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Found 9 results

  1. Rumors have spread throughout the poor folk of the Fens of Freedom City - tales of opportunity to take a chance and grow one's own power to affect their life. One rumor claims that it's a pyramid scheme - a con run by an overzealous fan of superheroes. Another claims that the speaker's friend's cousin actually gained powers by visiting a specific club on the river's edge. A third tale tells of how some people have been gaining fame and fortune for their folks by visiting the club. All stories share some commonalities - that there's a club in the Fens where the proprietor claims to be able to brew drinks that give someone superpowers. What they do with the powers, the rumors say, is up to them. Hello all, and welcome to my literally first attempt to open threads here on the forums, as well as my first attempt to GM M&M 2e in general. The scene has been set - a mysterious and likely dubious club has begun manufacturing superhumans! Possibly. At any rate, the first signs of these superpowered individuals are about to show up - fortunately as many as three superheroes shall be there to prevent the crime that occurs. This is going to be a pretty investigation-heavy plot, so detectives be aware. There might also be horror elements to it, and a couple combats. So, who's interested? Note that the PL is undecided, but is likely to be from 8-10 range, because this is a fairly low-level concern as far as things go at the moment.
  2. Most people who care know: Though the Spirit of Liberty has manifested for a variety of people in Freedom City in the last few years, including medical student Sonia Gutierrez, it has not yet taken a permanent host. The current Star Knight of Earth is Cavalier - and the general public is aware that Star Knights are space cops. Bowman IV is no longer on the Freedom League, given his need to run his family business. He remains semi-active as a hero. There is a population of people living in Freedom City who are known to be aliens from another world, refugees from a terrific cosmic disaster and its consequences - the Incursion! Some people know: In the wake of the events of Arcadia, the new Master Mage of Earth is Phantom - Adrian Eldrich is dead! The Conqueror Worm has returned thanks to Malador the Mystic and is setting up a zombie apocalypse to bring down God's wrath. The villain Freebooter is no longer active. No one has seen Lantern Jack in quite some time. The current American base of operations for the Crime League is somewhere in the vast Atchafalaya Basin. Raven II has retired from active superheroing, but still acts as a consultant to the Freedom League and a patron for younger heroes. The swamp creature/man-monster/plant zombie Tom Cypress has joined the Crime League. No one yet knows: Knightfire and Toy Boy have become a spirit of hate and a nightmare being, respectively. New Doc Holiday in the form of an evil force of anti-fun possessing a rando named Holiday. Conundrum has figured out the former second Raven's secret identity and is working to undermine and destroy the institution she governs, Claremont Academy. Warden, formerly a mundane prison-themed engineer supervillain, is now wielder of a magic key that connects Earth-Prime to his otherworldly Dungeon Dimension. The Cosmic Mind has begun to empower the greatest Lor psions working for the Grand Nauarchus - but for what purpose?
  3. Are you looking for a speedster? Do you need another hero in a thread? Well look no further than the Hyperactive Hero and Windy City Warrior: Hyperactive! He's mainly in Freedom City, but if someone wanted to do a thread in Texas, that would be another place he spends a meaningful amount of time. So, if you need a speedster, feel free to PM me!
  4. I'm looking for a couple of investigatory PCs or a couple of PCs connected to the criminal underworld for a thread. PL 10 or lower is my preference.
