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Seika (PL10)

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Player Name: GooseInduced
Character Name: Seika
Power Level: 10 [150/154 pp]
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 4
Progress To Bronze Status: 12/30

In Brief: Alien Sniper/Archer with enhanced senses and a few tricks up her sleeve. Inspired by both the Na'vi and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Alternate Identity: Seikahi’ino. Most call her Seika (to her dismay), called Sei by herself and her clan
Identity: Public
Birthplace: Kahi'iru Flotilla
Occupation: Bow For Hire / Freelance Adventurer / Wanderer
Affiliations: The Kahi'iru Settlement, Kahi'iru Flotilla, Lor Republic, Space Station Primus
Family: Mother, Father, Two brothers and Five sisters

Description: Her species  is humanoid. Bipedal and standing between 7 and 8.5 feet tall. The women being on the shorter end of the spectrum. The simplest way to describe their appearance is reptilian, though they are in fact Monotremes. Their skin is covered in plates and scales all along their arms, upper chest, shoulders and backs. The rest of them are still scaled or leathery but less armored. Their faces are sleek, the ridge of their wide noses blending seamlessly into their foreheads. Females have fewer scales and bony ridges on their faces then the men, focused more on their brow and cheeks. The structure of their faces is similar to that of a human, though the features are smoothed over. Their ears are flat and non protruding. Their eyes are wide and colorful with the iris extending beyond the visible parts of the eye. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth, though molars in the back mean they have an omnivorous diet. They have hair but it bares little resemblance to the hair of a human. It is thick, almost quill like, though flexible and usually translucent. They rely on plantigrade locomotion (similar to humans). The females have a adapted an opposable big toe to help with climbing in the jungles and this makes them all rather skilled climbers. They are built similarly to a human, though they appear stockier because of the natural armor of their bodies.

Seika herself is of Average height for a female. Long limbed and lean though not slim. She may not be built the same as most humanoids but she maintains a feminine silhouette.   Having been raised as traditionally as possible for her misplaced species , her posture is always straight, a common trait  for the women of her race due to training with a bow. Her scales are colorful. Tans, browns, coppers and reds all adorn her body. Some of it even appearing golden or pearlescent. Her hands, stomach head and and face are the lightest and Golden. Copper markings surround her eyes and stripe her face and the sides of her neck. Her body is dark brown and copper with gold and red markings that break up her coloring in stripes and patches and spots, blending into the lighter colors of her neck and shoulders. The quills atop her head are the remnants of spines, but have long since lost their purpose. If left loose they fall nearly to her shoulders so Seika keeps them bound and back and out of her way.

Her 'costume' is merely an outfit of space age polymers. It's comfy and does very little aside from look good and help retain heat. She has no reason to wear a shirt except for appearances. The top is form fitting and sleeveless. All black and dark red accept for decorative piping and the inside of the hood which is a dull gold. She uses it to keep bright suns from messing with her aim. Her pants match, fall to mid calf and are jotted with pockets. She doesn't wear shoes, they only get in the way of climbing. On her hip sits a quiver of arrows and on the opposite thigh is a holster for her bow. Normally over five feet long, the Lor Republic construction allows it to fold down for portability. Even the arrows themselves seem shorter in their quiver then once drawn.  

Age: Human equivalent of 23
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Non-Human - Kahi'iru
Height: 7'3
Weight: 250 lbs
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Bronze

Power Descriptions: Seika’s “powers†are merely traits of her race. The Kahi'iru have highly evolved senses (sight and hearing) that aid in hunting. Tough scales and plates protect them from predators.

Similar to Terran reptiles, they are able to trace heat signatures and use them to hunt prey. Seika uses her incredible senses to accurately use her preferred weapon, a bow, at great distances. Her eyes have two sets of lids. One for normal blinking. The second is more of a filter, blocking out most normal light for her to see in infrared. When focusing her eyesight far away her pupils dilate to the point of of her eyes looking completely black due to the light they must let in.

