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  1. "Or two." Memorial simply flew forwards, her earlier moments of anger replaced by a cold rage. Two drones to go- here, at least. She'd need to head out to space pretty soon to take care of the remaining drones, most likely. "But for now..." She grabbed the face of one of the two remaining drones on the Aphelion, her palm glowing for a moment before she discharged her laser directly into its head. Letting the remains drop, she spoke up. "Okay, everyone, focus fire on the drone on the left, I'll take care of the last one! Now!"
  2. Stronghold paused for a while. Okay. Ember Psion staring her down. That was a thing. She really didn't have good luck with established... anythings, did she? Got knocked out by a flying axe from a flunky of Medea, got... actually, the whole Collective thing worked out, got a friend from that. So. What to say, what to say. Preferably something that didn't end up with an angry possibly crazy (scratch that, just crazy) trying to burn her. "Um... listen, we should probably check the plane. Some of your family's in there, some of them might be hurt, and if they are, they're going to need help. I'm not interested in fighting or anything, not now."
  3. Do I need to roll to hit for these guys, or would taking 10 be fine? EDIT: Question answered in chat, so. Memorial's taking a single Power Attack trade-off to bring her Accuracy down one and raise the Toughness DC by one. I... think that still hits fine.
  4. horngeek

    All in hand

    Stronghold shrugged. "Well, it's... part of what we do, right?" She noticed the chestplate, frowning slightly. Something... didn't seem entirely right here. That was an AEGIS symbol, wasn't it? She... must've stolen it, then. Or managed to get it some way and misused it. Haukea hated not knowing everything that was going on, it always caused mistakes and misunderstandings and made things really difficult to deal with. "Anyway, if you need help getting her to a-" And then the tug. And this time... her ring disappeared. "What?" Her costume started to melt away, leaving her in jeans and a t-shirt. Defenceless- or at least, a lot more so. And no longer maintaining Argonaut's bonds, which dissolved as well.
  5. ...ahhahahaha Stronghold's being completely clueless on this thread. 1d20+3=4 And she's just failed the save. 1d20+8=15
  6. ...I'm... tempted with Stronghold. I'm not entirely sure how to justify her for this, though.
  7. Feel free to have a go at any of my characters if you like.
  8. So. Yes. Right. One week turned out to be more like two weeks. *urgh* That is mostly up to me being distracted.
  9. Memorial turned, noticing the last drone trying to... shock, or something... her ally and friend. And she noticed the sounds of battle. One thing at a time. The cyborg soared over, her feet planting on the deck for the first time in the fight as her fist clenched. "You. Get away from my friend." And her fist slammed through the drone's skull, crushing metal and bringing a final mercy to the drone. "Em, you okay?" She looked around. "All right, everyone. Looks like there's some fighting we missed, so we need to go help them out. I'll take point, everyone get ready!"
  10. Memorial will try to punch the head off the Communion drone attacking Emily- so they can investigate together. She'll take 10 to do so.
  11. I will be away from Sydney for the week starting Boxing Day! Internet access may or may not happen. Just so you guys are all aware.
  12. Sorry, do you mean roll a Strength check vs DC 40, or...
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