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Miss Grue (PL 10/15) - TiffanyKorta (Gold)

Tiffany Korta

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Miss Grue

Power Level: 10/15 (214/250 PP)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 36

In Brief: A teenage rogue Grue who is enjoying everything that Earth has to offer.


Alternate Identity: Daphne Celeste

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Deep Space

Occupation: Student at Burroughs Community College

Affiliations: None

Family: Meta-Mind (Gene father, distant), Mother Unit



Age: 16 (DoB: 1999)

Gender: None, has chosen female form

Ethnicity: Grue, appears Latina

Height: 5'5 as Daphne

Weight: 120 lbs as Daphne

Eyes: White normally, Brown as Daphne

Hair: Black

In her naturalBR8YGXN.jpgl form, Daphne appears mostly like a typical member of her species through her years travelling through space and her unusual "upbringing" have made a few changes. Even in her Grue forms, she appears as a though a teenage girl, her Mother Unit always wanted a daughter, and she keeps her long black hair. Whilst she can assume the "natural" Grue form it's not what she considers normal and if her powers are ever neutralized she defaults to her teenage Grue form.


In her normal disguise of Daphne, she has constructed the identity of what she considers the typical American teenager. Unfortunately, as all she has known is from teen drama; she looks like she has stepped from hours of make-up and wardrobe. She still hasn't quite worked out why her "average" looks seem to draw her so much attention.


Daphne costume is the jumpsuit that was store in the ship as the normal uniform of Grue troopers, designed to shift and alter with the Grue own shapechanging ability. With a little help from Mother Unit she has altered the jumpsuit to better suit her needs. It now appears as a mostly white Jumpsuit with black around the arms and legs with a three-pronged star on the chest.


In her natural form, Mother Unit is a large oval spheroid around the size of a small car with a silver yet un-reflective skin. The interior consists of just a crash couch and a bank of monitors whilst the inner working, anti-grav warp drive etc, a located in a small pocket dimension. Mother Unit herself is a cube of mat black material around 12 ft (4 m) in size. The ship has currently been carefully hidden away for the time when she is needed, though Daphne visits it daily just to say hi.


Power Descriptions:

As her genetic material is that of a Grue she has been engineered with all the normal abilities of telepathy and shapeshifting. However as her experience in her shapeshifting is limited she cannot do the full range of abilities, instead she has learned a number of trick’s that she can do with her body. Her exposure to cosmic ray'shave somehow allowed her to make her body porous to all wavelengths of light. This allows her to either blend into the background or even become insubstantial.



The history of Daphne starts, like many Grue, with one of their many attempts of conquests of the Orion-Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way. The Grue ship carrying a number of birthing pods was attacked and destroyed in Deep Space scattering it's cargo to the four (solar) winds. Mother Unit wasn't activated at the time so neither knew who their assailants were, though this area of space is under the protection of the Lor. Daphne was designated as an infiltration unit and her birthing pod primary mission was to gather information on the target to allow the Grue inside to better infiltrate the targeted civilization, as well as educate them on the basic’s of Grue culture.


Damaged in the assault the birthing pod still managed to lock onto a Grue signal and began to make its way towards the signal at its best speed. As it travelled it attempted to repair it primary databanks using the information provided in the signal. However, in this state it mistook the local broadcast’s for part of the Grue data transmission so began to incorporate them into the educational database.

So Daphne was raised on the transmission beamed into space from Earth thinking for all the worlds that this was the culture that she had to integrate with and learn it's way as well as learn an important lesson about how best to live her life.


Being so far from any other Grue Daphne was never linked to the Grue collective and developed independently from the baleful influence of the Meta-Mind. Also, Mother Unit shielding was damaged and Daphne was exposed to extra Cosmic radiation which altered her body structure allowing her to alter its density and solidness.


Somehow the Pod, who for the last sixteen year insisted Daphne called it Mother Unit, managed to land outside Freedom City without detection. With Mother Unit's highly advanced computer skill they carefully constructed identity sure to fit into normal society. The Grue teen, possibly the first of her kind, enrolled in the Burrough’s Community College to better learn about this wonderful planet that was now her home. She is planning to surprise her "Uncle" Pseudo with a visit but she wants to surprise him and prove that she could get herself settled into her new life all by herself.


