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Power Level: 10/11 (153/169 PP)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 16

In Brief:  Cyber whip Wielding Space Gladiator turned outlaw.

Alternate Identity:
Identity: Public, more or less.
Birthplace: Xu'ul
Occupation: Rogue, Gladiator, Fugitive
Affiliations: Roulette
Family: No longer acknowledged

Age: Equivalent to 25 Sol years.
Apparent Age: Approximately mid 20s
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Xuli'pa
Height: 5'11
Weight: Roughly 179
Eyes: Orange/red sclera with hourglass shaped pupils
Hair: None, has ridge and semi-tendril like strunctures similar to hair.

Bliss a skin color similar to a dark violet or indigo color. Matching her inhuman eyes, which indicates her species having a potential cephlopod-list ancestry. Though it is hard to say. She is long limbed, with an overall short torso.  As in line with the females of her species, she is more androgynous than more humanoid races, and in a suit her gender might be difficult to determine. Though she looks more human-like than the rest of her species In part due to the augmentation and alteration she went through during her flight from her homeworld. Her hands and feet are noticable differt, each possessing four digits, with her hands having two fingers with a thumb structure on either side of her hands. What she has for hair, resembles a mohawk, in that it is a crest at the top, and is generally pulled back with a band.

Her nose is flat, and a non-prominent feature. Her mouth is filled with teeth that were adapted from the cephlopod-like beak, in a land animal base. Despite the clear ancestry, she is warm blooded, though not mammalian. She is marked, extensively in red 'tattoos' that are also intertwined with what looks like circuitry under her skin that is visible.

She favors heavy and obscuring clothing. Oftentime wearing her enviro-suit off ship. As she is largely uncomfortable around others.

Power Descriptions:

Her powers come from cybernetic and genetic augmentation. Some from her service to her people as a soldier, others in her flight from her homeworld with her 'savior.' There is noticeable subcutaneous circuitry in her form. As well as having enhanced muscle mass and structural reinforcement in her body, primarily with synthetic material woven into her muscles, connective tissues, and reinforcing bone.

Her eye's structure in an evolutionary trait, allowing her to see deeper into the infrared. And while her nose is flatter than a humans, she has a complicated internal sinus cavity affording her greater sensitivity.

Her tendrils are the primary modification and most visible ability, and while are techno-organic, then seem to use a strange material n them to be able to expand retain their strength. Which is substantial stronger than even her augmented strength. She is able to move them at trans-sonic speed to product loud, concussive sounds and shockwaves from impact. Additionally she has micro-forcefield generators that respond without her awareness, able to intercept attacks with a spray of orange light. She is often in her enviro-suit when off ship, due to ease, and utility.


Bliss is not her name. She has given up her name. And her people. Not that is was entirely her choice, though it is, in part a consequence of her choices.

The Xuli'pa (ZULL-ee-PAH) are a largely isolationist species in Khanate space. They are also a highly patriarchal society due to birthrates favoring a disproporionate amount of females. And while the females of the species are physically far more capable, the males possess a higher degree of abstract thinking, normally. And use pheromones to induce certain control methods in the females of the species.

Not all females possess the same level of sensitivity, and Bliss possessed that resistance. A footsoldier in one of the armies of one of the various intercine states in the fractious people she killed several high ranking males in one of the leading religious castes. The reprisals were extensive, and led to her fleeing to one of the few spaceports.

Unfortunately, the person willing to accept her on passage out was a scientist of possibly unscrupulous means, who's price was to be able to alter and augment her further. Given she faced a public execution for her crimes, she had little option but the accept such.

Sometime afterwards she was left on another planet, Un-Sabnur. It was the best hub that could be found, and while she adjusted to her new state, she did so readily to the gladiatorial pits that exist there. There she had the benefit of her bred ferocity, cybernetic enhancements, and the appeal of a Xuli'pa fighting for pay outside of her homeworld. It was that or be some kept doxy, and such was not a choice in her eyes.

The name came there, Bliss, from the tendrils she shot out of her forearms and was able to coil around her opponents, and strike at with force enough to break stone. Her climb was hardly impressive, as she had to struggle her way up, but then she was driven to leave this place as well, and go somewhere else. Somewhere farther away from anywhere a scout or bounty hunter who trafficked with her people would go.