History: Their planet was large. The majority of the land on this planet consisted of desert. Rich in minerals and resources. The sand of which is more copper and brown colored than the deserts of earth. The entire planet wasn't all desert though. There were large underground rivers that are reachable by many cave systems and feed the more fertile forests and jungles. The sentient species of the planet started in these jungles. A place of dark and rich colors. Coppers and browns, Greens so dark they are nearly black. Time and evolution forced them out of these fertile lands because of all the predators. At one point nearly all of the males were wiped out and out  of preservation they fled.

As their species and culture grew the men and women each took different roles. The larger, stronger men took on the role of Warriors. While the smaller, faster and more dexterous women took on the roles of Hunters and Gatherers. For reasons that the species took to be spiritual, the predators of the jungle always hunted the men. Not just killed, hunted. They took it as a sign. the jungle didn't want them there. So the women were taught to hunt. Using large bows strong enough to pierce the hides of the fierce beasts within.

Seika has only heard tales of the planet that her species once called home. Stories of great coppery deserts, immense jungles and the vast cave system her Mother’s tribe once used to reach the underground rivers that gave the planet life. Even her mother was but a child when her kind was forced to flee from their home. They were saved by a passing fleet of Lor ships. Something terrible had come to their planet. Something the elders of her kind, those old enough to remember, refuse to speak of. She knows only that a few tribes were saved, taking on the great flying steeds and into the sky. Seika was never able to hunt in the great jungle like her ancestors, or make her journey through the desert when she came of age.

Instead, she was hatched  in the coldness of space. Wrapped in blankets instead of nestled into the warm sand like her ancestors. She grew up with what her kind managed to retain of her culture. Maintaining many of their spiritualistic rituals and customs were intact. Though some of their oldest and most sacred traditions were lost when they lost their home.

When Seika was still a child, the remaining Kahi'iru split into two groups. One forming a small colony on an already settled desert world. Her kind thrive in the heat and the cold of space was unattractive to her kind. Still, some didn’t want to settle there. Knew they might be able to find a better place. So some stayed on their wandering raft of ships, while others tried to make their new home work.

Seika’s parents were among the latter. Wanting the stability of a home for their still growing family. Though the perfect life her family sought was not to be. The natives of this planet were less than accepting, claiming precious resources for their own. It made life hard but her kind was able to adapt and learn. Melding their ways with technology and this new planet. For years their small community made it work. Children grew to adults, learning the old ways on this new planet. But it never really felt to Seika. Like any day something might come and take this place from them too.

The decision she made was made in a moment. The Flotilla had paid them a visit. Bringing goods and stories. Partying with them well into the nights. When it was time for them to leave Seika packed her things. There was no long goodbye. No great explanation was needed. Her parents knew. Her siblings knew. Her tribe knew. They all felt it. A restlessness. It wasn’t a desire for some great adventure, but rather a destination.

She wanted to find them a home. A real one. For that she would brave the coldness of space and the separation from her loved ones. She didn’t stay with the Flotilla long. She started taking jobs, using her skills for hire to go to the corners of known space. Always looking, always searching for that place they might be able to call home.

She took jobs, whatever would help her travel known space. Though truth be told, she didn’t get very far. Though her skills quickly became valued by those she worked with and for. Despite not being a troublemaker, the wrong people heard of her, the kind of people that wouldn’t want her for her talents. She never expected to become a target and was caught completely off guard. By the time she managed to fight back it was too late.

She was knocked out and shackled.. It was then that Seika found out a hard truth. There were too few of her kind and most of her people’s culture and history (recorded in pictograms) was destroyed with their planet. With no written language and no traditional sense of ‘race’, they don’t meet the requirements to be considered a sentient race by the Lor Republic.

Seika was sold as little more than a trained dog. Zaul Zeno having brokered her sale to a woman named Alina Liora. A bully of sorts. A female warrior with no conscience or morals. She considered herself a commander, but in reality every ‘soldier’ under her command was effectively a slave. And female. Seika was no different. Once fitted with her collar, she had no choice but to obey. The device was designed to deliver a potentially lethal shock if she disobeyed. The greater the disobedience, the harsher the shock. She never really knew how long she was there. The time passed slowly. When they weren’t being forced to do… well, things she really wished she could forget, Seika was locked inside. Cold and away from any sunlight that might warm her scales. It was a miserable existence.

