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Found 86 results

  1. GM January 25th, Saturday, 2020, 11.55PM Outside Emerald Tower, downtown Emerald City, OR The last lingering, heartrending notes pierced the chill night air, and UK's violin went silent. For a moment, all around Robin was an almost sacred hush as the renowned string virtuoso stood to take a bow. In the glare of red lamps that had filled the night sky, held in place by repulsor bands that turned clouds of countless paper shells into magnetically-unified pieces of airborne art, Robin saw K looking almost uneasy at the awestruck hush. Above and about flitted the newsdrones, covering the MarsTech New Years bash while other electric eyes took in events unfolding across the Emeralds. Of all the crowds, though, this was going to be the biggest. There were familiar faces in the crowd, not like looming Chung was ever going to miss a chance to carry his "THE END IS NOW" signs where a camera was going to be, but on nights like this the comforting seas of familiarity was upset with crosswinds of newcomers, people who'd look at you funny and hurry on if you asked them how they werre doing. In that moment, though, all were united, Munchkin and outsider alike, by that same thrill through every heart. To make a sound would have been blasphemous. Max Mars broke the spell, jumping out of the audience and onto the stage beside K with a single bound, applauding furiously with giant grin on his face. "Yue Kei, everybody! All you shapes and flavours out there, give her a big 'welcome home' hand!" With admirable obedience the Emerald citizens cheered, the cold winter air blasted with steam from thousands of throats. In the heated shelter UK started, laughed despite herself, and bowed in rapid succession to different areas of the crowd. Max grinned like an indulgent father. Switching off his mic, he and UK exchanged a word, the young woman nodding and beginning to clear up her music and put back her instruments. As she did so, Mars went on blithely. "Nicely done! now, Kei has to leave us for the night, but stick around! Because on the stroke of midnight, as we enter a new year, I've got a little surprise for you...well, two surprises, but you'll see! Now, may I have a volunteer from the audience?" His brilliant green eyes scanning the crowd suddenly locked on Robin's. "Well hey-hey, Rob! Glad to see you could make it to another of my little shindigs! Like to come up?" he looked deeply chagrined as he added "I promise, no giant robots this time!"
  2. Z-Space If the X-axis symbolizes how far you can move in one universe, or the X-Space, and the Y-axis represents different universes, then the Z-axis is the intersection between the two former axes, the place where one can move between universes, otherwise known as Z-Space: The space that exists between the universes of the multiverse. Z-Space exists as a way to travel between different universes by travelling through the strange realm, and as a separate location itself. Debris that fall between the cracks of universes for any given reason tend to end up here, creating a strange ecosystem of minerals, creatures and technology from vastly different worlds, all scattered across impossible distances and twisting voids. People that can travel between dimensions can freely access Z-Space, both heroes and villains using it as their headquarters or to move between other worlds. Of particular note, the villain Professor Zed and hero Justice are both known to have headquarters in different locations in Z-Space, even though their means of accessing the strange dimension differs greatly. Strangely, Emerald Cities across the multiverse seem to have a connection to Z-Space. Location and Appearance Z-Space is located between universes in the multiverse, being the space that binds everything else together and allows travel between different realities, even if one does not have to pass through Z-Space to actually travel between realities. There's a number of ways to access Z-Space, and anything capable of travelling between different realities or dimensions can, in theory, access Z-Space. If a reality is destroyed or otherwise broken, such as during an incursion from Terminus, parts of the reality can end up in Z-Space, be it living creatures, buildings, technology, parts of worlds, or even entire worlds on their own. Z-Space itself is impossible vast, potentially endless, with the relative position of different bodies constantly changing, making finding anything close to impossible, at least unless you have some way of tracking them. Appearance-wise, Z-Space at first glance appears much like outer space, but where normal space is dark with planets and stars, Z-Space is a swirling rainbow of random patterns and intermixing colors. Each color corresponds to a universe or dimension. Looking into the colors, one might catch glimpses of those other worlds. Stray bits of different realities float through Z-Space, ranging from singular buildings to entire worlds, chunks of rock, whatever one can imagine. They appear to move randomly through the colorful void, drifting through the great unreality that is Z-Space. While Z-Space does not seem to have any oxygen or other breathable gasses, all that arrive in Z-Space appear perfectly capable of breathing.. Several beings have found themselves lost in Z-Space, living on the parts that have broken off from actual realities, surviving on whatever they can find. An unknown number of spaceships or other vessels capable of travelling through the chaotic void make their home in Z-Space, some on purpose, others simply being lost. A number of heroes and villains that live in regular realities have crated homes and headquarters in Z-Space, which they can access through their own unique means, including the notorious Professor Zed and Justice Earth Prime. Significance As the space between universes in the Multiverse, Z-Space might not be reached by any dimensional traveller, but any dimensional traveller can potentially end up here, if they know how to reach it. On Earth Prime, Emerald City seems to have a special connection to Z-Space, with a few individuals reaching the rainbow void between worlds. Most notably, the dimensional raider Professor Zed was originally from Emerald City, but now resides at the floating fortress Zero Point within Z-Space. The 70'es heroine Miss Step could access Z-Space using her magic amulet, which she has since passed on to her granddaughter, Justice, who has furnished a structure in Z-Space as her headquarters, called the AnneX. Whether through the actions of Professor Zed or by cosmic chance, beings and things that end up in Z-Space has been known to reach Emerald City, with both heroes and threats reaching Emerald City by traversing Z-Space. Z-Space hold infinite power, its very nature defying the laws of physics and reality, which could, in theory, be harnessed for great and terrible things. While no such beings have yet to be confirmed to exist on Earth Prime, some believe that people that are naturally empowered by Z-Space exist, tapping into this vast power on their own. In some ways, Z-Space stands in opposition to the Terminus. Where the Terminus is order and entropy, Z-Space is chaos and life. Where the Terminus is beyond the Omniverse, Z-Space stands within the multiverse. Somehow, it has remained undiscoverd by Omega. People Professor Zed: The dimensional raider Professor Zed, originally of Emerald City, Earth Prime, makes his home at the Zero Point fortress in