And there was no doubt that she would use her natural abilities to help defend the people of her home, that was naturally what people did when they were gifted with such things. It helped that she enjoyed helping people so much, it didn’t seem so much as a challenge as the educational database made it out to be.


Personality & Motivation:

Daphne strides through the world with a wide-eyed wonder at all the amazing things that she sees. She knows that there are injustice and inequality in the world but she believes that if everyone could just sit down and talk thing out people could sort all this out.


Even in the darkest of time, she keeps her optimism that things will work out for the best and will never give up when the situation gets dire.


Powers & Tactics:

In her enthusiasm, Daphne tends to go off half-cocked spending no time assessing the situation instead rushing into danger to try and help people as quickly as she can. She will attempt to use her limited form of shifting abilities to best cope with the situation in hand.



Grue are you? Daphne knowledge of her own species is based on a very damaged copy of the original database contained in Mother Unit. As such, she knows almost nothing, apart from the media’s portrayal of them, about her own species.

Grue the looking glass Almost all of Daphne's knowledge about Earth come from humanities broadcasts into space. As such her knowledge is slightly skewed and she expects life to behave just how she had experience thing from watching television and movies.

Hide and Grue Daphne know that as a Superhero it is her duty to preserve her secret identity to protect her loved one. Not that her strange habit’s make this easy sometimes.

Grue the best Daphne is a natural optimist and naive and tend to naturally assume that people are telling her the truth. Even when all evidence should be telling her the exact opposite.

Congrueity: Shapeshifters and Grue especially are feared and hated by a majority of citizens of Freedom City. Daphne feels that this is just a massive misunderstanding and everything would be fine if only she could explain things to them.

Mothering Grue: During her time in space the Birthing Unit, now calling herself Mother Unit, has gained some unusual habit's based on the broadcasts she has monitored. She considers herself Daphne's literal mother and occasional will intervene of she consider that her daughter has been placed in to much danger. The GM can take control of Mother Unit to try and influence Daphne's actions or even attempt to stop her acting.



Abilities: 4 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 6 = 18PP

Strength: 14/301,2 (+2/+10)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: 14/22 (+2/+6)

Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 16 (+3)

1 - Growth, 2 - Increased Density


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP

Initiative: +4

Attack: Normal +6 base +11 unarmed

Growth +4 base +9 unarmed

Dense +5 base +11 unarmed

Shrunk +7 base +13 unarmed

Grapple: Normal +8, Elongated +20 , Grown +22, Dense +18, Shrunk +0

Defense: Normal/Dense +10 (+6 base +4 Dodge Focus) +3 Flat-Footed

Grown +8 (+6 Base +4 Dodge Focus -2 Size) +2 Flat-Footed

Shrunk +12 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus, +2 Size) +4 Flat-Footed

Knockback: Normal -3 Growth -13 Dense -9 Shrunk -1



Saving Throws: 6 + 7 + 8 = 21PP

Toughness: +6/+10 (+2 Con, + 4 Protection, +4 Growth/Density [impervious 4])

Fortitude: +8/+12 (+2/+6 Con, +6)

Reflex: +7 (+0 Dex, +7)

Will: +9 (+1 Wis, +8)



Skills: 108R = 27PP

Bluff 12 (+15)

Concentration 19 (+20)

Diplomacy 12 (+15)

Gather Information 12 (+15)

Knowledge (Popular Culture) 14 (+15)

Language 3 (Grue [Native], English, Spanish, Galactic)

Notice 14 (+15)

Search 9 (+10)

Sense Motive 13 (+14)



Feats: 27PP

Attack Focus (melee)

Attack Specialization 2 (Unarmed Attack)

Dodge Focus 4

Equipment (Birthing Unit) 11


Improved Initiative

Minion (Mother Unit) 6

Second Chance (Concentrate)



Powers: 7 + 4 + 4 + 30 + 11 + 14 + 5 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 97PP

Communication 7 (Telepathy, 200 miles) [7PP]