One day it all changed. Alina had decided to take her ‘soldiers’ with her that day. Using them as muscle and intimidation while trying to get information on her latest target. While walking through a crowd of people, Seika was bumped, hard. She didn’t think much of it. Nor did she see their face. Just a metal mask, glowing green with lights. She thought it familiar, but couldn’t place where from.

That night, when everyone had settled down for bed, the ship they called home was rocked with a blast. Alarms sounded and the ship switched to emergency power. Seika jolted out of bed only have to collar fire, sending her to her knees with an electrical jolt. Only it didn’t last. She remembered the sound of a latch releasing and a clatter as the device fell to the floor. A small metal disk was stuck to the side of her shock collar. It sparked and sputtered. It had obviously been what set off her collar and what removed it from her. She didn’t know why, but it didn’t take long for her to figure out who. The metal mask.

It was coming back. The day she was captured. A man had brought her to Zaul. A small man with a metal mask that glowed green….

In the confusion Seika managed to slip off the ship, taking only what she could carry with her. her EXE Cold Suite, bow, knife, and her little ‘baby’. Once off the ship, she ran into Starshot, the man who captured her. The man who also helped free her. He explained his situation. How Zaul had forced him to do many things he was not proud of but that he was trying to make things right. Seika didn’t necessarily forgive him, but she did understand. After all, she had been forced into the same situation.

Starshot offered her a ride to Space Station Primus and Seika gladly accepted. Since then she has used it as a way point. Most of her jobs being based out of the station. She started being more careful, watching her back. She and Starshot parted on good terms and had an understanding. While they might not be friends, they trust each other in an odd way and if either ever needs help they should be able to call on one another.

Personality & Motivation: Seika might seem strange to most. A mix of the primitive nature of her people and the more advanced cultures of the people that took her kind in. Sometimes she forgets her manners and can be more than a little messy, but she always means well. She’ll take work where she can, wanting to travel as far and wide as she can, but it’s always on the up and up. Usually as a mercenary, bounty hunter or to make sure no one get’s too frisky at a meeting.

It was on one of these jobs that Seika found a rather strange trinket. Ovular and hard as any stone. It’s about 4 inches in diameter (softball sized) and has a deep purple hue and flecked with green that mimics the ground of the planet on which she found it. Upon finding it Seika immediately scooped it up, wrapped it in whatever she could find and tucked it away. She started calling it a ‘baby’ and took it everywhere with her. Always in a pouch at her side or tucked into her her pack or suit. She’s fiercely protective of it, even talks to it. Though to most people it must make her look a little crazy.

Powers & Tactics: Seika may be large, but she is also light on her feet and highly dexterous. Being a bow specialist, she prefers to keep distance between herself and her enemy. Using her stealth and her enhanced senses, she is able to pick off targets at quiet the distance. Keeping on the move and only stopping to shoot is a tactic she will gladly employ when necessary, especially when her enemy is intent on closing the distance. However, Seika is not defenseless at close range and keeps a large knife at her side at all times. She is strong as well as fast and capable of handling herself.


RRrrrrr Engl-uh????:  Seika's understanding of language is very limited. She speaks the native tongue of her people and knows Lor because of the ships that saved them and they people of the planet they have colonized on. Any planet that doesn't speak Lor , for example Earth, leaves her unable to communicate effectively. As such conveying even simple thoughts can be very time consuming if not impossible.

What are these scribbles? Seika's people never developed a written language. They didn't have a need. Their history and teachings are handed down from generation to generation through stories. Any documentation they did was done through drawings and pictures, usually decorative. Because of this, Seika's knowledge of Lor is also restricted to verbal communication. She has managed to remember and recognize a few words and phrases, an example being 'bathroom' but beyond that is effectively illiterate.

That’s a big…. something or other: Being over 7 ft tall makes Seika stand out in a crowd. She may be effective at hiding herself when needed, but in a normal crowd she stands out like a sore thumb…. or a 7 ft lizard/dragony thing. It can cause issues when discretion is needed, or on planets that are a little more… sheltered. Unless the inhabitants of a planet match her height and happen to be covered in scales. But since that isn’t likely odds are that her appearance might draw unwanted attention.