Z-Space. From this flying fortress, he launches attacks across the multiverse, while he plans how to best make his triumphant return to Earth Prime. Miss Step: A super hero from the 1970'es, who could access Z-Space using her magic amulet. She used these portals to store a great amount of equipment that she could retrieve to use to fight crime. Though she is long retired, some of her old equipment might still be found in Z-Space. She currently lives in Emerald City with her daughter and son-in-law, where she keeps an eye on her grandchildren, in particular one Robin Lynne Langley. Justice: Emerald City native hero Justice came into the possession of Miss Step's magic amulet, a gift from her grandmother. Utilizing the amulet to access Z-Space to actually access Z-Space and make a headquarters there. Drifters: A large number of creatures make their home in Z-Space. All manner of beings that have fallen through the cracks of realities to reach this place of unreality. One might all manner of things and beings, living and unliving, if one travels far enough in Z-Space. These drifters from the real world might be making their home in Z-Space, be bold explorers, or simply be lost. You never know what exactly you might encounter in Z-Space. History Z-Space has existed as long as the multiverse. A force of live and growth, it has somehow evaded the notice of Omega and the Terminus during their conquests across the Omniverse, standing as a sanctuary from the forces of the Terminus still. In recent years, Z-Space's connection to Earth Prime has only strengthened, with first the incursions of Professor Zed, and later Justice's use of portals that access the rainbow void. How this will affect Z-Space and Earth Prime in the days to come are anyone's guess.
  3. GM Bethlehem Heights, March 14th, 9:30 PM Bethlehem Heights might not be a rich area, or one where the police routinely patrolled, but it was still home to many. And in the last few weeks, there had been a rash of so far unexplained disappearances. The disappearances seemed focused on the undesirables of society: The homeless, the drunks, the addicts. The people of the street. Not enough to make city hall care enough to send the police for more than routine attempts at searching for the missing people. People were warned to stay off the streets in Bethlehem Heights during the night, but otherwise, little effort was put into finding the missing people, or even finding out what was going on. If anyone were to solve the mystery, it seemed that the heroes of Emerald City would have to step up. And as a man's scream cut through the night in Bethlehem Heights, they might soon get their chance.
  4. GM October 4th, 2019 10:30 PM Betlehem Heights A lot had changed on the streets of Emerald City. Things had changed since the events of late August, and something had slipped into the city during the confusion. During the month of September, something new had started spreading through the city. A new drug, something simply called Power. Small white pills with a capital P. Swallow, and two minutes later, you gained random super powers for fifteen minutes. It was a rush, it was exciting, and it was of course completely destabilizing. Street fights evolved into super powered brawls. People fell from the sky, the rush running through their heads. And sometimes, the sheer power simply burned them out, like a candle that burned too bright. At the docks, Magh'kee witnessed a fellow worker swallow a pill, then, with his brief surge of super strength, he did the work of ten men, before the heavy blocks he was carrying fell on him, crushing him. At Compass Rose International, Raya Wells saw a security guard shoot lightning from his eyes at a man that triggered the metal detector. Turned out he had a metal plate in his skull. At Elysium Academy, Elliot Elijah Elder saw other members of the Omega Squad suddenly showing all kinds of different powers that they never had before. To call it strange would be weird, and then one of them offered him some of the Power. The school shut it down as soon as it was discovered, but Elliot grew curious. However they got on the track, all three would eventually end up in Betlehem Heights. The only place to get Power.
  5. OOC for this. @angrydurf, @Tiffany Korta, @Heritage
  6. GM Riverfront August 9th 2019, 4 PM The Riverfront district was as busy as ever on the Friday afternoon. City officials trying to get the last bit of work done before the weekend, locals and visitors starting their weekend in the nearby culture centers and the Yellow Brick Row shopping complex. Traffic had slowed down considerably. Everyone wanted to go somewhere. All in all, a typical Friday afternoon in Emerald City. Peace and quiet, as you would normally find in a city without super villains. Until, suddenly, several men and women stopped what they were doing, and exited their cars. A young man, maybe in his early twenties, stood nearby, appearing seemingly from out of nowhere. He was dressed in a costume with dark and light blue stripes at a 45 degree angle all over his body. He wore light blue boots and small gloves in the same color as the light blue stripes, and had a hood pulled up with the same striped pattern. His eyes were hidden behind a light blue domino mask. One could just spot his short blonde hair at the edges of the hood. His eyes seemed to be glowing white as people left their cards, starting to walk after him and towards the government buildings. Then came the sound, a loud crash as someone big came barelling through the traffic, flipping the cars out of the way while laughing loudly. The ones that caught a good look at him could see a large man, standing at least 10 feet tall, clad in what appeared to be grey armor, stylized like a triceratops, including a large helmet that mimicked that of a triceratops' head: A large flat shield, a pair of horns at his forehead, and a small horn on a part of his helmet over his nose. His eyes were hidden behind black lenses that connected directly to the helmet, while his mouth was left visible. The rest of his armor was the same dull grey as the helmet, consisting of several armored plates interconnecting along his body. He seemed to be running with little rhyme or reason, instead seeming to cause just as much chaos as he could. He didn't seem to care if he hit already empty cars, or cars that still held passengers. Moments after the man had begun his rampage, a bright light illuminated the sky. A woman in a red costume flew from the sky, leaving a trail of fire behind her as she moved. A white sun symbol at the center of her chest seemed to glow as she sent streams of fire flying randomly across the area around her. The yellow goggles that protected her eyes seemed to reflect the light from her flames as she set whatever random targets caught her sight on fire. The goggles were held in place by a heavy leather strap that went over her short black hair. Fire burning in her hands, she came to a stop, hovering above a rather large group of people. "Listen up! I'm Sunburn, and we're the Upstarts! I don't know how a city like this have been this quiet this long, but that's gonna change! This is our city now! So all of you better start handing over everything you got!" Smart phones were capturing everything already. What better place to attack than a city with no other villains? Nowhere to step on your toes or take your score? But the Upstarts had made one mistake: While Emerald City was a city without villains, it was not a city without heroes.