Comprehend 2 (Languages Speak and Understand) [4 PP]


Concealment 4 (all visual senses Flaw: Blending) [4PP]


Grue Nature 12 (24 PP, Feats: Alternative Power 6) [30PP]

Base Power: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal) [20PP] + Flight 2 (speed 25mph, 220 ft/rnd) [4PP] [24PP]

Alternate Power: Additional Limbs 3 (up to 5 limbs, Grapple +3; Feats: Improved Grapple) [4PP] + Elongation 9 (2,500 ft reach, 90 ft range inc., Grapple & Escape Artist +9; Extras: Duration [Continuous]) [18PP] [22PP]

Alternate Power: Density 8 (+16 Str, +4 Tou, Weight x5 (600 lbs), Immovable 2Super-Strength 2 [3 tns]) [24PP]

Alternate Power: Growth 8 (+16 Str, +8 Con, +2 Size (15 ft)) [24PP]

Alternate Power: Morph 8 (Any form, +40 Disguise) [24PP]

Alternate Power: Super-Senses 23 (Feats: Accurate (Hearing, Smell), Acute (Smell), Analytical (Smell),Darkvision, Direction Sense, Extended 3 (2 miles increments Vision, Hearing, Smell), Infravisoin, Low-Light Vision, Sonar) [24PP]

Alternate Power: Shrinking 11 (-2 Size [2 ft, 8 lbs], Grapple -8, Stealth +8, Intimidate -4 Extra: Normal Strength Feats: Normal Movement, Normal Toughness) [24PP]


Immunity 11 (Life Support, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst) [11PP]


Mind Reading 12 (Feat: Subtle 2) [14PP]


Protection 5 [5PP]


Power of the Mind 4 (8PP, Feats: Alternative Power 1) [9PP]

Base Power: Telekinesis 4 (Range 40 ft, Effective Strength 20 (800lbs)) [9PP]

 Alternative Power: Flight 4 (speed 100mph, 880 ft/rnd) [9PP]


Super-Sense 6 (Detect MInds [Mental], Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged) [8PP]


Super-Sense 3 (Detect Emotions [Mental], Acute, Radius, Ranged) [5PP]



DC Block

ATTACK               ATT    RANGE         SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed (basic)      +11    Touch         DC 17 Toughness (Staged)    Damage Physical

Unarmed (density)    +11    Touch         DC 25 Toughness (Staged)    Damage Physical

Unarmed (growth)     +9     Touch         DC 25 Toughness (Staged)    Damage Physical

Unarmed (shrinking)  +13    Touch         DC 17 Toughness (Staged)    Damage Physical

Mind Reading         auto   Perception    DC 22 Willpower             Mind Probed



Totals: Abilities (18) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (21) + Skills (27) + Feats (27) + Powers (97) - Drawbacks (0) = 214/250 Power Points

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Mother Unit (Grue Computer, Minion)


Abilities: -10 + -10 + -10 + 30 + 4 + 6 = 10PP

Strength: -

Dexterity: -

Constitution: -

Intelligence: 40 (+15)

Wisdom: 14 (+2)

Charisma: 16 (+3)


Combat: 0 + 0 = 0PP

Initiative: +0

Attack: +0 Base

Grapple: -8

Defense: 2

Knockback: +4


Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP

Toughness: -2 (-2 Size)

Fortitude: Immune

Reflex: -

Will: +2 (+2 Wis)


Skills: 48R = 12PP

Computers 10 (+25)

Gather Information 12 (+15)

Notice 13 (+15)

Pilot 13 (+13)


Feats: 3PP

Eidetic Memory

Skill Mastery (Compter, Gather Information, Notice, Pilot)       

Well Informed


Powers: 5 + 12 + 7 + 30 + 8 = 62PP

Communication 5 (Telepathy, 5 miles) [5PP]
Comprehend 6 (Languages [Read, Speak and Understand All], Machines [Speak and Understand]) [12PP]

Datalink 7 (Mental, 200 mile range) [7PP]

Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves) [30PP]

Shrinking 8 (-8 Str, -2 Tou, -2 Size [Tiny], Flaw: Permanent) [8PP]