  5. Trying to do some worldbuilding here, tying together our three (technically four?) cities of adventure through related criminal organizations. Today, the Mafia. Feedback and suggestions welcome! I'm considering updating what's going on with Freedom City's three mafia families, but I'd have to consult the ref team first. I plan to add a little more overall, but I'm out of time for today. Ultimately, I'm hoping that the Commission as a massive group of antagonists could provide plot hooks to bring heroes from one city to another for a thread or two, or at least have them hear about each other. The Commission The Mafia was originally formed in the nineteenth century as a group of Sicilian freedom fighters seeking to expel Napoleon and the French; the name itself is an acronym for "Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela,” which means "death to the French cry the Italians!". The traditions of mutual protection and loyalty at the expense of the state that developed during this period persisted over the following centuries, and as Sicilian immigrants traveled to America and ran up against intense nativism, these families became respected parts of their communities. To outsiders, however, they became synonymous with insidious crime. The Mafia as a criminal organization in the United States began in the early 1900s in major East Coast cities, predominately New York, New York and Freedom City, New Jersey. Early on, they were supposed to be administered by a single "capo de tutti capi," or "boss of all bosses", but brutal infighting over who could hold such a powerful position led the heads of the various Mafia families to reevaluate this style of leadership. In 1931, after a particularly brutal murder of one capo de tutti capi, the nation's most powerful mob branches met in Chicago to decide on an alternative. The result was the Commission, a sort of Mafia board of directors composed of the leaders of the twelve most powerful families: the Five Families of New York; Al Capone's Chicago Outfit; the Scarpias, Igglionis, and Gorganzuas of Bedlam City; and the Drioganos, Olivertis, and Tonifannis of Freedom City. The Twelve Families, as the Commission was also known, met to make all significant decisions about the future of the Mafia as a whole. Meetings approved or denied the admission of Sicilian-born men as Made Men, meted out retribution to traitors, and made the fateful decision to get involved with the drug trade. As lesser families, such as the Manettis (who arrived in Emerald City in the 1940's), began to spread, members of the commission increased their influence by offering to champion their interests; both the Manettis and the Los Angeles mob were long represented by the Chicago Outfit. But despite this show of cooperation, uneasiness between families sometimes erupted into near-open hostility. A series of ugly incidents in 1967 nearly put the Chicago Outfit at war with Bedlam's Scarpias, and although the Commission forbade hostilities, neither group has been welcome in the other's city since. As the Mafia's influence grew with the drug boom, so did law enforcement scrutiny, vigilante attention, and competition within the organization. The activities of superheroes in many of the major cities of the United States began to take a serious toll on families that had until recently been unshakable institutions. After the murder of New York Mafia kingpin Paul Castellano in 1985 and a major defection by insiders who revealed the organization's secret structure in order to get revenge on his killers, the mob began to be muscled out of its nationwide place as undisputed head of the criminal underworld. The Five Families of New York and the Chicago Outfit stayed in contact, but never called or attended a meeting of the full Commission again. In some places, however, local circumstances allowed the Mafia families to hold onto more power. In Freedom City, the corruption that came with the Moore Act era largely destroyed any chance for local superheroes and law enforcement to deal the mob a knockout blow, and the three families there managed to retain significant influence in the city's underworld. In Bedlam City, lack of effective oversight by the half-disbanded commission allowed the Scarpias to wipe out the Igglionis. The city was already so corrupt and economically depressed that it had little chance of rooting them out. With heroes and police in Freedom City still working hard to put an end to the Mafia's operations now that the Moore Administration is a distant memory, and with New York and Chicago largely running their own affairs, the axis of Mafia power in the United States has shifted to Bedlam City, where they rule effectively undisputed. Taking advantage of the situation, the Scarpia family reinstated the Commission in the early 2000s, this time with seven seats: three for the Freedom City families, one for the Manettis of Emerald City, one for Bedlam's Gorganzuas, and two for the Scarpias, representing both themselves and the Igglionis. Although a blatant grab for further power and influence by the Scarpias, this new Commission ("the Seven Families" now, although really there are only six) has had considerable success. The member families run contraband routes from coast to coast, dispose of evidence for one another, hide wanted members of families from other cities, share information on superheroes and law enforcement, and have a shared list of assassins and metahuman contractors to pull from when someone interferes too much in their operations. Whether the new Commission can fully revitalize the Mafia as America's most powerful criminal organization remains to be seen.
