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Claremont Meet A Mentor Day


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Concept: Claremont is trying something new this year. Headmistress Summers has reached out to her extensive contact network to fill the quad with several of the most notable heroes of Freedom City (And Beyond!). Think of it something like superhero career day; a chance for the up and coming teenagers to meet and make contacts for their future. There is rumor that if it goes well, there might be a work study in the works.


How it will work: A thread will be created by an established hero (or heroes) posting for where they are at and how they're running their time at career day. Some might be doing appointments, some might be open to walk-ins. (Threads might be closed or open depending on how the player running the hero plans to set it up). In this thread, I'll need players to let me know if they are interested in having any of their adult heroes participate. If you have a hero that you really want to be participating, please include that too! Optionally, you can also tag students that you're interested in having that hero have a thread with. (For example, I'm open to playing any of my heroes, I'd really like to play 'X' and I'm interested in having them meet student 'Y').


Players of Claremont students, if you have a character you'd like to meet a specific mentor, I want to hear from you too! It is possible players might not be up for threads but I'll try to do my best to match up everyone who wants to take part. Adults might end up with multiple students over the course of their day, or just one.


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Willing to play: All of them basically!

Would like to play: The Immutable Betsy BrooksRevenant, Zhenshchina-voin and Triakosia.



Students: Madame Raven, Starshine

Would like to meet: No real preference. Madame Raven thing is about her relationship to Callie and if she's time displaced, a clone or something else. Starshine on the other hand is all about gaining confidence.

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Dead Head would be delighted to work with some young'ns!

Doktor Archeville is in spaaace, but would be happy to- no?  Oh, yeah, alright.

Horrorshow graduated last year, and could maybe be a mentor?

Protectron is always up for helping the next generation of superheroes, though is unsure how to be a mentor.



Artificer would be eager for any mentorship provided!  Surfacer magic and Surfacer tech is what he'd be most interested in learning about, but he'd be honored to receive any kind of training.


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Velocity: A member of the Freedom League and longtime superheroine. 

Not sure if any of my other PCs would truly work, but if someone was interested we could try to figure out a way to have them brought in. 
Synapse is connected to the Ministry of Powers in the UK and is currently Shadowborne's guardian (so already has a connection to her).



Multi-Girl: would probably be happy meeting any famous superhero, but practically speaking she needs some practical combat training to make her more efficient in a fight and how to use teamwork with her duplicates (things like set up for herself and fast acrobatic dodge, etc).

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Crystal-Gazer is a recent Claremont grad, and could be very helpful to any psionics.


Grimalkin has a bit of experience mentoring, and would be happy to work with any sneaky, shapeshifter or Create Object heroes. She's also skilled in hand-to-hand.


Miracle Girl graduated from Claremont a few years back and was also Terrifica's protege, so she knows a lot about being a mentee. She would be an excellent match for any paragons, and I would love to get her active again.



I'm not sure of I'm going to reactivate Shift or not. As far as mentees go, maybe Grim could work with Cat-Sith?

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Fleur de Joie: A powerful plant controller and member of the Freedom League, Fleur's maternal attitude will make her a good match for some students, but possibly too cloying for some. She's also very pregnant right now, so will be busy soon! 


Wander: A Claremont alum, Wander had a tough time at school as a dimensional refugee and not-great student, but she managed to save the multiverse, graduate, and get a job and a life afterwards. Has been known to mentor students having a difficult time adjusting to a new world or to greatly enhanced dangerousness. 


Singularity: Wander's dimensional double from an even more unfortunate universe, she will show up to mentor day as a drag-along with Aquaria and would probably only be a suitable mentor for purposes of character shenanigans. Soft-spoken, shy, a graduate student in fine arts at FCU, and incredibly violent if sufficiently provoked. She's been working on it. 





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Willing to Play: Waverider is a Claremont alum, but she's in EC these days so transport challenges. But if someone's interested in her and doing the long distance thing, sure okay. Keep in mind that she's deaf and communicates via Sign Languages or writing.


