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  1. "You are kind," Val offers the man a sad, apologetic smile. This isn't the first time, and it won't be the last. She lets the moment hang, hoping he will understand, will let go. "I can't just sit by and let everyone get hurt. I'll be careful, but I have to help. And I've faced worse," she nods over to the destroyed drone. "This hacker seems to have control of everything in this building. If we can start denying 'em toys, everyone's safer. Like, cut power to cameras or something. Or, if this place has some central control room, they may be there. I mean, I don't know much about computers, but I don't think this is the kinda hack you could do over a cellphone. I'd bet Hacky Sack'll be a lot less brave eye-to-eye, and it's the safest way to stop 'em."
  2. This guy doesn't give up, does he? "You're too kind, Prince, but let's talk about that later," Val says soothingly as she guides him around the wrecked drone, and behind the bar, and grabs him a bottle of water from the fridge. "It's probably best if you wait here for rescue. I have to go make some bad decisions and probably get shot again."
  3. Val lets out a breath. Nothing dangerous. Well, nothing physically dangerous. She gets up and gets up from her hiding place. "Prince Abdul!" she waves to him and heads over, "I don't think this room is safe. Let's head in and try and find a way down, yeah? Are you hurt?" It's damned if you do, damned if you don't right now, unfortunately; Hacky Sack will expect them to go down and will watch the stairs. But it's the best hope they've got.
  4. Val creeps her way over to the kitchenette, where she cracks open a mini bottle of whiskey and splashes it over a nasty-looking cut the shattering glass gave her arm, then ties a dish rag over it. First aid at its finest. That handled, she ducks out, trying to get a look at whatever just came in, if it was anything at all. Can't really trust the doors with Hacky Sack in the system.
  5. Notice to try and figure out who or what just opened that door. Notice: 1d20+14 18
  6. Toughness: 1d20+8 10 Dear Doug. Imma HP that. Toughness, HP: 1d20+8 21 That'll do. Also, as Val has Luck 3 and 1 HP is the starting point, she started the thread at 4. +1 for saving civilians. +1 and -1 for the crazy jumpy stunt. -1 for that reroll. Wayward HP 4 Now, for something I actually thought I was better at than this... Stealth: 1d20+10 23
  7. Val's eyes go wide as the drone careens out of control, that pane of glass is getting close way too fast as the engines give out entirely! With a roll, she plows the machine through the window ahead of her and hits the ground rolling as her noble steed stumbles into a wall and explodes. She takes a moment to scan the room, but doesn't get much for her trouble. Still, any second, Hacky Sack is probably gonna send some more drones in to blast this place to bits. And knowing guys like that? Probably going right down the middle. Still dazed from impact, Val swaggers her way off to the side of the room to hide behind the first cover she can find; maybe she can take out another of those things before she has to run.
  8. Trying to steer the dying machine! Pilot: 1d20+7 18
  9. A barrage of blazing death zeroes in where the rock star is standing, in a spectacular explosion. As the smoke clears, there's nothing. No Val. No railing. No catwalk. Just smoldering wreckage and the screams of a running crowd. And yet, that panic fades into the background, an odd calm making its way across the scene. Until... "I'LL SHOW YOU WHERE TO SHOVE IT!" A shout comes from above, and Val lands on one of the drones, driving her staff down into its precious, precious circuits. Which, come to think of it, may not have been the best idea as the machine starts sputtering, sparking, and drifting perilously downward. Val gets down, and tries to steer the dying machine closer to the building so she can get off before it completely gives out.
  10. Imma assume we're skipping the rolling of initiative on this one, and just go on to my turn. Val has Leaping. Gonna use that, and switch up my other array to strength, for hitting harder. Jumping on a drone, and hitting it with a stick. I reckon that's movement mode, rather than an acrobatics check, but I strongly suspect the part that requires acrobatics checks is coming soon enough. Staff Attack: 1d20+12 25 If that's a hit, which I'm guessing it is, that's a DC 23 toughness versus damage. Here's hoping the situation isn't complicated by the drone having a self destruct feature or Hacky Sack turns off its hover as soon as Val's standing on it or something.
  11. Val slides close to Max and hands off her guitar case. Can't afford the weight if she has to beat off drones. "Max," she whispers, "If you see a chance, move. Get in. Go down. Don't stop. Get safe." Without time for objection, Val steps out from the crowd to approach the drone, "Nah. I think I'll stick with Hacky Sack, 'til you give me a name that doesn't scream Team Evil," she says to the voice as she leans against a rail, sporting a practiced mix of posture and expression balanced to give the air of aloof amusement, without necessarily coming across as chipper or sunny. Her contemplative artist look. "Y'know, this whole laser light show thing?" she twirls her finger in the air absently, "Not giving you a lot of credibility in your politics. Some might say you're just giving your enemies more ammo to shout ya down. Maybe we could be a tad more civil about this? You put down your flying death bots. I put my mob of unarmed civilians safely down on ground level, and we all go grab a beer. Maybe a nice can of oil for your droid friends. Sound like fun?"
  12. Val's using her Leaping power. Can throw in an Acrobatics roll or something if you'd like.
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