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NB: Galvanic's DCs here assume a character whose background is extraterrestrial. The DCs are likely 5-10 points higher on Earth.


Knowledge (Earth Sciences)

DC 15: Chlo'zel Elzak is a fairly well respected figure in the discipline of terraforming, an expert in climatology, geology and meteorology. She got empowered in the accident that destroyed the Cloudbreaker Device, an attempt to terraform the atmosphere of the planet Tempest.

DC 20: Elzak's work is primarily in the effects of the constant and vicious lightning storms that constantly wrack the planet Tempest's surface. She's long been a sceptic of the viability of successfully terraforming the planet.


Knowledge (Galactic Lore)

DC 5: Galvanic is one of the Praetorians, a Tempestian with incredible strength.

DC 10: Galvanic is the pseudonym of Chlo'zel Elzak. She is one of the more powerful heroes to have appeared in the wake of the Communion attacks. Beyond her work with the Praetorians, she's known for wandering world to world as a roving hero, with a fairly positive reputation among the common citizen. 

DC 15: During the Incursion, Galvanic fought alongside the heroes Paradigm and Rock to bring down the Star Khan. 

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