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Found 2 results

  1. Scrolling through all the heroes of Freedom City Play by Post and trying to work out what's going on can seem a daunting exercise for new players, so in that spirit I'd like to offer the Roster of Active Player Characters, giving a quick overview of who's who and what's up in the world of our site's narrative. This won't ever be final of course, things change. So don't be shy about whatever needs fixing, adding, removing and so forth to make this as helpful as it can be. If you want to submit blurbs yourself, I welcome it. You know your characters best and how to present them. Rost
  2. Phantom Taylor Xiao Farretti (nee Chun) Character Playlist Fall Out Boy: Immortals Fall Out Boy: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark Imagine Dragons: Radioactive Halsey: Control Sheppard: Geronimo Archetype and Design In design, Phantom was drawn from silver age era magic users and mystics. A little bit of Dr. Strange and a little bit of Son of Satan were the inspiration for the character. Originally intended to take on the Gatekeeper powerset from the Freedom City setting, she was instead developed as her own legacy. Her costume was drawn from the same era. The Cloak and Dagger designs o
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