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Roster of Active Player Characters


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Scrolling through all the heroes of Freedom City Play by Post and trying to work out what's going on can seem a daunting exercise for new players, so in that spirit I'd like to offer the Roster of Active Player Characters, giving a quick overview of who's who and what's up in the world of our site's narrative. This won't ever be final of course, things change. So don't be shy about whatever needs fixing, adding, removing and so forth to make this as helpful as it can be. If you want to submit blurbs yourself, I welcome it. You know your characters best and how to present them.


Roster of Active Player Characters:



Ace Danger: <His Name. Immortal two-fisted adventurer and free-loving socialite, blithe yet wounded scion of a family of heroes. Close friends with Bombshell, affiliated with the Danger Foundation.

Amorph: Ralf Steiner. An innocent, protean form of life created by a rengade of SHADOW. A student at Claremont Academy with no close friends or group affiliation.

Apex: Alexandria Lorne. Self-assured young genius unraveling far-future technology to change the world, prove her superiority and save her parents. Uses sophisticated drones in battle. No close allies, affiliated with her company LorneTek.

Arcturus: Marcus Irons. Straight-laced and gentle young wielder of bestial power and ancient rune magic. A student at Freedom City University fighting a hereditary ursine curse. No close allies, a Claremont alumnus.

Ardent: Phaedra Morningstar. Guarded and politically dicey half-angel half-demon, with powers andmoral compass drawn from both. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Argonaut: Yves Zerme/Yvejskrujanharbh'aar. A.E.G.I.S. agent and free Omegadrone. Close with HarArgonautrier and affiliated with the aforementioned agency.

Arrowhawk: John Aaron Fraser. Avenging, aging trick-arrow archer with a temper. Driven and almost manically determined to fight evil and find his lover's murderer, he has a dim view of what he sees as 'amateur' superhumans. Affiliated with the (NPC) Sherwoods of Nottingham.

Asad: Amir al-Misri. Deceptively layabout tycoon with energy-absorption powers. Close with Velocity and Young Britannia, with no group affiliation.


Bastion: Eric Michaels. Former armored anti-superhuman criminal with a new life and a new suit. No close allies, affiliated with A.E.G.I.S. and Blackstone Prison.

Bliss: Birth name forsaken. A dour Xuli'pa warrior with cybernetic and genetic enhancements, escaped from her homeworld in search of something better than servitude. Close allies and affiliated with the other Voidwalkers Roulette and Ruby Voxx.

Blodeuwedd: Cerys Pfer(false name). Quiet young Welsh anti-supernatural agent wielding weapons magical and technological. Has close allies in Blue Jay, Crimson Tiger, Kit and Tsunami, affiliated with the Order she serves and Claremont Academy.

Blue Fox: Eve Martel. Agile and iron-willed French mentalist. She is close allies with other former members of Young Freedom(especially Midnight II), romantically involved with(NPC) Wendy-Go, and is affiliated with Claremont Academy and Martel Enterprises.

Blue Jay: Antoinette Baudin/'Tona'. Determined archer from a devoured Earth. Close allies with Blodeuwedd, Crimson Tiger, Fleur de Joie and Tsunami, romantically involved with Kit and affiliated with Claremont Academy.



Cannonade: Joseph Macayle. Labor-aiding legacy superman. Close allies with other Liberty League members and affiliated with that team.

Cavalier: Kyle Steward. Level-headed, well-traveled alien abductee and stellar guardian. No especially close allies, but his affiliation with the Star Knights means he often works with other space-faring heroes.

Citizen: Sharl Tulnik. Stalwart and skeptical young AI from the digitized city of Tronik. Master of his native cyberspace and now owner of a space-worthy robot suit. Close allies with other Claremont alumni, and super-geniuses such as Dragonfly and Miss Americana. Romantically involved with Temperance, and affiliated with Young Freedom, Miss Americana and Tronik.

Comrade Frost: Dimitri Peshkov. Undying jovial Russian draugr(heat-draining vampire). Close allies with the Freedom League(Auxiliary), Fleur de Joie, Gabriel, Gaian Knight & Tiamat, Set & Sekhmet. He is affiliated with the Russian Guard.

Corona: Aya K'Zan/ Anya Corazon. A Lor investigator with energy-projection powers and a brusque attitude, forced onto Earth by her enemies in high places. No close allies, affiliated nominally with the Lor Republic, high school biology teacher.