Would Like to Play: Terrifica, naturally. Her last mentorship with Miracle Girl went swimmingly. She's a reserve member of the FLAUX, so that's...something. She's known to be prickly, but she's also known to be a supergenius with a high level grasp on kind of everything. Wushu, detective work, science and technology, you name it. And as Miracle Girl can vouch for, she's not harsh if you're genuinely trying your best with what you've got and know. It's when people don't think before they act and screw up because of it that drives her up the wall. Also insinuating or outright stating she's not smart. Don't do that, kids. She's trying to get better with the non supergeniuses. Really, she's working on it.

Queenie would be excellent, as she has no ties on Earth and I don't want her to be Space full time. Power ring slinging chef. She's nice, kind, and generally pretty cheerful but not pushy about it. She will absolutely feed you, kiddos. So you know, if you're a fan of food.


Any Meet-Ups in Mind? Terrifica would be interested in both Nevermore II and perhaps Multi-Girl (considering what Thev wrote up there). However, Miracle Girl is a flying brick paragon type, so anything could work. Queenie kind of doesn't care? As long as they like food and either can fly or don't mind being carried around by her powers it's cool. They'd also have to be willing to do kitchen grunt work, because when she's not heroing Queenie is head chef of her own restaurant.



Effigy the pyromancer and self taught wizard. IC she would never because mentors boss you around by definition and nobody bosses WIlona but Wilona. OOC heck yes let's f'n go. She's actually pretty easy to get along with if you ask her to do stuff instead of tell her. She needs the kind of person willing to work with her willful personality instead of trying to batter or reason it down. Empathetic instead authoritarian.

Her sidekick, Invisigirl. Sue Storm powers. Artist with an unusual mental process. Some verbal communications difficulties because of it. Quiet and timid. Flinches at loud noises and turns invisible. But really, really kind under that. So someone with a chill and relaxed personality, as opposed to energetic and excitable.

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Willing to play

-Cobalt Templar: Claremont Alum, currently...not actually sure! Other than that he does a lot of work alongside (but not sure if officially on the roster of?) the Liberty League. 

-Raven III: The current holder of the mantle. Direct mentor of Nevermore II. Also a Claremont alum. 

-Gabriel: Freedom League member, sound-shaper, super-diplomat, theatre teacher. 


Would like to play: Pretty well open to any of them, or if there's a strong desire for another of my characters.



Patrioteen: Willing to play but not a big "need" per se

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Phalanx -  Like to Play, Claremont Alum, well suited to students intimidated by or lacking confidence in their new powers, All Around mighty paragon.

Ace Danger - Available to play, International man of adventure.

Sandman - Willing to play, Dream guardian, can bring him in by request if someone is looking for that kind of interaction.

Ouroboros - Willing to play recent grad but skilled sorceror so I can bring him in for anyone looking for a magic mentor but intimidated by phantom.



Kensei - I'd like to get him connected to Jack of All blades cus swords.  But we did have a thread that fell apart at one point potentially starting that, so anyone to deal with captain angstburger ninja at large could work.

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Willing to Play:

GHOST: Long time hero with almost two decades of experience, since starting out as a teen hero himself. Recently became a member of Freedom League Aux, so there's a reason for him being there. Laidback, claims to not be the biggest fan of teen heroes, but still tends to go out of his way to mentor them a bit when he meets anyone. His personal life is mostly a mess, but he's trying to do better, and his mixed reputation could lead to some interesting meet-ups.

Little Mermaid II: Would be an international guest, I guess? Could work as a mentor to any water-based heroes, but Mette wouldn't be picky. She got a small 

   ROCKET   : An early 20'es science based speedster currently enrolled at Atom Academy. He would mostly be there as an Atom Academy rep.

Would Like to Play: Any of them, really, but preferably at least Ghost, with Mermaid as a secondary priority. 

Any Meet-Ups in Mind: Effigy, Invisigirl and Starshine could all work with Ghost, Mermaid could help Starshine with the confidence, but I'm up for anything.



