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Player Name Thievish
Character Name: Paradigm

Power Level: 15 (242/250PP) [254]

Trade-Offs: -3 Def/+3 Toughness; -3 Atk/+3 Damage (+3 Atk/-3 Damage for Heat Vision)

Unspent Power Points: 8


In Brief: An alien paragon who defended an ancient space empire, recently revived after two millennium in suspended animation.


Alternate Identity: Amara Val-Ren

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Naram Prime

Occupation: Former Praetorian of the Delaztri Empire; Current Imperatrix of the Praetorians

Affiliations: Praetorians

Family: Daar Val-Ren (brother - deceased)


Age: 45 (DOB: over 2,000 years ago)

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 3,000 lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Dark Purple/Black


Paradigm, like others of her race, has skin that is a dark orange in color.  Her hair, which she wears down past her shoulders, is black mixed with dark purple and her eyes are a dark yellow.  Slightly taller than average, she has a lithe build, which disguises her true strength. 


Paradigm's costume is a full length white bodysuit, with black diamonds on the shoulders, upper chest and back, which were surrounded by golden yellow trim.  Black gloves go up almost the length of each forearms, and her black boots go halfway up her calves, both also having golden yellow trim.  A long, black cape completes the outfit.


Power Descriptions:


Paradigm's already alien physiology was radically altered by the enhancement treatment she underwent over two thousand years ago.  Her body's density was greatly increased, making her far stronger and tougher than the normal members of her species, but without any visible change to her appearance. 




Over two thousand years ago, the Delaztri Empire ruled an area of space encompassing hundreds of worlds.  After more expansive conquests centuries earlier, the Empire’s growth had greatly slowed, the Empire turning away from aggressive expansion and instead focusing on governing the diverse races within its borders.  What little growth that continued to occur was mainly the result of diplomacy, and planets choosing to peacefully integrate into the Empire, looking to gain the benefits of Delaztri rule. 


During this time, the greatest defenders of the Delaztri Empire were the Praetorians (the closest English/Lor translation of the original title), an organization consisting of hundreds of individuals of incredible power, recruited among the many different races within the Empire’s boarders. 


Amara Val-Ren was born on Naram, a planet long under the rule of the Delaztri.  Amara's people were genetically stronger and tougher than many other humanoid species, with members of the species chosen to undergo genetic and radiation treatments to produce powerful members of the Praetorians.  The numbers of Naram subjected to such treatments were usually kept low by the Delaztri, for fear of creating a force of superpowered Naram that might choose to depose them.


Amara's older brother, Daar, had been selected to join the Praetorians when she was still a young girl, eventually rising to be one of the leading members of the organization. Inspired by her brother, Amara dedicated herself to trying to earn the right to undergo the enhancement treatments and become a member of the Praetorians as well.


When Amara had reached her thirty-fifth cycle (roughly about eighteen for a human), she competed in a contest with other Naram for the honor of being selected for the enhancement treatment and membership in the Praetorians.  Although the various trials were grueling, Amara managed to finish ahead of the other competitors, earning herself the chance to follow in her older brother's footsteps.


Amara left Naram behind, traveling to the seat of the empire to undergo the enhancement treatment.  The process was painful, but resulted in the young Naram's body density vastly increasing, with no outward change to her appearance.  Her natural strength and durability were vastly increased, with Amara also developing the ability to fly, even through the cold expanse of space, and to survive unharmed in almost any environment.


It was not long after that Amara was inducted as a member of the Praetorians, joining her older brother in defending the empire.  For the next five years, she served loyally, facing numerous dangers as a Praetorian.  Then, a new enemy appeared at the boarders of the empire, pushing quickly into Delzatri space, and swatting aside the initial responses from the Delzatri Navy and the Praetorians. 

Ultimately, the entire might of the Praetorians was thrown at this threat and following several climatic battles, the enemy was defeated and driven from Delzatri space.  But the victory came at a high price.  Just over three quarters of the Praetorians were dead before the enemy was finally repulsed, including Daar Val-Ren.  As the few dozen weary and battered survivors made their way back from the front, the damaged Delzatri Naval ships they were aboard were intercepted by one of the Curator's museum ships.  The ancient Preserver created AI had decided that the surviving Praetorians needed to be collected and preserved by him.


The surviving Praetorians naturally resisted, but were overwhelmed by the Curator's drones and placed in suspended animation and brought back to his vast ringworld.  The Delzatri Empire collapsed not long after, while Amara and the others have sat in suspended animation for millennia.


When the Communion recently returned, overrunning parts of the Stellar Khanate and destroying Lor-Van, the Curator reviewed Amara and the other surviving Praetorians. Although initially shocked by how much time had passed and the fact the empire they had sworn to protect was no more, the Praetorians realized that the galaxy still needed protecting from the Communion.  By the decision of her fellow Praetorians, Amara was made the new Imperatrix to lead them, taking the role her brother had once held along with a small group of others.


Making contact with the Lor, the Grue and other galactic powers that were trying to resist the Communion, the Praetorians helped in organizing the Coalition and fighting against the Communion.  As the leader of the Praetorians, Amara was not only involved in the fighting, but also attended meetings of the Coalition leaders, helping to provide a neutral viewpoint that was not clouded by allegiance or bias to any of the existing factions in space.