Crimson Tiger: Mali Benjawan. Fearless and fierce young Muay Thai artist. Close allies with Blodeuwedd, Blue Fox, Blue Jay, Citizen, Cobalt Templar and Kit. Affiliated with Young Freedom.



Dragonfly: Mara Hallomen. Mentally-warped, weapons-hating inventor with a space-warping suit. Part of the loose genius gathering at the Lab, associated with the Interceptors via her romantic involvement with Jill O'Cure.


Echo: Elizabeth Stein. A university student thrilled by her reality-changing powers and horrified at the implications of her alternate-universe doppelganger. No close allies or team affiliations.

Eclipse: Talisyn Alar. Freelancer cyborg star captain who's rejected both the sides of order and chaos in the universe. Close allies with crewmates Rock & Nae-Dae, no affiliation besides personal sense of justice.

Edge: Mark Lucas. Quarter-djinni with bottomless good cheer and power. Affiliated with the second Liberty League, Claremont Academy and the United Nations agency UNISON. Close allies with many Claremont alumni. Romantically involved with (NPC) Nina al-Darsah.

El Huracan: Anibal Herrera Miramonte. Self-confident, elegant and aristocratic Mexican mutant. Wields wind-controlling powers and a cutting-edge flight sut. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Elite: Lady Tatiana Gaius Libera. Unfalteringly honest and restrained alien, wielder of an infamous super-sword, a noble tactician and valiant warrior. Close allies with the other surviving members of the Praetorians, with whom she is affiliated.

Errant: Elias Silvestri(false name)/Hector Aguayo III. Hard-bitten psychic from the land of tyrants. Affiliated with Claremont Academy, no close friends or allies(largely by choice).

Equinox: Dr. Siobhan Drake. Streetwise elementalist Wiccan. Affiliated with the loose magical gathering of Parkhurst Hotel, close allies with Ghost Girl and Nick Cimitiere.


Fast-Forward: Richard Anthony Cline. Reformed fast-mover with a super-family and mystic accessories. No team affiliations, close allies with Set & Sekhmet and Wail. Father of Thoughtspeed(William) and (NPC) Holly Cline, husband of Hologram(Paige Psion-Cline).

Fleur de Joie: Stesha Madison. Warm-hearted plant controller and florist with two Earths to care for. Close allies with many, many heroes, including Jill O'Cure and Velocity. Affiliated with the Freedom League.

Foreshadow II: Erick Sloane. Prescient acrobatic vigilante. Close allies with street heroes like Graft and Revenant, in an odd friendship with Synapse. No team affiliation.

Frostbyte: Catherine Clouston. A pallid, withdrawn and altruistic mutant with the power to form and control ice. No close allies, a student at Claremont Academy.



Gaian Knight & Tiamat: Tarrant Mcleod & Teagan(real name unsaid). Jovial geology professor with versatile geokinetic powers, a magic sword and a fiery dragon comrade. Close allies with Fleur de Joie, Gabriel and Set and Sekhmet. Affiliated with the Freedom League.

Galvanic: Chlo'zel Elzak. Brilliant and vivacious Tempestian scientist, given great physical strength and control over electricity by her boundless curiosity and desire to explore the universe. No close alies or team affiliation.

Geckoman: Christopher Kenzie. An irreverent young man with more wit than smarts. Wields the proportional might of a gecko along with technological weaponry and vehicles. He is close allies with Edge, Jack of all Blades, Midnight II and Wander, and several Claremont alumni. He is affiliated with the Interceptors and romantically involved with (NPC) Spellbound(Liz Lawlett)"

Ghost Girl: Kimberly Storm(real name Rebecca Stone). An upbeat Canadian girl who died in the 1980's, returned as a chill ghost superheroine. Close allies with Crimson Tiger, Equinox, Nick Cimitiere, Temperance, Wraith and several Claremont alumni. No team affiliation.

Glamazon: Thaelia. Rambunctious Atlantean demigoddess whose true home is the sea. Close allies with Rampart, Temperance and Tsunami. Affiliated with Atlantis and Claremont Academy.

Graft: Dr. Tyrone Mendoza. Biologist and life-loving medical doctor attached to a fearsome Grue biological weapon that refuses to kill. Close allies with Foreshadow and Velocity. No team affiliation. Owns a clinic in the Fens district of Freedom City.

