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Argonaut (PL10/14) - HG Morrison

Brown Dynamite

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Power Level: 10/14 (206/212)
Trade-Offs:  +3 Attack/-3 Damage (Power Pike), -2 Defense /+2 Toughness
Unspent PP:  6

In Brief: Omegadrone Agent of A.E.G.I.S! 

Alternate Identity: Yves Zermeño, Yvejskrujanharbh'aar
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Lor-Zul
Occupation: AEGIS Field Agent
Affiliations:  AEGIS
Family: Carlos Zermeño (Husband), Luz Zermeño (Eldest Daughter), Anna Zermeño (Middle Daughter), Sophia Zermeño  (Youngest Daughter)
Age: 50 (DoB: Born March, 16 1968)
Apparent Age: 30
Gender: Female
Ethnicity:  Lor
Height: 5'2
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Yves is a slightly muscular brown skinned woman with no visible natural body hair.  The missing hair on her head was replaced with a very expensive lace wig.  The wig is styled into a short bob.  She often dresses in modest fashions that leave very little skin showing.  Hiding the various scars throughout her body that she actually opted not to have surgically removed.  Never wanting to forget the monster that she was.
As Argonaut, Yves' MEGA-MAX bears a recolored Shocktrooper Omegadrone Armor. The face plate retains an all too familiar skull like design.  The armor does not have wings due to having a far sleeker design than Steelgrave's original bulky model. The back does, however, have secondary thrusters to to aid the jet boosts propulsion outside of atmospheric conditions (although the secondary boosters are currently damaged), The rocket boots can maneuver through the air with no issue having lost no air superiority.  The Armor's left breastplate has the AEGIS emblem engraved.

In another world in which the Lor's First Age never came to a close, the Lor Republic stretched to every corner of explored space.  The military existed primarily for the purpose of exploration and further colonization of Lor Space.  Quality of Life for citizens of the advanced civilization was such that only a sci fi novel could compare.  Yvejskrujanharbh'aar was a freshly graduated university student with a future as a star faring diplomat in all but certain.  Her life was pretty much uneventful.  She had friends, family, loved ones and her personal tragedies were no more exciting than a lost pet here or there.  Having never left her home planet, her dream was to engage in interplanetary relations perhaps to eventually take a seat as a Senator.

The Lor citizens born on the planet of Lor-Zul are known for being born with two very distinct features.  The first being a long life span in which they maintain a youthful appearance, only showing signs of aging during the last quarter of their lives.  The second a natural affinity with languages their mind able to comprehend all spoken and written word as if they were living ciphers due to a unique psionic mutation.  It was only the first trait that appealed to Shadivian Steelgrave after the Terminus came.  With no enemies to oppose the Lor the military was nowhere near qualified to handle the unified front of the combat drones that swept their world.  The Lor were crushed and in the end there was only the Terminus.

Life as a conquered slave with the Hundred Worlds was far different for the Lor.  Gone from Spacemen to cavemen one had to let a piece of himself die just to survive.  In Nihilor only the strong survive.  And what she lacked in physical might, Yvejskrujanharbh'aar made up for with sheer willpower and luck.  Engaging in brutal gladiatorial fights until she scrapped by on top of her opposition.  Her prize?  Her mind was torn asunder as she underwent the unspeakable acts that defined the Omegadrone conditioning.  Brainwashed by the Omegadrone conditioning Yvejskrujanharbh'aar had long faded she was merely a servant of Omega. Serving on the front lines as an Omegadrone Shocktrooper.

Many people remember the Terminus Invasion of 1993 differently.  Most of those memories are not looked back on too fondly.  But for Yvejskrujanharbh'aar it was her first real memory since her first shot at life had ended.  As one of those very invaders, she found herself barely clinging to life by the time the battle had come to a close.  Her armor was skewered onto a steel rod at her abdomen.  Recovered by AEGIS field agents, she was given medical treatment as the organization wasn't out to just let people die.  Even those part of a foreign invasion force.  Of course if it brought about the opportunity to learn more about the Terminus forces more power to them.

It took a think tank of the top AEGIS psychologists and doctors to match Daedalus efforts in deprogramming the Omegadrone conditioning.  They even crafted a new identity for her to live, monitored by a field agent, just outside of their Baltimore offices.  Yvejskrujanharbh'aar or Yves as she had now come to be known just had to agree to surrender her armor to them as well as acting as a consultant whenever the need struck the agency.  