After two years, she had climbed enough to go for the champion. Spending all of her earnings on a gamble bet on herself. And along came Stanhze. That gambling, lying, little Zultasian ingrate ruined her bet, and her efforts to get out of the cesspool that was Un-Sabnur. He attempted to rig the championship fight in her favor, and she caught him, while not terribly honorable, this was not something she could accept as it could have stopped her efforts. So she attacked him, and gave chase. While the accusations, and her standing on the planet, and among the gladiators.

The pursuit carried through into space itself, as she compounded her crimes with hijacking a smaller corvette to chase after him. Unfortunately a third party intervended, Ruby Voxx. And this resulted in their shared crash onto Slogth. Where hostilities promptly resumed between them all.

Fittingly, it was a more hostile external force that merged them together. Well that an a misunderstanding, and Bliss' implied and overt threats, the three banded together under the guise of the Voidrunners, to defend the people of Slogth. Though Bliss would concede that their victory was as much luck as anything else. Though a victory was a victory, and since she was still walking afterwards and not limping, then she could still get farther from her people.

Even if she doesn't trust Roulette with her money.

Personality & Motivation:
She is blunt, direct. And honestly nothing at all like her name (it was likely ironic). She is, however, driven to get further from her people, having no familial ties, certainly not in the way that others would understand. It is fear, but also, just not a desire to go back. Despite what she experienced at the hands of her savior, she still considers him/it's efforts fondly, though... she believes he did more than what he said.

Unfortunately she is driven by a lot of fear and uncertainty. Though she is moving forward. And with how she feels after helping others, she might stop running away from her past, and towards her future.

Powers & Tactics:
She is a brute. Preferring hitting and run tactics. Where possible. Given she can keep distance, she will in the case of prudence, and then close, and try to weaken, distract, in other ways try to erode the standing of her opponents before ducking away, and then re-engaging.


No Place Like Home: Her crimes are great on her home world. Enough to be considered one of the greatest criminals. While she underplays it, it doesn't mean that someone, or something may try to collect that bounty. And that's not counting all of those gladiators.
Temper, Temper: Bliss has a short temper, and tents to try not to convince people, but yell at them until they agree with her or stop talking.
Sidled Up Ne'er-Do-Wells: She and the rest of the Voidrunners follow morality, not legality. And they will sometimes choose expediency over following all the laws. As such she can't rely on.
Senses are a little off: Her sense of smell is hyper acute, compared to other species. So she can be extra susceptible to olfactory base effects. Though she possess no extra sensitivity to Pheromonal control efforts. Additionally her range of vision tends more towards the red. As such she cannot distinguish colors other races can. As such when she conveys sensory information to other people it can be hard for others to grasp.

Abilities: 10 + 6 + 10 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 36 PP
Strength     20/30 (+5/10)
Dexterity    16 (+3)
Constitution 20 (+5)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom       14 (+2)
Charisma     14 (+2)
Combat: 12 + 12 = 24 PP
Attack:     +6/+10 Melee
Defense:    +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus; +3 Flatfooted)
Initiative: +3
Grapple:    +20 (Base) /+28 (w/Tendrils)
Knockback:  -2/-5 
Saving Throws: 2 + 4 + 5 = 11 PP
Toughness:  +10 (+5 Con, +5 Protection) 
Fortitude:  +7  (+5 Con, +2 PP)
Reflex:     +7  (+3 Dex, +4 PP)
Will:       +7  (+2 Wis, +5 PP)

Skills: 68r = 17 PP
Acrobatics 5 (+8)
Bluff 10 (+12)
Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+5)
Escape Artist   0 (+7/w Enhanced Skill)
Intimidate 15 (+17)
Knowledge (Galactic) 4 (+5)
Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+5)
Notice 6 (+8)
Pilot 4 (+7)
Sense Motive 8  (+10)
Survival 4 (+6)
Languages 4  ( Galstandard, Grue, Lor, Xuli'pa [Native], Zultasian)
Feats: 24 PP
Attack Focus: Melee 4
Challenge 2 (Fast Feint, Fast Startle)
Dodge Focus 4
Environmental Adaptation 2 (Low Gravity, Zero Gravity)
Equipment 2
Grapple Finesse
Luck 2
Move-By Action
Power Attack
Stunning Attack 
Takedown Attack 2
Equipment 2 PP = 10 EP

