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Found 5 results

  1. Happy Hour, Chester's Club, West End, Freedom City 14th February 2020 Lucy wasn’t generally one to feel melancholic, she enjoyed her un-life to the fullest. But this year was going to be rough on her, the 1920 had been her time when everything swung and she was among the bright young thing. It wouldn’t be long before a century that she was originally killed, and whilst she’d missed most of it the weight of the years weighed heavy on her. People shouldn’t relive a decade more than once, and she wonder mournfully if it was be the same if she made it to the next ‘20s. Sippin
  2. Wading Station, North End, Freedom City 7:30 pm 4th September 2018 It had taken a year to arrange everyone schedules, mostly it's was true Lucy's schedule, but finally, they were free to take there road trip across the country. The place that she'd chosen to meet up with Nicole was Wadling station and old Art Deco station that she remembered from her breathing life, the contrast between that and the modern building just reminded her how her life was now. With her standard sunglasses, she lent on the body of the car that they'd be using for this road trip, a '63 soft top Co
  3. Freedom Oil Station, Broadway 3rd September 2018, 19:30 Robberies in Gas Station were something that, alas, happened in all cities but in a city like Freedom City it was more common for them to be done by more colourful costumed villains. But even in this city, it was an unusual case. Sitting on the counter was a figure around four foot tall, a literal cartoon character, dressed in a typical '20's flapper and apparently in black and white. "Come on Beth the fuzz'll be here soon!" her accent was a broad stereotypical Chicago drawl The other, a blonde c
  4. Here's my little corner of the site for Revenant : Lucy's Autobiography Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four HellQ 20 Questions Reputation Charts Undead woman declared “aliveâ€
  5. Player Name: Tiffany Korta Character Name: Revenant Power Level: 12 / 15 (250/250PP) [289] Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Once she was a brave lawyer that did her duty, and paid the ultimate price. Now she carries on that duty from the "other side". Alternate Identities: Lucy Harker Identity: Public, but thought dead Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: ex-Lawyer Affiliations: Bloodhound Detective Agency Family: Florence Harker (Mother, Deceased), Abraham Harker (Father, Deceased) Age: 119 (DoB: May 26th 1897) Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Undead Height: 5'3" Weight:
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