When Dr. Doris Volk joined AEGIS in 1997 amongst the many projects she pursued was the development of MAX series Power Armors.  Shorty after completing the designs on the Super-Max armor Dr. Volk had already begun considering the process for advancing upon her design.  Searching through old AEGIS files for inspiration Dr. Volk eventually came to learn about the deal AEGIS made with Yves.  It took a decade to combine the technology of the Omegadrone with that of a SUPER MAX armor creating the first flight capable power armor, far before the distinctly more well known models used by Subjects V and V2.  The most problematic bit of integration was that the armor's neural interface would only respond to omegadrones like the armor's previous pilot, Yves.  

A neural interface was originally  designed to reinforce the Omegadrone conditioning and improve Nihilor's Mixed Murder Arts by recording combat data and aiding the pilot adapt in all situations.  Dr. Volk's attempts of repurposing the interface to aid field agents in saving lives could not completely overcome the fact that only a mind whom had gone through Steelgrave's brainwashing was the only one capable of conceptualizing such an idea.  So she requested Yves assistance in improving the combat data of the interface as Dr. Volk attempted to overcome the flaw in the design.  An offer that went through a very long series of refusals before Yves finally relented with some trepidation.  Spending weekends as a test pilot for the tongue in cheekily named MEGA-MAX armor.

Breaking away from the training simulation when the armor caught the transmission of a nearby alarm system in which a shoe store was being robbed by three heavily armed men.  Within the comfort of her armor she was able to easily able to deal with the crooks.  Disappearing before AEGIS latest line in experimental technology could be shaken.  Upon her return she wasn't admonished for taking off with government property as she expected.  Instead there was a congratulatory fanfare and applause and she was offered a real job with the agency.  After weighing her options and the sense of satisfaction that came with actually doing something good with the armor she took the job.

In her personal life, Yves and her handler had wed some years back.  Together they were raising three girls from his first marriage.   Although at this point the eldest was studying at FCU, so the children did not exactly outnumber the parents in the household.  Eventually the Zermeños requested a change in duty station from Baltimore to Freedom City.  Marking her return to the city after 20 years as the armored hero Argonaut.

After Argonaut returned from a mission off planet.  Dr. Volk claimed to have attained enough data to begin work on the MEGA-MAX series of prototypes.   AEGIS set about fully repairing Argonaut's Shocktrooper armor and upgrading both it and her pike with the information on display.

Personality & Motivation:
Yves may not have been quite herself when she worked as a soldier of Omega.  But she remembers every waking minute of that nightmare.  Every slash, every stab, every atrocity committed in the name of the Lord of the Terminus.  She tries not to let it weigh on her conscious too much and for the most part succeeds with bravado and gumption (albeit a silent gumption), but the memory is always there gnawing at the back of her head.  Despite that one would be hard pressed to find her without a smile on her face.  Whether it is forced or not.
Outwardly confident, albeit carefully spoken, she works hard at covering up her own insecurities of not being qualified for being a 'hero' due to her past a Terminus soldier.  Despite the fact that AEGIS already has a solid history of working with reformed criminals.  Yves is very good at seeing through people's intentions.  Above all else, she feels as if she has seen enough death in her lifetime and will go through absurd lengths to try and save everyone she can even if it cost her life in doing so.  

In her daily life, Yves can be downright domestic.  Attempting to portray the image of a perfect mom next door type, while still keeping conversations as short as possible.  Yves is not a talker by any measure for those outside her family.  But, when she does speak it's usually either snark covered or blunt with absolutely no sense of tact.  A self described realist through and through Argonaut does not mince words or paint optimistic pictures.

Powers & Tactics:
Yves relies on the Argonaut armor to do all her heavy lifting.  Even with her now rusty training in the mixed murder arts, she is quite effective at using her power pike for close range combat.  At a distance, Argonaut fires bolts of cosmic energy at her foes from her pike.  Her Shocktrooper armor has multiple thrusters throughout potentially allowing her to fly through the air with ease.  The rear thrusters allow her to traverse the atmosphere with much more force than she can muster inside the planet without risking damaging the surroundings. 
Taking a cue from Omega himself, Yves can compress the entropic energies of her Blast blade creating a small endothermic reaction that releases in a bright flash of light to blind her foe.  Lastly, AEGIS has created a sort of funnel exhaust to allow Yves to release the entropic energies of her power pike from the middle of the shaft.  Specifically forming it into the shape of a shield with AEGIS’ symbol on the center.  Seeing as the pike is both collapsible and kept on a wrist sheath underneath her arm this can make it appear as if her only weapon is the shield itself when not wearing the armor.

