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  1. OOC for this thread. @Grumblefloof
  2. Aboard the Pale Rider in the Naraka System Early February, 2020 Evening The Stigmata hung in view on the Pale Rider’s cockpit video screen. A great, cyclopean vessel, it spanned at least two miles in length and almost resembled a greatly displaced ancient Mayan temple in construction. Strange geometric patterns ran across its surface, glowing in what seemed to be a strange equivalent to running lights. Rather than steel, its exterior seemed to be made of some strange, orange ceramic or stone. And around it, there was some sort of aura of portent, as though it were a proph
  3. Since the attempted Grue invasion in the 1950's, and indeed for longer than proposed human history, extraterrestrial life has come to Earth to hide, to escape, to begin anew. Some become quiet, anonymous members of human or pre-human civilization, some rise to become brave heroes or dire villains, and yet others choose to exploit their unique set of circumstances for profit. Of this last is the Black Hole Gang, a band of exiles, fugitives and wanderers who combined their talents, resources and knowledge to become the Sol system's most powerful interstellar crime syndicate. Earth is
  4. Dirge Timeline Kill Team (IN PROGRESS): Dirge helps defend a defenseless world against pirate raids. For A Fistful of Tepeyoite (IN PROGRESS): Dirge is one of seven magnificent heroes defending a backwater planet from an army of bandits. He meets his first Praetorian, The Traveller. Toccata and Fugue (IN PROGRESS): Dirge meets Starlok and finds a kindred spirit. All Aboard The Nightmare Ship (IN PROGRESS): Dirge accompanies Starlok to investigate a haunted ship, and they meet Doktor Archeville.
  5. OOC thread for this thread. Teen and space heroes in space, meeting the space bears, fighting the star crimes.
  6. GM July 1st, 2019, 4.51PM Lor Diplomatic Navy vessel A Grace in Steel, in orbit of Xix Yr, first planet and capital of the Lia system civilization... The meeting room was structured along clearly hierarchal lines, in contrast to the more egalitarian architecture of the Science Navy ship that had carried the Earth teens to the Lia system. The Ambassador's seat was elevated by a few significant steps, the room arcing inward from there, encompassing a torus-shaped table. Everything was birds, from the Great Galactic Bird blazing across the walls and ceiling to the bir
  7. Claremont Academy has organized a summer school program based around projects on and vists to non-human societies. This thread is about a visit to Coalition space, the newly-joining worlds of Xix(around the nearby, undiscovered star of Lia) hosting an open celebration around their union with the interstellar alliance. The hope is that observing a peaceful transition between isolation to community will provide a safe, helpful means of understanding the galactic neighbors they might encounter later in life. At the same time, a group of spacefaring heroes have also come to the party.
  8. When Doktor Archeville (or the malevolent Other within him) really needed to get away, he went here. It was his ultimate refuge, a place where he could concentrate on projects without any interruptions, where nothing would disturb him and no one could find him. Nichtüberall, a secret base known only to him, was completed in April of 2010. In January 2011, Doktor Archeville revealed the existence of this facility to Blueshift, Push, Supercape, and Victory, after they stopped a planet-killer asteroid from impacting Earth. During the ArchEvil event (20011 June), Blueshift, Push, and
  9. In-Brief: Worf meets Cosmic Boy Character: Dirge Power Level: 11 (built as PL 10) Tradeoffs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness Power Points: 160/160 PP Unspent Points: 0 Identity: Public Alternate Identity: Kanemu of Herd Krallos, Son of Drugo, Son of Amani Birthplace: Ku'unum, AKA Harsaf-4, the 4th planet of the Harsaf star system, which was annexed by Admiral Iyatu for the Stellar Khanate in 2004. Legal Status: In the Lor Republic, a non-citizen permanent resident, granted refugee status
  10. Player Name: Heritage Name: Ditra Fifty-Five Power Level: 10/12 (165/185PP) Tradeoffs: +2 Toughness/-2 Defense Unspent PP: 20 In Brief: Alien cyborg with telepathic and technopathic powers Alternate Identity: Councillor Ditra Fifty-Five, diploditra055 (Nameless designation) Identity: Public Birthplace: Somewhere in Lor space Occupation: Diplomat, politician Base of Operations: CoVic Station Affiliations: The Second Hive, the Coalition Family: Hundreds of hive mates Description: Age: 10 Terran years since final assembly Apparent Age: 25 Gender: Female shell Race:
  11. OOC thread for this thread. Moon-Moth ponders what's dead and gone on the corpse of a dragon.
  12. Player Name Thevshi Character Name: Squire Kath'lana Power Level: 10 [12] (165/193 PP) Trade-Offs: -1 Atk/+1 Damage Unspent Power Points: 28 In Brief: Felinoid Star Knight in training. Alternate Identity: Kath’lana Identity: Public Birthplace: F'terrix Prime Residence: The Citadel of the Star Knights Occupation: Star Knight Squire Affiliations: Star Knights Family: Deceased Description Age: 19 (DOB: 2/18/1999 (Terran Calendar)) Apparent Age: 19 (for a F'terrix) Gender: Female Ethnicity: F'terrix Height: 5' 8" Weight: 150 lbs Eyes: Green Fur: Light brown, wi
  13. Squire B'Ka Power Level: 9 (135/140PP) Unspent Power Points: 5 Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage(energy sword), -1 Attack / +1 Damage(energy blast), -2 Defense / +2 Toughness In Brief: A brazen bull in a cosmic china-shop. Catchphrase: "I'll surrender when I'm dead!" Theme: Alternate Identity: B'Ka (Public) Birthplace: Netypayatet Residence: The Citadel of the Star Knights Base of Operations: Coalition Space Occupation: Star Knight(in training) Affiliations: Star Knights Family: Monti (Mother), Apisi (Father), dozens of siblings and extended family
  14. For centuries the Order of the Star Knights have strived to preserve peace, order and justice in the galaxy. When members have fallen in the line of duty, Mentor has always been able to find new recruits to refill the ranks. During the Incursion, the Order suffered the most significant amount of losses in its history, with nearly five hundred Star Knights perishing at the Battle of Lor-Van alone, sacrificing themselves to delay the Communion’s world killer in order for more Lor to be evacuated from the doomed world. As a result, following the end of the
  15. So Ive been wondering to myself in the various threads moon-moth has been in how i could best work with the various praetorians he's been assigned with to a mission, according to @Thevshi the original Praetorians which is to say the ones from the ancient Delazri empire, have been working together for around four years before the original communion incursion so i imagine they've learned a few tandem strategies between each other over that time. Not to exclude the Modern praetorians either, i feel like working together is a primary focus in the team selection and mission assignment s
  16. Quaestor Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: Attack: Varies, Defense -2 Toughness +2 In Brief: 1-2 sentences which sum up the whole character. Catchphrase: (Optional) Example: "Its Clobberin' Time!", "By the Power Cosmic!", "Hulk Smash!" etc. Theme: (Optional) A theme song for the character. Alternate Identity: ??? (Public) or (Secret) Birthplace: Residence: (Optional) Where the character normally resides / lives. Base of Operations: (Optional) Where in the city the character primarily operates or their headquarters' location,
  17. Now that I've grabbed your attention with a title that says nothing, let's get to the actual part: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9834-see-the-universe-join-the-praetorians/ This was posted a while ago, and Diaspora is the result of that! Now, I'd hesitate to call this an event, I'm personally envisioning it as a series of threads, sometimes running parallel, sometimes individual. But, enough of vague talk about things that aren't entirely decided yet (can you tell just how AMAZING I am at this stuff? ) Diaspora: There has been an influx of peop
  18. So after the political drama of the Lor elections, the Praetorian's are looking to explore the systems around there home on CoVic station and beyond. If you already have a Praetorian character you wish to use, or you want you new space character to join in the explorations let us know and we'll find you a place!
  19. 20 Questions - - - STANDARDIZED QUERIES FOR ALL SENTIENTS CURRENTLY SERVING ON THE COALITION COUNCIL - - - STANDARDIZED QUERIES FOR ALL SENTIENTS CURRENTLY SERVING ON THE COALITION COUNCIL - - - STANDARDIZED QUERIES FOR QUERIES FOR: COUNCILOR DITRA FIFTY-FIVE BEGIN QUERY SEQUENCE Query 1: Where are you from? My pilot was birthed in a hive in Lor space; my Diplo shell was assembled at the Factory. I'm not allowed to be more specific than that. Query 2: How would you describe your physical arrangement? Is this different from how
  20. So I'm looking for threads for Ditra Fifty-Five, my new space-based character. She is one of the Nameless, a race of cyborgs designed to overthrow the Lor Republic, before they went 'native' and more or less assimilated. They were exposed during the Incursion, and now are trying to find their place in a galaxy that doesn't trust them. Ditra ('Deet' to friends) is a PL9, and would probably do best in social or investigation type threads, though she does have a sweet built-in blaster.
  21. Nameless District ('Bugtown') Location: Coalition Victory Station, Kesteven 79 After the Nameless were exposed during the Incursion three Terran years ago, the enigmatic cyborgs had to face the reality that no one trusted them, even after several of them aided the fledgling Coalition during the fighting. But it soon became clear that, due to the insidious way they'd wormed their way into the very fabric of the Republic, it would be far easier to come to some sort of terms with them than try to root them out. One of the terms that was negotiated was that the Nameless h
  22. Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Tradeoffs: +0 Toughness/-2 Defense Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Alien cyborg with telepathic and technopathic powers Alternate Identity: ditra055diplo Identity: Public Birthplace: Somewhere in Lor space Occupation: Diplomat and politician Affiliations: Second Hive, the Coalition, the Praetorians? Family: Hundreds of hive mates Description: Age: 10 Gender: Female shell Race: Nameless (Diplomatic model) Height: 170 cm Weight: 55 kg Eyes: Golden Hair: Green Skin: Green Ditra is a very pretty Nameless agent of the Diplo class, marked by green skin and
  23. THE NAMELESS (aka ‘Bugs’) The Nameless are a bioengineered race that was designed for infiltrating galactic empires and systems such as the Lor Republic; they were modified so long ago, they barely remember their homeworld, though they do tell the story of how they turned on the race that created them (known only in legends as ‘the Harvesters’) to win their freedom. The Nameless successfully lived within the Republic for almost two hundred years, slowly plotting and accumulating wealth and power before they were discovered, but by that time, though their numbers were small, they held p
  24. So here's the idea: A series of attacks have been occurring in Emerald City and CoVic where victims have been found cold and drained of blood. Most of them remain dead, but some rise again within a few hours and attack anyone they can get their hands on. I'm looking for two PC's preferably around PL 10 to join in and stop this menace!
  25. This is a build for my next PC, Critical. It's a take on the whole 'rougish space adventurer/romancer' archetype. I did my best to blend aspects of Longshot, Han Solo, and the movie version of Star Lord. Please take a look and let me know what you think about him.
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