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Found 5 results

  1. Happy Hour, Chester's Club, West End, Freedom City 14th February 2020 Lucy wasn’t generally one to feel melancholic, she enjoyed her un-life to the fullest. But this year was going to be rough on her, the 1920 had been her time when everything swung and she was among the bright young thing. It wouldn’t be long before a century that she was originally killed, and whilst she’d missed most of it the weight of the years weighed heavy on her. People shouldn’t relive a decade more than once, and she wonder mournfully if it was be the same if she made it to the next ‘20s. Sipping her dirty Martini Lucy wasn’t really paying attention to the cub she liked to spend her time, instead of the dingy (though no longer smoky) jazz atmosphere, the club was brightly lit with table for a night for those who didn’t have a date for this special day...
  2. Wading Station, North End, Freedom City 7:30 pm 4th September 2018 It had taken a year to arrange everyone schedules, mostly it's was true Lucy's schedule, but finally, they were free to take there road trip across the country. The place that she'd chosen to meet up with Nicole was Wadling station and old Art Deco station that she remembered from her breathing life, the contrast between that and the modern building just reminded her how her life was now. With her standard sunglasses, she lent on the body of the car that they'd be using for this road trip, a '63 soft top Corvette in black, obvious her assistances idea of a joke. It was probably lucky that she couldn't find a Model T-Ford car or this trip would have taken so much longer.
  3. Freedom Oil Station, Broadway 3rd September 2018, 19:30 Robberies in Gas Station were something that, alas, happened in all cities but in a city like Freedom City it was more common for them to be done by more colourful costumed villains. But even in this city, it was an unusual case. Sitting on the counter was a figure around four foot tall, a literal cartoon character, dressed in a typical '20's flapper and apparently in black and white. "Come on Beth the fuzz'll be here soon!" her accent was a broad stereotypical Chicago drawl The other, a blonde compared to the others dark bob cut, was trying to stuff notes into a bag which was not easy when your only four foot tall!
  4. Here's my little corner of the site for Revenant : Lucy's Autobiography Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four HellQ 20 Questions Reputation Charts Undead woman declared “aliveâ€
  5. Player Name: Tiffany Korta Character Name: Revenant Power Level: 12 / 15 (250/250PP) [288] Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Once she was a brave lawyer that did her duty, and paid the ultimate price. Now she carries on that duty from the "other side". Alternate Identities: Lucy Harker Identity: Public, but thought dead Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: ex-Lawyer Affiliations: Bloodhound Detective Agency Family: Florence Harker (Mother, Deceased), Abraham Harker (Father, Deceased) Age: 119 (DoB: May 26th 1897) Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Undead Height: 5'3" Weight: 125 lbs. Eyes: Black Hair: Black Description: Before her "accident" she had an average appearance, a face that wouldn't stand out in a crowd. Something she took advantage of in her profession so not to scare those working around her. Unlike most people though death seems to have improved her looks. Her pale white skin and black eyes have given her an exotic alluring appearance. And her ability means her skin is flawless with no marks or blemishes, except for a small dimple on her forehead where the bullet ended her previous life. Her only clothes are those she wore on her last day in 1927. A simple but particle dress suit, though her only defiance of 20's fashion was a pair pants. Well preserved by her disposal they still seem to be in a relatively good shape. Power Descriptions: Her mystical nature keeps her body perpetually in the state it was just before she died, though her flesh is now pale and cold to the touch. This allows her to almost instantly regenerate any damage caused to her. History: When one of the first Mystery Men bought in one of the city notorious Mob bosses Sebastian "the Revenant" Giovanni there was a problem. An excessively violet man, even by the standards of his fellow gangsters, he and his men murdered and intimidated anyone that stood in his way. So naturally none of the lawyers in or out of the city wanted to risk their life to prosecute this man. Except one. Lucy Harker was a fine civil lawyer chafing at the small minor cases she was allowed to try, after all she was "just" a woman. A male lawyer would have been moved on to higher profile case, whilst she was stuck trying petty claims. She knew that unless she could find a case to make her name, she would be stuck in this position in the rest of her career. The trial of Giovanni could be just the kind of case to catapult her to fame, though the risk could be just as colossal. After consulting with her