Grim: Matthew Rivera. Ill-tempered teenage grim reaper raised by wolves. Possesses strong spirital attunement and the power to summon spirit hounds. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Grimalkin: Lynn Epstein. Energetic fairy-made ninja with powers of glamer. Close allies with Jack of all Blades, Jill O'Cure and the other Interceptors. Assisted by The Shrike, socially-conscious and dry-witted Gretchen McDaniels, at the bookstore and in crime-fighting. No team affiliation. Widow of (archived) Colt.

Gryphon: Flynn Ramsey. A genius struggling to care for his mother, with more smarts than sense. Uses a personalized suit ofarmor to agment his mutant powers. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.


Harrier: Steven Murdock. Free, eternally-grieving Omegadrone who uses his powerful armor to rescue others. Close allies with Dragonfly, Gabriel, Jack of all Blades, Miss Americana and Wander.

Hologram: Paige Psion. Maternal psychic with an entropic twist. Close allies with Set & Sekhmet and Wail. No team affiliation. Mother of Thoughtspeed(William Cline) and (NPC) Holly Cline, wife of Fast-Forward(Richard Cline).

Hronos: Time-traveling robot and guardian of the timestream. A sombre, mysterious creature. He has no close allies besides Velocity, and no team affiliation besides the other(NPC) Mechanodynames, robots who embody concepts.





Jack of all Blades & Jill O'Cure: Erik and Eliza Espadas. Peerless energy-wielding swordsman and brilliant biokineticist who are never at a loss for words. Many close allies including Fleur de Joie, Gabriel, Miss Americana and Wander along with other members of the Interceptors, the team they effectively lead. Jack is romantically involved with Willow(Minerva Espadas) and Jill with Dragonfly(Mara Hallomen). Jack is the father of Eden Espadas, and their family has adopted otherworldly refugee Yolanda


Kit: Samantha Vance. Unconventionally-minded thief born in Hell and bearing a brand of demonic power. Close allies with Blue Jay, Blodeuwedd, Crimson Tiger and Fleur de Joie. Affiliated with Claremont Academy.




Mater Vyrdna: Vyrdnaya Solnys-Kori Milareth. Idealistic alien cyborg mechanic who long lost her family and is discovering a new one. A part of her ship, able to command technology and form myriad tools and weapons. Affiliated with the Praetorians.

Maxima: Dr. Cassandra Steel. Prodigy using SCIENCE to go past human limits. No close allies, affiliated with the Grant Conglomerate.

Meatheral: Jeremiah Cornwell. Bookish and story-loving scholastic mystically bound to a tome of elemental power under mysterious circumstances. This binding allows him to assume the nature of the Greek elemental forces. No close allies or team affiliations.

Midnight II: Trevor Hunter. Monosyllabic bringer of nocturnal retribution who hunts the unjust with weapons mundane and cosmic. Close allies with Blue Fox, Cannonade, Cobalt Templar, Dragonfly Edge, Fleur de Joie, Geckoman and Wander. Affiliated with the Liberty League. Romantically involved with Wander(Erin White) and grandson of the first Midnight(Travis Hunter).

Miracle Girl Casey Blankenship. All-American heroine with a manipulatable energy shell inherited from her father that grants tremendous speed, strength and flight, and journalistic interests gained from her intense curiosity. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Miras: Asli Safiyya Sadik/DJ Eclectic/'Sophie'. Opinionated and spontaneous half-Djinn music-minded heroine. Practitioner of book-learned time magic and imbued with the fires of humanity's spiritual kin, with which she battles the forces of apathy and selfishness. No close allies or team affiliation.

Mirror: Alton Gotti. Engineer with shallow pockets and a prankster streak. Gifted with powers over both light and glass by a mysterious girl named Mary. No close allies or team affiliation.

Miss Americana: Gina Evans/Cyberknife. A superhuman mind who controls a lovely robot body to briefly escape her hateful organic one. Close allies with Dragonfly, Gabriel, Gaian Knight & Tiamat, Harrier, ubiquitously known to scientific heroes, and main stakeholder of the super-science conclave of the Lab. She is romantically involved with Harrier(Steven Muddok).

Miss Grue: Daphne Celeste(no "true" name). Shape-shifting Grue gal with a kindly heart. No close allies or team affiliation.