Once the Communion had been defeated, Amara continued to lead the majority of her fellow Praetorians in serving as defenders for those Coalition governments that wished to accept their aid.  The Praetorians came to work in concert with the Star Knights, who were working to rebuild their numbers following the Incursion, and added one of the interstellar protectors to their ranks as a representative from the group.  Several other Coalition governments sent representatives to be members of the Praetorians, including the Lor.


Personality & Motivation:


A large portion of Amara’s life was spent in preparation for and then as a defender of the Delzatri Empire.  She was driven to live up to the example of service set by other members of her race, including her older brother.  Her powers tended to lead her to be confident and forceful, not relying on subtlety. 


Although Amara was just as shocked to learn that the Delzatri Empire had ceased to be, she quickly shouldered the responsibility of leading her fellow Praetorians against the returned thread of the Communion.  Along with most of her fellow Praetorians, Amara has found new purpose in offering assistance and protection to those parts of the galaxy that request it.  Having been thrown into working with leaders from the Coalition, the young Naram learned to hone her diplomatic skills, along with some guidance from Elite.


Amara has settled into her role as the leader of the Praetorians, although part of her wishes she could share the burden as her bother had with several others two thousand years ago. While decisions may ultimately rest with her, she does not hesitate to seek counsel and advice from her teammates and even puts matters to a vote by the team when appropriate. 


Powers & Tactics:


Paradigm’s powers make her very strong and durable, but she also spent years as part of a larger organization, so her tactics tend to reflect both these influences.  Her natural instinct is too quickly to close with threats, relying on her durability to protect her.  But years working with her fellow Praetorians has made Paradigm realize the importance of teamwork and understand the roles that all of her fellow teammates can play. 




Stuff of Legends  Although the Delaztri Empire has long since ceased to be, there are still parts of the galaxy where the Empire and its Praetorians are legends.  On some worlds, the Praetorians are recalled as legendary heroes, but on other worlds, history has come to paint them as oppressors and conquers.



Abilities: 2 + 4 + 12 + 4 + 6 + 10 = 38PP

Strength: 12/36/46 (+1/+13/+18)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)  

Constitution: 22/34 (+6/+12)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 20 (+5)


Combat: 16 + 14 = 30PP

Initiative: +6

Attack: +8; +12 Melee; +18 Heat Vision

Grapple: +30/+35/+46

Defense: +7 base, +12 with Dodge Focus (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -20


Saving Throws: 7 + 8 + 11 = 26 PP

Toughness: +18 (+15 Impervious)

Fortitude: +13/+19 (+6/+12 Con, +7)

Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8)

Will: +14 (+3 Wis, +11)


Skills: 60R = 15PP

Diplomacy 14 (+19)

Kn: Galactic Lore 10 (+12)

Language 4 (Delaztri (native); Lor, Grue, Galstandard, English)

Medicine 3 (+6)

Notice 10 (+13)

Pilot 1 (+3)

Sense Motive 18 (+21)


Feats: 17PP

Attack Focus: Melee 4

Dodge Focus 5

Environmental Adaption 3 (Zero G, Low G, High G)

Equipment 39 (free from Veteran Awards, for Praetorian spaceships and HQ)

Grappling Finesse

Improved Initiative

Luck 2



Powers: 2 +39 + 11 + 8 + 5 + 6 + 9 + 1 + 38 + 3 = 122 PP


Flight 1 (10 MPH) [2PP]


Density 12 (+24 Str; Impervious Protection 6; Immovable 4; Super Strength 4; x25 Mass; Feats: Subtle 2; Buoyant; Extra: Permanent (+0)) [39PP]


Enhanced Constitution 12 (Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [11 PP]


Impervious Toughness 9 (Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [8 PP]

Super Strength 1 (5 ranks total, up to 21; Effective Str: 61 to 141; Heavy Load: 60 tons to 3.84M tons; Feat: Shockwave; Counter Punch; Super Breath) [5 PP] 

Super Movement (Space Travel) 3 [6PP] 

Immunity 9 (Life Support: disease, poison, suffocation, cold, heat, high pressure, radiation and vacuum) [9PP] 

Immunity 2 (Aging, Sleep; Flaw: Limited [half]) [1PP]  

Paragon Array 16 (32 pp Feats: Dynamic; 3 Dynamic Alt Powers; Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [38 pp] 

  • BP: Enhanced Str 10 (Feats: Takedown Attack; Improved Crit 2 [18-20]) {0 to 13 pp}
  • DAP: Super Strength 16 {0 to 32 pp}
  • DAP: Flight 12 {0 to 24 pp}
  • DAP: Blast (Heat Vision) 12 (Feats:Accurate 5; Improved Range 2 (600’ range increment); Progression: Range (3,000’ max range)) {0 to 32 pp}

Super Senses 3 (Extended: Vision (100' increments); Extended: Hearing (100' increments); Ultrasonic Hearing) [3PP]



Weakness (Delaztri Crystals, Frequency: Uncommon [-1], Intensity: Major, cumulative -1 to all stats [-2 Plus -1 as effects CON], Time: every minute [-2]) [-6 PP]


Totals: Abilities (38) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (26) + Skills (15) + Feats (17) + Powers (122) - Drawbacks (6) = 242/250 Power Points


Note: While the Delaztri Empire is no more, their artifacts are still present in various parts of the galaxy, allowing for Delaztri Crystals to turn up from time to time.

Edited by Fox
+1pp for March 2020
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