  7. OOC thread for this thread. Supersuits as a Service. @RocketLord
  8. GM May 11th, 2019 1 PM ArcheTech West, Bridgepoint Nicole had been given a special opportunity, as part of her internship at ArcheTech. Come to ArcheTech West in Emerald City, shadow Doctor Rita Lang for the weekend. It was not so much a work weekend as a research weekend. The notes about the actual research had been kind of sparse. It had something to do with nanomachines, and a revolutionary use for them, but aside from that, the notes were rather short. They did note that Doctor Lang had specificially asked to have Nicole shadow her, so that was a plus, at least. Something about wanting an outsider's view of the project, which meant Nicole would have to write a report on it once it was done. Doctor Lang was standing outside the building as Nicole arrived. She was a Caucassian woman in the late 40'es. Slightly overweight, which she would attest was because of staying in laboratory all day. Her dark red hair seemed to have been dyed to hide beginning grey hair. She wore a white labcoat, which was open, revealing her jeans and a black t-shirt with the Nine Inch Nails logo. A pair of glasses was hidden in the pocket of the white labcoat. She patiently waited, looking up from her phone as Nicole arrived. "Hey, you must be Nicole. I'm Rita, nice to finally meet you. Been hearing great things about you, kid."
  9. OOC for this. @Zeitgeist Blue
  10. GM Royal Hill August 20th 2019, 4:30 PM Sirens, shots being fired. The roar of motor cycles tore through the streets of Royal Hill, as three figures escaped the scene of their crime, weaving in and out of traffic on full speed on their bikes, quickly leaving the police cruisers behind. They were all dressed in black, as were their bikes, with heavy bags full of money strapped to their sides. Each seemed to have fire arms of some kind in their hand, occassionally turning to shoot back at the cops in case they got too close. Far behind, they had left behind an armored truck, doors blown open with explosives. A diamond transport, the driver and guard had been left alive, but hurting. New wares for some other upscale jewelry shop or another in Royal Hill, the robbers were sure to get away, unless someone intervened.
  11. OOC for this. @Shofet Let's get some initiative rolls for combat once we're past the initial opening posts, so we're ready for that! Justice: 1d20+5 = 25 Boom! 3 Robbers, all acting on same initiative: 7
  12. There's a new drug on the streets of Emerald City that seems to give people temporary super powers before they burn out! Rebellion is on the case and needs someone to help him! Looking for 1-2 Emerald City PCs not already involved in Emerald City Showdown! Prefably PL7-10, and posting at least once every few days. Bit of a mystery/action mix, so both investigation and fighting.
  13. The Royal Power Level: 10 (199/199PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: (Ranged) +1 ATK/-1DC, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Super villain saboteur and spy. Alternate Identity: Everett Eaton Elder (Secret) Birthplace: Emerald City Residence: Elder Mansion, Northern Shore, Emerald City Occupation: Rich investor / Super villain saboteur and spy Affiliations: The Chamber Family: Emma Emmelie Elder (Wife, Emerald City politician, nee Kessler), Elliot Elijah Elder (Son, enrolled at Elysium Academy, secretly the super hero Rebellion), Elaine Emma Elder (Daughter, College Student), Elaine Kessler (Sister-in-law, deceased). Description: Age: DoB: March 1974 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'3'' Weight: 190 lbs. Eyes: Blue / Green as the Royal Hair: Blonde / Black as the Royal Everett Eaton Elder is a tall, reasonably attractive man, with short blonde hair. He is clean shaven, with blue eyes. He is always dressed in only the finest brands, preferably whatever is in fashion at the moment. He speaks rather plainly and openly, with a clear Oregon accent. As the Royal, Everett changes his eye color to green and his hair to black. He morphs a black goatee and moustache, and changes his features, becoming more muscular and powerfully built, appearance wise at least. He tends to speak with a distinctively Spanish accent. He wears a light grey costume, with purple gloves and boots with yellow trim. He has a similarly purple area running over his shoulder and down the outside of his arms, also with yellow trim. He wears a cowl with yellow lenses, with only his mouth with moustache and goatee visible. He wears a classic purple royal lion from coats of arms as a symbol on his chest. He brings a small gun in dark grey, which he calls the Royal Blaster. History: Everett Eaton Elder was the heir to the Elder fortune and name in Emerald. He was very much a rich idiot with no dayjob, and no need for one. For reasons that only fate knows, a strange meteor crashed in his back yard when he was a teenager. When Everett discovered the meteor, he was bathed in a strange radiation that altered him, giving the power to alter his appearance at will. Though he at first used this power merely for pranks and other childish actions, he eventually used his powers for more malicious deeds, eventually graduating into full blown super villainy when he stole his suit and weapons from an aspiring inventor in Emerald City, killing the man in the process. He never even cared to learn the man's name. He continued as a villain, always operating outside Emerald City, doing anything he thought might alleviate his boredom. Over time, the Royal came to the attention of the Chamber, and he became one of their agents, primarily operating abroad, primarily as a spy and saboteur. He would eventually marry Emma Emmelie Kessler, an aspiring Emerald City politician firmly in the pocket of the Chamber. Emma needed the Elder wealth and name to further her political agenda and aim to become the mayor of Emerald City, and Everett wanted a heir that could become the next Royal. There were little love lost between the two, but they at least respected each other, though Everett did attempt, and fail, at starting an affair with Emma's sister Elaine. During their marriage, and as their children Elaine and Elliot was born, the Royal continued his schemes. He tried being a good father, but the children, and their lack of inherited powers. He grew even more distant to Elliot when his son discovered blood under his shirt after a mission. Elliot was but eight years