Skintight Space Suit (Life Support [Masterwork]) [10 EP]

Powers:  20 + 3 + 10 + 1 + 5 + 2 = 41 PP
Caress of Bliss 4 ( 20 PP Container, Cybernetics, Genetic Augmentation) [20 PP] 

Additional Limbs 2 ( Extendable biomechanical tendrils from arms; Extras: Sustained [+0]; Power Feats: Linked [+0]) [2 PP] + Elongation 4 ( 50'; Flaws: Limited to Additional Limbs [-1]; Power Feats: Linked [+0]) [2 PP] + Super Strength 2 ( Effective Str 30, 40 w/Enhanced Strength; Drawbacks: Limited to Additional Limbs [-1]; Power Feats: Shockwave. Thunderclap) [5 PP] [Total 9 PP]
Enhanced Feats 5 ( Improved Critical 2 (Tendrils), Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip) [5 PP]
Super Movement 3 (Swinging, Wall Climbing 2) [6 PP]


Enhanced Movement 1 (All powers Cybernetic/Biomechanical Augmentation Array, PF:  Alternate Power 1 [3PP]

Base:  Speed 2 (25 MPH, 250' per action) [2PP]
AP: Leaping 2 (Running Long 75'/100', Standing Long 37'/50', High Jump 15'/25')  [2/2 PP]

Enhanced Skills 1 (Escape Artist 4; Alien Biology) [1 PP]

Enhanced Strength 10 [10 PP] 'cybernetic augmentation' [10 PP]
Protection 5 ( Cybernetics, forcefield)[5 PP]


Supersenses 2 (Infravision, Scent; Alien Biology) [2 PP] 

DC Block

ATTACK          RANGE           SAVE                                 EFFECT
Unarmed         Touch (+40')    DC25/DC20 TOU (Staged)         Damage (Physical)
Shockwave       Cone (100')     DC20 Reflex/DC25 TOU (Staged)  Damage (Physical)
Thunderclap     Touch Burst (50') DC20 Reflex                  Audiotory Dazzle


36 + 24 + 11 + 17 + 24 + 41 = 153/169 PP


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+1pp for Feb 2020
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Fixed a couple broken tags and a typo or two for you. Nothing vital there.


A little confused by this part of the physical description: "Almost androgynous, though clearly androgynous," As this sets her apart from other species (and individuals!), and probably plays into how characters react to her, it's probably good to clarify!


Feats factor into base grapple (so long as they aren't granted by non-permanent powers); with a base melee attack bonus of +10 and a base Str bonus of +5, Bliss' base grapple is +15, not +11.

Likewise, you're selling the full grapple bonus here short - bonuses when using powers you've Limited can get a little hairy, but so long as you are using those tendrils to do your grappling, your total bonus would be +10 (melee bonus) +10 (str bonus) +2 (additional limbs) +4 (elongation) +2 (super-strength) = +28. It goes down a bit if you don't use both tendrils, though, so watch for that when you use Improved Grapple.

With a non-powered Toughness of +5, base Knockback would be -2, not -3.


With +2 Wis and 4pp spent, Bliss' Will save would be +6, not +7.


As a trivial math note, a 38pp container is rank 7.6, not 7.8. Which ends up being a little beside the point, as you're only spending 19pp in there (see below!).

You're overpaying for the limbs themselves. Additional Limbs is a 1pp/rank power, but you're paying 2pp/rank; Super-Strength is a 2pp/rank power, but with a flaw and two power feats, two ranks would cost you 4pp, not 5pp.

While the pp cost is correct, you ought to have Enhanced Feats 5 there, not Enhanced Feats 4.


Due to the Powers note (above), you actually have 3 unspent points here that you can allocate to other things.

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Addressed Fox's issues.  Also responded in PM in chat about Super-Strength being Drawbacked, not flawed.   So I just have 1 extra PP, that was point into Will Save.


Edit:  Okay, so I had 2 extra PP.  One went to Will Save, the other when to Enhanced Skill (Escape Artist). 

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