The Shocktrooper Nanites in her body use a "stim pack system".  Using a chemical delivery system with a variety of entropic fueled stimulants designed to appeal to an Omegadrone's implants.  This activates the whenever she successfully slices matter with her entropic blast blade.  In turn creating a sort of painkiller effect in the heat of battle to keep fighting.  This allows the mindless drones to push forward in the heat of battle with even less care for their well being.  For a freed Omegadrone like Yves, it means having to combat her baser urges every time she fights.  

Yves body contains tiny nanofibers that are far stronger than human muscle fibers of equal size.  The tiny nano muscles allow her to perform feats of strength above what is humanly possible.  In fact her very physical condition is improved well above what should be humanly (or rather Lorly) possible.  Her neural implants allows her to react with split second timing.  When not in use the Omegadrone armor is stored in a portable suitcase

AEGIS Defend!:  Yves has an almost unhealthy obsession with pursuing redemption.  Nominally this just presents in her wanting to try and protect as many lives as she possibly can.  Which on its own is not a problem.  But ,Yves runs blindly into action without thinking of the consequences if she thinks it can help someone.  Theoretically making her an easy target for a villain's manipulations
Broken Arrow: The Terminus did the former Omegadrone no favors.  Matters related to Omega and his Annihilists, are a possible trigger for Yves' PTSD to flare up.  Flashbacks, hallucinations, and panic attacks are among the many possibilities of how this can manifest.  While distracting all on their own, it can be real inopportune in the midst of a high stress chaotic combat zone.
Calling for Pegasus:  Her identity as Argonaut or even as a former Omegadrone is not common knowledge.  AEGIS keeps its secrets well guarded.  Her would be allies could even assume her to be a criminal due to the design of her armor looking as if it was a riff on Omegadrones.  Local law enforcement or overly enthusiastic civilians may try and attack the Azure Omegadrone mistakenly believing themselves to be attacking a villain.
Shield Cracked:  The neural interface on the Argonaut armor connects her mind to the machine.  This means that , Argonaut's brain can be "hacked" by means that would normally only affect machines while connected to her armor.  GM's can feel free to have not only be affected by attacks meant to "mind control" technology but even have her auto fail it.
Shields High!:  Yves is given a lot of autonomy as an AEGIS agent, but still she has to formally request permission to activate her Omegadrone Armor unless the situation is exigent enough for her to do otherwise. 

Shield Wall!:  Argonaut's Vampiric Damage Effect doesn't really heal her.  The Vampiric effect is only a temporary stimulant release for sedation.  The GM can at any point in time have any healed injuries return.  Furthermore, the stimulant release was not designed with a conscious person in mind.  The GM could apply any number of new conditions (such as nauseate, paralyze, etc) with or without the prior healed Damage condition to show her body is suffering from adverse effects from the entropic energies flush in her body.

Abilities: 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 10 + 2 = 36PP
Strength: 16/24 (+3/+7)
Dexterity: 16/24 (+3/+7)
Constitution: 16/24 (+3/+7)
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 20 (+5)
Charisma: 12 (+1)
Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +7
Attack: +4/10Armored Ranged, +7/13Armored Melee
Grapple: +16/+17
Defense: +5/+8 (+4/7 Base, +3/ Dodge Bonus), +4 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -9/-10
Saving Throws: 3 + 0 + 2 = 5PP
Toughness: +12 (+7 Con, +2 Density, +2 Armor, 7 Impervious)
Fortitude: +10 (+7 Con, +3)
Reflex: +7 (+7 Dex)
Will: +7 (+5 Wis, +2)
Skills: 104R = 26PP
Acrobatics 1 (+8)
Computers 12 (+15)
 Skill Mastery
Craft (Structural) 2 (+5)
Craft (Mechanical) 2 (+5)
Disable Device 7 (+10)
Skill Mastery
Diplomacy 4 (+5)
Drive 1 (+8)
Gather Information 1 (+2)
Intimidate 9 (+10)
Skill Mastery
Investigate 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Civics) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Cosmology) 10 (+13)
Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 5 (+8)
Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Tactics) 2 (+5)
Medicine 1 (+6)
Notice 9 (+14)
Pilot 8 (+15)
Skill Mastery
Search 2(+5)
Sense Motive 10 (+15)