Totals: Abilities (10) + Combat (0) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (15) + Feats (3) + Powers (62) - Drawbacks (0) = 90/90 Power Points

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Baby (Birthing Unit, Grue Spacecraft, Vehicle)87zowe2.jpg


Traits: 1+6+2=9 EP

Strength: 35 (+12) [1EP]

Toughness: +15 (5 base, 6 Toughness 4 Size) [6EP]

Defense Bonus -2

Size: Huge [2EP]

Features 1+2+1 = 4EP


Navigation Systems 2

Remote Control

Powers 10 + 20 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 42EP

Concealment 5 (all visual senses, normal hearing) [10EP]

Flight 10 (10,000 mph, 88,000 ft/rnd) [20EP]

Healing 5 (Feat: Regrowth, Flaw: Limited to Others) [6EP]

Regeneration 4 (Recovery Bonus +2, Disabled 1 (5 hours), Injured 1 (20 mins)) [4EP]

Space Travel 1 (Interplanetary) [2EP]


Total: Traits (9) + Features (4) + Powers (42) = 55EP

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Okay Tiff, one minor crunch thing for Miss Grue.  Her normal grapple should be +8, as you dropped a point of strength from an earlier build but do not appear to have accounted for that here (+5 BAB +1 AF: Melee +2 STR bonus).  I also think her grapple when Shrunk might need to be adjusted as well, the other two are fine.


On a formatting note, you have some weird indention that starts Power Descriptions and down the rest of the sheet that needs to be fixed.  I tried to take a look at it but did not want to mess things up messing with it.


Similarly, with your array, you need to remove the additional indention for all the array powers and use the array code instead.


For the Birthing Unit/spaceship, everything should be listed as EP, as it is a vehicle and bought with equipment points.   Also, you need to indicate by the size that you spent 2 EP increasing it to Huge (though you do account for that in the trait total).


On the fluff, I have two things.  First is a question that does not really matter one way or the other, was there a reason you did not want her to contact Pseudo once on Earth?


The other could be a bit more of an issue.  Under description, you mention a couple things regarding Mother Unit and the Birthing Unit.  First, you talk about the Mother Unit being able to form around Daphne as her costume.  If you still want to stick with that, it likely needs to be accounted for on the Mother Unit (I'll talk to the other refs on whether it could just be a feature (if it is only her costume and nothing else) or maybe a very minor morph).


But perhaps more significantly, you mention that the Birthing Unit can collapse down around the Mother Unit.  This certainly would need to be accounted for somehow on the vehicle, as you have a Huge vehicle shrinking down into a small portable form. 

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Alright; this sheet was a whole mess of weird and broken formatting - usually happens when people paste text out of something like Word into the fancy forum post editor instead of the raw bbcode version (you can click the little n-ish symbol in the top left of the text box to change modes). I've cleaned it up a bit, and fixed a couple typos.

On to the math!


Density does not provide an attack modifier. Unless I'm missing something, Dense and Normal attacks should have the same bonus.

Grapple bonuses seem off a bit for the Growth and Dense parts - I calculate (Melee +4 + Str +10 + Super-Str 0 + 4x Size Categories 2 =) +22 for Growth and (Melee +6 + Str +10 + Super-Strength +2 + 4x Size Catgories 0 =) +18 for Dense. I could just be missing something here, though, and please let me know if there's something I've overlooked - grapple's one of those weird bonuses that pulls modifiers in from everywhere.

Grown defense flat-footed bonus comes out to +2, by my math, rather than +1 - +6 Base -2 is +4 Base.


Mind Reading normally costs 1pp/rank; as it's normally perception-range, dropping it down to Touch range would be Flaw: Range 2 [Touch]. This would make the power 3 ranks/1pp; for 4pp you'd get 12 ranks, not 10.

Mother Unit

Saving Throws

Not that one expects it to come up, but with a Dex of -, Mother Unit has a Reflex save of -, not +0 - she will auto-fail all reflex saves.

Birthing Unit


For the sake of clarity, please note Concealment as normal hearing, rather than hearing in general (which would be slightly more expensive).

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