BRRRRRRRR!: The Kahi’iru are a desert species. Well adapted to hot, even scorching climates. However, this comes with a moderate vulnerability and avoidance to cold temperatures. Temperatures most might find stifling and hot she finds comfortable and prefers because it means she needs less clothing to keep warm. (She hates wearing them and has little need besides keeping warm) Getting her to willingly enter a frigid climate (below 50°F) requires her EX.E Cold Suit (Extreme Environment Cold Suit), other appropriate clothing, or some extenuating circumstance or other incentive. Otherwise she will be resistant or outright refuse.

What do you mean I’m not sentient?: Due to a loophole in the system, Seika’s species isn't considered a sentient race. As such they don’t have the rights to property and land as other
races do. She technically doesn’t have an identity. While most won’t question the sentience of a 7ft tall woman with a bow, those who do might be able to exploit it, like a corrupted official or police officer. Technically she can be arrested, but the law doesn’t have to take the same procedures with her that they would another race. The samegoes for every day matters. If she needed to stay at a hotel or a sort of interstellar hostel, they could refuse her housing.Businesses don’t have to serve ‘animals’. Unless of course she was registered to an owner but the odds of her doing that are slim to none. (Unless of course I make her future minion her ‘owner’. Could be kinda funny if this isn’t resolved by then)

Disobeyed the Commander: Alina was furious to find her ship damaged and Seika gone. She is the type of woman to do anything for revenge. Her feelers are out and she is looking
for Seika and if she finds her, she’ll go for blood.
It’s a baby: The strange rock she found isn’t just a rock. It’s an egg. No one believes her that it’s actually alive though. Even if someone did suspect it were an egg they might believe it to be dead. Though Seika knows better. Her talking to it isn’t the ramblings of a mad woman, but a one sided conversation to a possibly sentient and telepathic creature. (A hero with telepathy might be able to detect this) She protects and cares for it like a mother would, which are instincts that are very strong in her species. She would do anything to make sure it won’t come to harm, including put herself in danger. Note: The egg is a catalyst for a little alien sidekick buddy I hope for her to get once I earn my bronze award. Use of this complication is encouraged but please don’t cause any actual harm to the egg (i.e. smashing it) both Seika and I will be very sad.
Abilities: 14 + 18 + 12 + 0 + 6 - 2 = 48PP
Strength: 24(+7)
Dexterity: 28 (+9)
Constitution: 22 (+6)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 8 (-1)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +13
Attack: +4 Base, +8 Melee (+4 Base, +4 Attack Focus) , +10 Bow (+4 Base, +6 Attack Specialization)
Grapple: +12
Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Dodge Focus) +2 Flat-footed
Knockback: -5

Saving Throws: 3 + 1 + 3 = 7PP
Toughness: +10 (+6 Con, +4 Scales)
Fortitude: +9 (+6 Con, +3 base)
Reflex: +10 (+9 Dex, +1 base)
Will: +6 (+3 Wis, +3 base)

Skills: 48R = 12PP
Acrobatics 1(+10)
Climb 10 (+17)
Intimidate 10 (+10)
Language 1 (Native Language, standard)
Notice 10 (+13)
Stealth 10 (+19)
Survival 6 (+9)

Feats: 26PP
Attack Focus: Melee 4
Attack Specialization : Bow 3
Dodge focus 6
Equipment 3
Improved Aim
Improved Initiative
Move by Action
Precise Shot
Quick Draw 2
Second Chance: Survival
Skill Mastery: Climb, Intimidate, Notice, Stealth
Uncanny Dodge (Auditory - Ultra Hearing)

Equipment 3 [15/15EP]
Big Space Age Knife
Strike 3  (Feats: Mighty; Features: Improved Critical 19-20) [5/15EP]

Earpiece Communicator/Radio
Communication 2 (Radio, Linked to Supersense, Flaws: Limited: One way) [1EP]
Supersenses 1 (Radio) [1EP]
EX.E Cold Suit
Immunity 8 (cold, disease, high pressure, poison, radiation, vacuum, suffocation)  [8/15EP]