old, but Everett didn't care. He threw himself into his work, even though he briefly protested when his son was enrolled in Elysium Academy. While Everett was horrified at the Chamber's choice to use the Terror to punish his wife, killing his sister-in-law and traumatizing his son in the process, the Royal quietly accepted the punishment, his attention soon diverted as he discovered his daughter Elaine had inherited something resembling his powers after all. The Royal continues working as the Chamber's agent outside Emerald City, as he starts his plans to groom his daughter into taking on his role. Personality & Motivation: Everett is motivated by boredom, above all else. Ever since he discovered his ability to change his appearance, he has used it for his own amusement, eventually putting it to work in adding to his family's wealth. He is a highly competent spy and saboteur, taking great pride in his work, even if he rarely bothers spending the time to learn the why of his missions. He has a preference for working outside Emerald City, to keep his business away from home. In the field, he is quick and methodical. There is no time for taking unnecessary or stupid risks, like exposing his cover for the expense of a joke. While he is not above killing, he generally prefers not to. While he respects his wife Emma to a certain degree, he is very much aware that their marriage is one of convenience: He wanted heirs, she wanted the prestige and money of the Elder name, and there is very little love between them. He had tried starting an affair with his wife's sister, but she rebuffed him. While he tried to be a loving father to his children at first, boredom eventually won out, and he has grown distant, especially with Elliot, the youngest, after he saw blood on his father's shirt after a mission. Discovering that his daughter Elaine had inherited his powers, Everett is currently planning to ease his boredom by training her as his partner. Powers & Tactics: The Royal covers his tracks, prefering to disguise himself to infiltrate and exfiltrate, preferably without being discovered. If discovered, he will usually rapidly teleport around an area to cause confusion of his whereabouts, using his Royal Blaster to take down any in his path. He can be a scarely competent fighter, owing to years of experience. He prefers to avoid larger brawls, instead fighting enemies one-on-one whenever possible. Power Descriptions: The Royal is able to change his appearance to any humanoid form, a mutation caused by exposure to a strange meteor in his back yard as a child. He can also use this ability to blend in perfectly with surroundings, hiding himself from any visual senses. He is an incredibly skilled individual, having amassed a wealth of skills and experience through his more than twenty years as a super villain. While these are his only natural abilities, he also uses technological enhancements to further his own skills: The Royal Blaster and the Royal Suit. Despite having the wealth to commission such items if necessary, the Royal stole them from an aspiring scientist in Emerald City, killing him in the process. The Royal Blaster shoots small pellets, roughly the size of a bullet. These can either deliver a potentially lethal or stunning electric charge. The Royal Suit affords him with an electromagnetic force field that protects him much damage, allows him to climb walls and slows his fall by applying bursts of electromagnetic energy. The lenses offers Infra- and Ultravision. Finally, its most important feature is what the Royal has dubbed the "Quick Escape". By folding dimensions, essentially skipping to another dimension briefly, the suit allows him to teleport between both short and long directions. Of course, the Royal knows, and cares, little about how the items actually works, as long as they work. Abilities: 8 + 8 + 4 + 8 + 6 + 8 = 42PP Strength: 18 (+4) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +4 (+4 Dex) Attack: +6 Base, +6 Melee, +11 Ranged (+6 Base, +5 Focus [Ranged]) Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +10 (+6 Base Attack, +4 Str) Knockback: -1 / -4 Saving Throws: 6 + 8 + 5 = 19PP Toughness: +2 (+2 Con) / +8 (+2 Con, +6 Force Field) w. The Royal Suit Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6) Reflex: +12 (+4 Dex, +8) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 112R = 28PP Acrobatics 6 (+10) Bluff 11 (+15) Climb 2 (+6) Computers 11 (+15) Disable Device 11 (+15) Disguise 1 (+5, +30 w. Morph) Drive 6 (+10) Escape Artist 6 (+10) Gather Information 6 (+10) Intimidate 11 (+15) Language 4 (Native: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese) Notice 7 (+10) Pilot 6 (+10) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Sleight of Hand 11 (+15) Stealth 12 (+16) Feats: 25PP Accurate Attack Attack Focus [Ranged] 5 Benefit 2 [Wealth] Connected Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 6 Evasion Hide In Plain Sight Master Plan Precise Shot 2 Quick Draw 2 Uncanny Dodge [Visual] Well-Informed Powers: 9 + 18 + 24 + 10 = 61PP Concealment 4 ("Camouflage"; Feats: Close-Range) (All Visual Senses) [9PP] (Physical mutation) Device 6 ("The Royal Blaster"; 30PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [18PP] (Technology, Weapon) Blast 9 ("Royal Sting"; Extras: Autofire; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [28PP] (Electricity, Ballistic Damage Type) AP: Stun 9 ("Royal Stun"; Extras: Range [Ranged]) {27/27PP} (Electricity, Ballistic Damage Type) Device 6 ("The Royal Suit"; 30PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [24PP] (Technology, Costume) Force Field 6 [6PP] (Electromagnetic energy) Super-Movement 3 (Slow-Fall, Trackless, Wall Crawling 1) [6PP] Super-Senses 2 (Infravision, Ultravision) [2PP] Teleport 5 ("Quick Escape"; Extras: Accurate; Feats: Easy) (500 ft. as move action/5 miles as full action) [16PP] (Dimensional) Morph 5 ("Royal Enigma"; Broad Group: Humanoid) [10PP] (Physical mutation) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC19 Tou (staged) Damage +6 Royal Sting 90 ft. DC24 Tou (staged) Damage +11, Autofire Royal Stun 90 ft. DC19 Fort (Staged) Stun +11 Totals: Abilities (42) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (28) + Feats (25) + Powers (61) - Drawbacks (0) = 199/199 Power Points