Moon-Moth: Myothizar A'lira. Alien mystic from a race of magically-gifted moths. A gentle, open-minded soul blessed with power. Close allies with other surviving Praetorians, with whom he is affiliated.

Myth: Ian Cantnor. An endlessly positive city culture organizer with a passion for legends. Empowered by the domain of myths to fight from the shdows against evil. No close allies or team affiliation.


Net Fly: Serge Explinker. A young mutant with the power to manipulate sound waves, and the smarts to improve on that. Close allies with Tsunami, affiliated with Claremont academy.

Nick Cimitiere: Eric LaCroix. A once directionless man submerged in death and returned with the powers of a psychocomp. Works at a coffee shop. Close allies with Changeling, Equinox, Ghost Girl, Pitch and Silhouette. Affiliated with the loose gathering of mystics at the Parkhurst Hotel.

Nighthawk: Robin Chevalier. Scrap-happy teenage orphan from the Fens of Freedom City. Uses her remarkable strength and spirit to fight bigger bullies. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Nightingale: Nicola Cervenka. An unwilling, determinedly altruistic vampire struggling with her faith and longing for vengeance on the murderer of her convent. No close allies or team affiliation.


Oracle, The: Zephyr Brooks. Quiet, introspective and dry-witted psychic, a student at Claremont. Determined to become a reformer of minds. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.


Paradigm: Amara Val-Ren. An alien pillar of morality and loyalty granted great power by an empire now dead. Close allies with the other surviving Praetorians, whom she is affiliated with.

Phantasmo, the UNLIVING: Henry Gibson Trent. Garrulous and homeless deceased English stage magician. A jocular revenant granted extraordinary powers in life and death through a pact with Mr. Infamy, using his powers to defend the helpless. No close allies, affiliated with the homeless of Freedom City.

Prism: Hannah Cooper. Shy, socially-awkward student who does't want to be a hero. Manipulates and generates powerful creations of light. No close allies, affiliated with Claremont Academy.


Queenie: Maybelle McQueen. Openhearted, food-focused master chef atoning for past selfishness. Wields a mighty magic ring from the future. No close allies or team affiliation.


Reagent/Alkahest: Winifred Wei. Fiercely intelligent Victorian-era alchemist caging an inner monster. Skilled in chemical combat, with hullking backup. No close allies, affiliated with Clremon Acadmey.

Revenant: Lucy Harker. An undead lawyer from the Prohibition era, cursed with undying strength and devoted to the justice of law. Close allies with Foreshadow and Solar Sentinel. Can be found at the Our Lady of Mercy shelter.

Rock & Nae-Dae: Those Are Their Names. Calm living mountain with a warm, volcanic heart & energetic four-armed tech monkey. Crewmates of Captain Eclipse of the 'Horizon'. No other allegiance.

Roulette: Stahnze Turk. Proud, compulsive liar born of unlikely parents, with the criminal skills and eye lasers to leave his mark on the universe. Close allies with the other Voidwalkers Ruby Voxx and Bliss. No other affiliation.

Ruby Voxx: Ruby Hawkins(birth name). Alien-abducted and fearlessly daredevilish bounty hunter. Armed with self-powered weapons and an armored encounter suit. Close allies and affiliated with the other Voidwalkers Roulette and Bliss.


Sea Devil & Jessie White: Ackwareeaa In-His-Mouth/Aquaria Innsmouth. Rambunctious uncorrupted Deep One, bonded to a suit of cosmic armor and best friends with an enhanced, traumatized alternate universe warrior. Recently released from Project Freedom, a superhuman rehabilitation program. Close allies with the Liberty League(especially Midnight and Wander) and their patron Blue Fox.

Set & Sekhmet: Ever-glib Egyptian god of darkness and outsiders on parole with the brusque and standoffish goddess of war. Close allies with Fleur de Joie, Fast-Forward, Gabriel, Gaian Knight & Tiamat, Hologram and Temperance. Affiliated with the Freedom League.

Seika: Seikahi'ino("Sei"). Raptor-like arboreally-adapted alien archer with superhumanly keen senses, searching for a home for her outcast people. No close allies, but she does have an odd tie with the hunter [NPC]Starshot.

Solar Sentinel: Henry Mason. A sombre American veteran of the first World War given cosmic powers to fight a war among the stars. Close allies with Revenant, who he is romantically involved with. No team affiliation.