Powers: 23 + 1 + 1 +1 + 3 + 10 + 3 + 2 = 43PP

Device 7 (35PP Device, Easy to Lose) Super Alloy Bow and Trick Arrows (Feats: Restricted: Minimum Height 7ft (Arm Length), Feature: Subtle)[23PP]



Trick Arrows (Ammunition, Device; 29PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [33/35PP]
Base Power: Blast 10 (Feats: Improved Critical 2, Improved Range 3 – 1000 ft increments, Range Progression 2, Precise, Split Attack) “Standard Arrow†[29/29PP]
Alt. Power: Fatigue 9 (Extras: Ranged, Sleep (+0); Feats: Improved Range 2 – 450 ft increments) “Night Night Arrow†[29/29PP]
Alt. Power: Drain 9 (Toughness Extras: Affects Objects (+1), Ranged; Feats: Improved Range 1 – 225 ft increments, Slow Fade - 1 Every Minute) “Slow Burn Acid†[29/29PP]
Alt. Power: Dazzle 9 (Visual; Extras: Burst 45ft - General; Feats: Improved Range 2- 450 ft increments) “Flash Arrowâ€[29/29PP]
Alt. Power: Snare 9 (Extras: Regenerating; Feats: Improved Range 2 – 450 ft increments) “Gelly Arrowâ€[29/29PP]

Immunity 1 (Heat)  [1]
Immunity 2 (Aging, Starvation and Thirst; Flaws: Limited ) [1]
Leaping 1 (x2) [1]
Protection 4 (Drawback: Noticeable Uncommon, Minor -1PP)[3] Natural Scales and Plating
Super Senses 8 (Low Light Vision, Distance Sense, Extended (All visual) 2 - 1000 ft, Infravision, Tracking 2 - Infravision, Ultra Hearing [10]
Speed 3 (50mph) [3]
Super Strength 1 (+5 Str Carrying Capacity (29), Heavy Load: 1,400 lbs, +1Str  - Conditional) [2]

Vulnerability - Cold (Common, Moderate - Effect +50%) [-3PP]

DC Block
Blast 1000 ft DC 25 Toughness
Drain 250 ft DC 24 Fortitude (Staged)
Dazzle 250 ft DC 24 Reflex + Fortitude
Fatigue 250 ft DC 19 Fortitude(Staged)
Snare 500 ft DC DC 24 Reflex
Strike Touch DC 25 Toughness

Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (12) + Feats (26) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (-3) = (150/154) Power Points

Edited by HG Morrison
Progress to Veteran Reward
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This all looks very good. 


A few minor niggles. Could you format the powers a little? a blank line between them helps readability (and i think is custom here)


The distances in some of the powers are a bit off. Fatigue 9 (same applies to Drain) with improved range is 225' incermements by my calculation (I guess the 250' was from rank 10?)


Supersenses be aware that Extended 2 [2PP] Only applies to one sense (Presumably base vision). You may find Extended 1 [2PP] (All visual powers) more to your taste, but that call is yours. (Extended costs 1 PP per rank for a sense, and 2 PP per rank for a sense type). 


Finally the bad news: After discussion in Refcave, we have decided (and I appreciate it is rather arbitrary) that Comprehend power needs a device, rather than equipment. You may want to find 3 PP for a hand held communicator device (Comprehend 2 and 1 PP spare). Sorry about that. 


Lovely PC, mind. I hope she and Starshot meet. 

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Ok. The formatting got a little wonky when I copied it over. I can adjust the spacing.

Oops. Yeah. Looks like I miscalculated. Will adjust.

I am not sure what the difference is between those two types of extended vision. The book just said that a sight based extension counted as two powers so.... I'm an little confused.

Ugh... alright... I guess I'll have to think about it... The problem is that I am 2pp under limit on my device as is so I could almost...... if I added a second device as a feat (I believe the house rules said is is possible to use that as a power feat) could I use the remaining pop available in my device as the translator?

