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Graft (PL10) Thunder King (Bronze)

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Player Name: Thunder King
Character Name: Graft
Power Level: 10 (150/159 PP)
Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 9
Progress To Gold Status: 9/90 (Silver status earned with Crimson Tiger)

In Brief: Doctor and researcher in a shapeshifting suit of living armor

Alternate Identity: Tyrone Mendoza
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Long Island, New York
Occupation: Doctor/Researcher
Affiliations: FCU Medical research facilities, free clinic in the Fens
Family: Christian Mendoza (father), Pamela Mendoza (mother), Elena Mendoza (sister), Carlos Mendoza (brother)
Age: 30 DOB: August 12th, 1982
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic/African American
Height: 5'8 (6'10" in armor)
Weight: 140 (300 in armor)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Tyrone has a handsome face, with strong features. He keeps a neat, trimmed goatee. He's always been thin, only starting to fill out once he got out of high school. He has a noticeable scar on his chin that he acquired as a child. He favors light, comfortable clothes when not on the job, usually in style, but seldom expensive.

In his armor, he gains a little over a foot in height, and a noticeable amount more bulk. The armor usually manifests an appearance like an insect's carapace, but can change into scales like a fish, or simply look like hardened muscle. It's color is a forest green, shining like a beetle's shell.

Power Descriptions:

The armor usually has bits of exposed muscle and bone sticking out. When Tyrone switches to his penetrating strike, large claws spring from his fingertips. When he makes massive jumps, extra mass appears around his legs. Generally, the suit's mass shifts wherever Tyrone needs it to go, and takes whatever shape Tyrone needs to do what he wants with it. It's not pretty, and Tyrone is still working on teaching the armor how to cover itself and look less disturbing

Tyrone was born in 1982 to Christian and Pamela Mendoza. He excelled early, despite living in a rough neighborhood. His parents insisted he study, and this growth enabled him to graduate early at 16. He managed, after years of struggle, to enter the medical program at University of Michigan. After that, and a lot more college, he graduated.

After that, he acquired a fascination for metahuman biology and abilities after being saved by one of New York's native heroes. He decided that if he wanted to follow this curiosity, it was better to live in Freedom City itself, where he quickly earned a position at Freedom City University as a researcher. However, having a desire to protect neighborhoods like the one he grew up in, he also began working at a free clinic in the Fens.

In March of 2012, the Mendoza family took a vacation to Brazil, where his family history originally lie. It was there that he discovered a strange green lump. It was alive, reacting to his touch by recoiling. It shifted and moved, changing shape. He managed to coax it into a box and, through great struggle, take it out of the country and back to the states.

He studied it for months, discovering that it ate only dead tissue, and that it could change itself to match whatever tissue it consumed. When fed a piece of chicken, it suddenly sprouted feathers. When it consumed a bit of fish, it shifted to scales. After a while, it grew to trust him, eagerly accepting food.

One day, he treated a young man at the free clinic that demanded painkillers. Tyrone managed to talk the young man down, and after he left, he assumed the matter was settled. However, when the young man broke into his house later that night, Tyrone found himself staring down the barrel of a pistol. The young man was crazed, demanding narcotics Tyrone didn't have, especially not at home. After a brief struggle, the young man fired the pistol and, horrified, fled.

Tyrone collapsed from a bleeding wound in his abdomen, unable to muster the strength to find a phone.

He awoke to find himself not only alive, but covered in something warm, and even comfortable. Then he felt something, a presence in his mind that wasn't itself. It was the thing from the forest. It was his friend, it expressed, and wasn't going to let him die. His wound closed.