  14. Techneaux Power Level: 10 (180/183PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: -5/+5 on Defense/Toughness, -5/+5 Attack/damage (Heavy ion cannon) +5/-5 Attack/Damage on Micro munitions In Brief: A Spark of genius Backed by the thunderous force of personality Catchphrase: Theme: Alternate Identity: Maximilian Lucre (Public) Birthplace: Zurich, Switzerland Residence: Multiple; Penthouse is Emerald City Base of Operations: Emerald City Occupation: Confectioner,Inventor, Billionaire Philanthropist, Founder of LucreTech Affiliations: LucreTech, Max Corp and Several philanthropic Charities. Family: Herman Lucre (Father) Mila Johansson (mother; Died at child birth) Description: Age: 28 (DoB: 1991) Gender: Male (cisgender) Ethnicity: Caucasian (Nordic) Height: 1.905 m Weight: 107 Kg Eyes: Bown Hair: Clean Shaven A Tall and Rotund man Max is carries his weight with a stately posture and dresses flamboyantly given even the slightest excuse, likes to keep himself well groomed even with the regrettable sacrifice of his body hair. History: Max's history begins long before he was even conceived with his father, a German scientist who in the earliest days of the second world war, Disgusted by the horrific immorality of the Nazi parties Ubermensch program, attempted to defect, Sadly he was caught attempting flee the country with his research and in what the SS Commander believed to be Poetic justice, Injected with the experimental formula he had been carrying with him, Over a half dozen compounds of various make up were pushed into his veins and with the resulting seizure and preceeding beatings, he was thus left to die in a shallow grave of a muddy ditch along a rural path. Needless to say none were more surprised by his survival than himself and after crawling his way out of the ditch he found himself with little worse than a limp and able to make it the rest of the way to the rendezvous with the allied agent waiting to extract him with scraps of his research notes he could gather from amidst the chaos clutched to his chest. Herman's Contribution to the allied war effort were at best moderate but still appreciable enough that he was offered full US citizenship under project paperclip following the wars conclusion, a quite life of comfort proved reward enough for the exhausted scientist and for while he settled into life working for DARPA. That is until he met his wife at some event he barely remembered, dragged along as a big name on some project or another he none the less lacked the influence to refuse his employers assistance to attend; it began what proved to be a whirlwind romance that culminated in tragedy and triumph in equal measure. His mother, being of swiss nobility had been disallowed to marry Herman Lucre by her family, having dismissed her infatuation with the commoner as little more than an adventurous if drawn out streak of rebellious thrill seeking; they were shocked and enraged to learn she was pregnant with his child and all but disowned (to maintain their oh so precious public image) Maximilian would never know his mother as; one stormy night in a cottage in Zurich which to this day Maximilian refuses to celebrate; she left this world for the next; dying shortly after delivering him to the world, holding on just long enough to hold him in her arms before she breathed her last; leaving him to be raised in the care of his heartbroken father. As he grew it became apparently that only only did he have an intellect far in excess of his genius father but also a tremendous force of personality that allowed him to turn even the staunchest opposition to his cause, his father sensing the seeds of greatness did everything in his power to ensure max revived the best education his meager means could provide even amidst the Johansson families attempt to quash information of their illegitimate grandson. and so as a young man in his 20's Maximilian raised not one but two companies to the heights of success, the first LucreTech He handed to his father as a means of keeping himself in luxurious comfort whilst he pursued his other agendas, Max Corp on the other hand he dedicated to much more vindictive means, granting it to the care of one of the rival noble families of the johansson and firmly tipping the scales against them and their pursuits on the agreement of regular "donations" to the various charities his mother had championed whilst she held her family's esteem. With a steady source of money from his various investments he settled into a early retirement, content to tinker and pursue his whims and flights of fancy in an idyllic little estate far away from the concerns of day to day life. Or so he imagined. it was on an idle afternoon whilst he flipped through the various foreign channels available to him with a particularly...illegal and quite undetectable modification to his set that he came across a live report of a brawl between various vibrantly costumed heroes and villains fighting in the streets of some american city he'd never even heard of before and was instantly hooked; the vibrant costumes, the drama, the witicism!....the challenge. rushing to his garage (and leaving his latest confectionery experiment to burn) he set to work immediately cobbling together the drafts for a personal platform even has he rabidly thummed through his smartphone looking at various up market properties in that same city. Personality & Motivation: A larger than life bon vivant of tremendous charisma and titanic intellect max is driven to heroism by his ego and hunger for challenge that his day to day activities have failed to provide, though he is far from malicious he is selfish (and driven, brilliant, rich he would hasten to add) he tends to have extreme moods as his emotions are more strongly felt, though he is normally benevolent and something of a party animal, he is equally strongly predisposed to more negative emotions as well, he has a love for flamboyant clothes, eccentric hobbies and theatrics which he regularly indulges in and it is the primary reason he took up the responsability of being a hero. Powers & Tactics: Maximilian is a genius inventor, safely inside his moderately armed and armoured personal combat pod he is capable of raining down long range destruction alongside booming boasts and thundering taunts to opponents with a preferance for opponents who are either on equal footing or far beneath his capabilities by his own assessment, a hero isnt a hero without minions to sweep aside and villains to clash with are they? Power Descriptions: Most of Max's powers are derived from implausibly advanced technology derived