Solvrytter: Gunnar Ornsberg(Sir Gunnar of Ornsberg Hall). A young knight wielding mystic weapons from an Earth fallen to the Terminus. He is close allies with Nevermore and Polarity, and affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Sparkler: Raina Sanderson. Sharp-tongued witch burning to defy all expectations. Practitioner of the tarot-themed Arts Arcane. Close with her familiar monkey Merlin, affiliated with Claremont Academy.

Starlight: Samantha Lawrence. Former drug addict and single mother from an abusive home, determined to turn her life around and prove to herself she be more than she was. Semi-energy being made of and able to control light. No close allies or team affiliation.

Synapse: Dawn "Dee" Farrington. Rebellious and sullen aristocratic heir granted psychic powers and a mad sister by the government. Close allies with Foreshadow, and affiliated with the Vanguard.


Temperance: Eliza Oxum. Streetwise scion of water-spirit nobility. Close allies with Ghost Girl, Glamazon, Tsunami and Wail, romantically involved with Citizen. No group affiliation.

Terrifica: Qiaolian Song/Samantha Carson. Brilliant and inventive crimefighter sure of her smarts. No close allies or team affiliation.

Traveler, The: Sitara Shishakala. Immortal, jaded and endlessly curious augmented warrior borne to fight among the stars. Survivor of her native and adopted civilizations. Close ally of the other Praetorian survivors, whom she is affiliated with.

Triakosia: Dancia Devons. Centurion's Compatriot. Investigative reporter with otherworldly power. No close allies or group affiliation. Works for the Freedom Ledger.

Tsunami: Giang Trang. Understated water-wielding young woman. Close allies with Blodeuwedd, Crimson Tiger, Glamazon, Net Fly and Thoughtspeed. She is an alumna of Claremont Academy.


Ulysses: Alexander Cross. Kindly old English museum guard suffused with the power of the mighty steam engine. No close allies or team affiliation.


Velocity: Velocity: Megan Howell. Former cheerleader and veteran super-speedster. Close allies with the Freedom League, Asad, Fleur de Joie, Grimalkin and Young Britannia, romantically involved with (NPC) Robert Harrow and member of the Freedom League. Mother of Lawrence Harrow.


Wail: Keith Lemarr. Stentorian gay 80s icon. Close allies with Temperance and Wander. No team affiliation.

Wander: Erin White. Hard-hitting enhanced survivor. Close allies with other Liberty League members, Dragonfly, Fleur de Joie, Gabriel, Harrier and romantically involved with Midnight II. She is affiliated with the Liberty League.

Wayward: Born Margaret Carter Jr., best known as Valerie Cain. Musically psionic lesbian showbiz heroine. No close allies or team affiliation.

Willow: Minerva Espadas(nee Salix). Organic robot empowered to preserve the Earth's biosphere. Close allies with other members of the Interceptors, Fleur de Joie, romantically involved with Jack of all Blades and affiliated with the Interceptors. Mother of Eden Espadas.

Woodsman: Riley Smith. Focused young forester from a now-inaccessible Earth reconquered by warped nature. Relies on incredible skill and a uniquely powerful crossbow. No close allies, affiliated with Clremont Academy.


Young Britannia: Agnus Stone/Annice Stone. Pop star infused with the British Spirit of Justice. Close allies with other Vanguard members, Asad and Velocity, affiliated with the Vanguard.

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I love this, nice work Ari.


An idea to make this even more helpful, when you find yourself with oodles of free time, making each entry head a link to the character in question's sheet.


Also, two quick nits to pick.  Silver Spider's mother was on her way back to their home from Hanover, Jen/Sierra being dug out of rubble her mother hid her under in the downtown area instead of the Fens.


And Wisp isn't Freelance, she's currently with Fulcrum's printing house (though given how little thread time they've spent together lately, completely understandable how it could be missed).

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An idea to make this even more helpful, when you find yourself with oodles of free time, making each entry head a link to the character in question's sheet.

That is precisely what I was planning to do. And today was the day so, go coincidences.



Also, two quick nits to pick....

Understood, amending those errors.