He stood up, still covered in the creature, like a suit. He gazed into the mirror and saw that he was bigger with it on. He asked if it was uncomfortable, and the creature said no. Over the next few weeks, he experimented and tested what the creature could really do.
Personality & Motivation:

Tyrone has a bold and friendly personality, often at odds with his costume's sinister appearance. He's often been able to stop situations diplomatically, before they start. He laughs easily and jokes often. He has an almost manic energy about him, driving him to do more, which is why he works both at the clinic and at the research facility. In costume, however, he does his best to take advantage of his costume's sinister appearance, and avoids talking to his opponents once combat has begun.

Tyrone is far more about protecting the innocent than defeating evil, though his suit is built towards the latter. It all owes to why he became a doctor, and the Hippocratic Oath he took, and takes very seriously. He protects people, he keeps them safe from bad things and bad people.

Powers & Tactics:
The creature adapts to Tyrone's thoughts the moment he thinks them, changing to suit Tyrone's needs. His hands are tipped with claws one moment, then enlarged fists the next. It can sprout extra limbs, either as arms or tentacles.

The suit can heal him, so Tyrone isn't concerned with protecting himself that much. Instead, he charges into battle, using whatever tactic looks like the best idea. However, he will always make sure that the nearby civilians are safe, and will always check up on them after battle.

Secret: Identity

I'm not a villain, honest!: The suit makes Tyrone look quite sinister. Some people might mistake him for a villain at first.

First, Do No Harm: Tyrone's first objective is to keep civilians safe, and he won't choose a tactic if he feels it will put them at risk unecessarily.

It Hurts to Heal: The suit regenerates his damage by converting it's own biomass into tissue for Tyrone. This hurts a lot, and it may distract him in combat.

Obligations: Tyrone is a busy man. Some days he's at his research facility, other days, he's at the clinic.
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor: As Graft, he occasionally finds himself wanting to treat the injured. They're not always willing to let him do it, though.
Abilities: 2 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 8 + 6 = 32 PP
Strength: 12/30 (+1/+10)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 14/26 (+2/+8)
Intelligence: 18 (+4)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +6
Attack: +10 Melee, +4 Ranged
Grapple: +11(without suit)/+21(with suit)/+23(with tentacles AP)/+26 (with super strength AP)
Defense: +10 (+4 Base, +6 Shield), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -7(in suit)/-1(out of suit)

Saving Throws: 2 + 4 + 4 = 10PP
Toughness: +10(in suit)/+2(out of suit) (+8 Con, +2 Protection) (+2 impervious)
Fortitude: +10(in suit)/+4(out of suit) (+8 Con, +2)
Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)
Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +4)

Skills: 72R = 18PP
Bluff 12 (+15) SM
Diplomacy 12 (+15) SM
Knowledge (behavioral science) 4 (+8)
Knowledge (life sciences) 11 (+15) SM
Knowledge (physical sciences) 8 (+12)
Medicine 12 (+16) SM
Notice 4 (+8)
Sense Motive 9 (+12)

Feats: 17PP
Attack Focus (melee) 6
Distract (bluff)
Improved Initiative
Luck 2
Move-by action
power attack
Skill Mastery (bluff, diplomacy, medicine, Knowledge (life sciences)
Takedown Attack 2

Powers: 60 = 60PP

Device 15 (Biosuit; 75PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose;  [60PP]

    Density 4 (Flaw: Permanent) (12PP)

        Enhanced Strength 8

        Immovable 1

        Protection 2 (extras: Impervious)

        Super Strength 1 (heavy load 3.2k lbs, +1 strength to some checks)

 Enhanced Strength 10 (10 PP)
Enhanced Constitution 12 (12 PP)
Immunity 3 (Disease, Poison, Suffocation{Drowning}) (3PP)

Leaping 5 (jumping distance x50, to 1,000 ft) (5PP)

Regeneration 4 (Bruised (recover 1/round), injured 3 (recover 1/minute) (4 PP)

Shield 6 (6PP)

Speed 5 (250 mph, 2,200 ft/round) (5PP)

Combat Array 10 (Power Feat: Alternate Power 3 (13PP)