from his one mutant power of a bioelectricly overcharged and overclocked brain and as such have sleek and clean looks to them as they blast torrents of green energy at his foes from the comfort and safety of his hermetically sealed combat pod. He makes use of primarily Advanced electronics and machinery in his technologies to produce enviromentally friendly ionic energy to power his pods flight and main cannon The pod itself is an perfect hemisphere of gleaming silvery metal 5ft across at its widest point and just tall enough for max to sit comfortably within. With a deployable Hardend smart glass Cockpit cover that serves to seal the enviroment and provide targeting assistance for the primary cannon and dispersal pattern controls for the micro munitions, both of the pods armaments are neatly stored away in the bodywork of the personal vehicle when not in use, the munitions rack flanking the cannon beneath the paneling of the front quaters of the cockpit, the main cannon telescoping out directly from the heavily shielded main generator from the precise middle of the pod. The cannon itself supports a short quadrouple set of adjustable angle electromagnetic rails that extend from the front of the pod to focus and gather the energy from the reactor and adjust it's firing angle with a suprisingly degree of efficacy allowing for variable magnitudes of ionic energy to be directed with precision. The micromunitions that make up his secondary Armament use unstable hardlight constructs to deliver great concussive force even for their relatively low yields though automatic shaped fracturing points using IFF tags to avoid friendly fire and without leaving dangerous metal shrapnel Rather more impressive however is the pods experimental food Replicator, though as a hobbyist chef max much prefers to hand make his own food it simply isn't practical to do so on the battle field, the technology is itself wildly inefficient in converting Ionic energy and ambient hydrogen atoms into food and can only provide enough food for one person reliably and is unsuited for larger scale use. It is thanks to a relatively less impressive system of oxygen scrubbers and radiators that provide the perfectly comfortable enviroment within the pod. Lastly the pods electromagnetic repulsion powered flight can divert power to a experimental device that uses gravitons to affect space in a limited way allowing the pod to translocate itself by folding spatial dimensions to move without passing through the space between locations. Beyond these the pod is also stocked with various amenities thar serve little purpose beyond providing entertainment and comfort to Max whilst waiting for his time to shine, everything from AR games to various minor appliances that the miniaturisation of his tech has freed up the space for. Complications: Electromagnetic Moodswings: Though he is quite moody naturally; Due to his brain hosting a gargantuan charge of electricity max's very mind can be affected and even altered by the influence of powerful magnetic fields, such as those produced by a MRI scanner these can be harmless such as inexplicable giggling that makes him short of breath and unable to communicate or harmful to himself and others such as violent unreasoning rages Shadows of the past: though he has declawed them financially his mothers family are still quite rich and angry about his decisions regarding Max Tech , weather they know he is Mila's son he doesn't know nor does he care, so far they have only sent rather harmless thugs to try and intimidate him but with his continued taunting and humiliation of them he may yet evoke more firey responses from the humiliated but far from humbled noble family. Sins of the Father: That his father was a nazi scientist (albeit for an extremely short time) is unknown to Max, perhaps for the best, as such he is unsure as to why various affiliates of the failed reich show great intrest in him and his father's work, though he is quite happy to have such audacious villains as them constantly lining up for him to knock down like bowling pins. Abilities: 0 + 4 + 10 + 10 + 4 + 14 = 42PP STR: +0 (10) DEX: +2 (14) CON: +5 (20) INT: +15/+5 (40/20) WIS: +2 (14) CHA: +7 (24) Combat: 10+10 = 20pp Attack: +5 Melee: +5 Ranged +5 Micro munitions +15 (5 attack +10 (accurate 5)) Grapple: +5 (0 Str + 5 Attack) Defense: +5 (10pp) Flat footed: +2 KB: +2 Initiative: +15/+5 (+15/5 Int (speed of thought)) Saves: 1 + 6 + 8 = 15pp Toughness : +5/+15 ( +5 con +10 Protection (Hardened Titanium Armour) Fortitude: +6 (+5 Con + 1 ) Reflex :+8 (+2 Dex + 6 ) Will: +10 (+2 Wis + 8 ) Skills: 24pp (96 ranks) Bluff 8 (+15) Concentration 12 (+14) Craft (electronic) 10 (+25/+15) SM Craft (mechanical) 10 (+25/+15) SM Diplomacy 8 (+15) Drive 4 (+6) Language 4 (Base: German, French, English, Japanese) Knowledge (physical sciences) 10 (+25/+15)SM Knowledge (technology) 10 (+25/+15)SM UE Notice 3 (+5) Pilot 6 (+8) Sense Motive 3 (+5) Sleight of Hand 8 (+10) Feats: 11pp All-Out Attack Benefit 3 (Wealth) Inventor Jack-of-All-Trades Move-by Action Power Attack Skill Mastery (Craft Mechanical, Craft Chemical, Knowledge Physical sciences, Knowledge Technology) Speed of Thought Ultimate Effort (Kn: Technology) Powers: 20 + 46 + 2 = 68pp Supercharged Brain (Enhanced Intelligence 20; Mutation, Bio-Electricity PFs: Alternate Power)[20pp] Personal Combat Pod (Device 11) (Technology; Hard to lose, Only you can use; 55 point device)[46pp] Polymath (Quickness 4) (Mutation Bio-electricity; Perform routine tasks at 25x speed; One Type (Mental))[2pp] Attack Range Effect To Hit Save Unarmed Touch Damage (Bludgeoning) +5 DC15 Toughness save (Staged) Grapple Touch Grapple +5 Opposed Strength Heavy Ion Cannon 150ft increments Damage (Ionic energy) +5 DC30 Toughness save (Staged) Micro Munitions 25ft Increments Damage (Explosive) +15 DC 20 (Autofire) Toughness save (staged) Totals: Abilities 42 + Skills 24 (96 ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 68 + Combat 20 + Saves 15 + Drawbacks 0 = 180/183