Stealth 3 (+10)
Survival 5 (+10)

Feats: 10PP
Attack Focus (Melee) 3
Benefit  (AEGIS Security Clearance)
Dodge Focus 1

Favored Opponent (Omegadrones)

Skill Mastery (Computers, Disable Device, Intimidate, Pilot)
Powers: 6+ 8 + 20 + 1  + 1 + 29 + 50 = 115PP
Communication 4 ( Radio [1 Mile]; Power Feats: Selective, Subtle [6PP]


Comprehend 4 ( Codes & Ciphers, Languages [Read All, Speak Any One at a Time, Understand All ) [8PP] 


Device 6 ( 30PP container; Feats: Restricted to Omegadrones, Subtle; Flaw: Easy-to-Lose [20 PP] (Collapsible Power Pike)

Concealment 4 (Normal Sight; Flaw: Passive [2DP] (Cloaking)
Terminus Blast Array (25PP Array; Feat: Alternate Power 3 ) [28DP]

BPDamage 10 ( Extra: Ranged; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Precise, Split Attack)  (Entropic Blast) {25/25}

APDamage 0 ( Extras: Penetrating 7, Vampiric 7 ; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Extended Reach [5'], Improved Critical 2, Incurable, Mighty, Precise, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Technological] (Blast Blade) {24/25}
AP:  Deflect 5 ( All Ranged Attacks; Extras: Redirection, Reflection {25/25} (Shield of AEGIS)
AP: Dazzle  10 ( Visual Senses {20/25} (Blinding Blast)


Feature 1 ( Temporal Inertia ) [1PP]


Immunity 1 ( Aging; Flaw: Limited to Half-Effect [1PP]


Device 8 ( 40PP ContainerFeat: Restricted to Omegadrones; Drawback: Full-Round to Don the Suit [-4] Flaw: Hard to Lose ) [29PP]  (AEGIS Upgraded Omegadrone Armor)

Enhanced Attack 6 [12 DP] (Combat Computer)

Enhanced Defense 3 [6DP] (Combat Computer)

Flight 3 ( 50mph, 500 ft./rnd; Feat: Move-by-Action ) [7DP] (Jet Boots)
Immunity 4 ( Disease, Poison, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst; Flaw: Limited to Half-Effect [2DP]
Immunity 6 ( Environmental Conditions [Cold, Heat, High Pressure, Radiation], Suffocation[All] ) [6DP]

Protection 3 [3DP]
Super-Movement 1 ( Space Travel [Interplanetary] [2DP]
Super-Strength 1 ( Effective STR 39 [Heavy Load 2.8 Tons] )


Omegadrone Shocktrooper Nanite Enhancements ( 50PP Container [50PP]

Density 4 (x2 Weight, Flaws: Permanent, Feats: Innate, Subtle) [14PP]
Enhanced Constitution 8 [8PP]
Enhanced Dexterity 8 [8PP]

Enhanced Feats 2 ( Affects Insubstantial [Unarmed] [2PP]
Impervious Toughness 5 [5PP]
Speed 1 ( 10 mph, 100' per round [1PP]
Super-Senses 10 ( Analytical [All Vision], Darkvision, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 3 [Molecule Size], Radio, Tracking [Infravision/Half-Speed] ) [10PP]
Super-Strength 1 ( Effective STR 34 Heavy Load=2.8k lbs ) [2PP]



Drawbacks: -2PP

Vulnerability (Magnetism; uncommon, Major, +50%) [-2PP]



DC Block







DC22 Toughness

Damage (Physical)

Blinding Blast


DC20 Fort/Reflex

Dazzle (Light)

Blast Blade


DC22 Toughness

Damage (Technological)

Entropic Blast


DC25 Toughness

Damage (Cosmic)

Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (26) + Feats (10) + Powers (115) - Drawbacks (2) = 206/212 Power Points

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+1PP for Oct 2021
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