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Some factual corrections re: Jubatus…

IT professional turned into a time-manipulating anthropomorphic cheetah…

Not sure if that's the right word to use. In brute anatomical terms, Jay's body differs from that of a normal cheetah is exactly two particulars: One, the digits on his forepaws are somewhat longer, narrower, and more dexterous than the digits on a normal cheetah's forepaws. Two, his braincase is significantly larger than that of a normal cheetah.

…by aliens.

Possible, but not known to be true. The entity which zapped Jay is known to have been using Grue techniques for genetic manipulation, but the actual identity of said entity has never been investigated, let alone revealed; it could just as easily have been a Terran with access to Grue-tech as a realio, trulio Grue.

Jay was one of several subjects in a Grue experiment where certain humans were mutated to animal forms.

This was speculated to be true by Dr. Archeville, but the Doktor's speculation has not been confirmed.

A firmly pragmatic atheist…

Not quite. Jay has met and spoken with gods, after all. As has been said of Dr. Doom, even the staunchest materialist can be forgiven for believing in gods after the third time they've fired force blasts into a god's face… Jay is what tvtropes refers to as a "naytheist"—someone who recognizes that the gods are real, but refuses to worship any of them. In Jay's case, this lack of worship is because he doesn't trust any god, and doesn't think any god is worth worshipping.

…and cynic, he nonetheless has several friends…

Jay doesn't believe he has any friends, poor broken bastard that he is. Which doesn't stop other people from thinking that they're friends of his, of course…

…including King of Suits, ASTRO Lab technician (NPC)Martin Brandtford, Supercape and Velocity.

Are you sure Supercape and Velocity are friends with Jubatus? Supercape has met the cheetah, yes, but it wasn't really a social call, and I don't believe Jube and Velocity have ever encountered each other.

He has no team affiliation.

Actually, Jube is on a team that's bankrolled by Asad. Said team hasn't exactly been making front page news, however, so it's understandable if people don't know this.

I tried writing up a proper blurb for Jube. Am not satisfied with the results, and therefore am amenable to your re-writing it, or transplanting bits of it into the existing blurb, or whatever, Arichamus: 
Jubatus: Jay Xavier. Freelance troubleshooter, and technical writer. Transformed by Grue genetic manipulation, overnight, into a Time-twisting, marginally anthropomorphic cheetah. Since he's permanently stuck in this inhuman form, he does not bother to maintain a secret identity. Xavier's unwanted body-change was the worst trauma of his life; his ingrained perfectionist nature, and abhorrence of Being An Animal, greatly assisted him in re-learning how to perform such ordinary tasks as speech and walking upright. Since then, his greatest fear is the possibility that he may become, in mind, the brute animal that he is in body. In a godless universe, Xavier would be a hardshell atheist; in the Prime universe, Xavier acknowledges the existence of gods and refuses to worship, because "it only encourages them". He doesn't believe he has any friends, a proposition which would be disputed by the King of Suits and especially (NPC) ASTRO Lab technician Martin Brandtford. He is part of a hero team bankrolled by Asad.

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Ack. Alrighty then Cubist, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the heads-up! I thought 'Grue sleeper agent' effectively meant he had been transformed by aliens…

[nods] A reasonable inference from the available data, no question—and if/when I ever do get around to filling in some of the blank spots around Jube's transformation, I might well go with "yep, aliens did it, for sure". But at this point, it's still a question mark.
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Once again thanks for this Ari, it looks great (and I would suggest you propose a bonus PP for this work in August posts)



I would like to keep it written in your style, but I will note a few pointers for my PCs:


Bloody Mess / The Hound. It seems a little wonky grammer - the Mess is the muscle, not both of them? A typo in Agency. And quite correctly Revenant is strongly associated with them. She is their lawyer and sometimes third arm of the partnership. 


Lord Steam is also on good terms with Young Brittania - and not just because of their mutual Anglophillia! He has recruited her for the classic musical hall mystery in EV! (I still have the song in my head). 


Pitch: Her father Tattoo'd her spine, which left her with a disability (a limp and paralysis - I think she might be our only disabled PC?). Tazel, the demon, is something else, a demon that is bound to her and normally resides in her stomach! Her spiel seems to run dry. I would add that she has an aquaintance with Kit, who is a younger kid with demon problems / history!


Rene and Revenant know each other fairly well. Rene has sometimes helped her track down and negotiate with her creator, the Vampire "Master". He is also intimately linked to Young Brittania through the French spirit "Gallia". 

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