  6. Super Freaks The ‘Super Freaks’ are a loose term for a pan-religious movement that began on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s. Inspired by hippie culture, the New Age movement, and the general alienation of the period, members of what was sometimes called the Super Movement or the Super People USA argued that metahumans were the divine manifestation of the Creator (who or what that creator was was open to a significant amount of debate - and remains so to this day) on Earth and should be worshiped as such. One would expect this to be open to abuse given the period - and indeed despite the widespread success of the movement, Super Freak groups were often highly vulnerable to infiltration, subversion, and co-option by metahumans eager to embrace either the idea of their own divinity or simply to exploit the gullible. In several high-profile cases in Los Angeles, Chicago, and elsewhere, Super Freak communes were exposed by the press, raided by the police or superheroes, or otherwise destroyed. In the 1980s and 1990s, it looked as though the movement might die out altogether. But religious movements have a funny way of sticking around and the Super Freaks are no exception. The sects run by outright villains have mostly been shut down - putting the movement in a new direction. There are Super Freak communes today still in Washington, Oregon, California and other parts of the United States where people live in harmony with nature and each other, working to build a better world and unlock the native powers within. The Pinnacle Path in Freedom City today is loosely affiliated with the Super Freak movement - and in recent years Path members have Walked their way out to several communes and back, the hippie lifestyle now having re-entered the mainstream now that it’s more associated with a grandparent’s style than real radicalism. The largest such commune (with about 1200 members) is in northwestern Oregon, far enough from Emerald City that it’s not on the map but close enough that members of the Galactic Army of Light can travel into town to run shops, sell their wares at artisanal stores and farmers’ markets, and otherwise be a part of the city’s structure. (It may seem odd that the center of the Super Freak movement is so far away from a large superhuman population, but as any Freedomite will tell you, familiarity can often breed contempt - and it's hard to maintain the worship of a god you see every day. The days of hippies following the Centurion around to try and gain a share of his power are long-since passed) While a few metahumans have been born on Super Freak communes (like Third Eye, the most famous hero of the California/Oregon border region), or have had their powers awakened by sweat lodges, scarification, and other rituals, for the most part the Super Freaks have proven no more or less likely to gain powers than the average citizen. That’s okay, they firmly assert when questioned - they take their enlightenment on faith. Super Freaks tend to be vegetarians but are rarely teetotalers - after all, there are so many interesting ways to expand the mind, some of which may give you metapowers, maaan. They are usually pacifists but those with metapowers will defend their commune if attacked. In story terms, a Super Freak commune is a potential story point for both good and ill. No more or less likely to be run by charlatans than any other religious sect, a commune may be run by a council of democratically elected sincere leaders, an abusive megalomaniac, or anything in between. A crisis at a commune could run from an outbreak of anti-vaccination sentiment, a takeover by a supervillain who has ‘seen the light’, or even just too many bunnies eating their organically grown crops. A hero’s childhood on a commune could be anything from a horrific hellhole they escaped - or simply a unique upbringing that sets them apart from their peers.
  7. Stone Soup Music Group is a company headquartered in Freedom City, with offices in the Theater District. Stone Soup records, produces, and advertises music around the world; their albums are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon, and wherever fine music is sold. ===History=== The Stone Soup label started in Miami, Florida, with a man named Hector Castillo in 1992. Castillo was a connoisseur of street and club music, and produced a number of recordings of his band and his friends. He found there wasn’t a label willing to purchase his recordings, though; Hector’s music was a mix of socially conscious hip-hop, Latin dance beats, and electric guitar riffs, and record executives decided it would be too hard to label and advertise. Frustrated, Hector went looking for a loan and partnered up with Nathan Graves, an investment banker working out of Orlando. It was Graves who suggested the name and in the fall of ‘92 Stone Soup and started pressing records. The music they were producing often ended up in World or Fusion or even Miscellaneous categories in the record stores, but Stone Soup quickly gained a dedicated following and started hiring on other artists. Castillo and Graves were careful to pick artists who synthesized a wide blend of styles in their music, and even today many of Stone Soup’s artists cross over to work with each other on different albums. Today your favorite death metal guitarist may be thrashing on a punk album, tomorrow he might be shredding on a country-western song. Stone Soup promotes a wide blend of tastes under its label and encourages fans to check out artists they might otherwise never have considered. In 2009, Stone Soup relocated its main offices from Miami to Freedom City, New Jersey. Stone Soup now inhabits two solid floors of the MacLaughlin Office Block in Midtown, Freedom City. That includes one floor of offices and a floor above that for recording, sound mixing, and practice sessions. Those studios are usually engaged most of the business day. ===Notable Artists=== Notable artists that are signed on to the Stone Soup label include Billy Wu, the Boatyards, DJ Eclectic, DJ Graveyard, and Slizzard.