  15. -The loud, heart-stopping sounds of an explosion and shattering glass along with the accompanying shock strike around the cities without warning. Within moments, a strange cloud of silvery mist blankets the surrounding area. Just as panic and flight are about to take hold, the cloud begins to swirl without any evident prompting from the wind. It whips itself into a cyclonic mass, discharging what appear to be bolts of bluish lightning both within itself and outward around its immediate vicinity. Both blast and bolts subside and begin to dissipate before anyone can arrive on the scene, leaving the dead and injured as the most immediate concern. The scene is filled with fleeing, panicked crowds and hopelessly jammed roads. The bridges connecting the city have collapsed. Sister cities orphaned from one another- Bethlehem Heights Emerald City, OregonSaturday, August 26, 20196:00 PM South Emerald, the Facet City, a technological hub with a never ending march towards progress. It was easy to forget the city's original growth could be highly attributed to the once large mining community. As the mining industry faded, warehouses grew to support the technology laden industries that had migrated Westward. And of course the working class needed somewhere to hang their hats. Bethlehem Heights wasn't much to look at. It wasn't run down...just not looked after. At least that was how it could be described before the Storm blew through. Cars were on fire, apartments lost power, the streets were flooded with runoff from the Albian River. And looters. Well the looters were feeling particularly bold. As if the police needed any more reason to ignore Bethlehem Heights, the district found itself even more isolated as calls came in from all over Emerald City. Worst of all, there were reports going around that Bethlehem Heights Psychiatric Hospital had an entire wall blown apart. South Emerald was in a state of anarchy.
  16. GM May 6th, 2019 4:30 PM SIlberman's Northwest, Emerald City Just another day at Silberman's Northwest! Peace and quiet, with a good number of patrons visiting the store. They were spread pretty evenly around the floors, and all in all. It wasn't a busy day, by any means. Things were rather slow, but there were a constant buzz of talking and questions being asked. Outside the weather was cloudy. Not completely dark, but enough to block out the sun, and according to the weather report, it could begin to rain at any time. A man hurried into the store, carrying a rather large book. It was easily 16 inches tall, and almost as wide. It was thick. Like a phonebook. The cover was old and worn. It had once been black, but it was now greying, and the title all but impossible to make out. The man was bald, with a black, greying goatee. He wore round, thick glasses. You could almost believe he couldn't see through them. His jeans were torn at the knees, his grey sweater had probably seen better days. "Excuse me!" he loudly announced, holding up the book. "Where is the owner! I have a great find to show him! The find of the decade!"
  17. OOC for this. @Heritage: Here you go
  18. The Mighty Meta-Naut Power Level: 7/8 (105/123PP) Unspent Power Points: 18 Trade-Offs: +1 Attack/-1 Damage In Brief: Dimension-hopping, time-travelling thrill-seeker who occasionally stops interdimensional and cross-temporal crimes. Theme: Time Crime by Scandroid In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans The Way Life's Meant to Be by Electric Light Orchestra Alternate Identity: Raya Wells (Legal Identity) / Rosana Carvalho (Birth Identity) [Both secret] Birthplace: Miami, Florida Residence: The Emerald Cities Base of Operations: The Emerald Cities Occupation: Adventurer/CEO Affiliations: Compass Rose International (Company), United States Government Family: Beatriz Carvalho (Mother), Hugo Carvalho (Father), Enzo Carvalho (Brother) Description: Age: 24 (DoB: February 22nd, 2008) Gender: Gender-fluid, primarily female-identifying. Ethnicity: Mixed Brazilian Height: 5’10” Weight: 140 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Raya is a beautiful woman, no doubt. Standing 5’10”, she’s tall, with a lithe figure. Her skin is deep brown and clear in a way that only expensive spa treatments can get, while her black hair is half-shaven into laser lines on the left side, while on the right it is allowed to fall down to her neck. She prefers colourful makeup, going for colours like gold, cotton candy blue or neon pink for things like lipstick, eye-shadow and eyeliner. As the Meta-Naut, she dresses in a variety of outfits, but the most common one (at least on Prime), is a white half-jacket covered in black lightning bolts and stars, adorned with a pair of tails that drop down to the back of her knees, a red full-sleeve shirt, and blue pants, with a chrome belt and a pair of blue boots to tie it all together. When she needs to obscure her identity, she wears a chrome helmet with a tinted visor. Whatever she is wearing, she always has what appears to be a silver, circular brooch or badge with three concentric rings of what appears to be back-lit or glowing sapphire. History: Rosana Carvalho’s mother Beatriz was a Scientist with a capital S. She sought to expand humanity’s horizons, and bring them to places heretofore only reachable by the superhuman. She wanted to open the gateway to other dimensions, and she had a plan to do it. Unfortunately, to most institutions her plans sounded fairly kooky and thus she was forced to experiment in the basement, developing a machine that could serve as the key to the multiverse. Being quite young, Rosana didn’t quite understand what her mother was working on. She understood that it could bring you to other places, but didn’t quite comprehend the multiverse as it was. That is, until she saw Equestria Girls. Then, suddenly, everything made sense. She could meet Twilight Sparkle. Her plans were made. One night, when her family was asleep, Rosana snuck down into the basement to see the multiverse machine. Not really understanding it, she punched the word “Ekwestreea” into the coordinator, and got ready. With a great burst, the machine zapped Rosana, teleporting her away. In doing so, it also short-circuited itself, destroying its own machinery and knocking out the power to the whole neighbourhood. By the time Beatriz could come down to see what had happened, Rosana was already long gone. Rosana did not get to meet Twilight Sparkle. Instead, she was transported to a place known as Earth-KTX-12, a world in which the dinosaurs never went extinct, and had evolved into a sapient race living under the cruel, dystopic rule of the Dinosaur King. A scared, confused child, Rosana wandered the streets of Dinosaur City, where had arrived, looking for help. While she was lucky enough to find that the dinosaurs spoke English, she was not lucky enough to avoid being arrested by the state on