale's girlfriend Shadowborne to join New Young Freedom let him to join her boyfriend's team instead, and, as the years continued and the two groups continued to clash, the team's lineup continued to change, eventually settling on Nevermore II, Nightscale, Shadowborne, Paper and Multi-Girl, who settled on the team name the Young Guardians. 


When Sportsmaster I, Princess Poison and Sportsmaster II attacked Nightscale in retaliation for having hurt Stinger, it was revealed that Stinger was really Ms. Scorpion, who had infiltrated Claremont on behalf of the Shadow Academy. The Young Guardians managed to defeat the super villain family, and Ms. Scorpion ran away from Claremont Academy.


While most members of New Young Freedom would graduate soon after, the members of the Young Guardians stayed at the school, except for Nevermore II, who disappeared just before the end of the school year in 2022. While the remaining Young Guardians continued to get into trouble, the team lost it's momentum with the disappearance of its leader.


In late November 2023, Nevermore II, now calling himself Stormcrow, returned and gathered the team together for one final fight against New Young Freedom. As it turned out, Casanova had been manipulated by both Ms. Scorpion and more sinister forces. Though the Young Guardians, joined by the zombie hero Ghule and a returning Shift, fought against New Young Freedom, Casanova and Ms. Scorpion managed to summon the Conqueror Worm... [this section will be expanded following the end of the thread The Young Guardians Returns!]


Following the defeat of the Conqueror Worm, Stormcrow invited the team to their new headquarters in early January 2024, which he had spent sometime constructing with Shift after he returned to Freedom City, following an extended international adventure with Raven III.


Their mission would be simple: To be there for each other and everyone that would need them. To be heroes. And, if everything happens as he wants, then one day, they would be the heroes that would cast the shadows that others would stand in.


Base of Operations

The Young Guardians are based out of the informally named Guardians HQ, a fancy modern mansion that was rapidly built over the course of about six months. The mansion overlooks Freedom City, giving a scenic view of the city, and while it is some distance away from most neighbors, it is still very much part of the city.

Each of the members of the Young Guardians has their own room, with plenty to spare for future members.

The mansion has it own power system, library, training facilities, infirmary, a garage and much more, including a hangar that houses the Guardian Jet, which launches through the secret water fall overlooking the outdoor pool.

All of the mansion's features as well as the Guardian Jet can be found on Stormcrow's character sheet.





Various Trivia

  • The team was originally conceived as a new iteration of Young Freedom. When it was decided that it would be best for PCs to not be members of a new iteration of Young Freedom, a new iteration of Young Freedom was instead made their initial adversaries.
  • Before the team formally formed in late 2023/early 2024, it's early iterations while the majority of the students attended Claremont went through a number of potential members at times, including, but not limited to, Arrow IV, Howl and Outrider.
  • Three team members have red hair, two of those with origins outside of the United States.
  • Various iterations of the team has, if you squint, had many similarities to various Teen Titans members, whether in origins or power sets, including a Robin expy, a robot, exiled warrior, a shapeshifter and dark, shadow related powers.
  • The team is funded by the Summers Estate and various investments that Charlie has made, both of his own and their suggestions. The line about who owns what is kind of blurred, but Charlie has been promised autonomy. 
  • Both Stormcrow (then as Nevermore II) and Shadowborne have spent a short time in a future where the Young Guardians had become a massive succesful super hero team. These short visits to the future was the first appearance of the Stormcrow identity
  • Stormcrow would like to remind all his teammates to remember to use codenames in the field.

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