  8. Freedom City Everything Timeline This is a master timeline for Freedom City History. Important city events should be listed here, as well as important events in the lives of its heroes and hero times. Events do not need to be of worldwide or citywide significance to be listed here. If the event took place within a thread, please provide a link to the thread as well. If the event is a major one with significant impact on the city, please also add it to Freedom City Big Events Timeline. 1630: Freedom City (called Freedom) is founded by Puritan colonists 1694: Freedom Witch Trials, led by Elijah Prophet 1779: British are driven out of Freedom by Col. Maj. Joseph Clark and the colonial army 1789: Freedom and its surrounding communities incorporate as Freedom City 1825: Freedom City University founded, Freedom City Ledger enters print 1890: Jack-a-Knives terrorizes Freedom City, is never caught 1918: The Centurion’s lifepod descends from space and lands in Freedom City 1930: “Mystery Men” begin patrolling Freedom City and stopping crime, examples include Doc Prophet, The Bluesman and John Danger. 1938: The Centurion makes his first public superheroic appearance, other superheroes begin to appear, including Midnight, Johnny Rocket, Bowman, and Freedom Eagle. 1941: Lady Liberty makes her first public superheroic appearance since the Revolutionary War, Siren makes first appearance, Dr. Tomorrow appears one day after Pearl Harbor 1942: The Liberty League is founded by executive order of President Roosevelt, made up of American superheroes and led by Dr. Tomorrow. Its HQ is located in Freedom City 1943: The Crime League is founded by supervillains active in Freedom City 1945-46: The Allies of Freedom, a superteam fighting in Europe while the Freedom League fights at home, is destroyed to the last man by Nazi supervillains. Casualties include La Reynard Rogue, Human Tank and Gunner, Sergeant Shrapnel, and White Rose and White Thorn. 1945: World War II ends, Dr. Tomorrow returns to the future, Freedom Eagle takes charge of the Liberty League 1947: First Earth contact with the Grue Unity, in the form of a crashed spaceship 1950: A Grue scouting team arrives on Earth, sowing distrust between the Liberty League and the government. Eventual hero Pseudo is part of this group. 1955: Senator McCarthy and the HUAC call the Liberty League to testify about possible links with communism and demand they unmask and reveal their identities. Rather than comply, the League disbands, with most of its members retiring. Midnight fights one last battle with King Cole before going underground. 1960: Hades invades Freedom City with an army of dead, is repelled by heroes includingCenturion, Daedelus, Lady Liberty and The Raven. These heroes join together to form the Freedom League. 1961: Dr. Alexander Atom purchases the Goodman Building in Freedom City and moves in with his family. 1962: The US Government forms AEGIS to deal with superhuman threats and policing. Jack Simmons, the former Patriot of the Liberty League, is the first director. 1964: Blackstone Penitentiary opens, under the aegis of AEGIS. 1965: Omega and the Terminus attempt to invade Freedom City, they are repelled by the Freedom League and the Atom Family 1969: A second Grue scouting party arrive on Earth and impersonate the Freedom League, once again shaking public confidence in superheroes. 1972: Duncan Summers, The Raven, is gravely injured while fighting Dr. Sin. He retires and marries Dr. Sin’s daughter, Jasmine. Lady Liberty retires after her powers fade. 1973: Dracula comes to Freedom City, causing much public unease. Construction begins on Pyramid Plaza 1975: Super-group 1-800-JUSTICE forms, with members Jump, Jive and Wail. Super-inventor Daedelus departs Earth to explore the galaxy. 1976: Pyramid Plaza is completed 1977: Jack-a-Knives returns for another murder spree in Freedom City 1979: Supeheroes Brainstorm and Scarab are killed while fighting to save the Freedom League from the Scions of Sobek, leading to a period of League instability 1980: Ethan Keller, sidekick to disgraced alcoholic Bowman Fletcher Beaumont II, adopts the codename Archer and begins fighting crime with lethal force in Freedom City. 1981: Freedom League members Halogen and Tectonic are killed while fighting Crimson Katana and the Katanarchists. The Centurion elects to disband the Freedom League due to their many recent losses. Heroes Evening and Eye of Justice are made honorary police officers and deputized by the police department, an appointment revoked by the passing of the Moore Act 1983: A riot at Blackstone Prison leaves more than 40 dead and several supervillains on the loose. Administrative error and outside agitation are found to be the main cause of the disaster, but public condemnation falls on superheroes for failing to stop the chaos faster. 1984: Franklin Moore is elected mayor of Freedom City on a platform of zero tolerance for costumed vigilantes. Superheroes are outlawed by the Moore Act and most leave town. 1985: Outlaw superhero Archer creates the superteam FORCE Ops, an illegally-operating vigilante team of young heroes who are ruthless in their defense of Freedom City 1989: Freedom City celebrates its bicentennial 1992: Michael O’Connor Jr (son of Freedom Eagle) is elected mayor on a platform of rolling back Moore’s unpopular policies, including the ban on superheroes. 