 FREEDOM EAGLE  : Willing to play if there's some interesting meet-ups, but his main interactions are with other students at the moment.

Would Like to Meet: Someone that doesn't mind a rather nervous hero-in-training. Maybe someone that knows something about alien tech that can help him control his armor?

Nevermore II: Cowl-in-training, direct mentee of Raven III. It would be interesting to have him be mentored a bit by a different cowl or detective, or at least someone unpowered.

Would Like to Meet: Terrifica would be interesting.

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Willing to Play:

Jack of all Blades

- fencing instructor, expertise in... let's say 'non-academic' magic and energy manipulation, super-senses, leading disparate personalities, daddy issues

Jill O'Cure

- Claremont alumnus, medical doctor, expertise in healing and energy constructs, managing reckless teammates

Midnight II

- Claremont alumnus, expertise in mechanical engineering, vehicle design and repair, stealth, close quarters combat, disabling opponents' bladder control


- high school civics teacher, veteran hero and small business owner, elder gay, expertise in sonic projection, fighting with enhanced strength and durability, being un-@#$%ing-breakable

Ghost Girl

- Claremont alumnus, expertise in cold/ice projection, spellcraft, artifact creation, undead and other cryptid abilities, magical creature husbandry, defiance of the natural order


- Claremont alumnus, founded successful line of cosmetics catering to meta humans, expertise in alchemy, chemistry, managing anxiety and anger issues, physical transformations



Student: Chitin

Would Like to Meet: Aquaria! Armour, big hops and positivity!

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Alrighty folks! Here's the match ups for threads. I'm leaving it to the hero to start a thread and I'll get a RP thread up in short order that gives the over-all feel of the day and you can tag it with a link to any related threads in the comments below. The mentor is 'running' the thread so up to them what the hero is doing for mentor day and whether its more structured or walk ups, or what-have-you. You are more than welcome to add in a character to your thread if everyone is on board with it though I'd recommend at keeping it to four or five characters max so it doesn't get crazy. You are ENTIRELY welcome to start another thread on mentor day in addition to the ones listed below, either open thread or structured. It can even be between a couple of mentors and no students, if that appeals. Just link the thread to the master thread for anyone looking to read up on what all is going on at Claremont that day. Any questions, feel free to poke me and have fun!


(Also, if I missed someone that you desperately wanted to have a thread for, please just feel free to poke me and I will make sure they get a partner to RP with for a thread)



Mentor(s): Ouroboros (Angrydurf)

Mentee(s): Kid Gawain (AvengerAssembled)


Mentor(s): Ghost (RocketLord)

Mentee(s): Neko (AvengerAssembled)


Mentor(s): Sea Devil (AvengerAssembled) and Singularity (Electra)

Mentee(s): Chitin (Gizmo) and Kensei (Angrydurf)


Mentor(s): Grimalkin (Heritage)

Mentee(s): Cait-Sith (ThunderKing)


Mentor(s): Phalanx (Angrydurf) and Geckoman (Ecalsneerg)

Mentee(s): FreedomEagle (RocketLord) and Artificer (Dr. Archevil)


Mentor(s): Terrifica (EternalPhoenix)

Mentee(s): Nevermore II (RocketLord)


Mentor(s): Phantom (Alderwitch)

Mentee(s): Nightscale (Nerdzul)


Mentor(s): Velocity (Thevshi) and Gabriel (KnightDisciple)

Mentee(s): Effigy and InvisiGirl (EternalPhoenix)


Mentor(s): Patriot (AvengerAssembled)

Mentee(s): Patrioteen (KnightDisciple)


Mentor(s): Crimson Tiger (ThunderKing)

Mentee(s): Multi-Girl (Thevshi)


Mentor(s): Raven (KnightDisciple)

Mentee(s): Madame Raven (Tiffany)


Mentor(s): Jill O'Cure (Gizmo)

Mentee(s): Starshine (Tiffany)


Mentor(s): Fleur de Joie (Electra)

Mentee(s): Kid Celtic (Alderwitch)

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