    Base: Damage 0 (Extra: Autofire) (10PP)
        AP: Damage 0 (Extra: Penetrating {10PP}

        AP: Sprout Tentacles (Linked Power) (10PP)

            Additional Limbs 2 (+2 Limbs; Flaws: Duration [sustained]) [3pp]

            Elongation 3 (25 ft) [3pp]

            Super-strength 2 (to 6.4 tons) (4PP)

        AP: Super-Strength 5 (To 51.2 tons) (10PP)

 Super-Senses 5 Infravision, Radius (visual), Scent, Ultravision (5PP)

Drawbacks: -3 = -3PP

Normal Identity ( Frequency: uncommon; Intensity: Major) [-3PP]

 DC Block

ATTACK      RANGE     SAVE                                       EFFECT

Unarmed     Touch     DC15 Toughness (Staged)         Damage (Physical)
Autofire       Touch     DC25 (Autofire)                           Damage (Physical)
Penetrating Touch     DC25 (Penetrating)                    Damage (Physical)


Totals: Abilities (32) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (18) + Feats (17) + Powers (60) - Drawbacks (-3) = 150/159 Power Points

Edited by AvengerAssembled
June 2014
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Interesting character!


Fluff looks good. 




Could you notate knockback with and without his arrmor (and also bonus from immovable if he loses it)


Defence: 1/3 of the total defence (as per house rules) must come from base defence, which is not the case here. You will, I guess, need to bump up base defence to +4 (and lower 1 rank of shield)


Attack: Same. 1/3 of total attack bonus must be from base. Need to bump up base attack to +4. 


Device needs formatting. 


Supersenses, I think, cost only 3 PP. You are going for Accurate hearing (2PP) and Acute Olfactory (1PP) ?



Suggestions only:


Maybe spread out the exotic saves slightly - this may make him more interesting, giving him a weak spot and strength?


Bluff and Diplomacy are extremely good - is there a reason for this in his background? I grant you that most doctors would probably havd a few ranks in diplomacy given their job, but 5-8 ranks is enough to make a career out of those skills, and 9-12 is an expert that professionals consult (according to source book). I cant see anything in his background to indicate such extreme levels of skills, although of course natural talent is possible. To be honest, the high skill in bluff, and challenge fast feint feat look like combat optimisation with little backstory justification. 


As far as medical training goes, he certainly is very good! Being pedantic, most doctors would have a few ranks in behavioural sciences (1 or 2 from general training, more if specialising in that field), which you may wish to consider and might help explain bluff and diplomacy. 


You could, I think justify Enhanced Constitution in his device to replace his protection - which would be more efficient as it boosts fort save, toughness, and recovery bonus. 




Normal Identity seems ok to me, but it might not be considered so, as less than half of his PP are spent on his device (a guideline in M&M). I think its allowable given he is in no shape to fight without it, but I draw attention to this for others to check!


Nice character!

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A few minor points:


Could you annotate Knockback as in/out of suit. 

Could you put in Toughness and Fort saves for when not in suit. 

Skills are, by my count, 1R over. 

The combat array needs PP's but in for the Superstrength AP, and the Tentacle AP should be annotated as costing 10 PP (and within the tentacle power, could you add in the PP cost for Superstrength, i.e. 4)

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Random Notes

The Elongation and Super-Strength in the Tentacles AP also apply to your grapple bonus, should you choose to use them. Just a heads-up for when you run into that during play.

+2 Impervious Toughness won't save you from much - even your average thug with a knife can get through it - but I can see this as something you build up later or stunt to boost.

Things To Look At

Looks like the first chunk of your sheet repeats itself - after the first Complications set, it goes back to Player Name.

Fort is con-based; with 14 Con out of the suit, and 2pp spent on boosting the save, your out-of-suit Fort save is +4.

As long as you're editing, please note the rank of Super-Senses - rank 5, if I'm not mistaken.

Everything else looks okay to me, though. Let me know when the sheet's been touched up.

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