1993: Omega and the armies of the Terminus invade Freedom City on a scale never before seen. A massive alliance of metahumans fight together in Freedom City and repel the attack, but at a steep cost: many superheroes including the Centurion and nearly all of FORCE Ops are dead, and the downtown is all but destroyed. Dr. Metropolis rises literally from the rubble and begins rebuilding the city, while Mayor O’Connor repeals the Moore Act and welcomes the heroes home. A dying Dr. Atom transfers his consciousness to a computer so as to continue to care for his now-orphaned grandchildren. 1994: The Freedom League is reestablished in Freedom City, the Sentry Statue is unveiled in Riverside Park. 2000: Mass breakout from Blackstone Prison, heroes spend six months recapturing all the prisoners. Mayor O’Connor begins third term, Jack Simmons, director of AEGIS, dies and uploads his consciousness to an android body. 2001: Freedom Hall is destroyed by supervillains and rebuilt. Duncan Summers opens Claremont Academy for super teenagers. 2005: The Lighthouse is built as a space headquarters for the now world-focused Freedom League. Freedom Hall remains its local HQ in Freedom City.
  9. GM Vector November 28th, 2013, 12.04AM, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Sounding like a gurgling throat, the black waves beat and crashed against the dock. Their motion and power kept the small ship constantly moving despite thick lines mooring it to the heavy concrete and steel. The crew aboard it were crouched against the gunwales, watching the narrow road that quickly vanished into darkness until the main dock lights glared in a cacophony of hellish orange, occasionally shining on a truck rumbling past. Each time one passed by, they visibly tensed, only to relax as it disappeared. Then one turned. It was unmarked, save for a simple, generic logo on the sides proclaiming that it worked for one of the smaller shipping companies out of Gold Coast. It rumbled to a halt before the pier, and the back door swung open to disgorge several heavily-built men who looked about as nervous as the men on the boat, who scrambled to assist with loading long, heavy boxes from the boat into the truck. The driver remained in the cabin, but Vector could see that his eyes were wide behind the balaclava, and his knuckles were white on the wheel. With a dull thud one of the boxes fell from hands that were slick with sweat, and every last man there froze. As one they turned to look at the crate, and sagged with relief. Then glared at the one who had dropped it. "S-sorry" mumbled the man, looking askance as he reshouldered his burden "I just...not used to this stuff, won't happen again" "It better not" snapped a man thinner and more terrified than the rest who seemed to be in charge "None of us wanna get turned into dog food 'cause ya got nervous!" The unloading hurried along, everyone there desperately hoping they could finish their work quickly enough not to be seen first... Graft November 27th, 2013, 8.04AM, Waterfront, Freedom City, USA Tyrone had started hearing about the shipments only a couple of days ago. It had seemed like a normal, generic kind of freight truck that bustled about the metropolis until some of his patients had opened it, and decided to try and steal one of the boxes. Luckily they had survived the strange explosion with his help. Their muddled memory of the event had been light on a lot of details, but their description of the truck meant Graft recognized it at once when he saw it. Or at least one eerily like it. There hadn't been any companies registered with the brand emblazoned on the side(a red circle with a lightning bolt through the center), and the warehouse it stopped at had obviously not been properly used in the last decade, at the least. Rust hung on the main door as it creaked open, and the windows were cracked. Sure were a lot of very fit, very edgy-looking young men though. And the elongated bulges in their winter coats did nothing to make them suspicious. Stormbreaker November 27th, 2013, 8.04AM, Skies above the Waterfront, Freedom City, USA "Captain, ladyship!" barked the voice of Age's Lost's science officer, their multi-faceted eyes gleaming in the light of several data readouts on the bridge "I've got some kind of unusual energy signature, from the hyplothadrooga scanners it appears to follow the main wavelength associated with...Terminus radiation. Odd. A significant cluster of the energy sources is directly inside this structure." spindly fingers brought up a crisp picture of one of the innumerable warehouses far below. A large red rectangle pulsed in the center. "Shall we investigate, captain Silvia? I believe this is very atypical for Earth technology." the science officer's face nearly shone with hopeful curiosity.
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