Edited by GooseInduced
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The house rules on devices as AP is designed for two weapons really. Otherwise it gets complicated (nested arrays and stuff)


You could think about some swapping I guess. For instance you could drop a rank of Bow device. This needs 3 PP saved:


Base power drop the Split attack

Fatigue drop the Sleep "Feat" (actually, sleep is a +0 Extra so you dont need to save anything!)

Snare drop an improved range rank (Incidentally, I would have thought contagious extra more likely than regenerating extra for gello arrow, but your call!)

Then drop the Drain and Dazzle APs. 


Sure they are nice, but in 3 PP time you can add them back in!


That frees up 3PP. Drop a Luck Rank, you get 4 PP. 


Then Add "Sci Fi watch" or something as hard to lose advice with powers like Comprehend 2 and Super Sense (Radio) for 5 PP?


Only suggestions mind. 


As the "Extended" goes, the general concensus is: Extended multiplies range by x10. It costs 1 PP per sense it works on (such as normal hearing, infravision, smell, etc), and costs 2 PP per sense type (All visual senses, all hearing senses, etc). 


As you have written it, You have Extended 2 (Normal Vision) x1000. This is totally legit, but you wont have extended Infravision. you could alternately buy Extended 1 (All visual senses) for 2 PP. (Which would work on normal vision, infravision, and any other visions you get later like visual detect or ultravision)

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OK. Dropped my tracking and Luck feats. Increased my enhanced senses ranks so it covers all visual senses. I figure i can track by infrasense anyway. Used the EP for just a radio communicator and changed her complication so it covers her limited knowledge of language. Also added another complication that came to me. Figured being Illiterate might make for an interesting complication.


However I also feel it might cause more problems than anything. Not sure if it's a good idea or not. Perhaps her knowledge of written Lor is very limited? Not sure how that would work.

Edited by GooseInduced
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This all looks good. A few niggles with Ranges (225' I think, not 250') and I am not sure why Dazzle has a 35-70' Area? I make it a 45' Burst for Dazzle 9. 


Dazzle cannot have the slow fade feat (At least on this site!)


Then it all looks good to go. 


EDIt: One suggestion about the Earpiece COmmunicator. As it stands, this means you can turn a radio reciever that receives your signals into a communicator by default. And you won't be able to pick up radio signals. House Rules say that communication is two way by default. You may wish to change this to a more conventional radiowave device thusly:


Communication 2 (Short wave radio, 100m, Limited: One Way Only) [1PP] Linked with Supersenses 1 (Radio)

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So, the communication power is two way by default. If you have a two way communication (Radio) device - its a little odd...plausible with handwave science, but odd. 


Essentially this would allow you to broadcast up to 100m to any radio receiver. So far so sensible. But it would also be able to pick up signals back from that receiver even if it did not have a transmitter. So, for instance, you could send a signal to a hand held FM Radio, and somehow by science jiggery pokery, the guy listening to the FM Radio could speak back into it, and you would hear (even though FM Radios can't transmit!)


In addition, having communication 2, 100m, means that you would not be able to pick up radio transmissions in the air. 


The alternative (my suggestion) is to build it Communication 2 (Limited one way) [1 EP] Linked with Supersenses 1 (Radio) [1 EP]. This means that you can transmit to any radio receiver, but can only listen back if they too have a communication power. In addition, you can pick up any transmission (from any distance) directed to you (or just kick back and listen to SPACE FM). 


Both work, but in general the latter more accurately represents "Real world" radio recievers/ transmitters. 


Does that make sense?

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Tidied up a few format issues (although you still may want  a slightly small font size)


This all looks good to me except a few niggles in the bow power:


Fatigue: Sleep is an Extra (+0). You may be thinking of the Sedation feat, although Sedation is an unlikely power for an arrow (It effectively means you can keep someone unconscious via a free action each round. Which suits something like a telepath)


Drain: Slow Fade 1 is, I think recovers 1 / minute? Note that slow fade isn't really needed for inanimate objects (As they cant reciover at all). 


Dazzle arrow: Cant get slow fade on status effects. 


Snare: I make Improved Range 2 equal to 250' Increments?

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