family and her fiance, Lucy volunteered to prosecute the Mob Boss. Though not yet a highly skilled lawyer the defence had not expected anyone to dare tackle such a dangerous case. That and jury confidence was bolstered by this brave woman's actions, along with the newly active Mystery Men, resulting in a cursing Giovanni going down for his crimes, promising his revenge on the young lawyer. His men came for her two days later. Bundling her into a car they drove her down to one of their new building projects down Broadway. There they simply shot her and dumped her into the foundation of the building. Stoic to the end she showed no signs of fear, instead looking her killers straight in the eyes. And that should have been the end of Lucy Harker. But unknown to her in her youth her mother had been bitten and almost turned into a vampire, only to be saved at the last minute by some courageous vampire hunters. Somehow the curse of the vampire was passed to her through her blood, so when she was buried her mystical nature was triggered keeping her "alive" but in a state of hibernation. When the building was demolished this year Lucy awoke to a brave new world. The last few weeks Lucy has been enjoying the wonders of this new world. Slowly she has come to realize that her time "dead" has somehow changed her. Despite having nothing in this world but the clothes on her back she has decided to use her new found gifts to help those around her as one of these Mystery Men now wait is that what they're called now? Taking the nickname of the man who ordered her death the Revenant has started her journey to a wider world. Personality & Motivation:Despite all that has happened to her she still remains a rather upbeat personality. Though she still mourns for the loss of everyone she's ever know, after all to her it all happened yesterday. This chipper and upbeat, something that tends to confuse those who judge her by looks alone. A defense mechanism of the time as "just" woman in a man's world is a snide sarcastic sense of humor which has started to drift towards black humor. Her logical side tell her that all those involved in her death have long since perished. But that doesn't stop her enjoying attacking mobsters. At the moment she has restricted herself to low level hoods as least until she can discover some of the high level boss. And return the favour that bought her to this second life. Though this time she'll make sure to keep an eye on the prosecuting lawyer! Complications A woman out of her time: Must has changed in the world in the 80 odd years since she died. Though she voraciously consumes modern culture, as much as she can without money, many terms and idea still confuse and confound her. Dining on Ashes: Her undead state has dulled her sense of touch, smell and taste. Only strong smells and tastes well even register as being there. (Grand)Father-in-Darkness: The vampire whose blood has led her to this state is dimly aware of his Daughter-in-Darkness. If he ever learns of her existence he may become curious how she has escaped the disadvantages of being a vampire. Abilities: 20 + 8 - 10 + 10 + 8 + 10 = 46PP Strength: 30 (+10) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: -- (-10) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 20 + 20 = 40PP Initiative: +6 Attack: +10 base, +12 unarmed Grapple: +22 (Base Attack + 10, Strength +10, Super Strength +2) Defense: +12 (+10 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed Knockback: -11 Saving Throws: 0 + 9 + 10 = 19PP Toughness: +12 (- Con, +12 Protection); Impervious 5 Fortitude: - (-) Reflex: +13 (+4 Dex, +9) Will: +14 (+4 Wis, +10) Skills: 128RP = 32PP Bluff 16 (+21) Diplomacy 16 (+21) Gather Information 10 (+15) Investigate 5 (+10) Knowledge (Arcane) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Business) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Civics) 12 (+17) Knowledge (Popular Culture) 10 (+15) Knowledge (Streetwise) 10 (+15) Languages 1 (English [Native], Latin) Notice 16 (+20) Sense Motive 12 (+16) Feats: 6PP Attack Specialization (Strike) 1 Dodge Focus 2 Fearless Improved Initiative 1 Taunt Powers: 30 + 24 + 32 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 13 = 110PP Immunity 30 (Fortitude Saves) [30PP] Protection 12 (Extra: Impervious 12) [24PP] Regeneration 30 (Recovery Bonus 14 [+9], Disabled 8 [no action] Injured 6 [no action] Resurrection 2 [1 day], Feats:Persistent, Regrowth) [32PP] Speed 4 (100 mph / 880 ft. per move action) [4PP] Strike 2 (Feats: Mighty) [3PP] Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision) [2PP] Super-Senses 2 (See Undead [Extended]) [2PP] Super-Strength 6 (Lifting Strength 60 [Heavy Load : 50 tns] Feats: Groundstrike) [13PP] Drawbacks: -4PP Vulnerability (Fire, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC27 Toughness Damage Strike Touch DC29 Toughness Damage (Physical) Abilities (46) + Combat (40) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (32) + Feats (7) + Powers (110) - Drawbacks (4) = 250/250 Power Points
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