charges of being a potential spy. The trial was quick, once they ascertained that she was not a spy, and instead simply five. However, she was instead charged with entering the country (which covered the entire planet) illegally, and sentenced to eternal community service as an unpaid scientist’s assistant. The scientist she was given over to was Professor Ptu, a Pterosauroid who specialized in interdimensional research, and had explicitly asked for her from the courts. Rather than being evil, however, Ptu was a good and kindly scientist who wanted to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the Dinosaur King. Ptu promised that one day he would send Rosana home to her family, as soon as he figured out the means to do so. For 12 long years, Rosana helped Ptu work, learning some of the tricks of the trade in the process. She wasn't given the full scope of things - Ptu had his secrets, especially the project he was working on to transport people interdimensionally. He said that, once it was complete, it would not only allow them to escape the Dinosaur King's tyranny, but take the fight to him. However, one fateful day, Ptu’s plans to overthrow the government were discovered by the Dinosaur King’s men. As the thugs kicked down the door, Ptu affixed a small badge to Rosana’s chest, and told her to press down on it. As she did, the last thing she saw was Ptu being shot at by the king’s men. Then, suddenly, she was back in her family home, appearing suddenly in the middle of a tearful argument between both parents. To both her and her parents’ shock, though 12 years had passed in the dinosaur world, only 6 days had passed on Earth Prime. While the initial reunion was somewhat joyful, the obvious problems manifested rather quickly. Rosana had spent the majority of her life on another world, and was now almost a grown woman. Painfully, Rosana had forgotten almost all Portuguese from her youth, and was now strictly monolingual. More than that, the fact that her disappearance was directly due to her mother’s negligence in securing the multiversal device put a strain on her parents’ marriage that would never be healed and result in divorce a few months later. Her mother found some way to bond with Rosana in her interest in the device she had traveled back with. Through prodding, Beatriz was able to find all sorts of features embedded in the device, including the ability to travel through dimensions and time itself. It was also capable of other things, like generating a force-field, small blasts of tachyonic energy, even granting the power of flight. It was, simply put, a technological marvel. And Rosana knew exactly what to do with it. Feeling guilty about the damage she had done to her family, Rosana swore to make her family’s life easy. Travelling from dimension to dimension, and into the future, to find advancements in technology and research. Thinking cleverly, she normally avoided any sorts of super-tech that might give herself away, instead going for small things like minor developments in things like cell-phone technology and electric car batteries. However, she ran into a problem when patenting things - by all accounts, Rosana Carvalho was 5 years old, not 17 as she was at the time, and five year olds could not hold bank accounts. While she could do things through her mother, that didn't solve the problem of Rosana basically being a non-entity. Not seeing many avenues, she approached the United States Government. They took a keen interest in her story, and the fact that her mother had managed to successfully develop a multidimensional travel device. Arrangements were made. Rosana was provided with a new identity as Raya Wells and allowed to publish her patents, with the proviso that she allow the government to look over anything she brought with her and veto it should it be too potentially disrupting to society. She was also offered the possibility of helping the world by reporting and dealing with any interdimensional and cross-temporal threats. She took the opportunity, and founded Compass Rose International, a company dedicated to rocketry and space exploration with the money she made from her patents. Meanwhile, her mother was recruited into the United States Airforce as a scientist. With a little s. With her new riches and identity came the freedom to explore reality and different times freely, outside the constraints of simply seeking to enrich herself. Her new powers also allowed her to explore different aspects of herself - like the fact that she didn't always feel like a she, which she found out when she impersonated a man a few times, for various reasons. Nowadays, Rosana, now Raya, protects Earth Prime from those from other worlds and other times who would seek to destroy it as the Mighty Meta-Naut! Personality & Motivation: Raya is someone who has been through the wringer, though she doesn’t want you to know that. Outwardly, Raya is a fairly peppy, exuberant person, even to the point of seeming a bit immature. Which she is. Internally, however, she is guilt-ridden, fairly traumatized and emotionally stunted. While she does enjoy helping people, much of her adventuring is something of an escape for her. She is still intensely uncomfortable with the amount of damage her life has sustained, and enjoys being able to get away from the world and go somewhere where she can be anyone else. Much of her wealth goes to the pursuit of pleasure in the form of fine food, hard drink and other worldly delights. She is prone to lavish on anyone she befriends, and given her sizable bank account, she can lavish a LOT. Despite her outgoing personality, Raya likes her privacy. She maintains a fairly low media presence, and tends to discourage people from digging too deep. One of the big ways to get her mad is to try and investigate her family, which is likely to earn someone her ire and a fairly large legal suit if possible. She eases up around people she trusts more, but she has a lot of anxiety about her life damaging her family more than it already has been. Nine days out of ten, Raya identifies as a woman. She's content with it, but sometimes she feels like she is something else. Sometimes it's a man, sometimes it's something in between. That's when her morph power comes in handy. She personally prefers it as a minor thing, an extension of one of the many facets of herself - but she understands that it is not fully accepted yet, and thus avoids sharing that side of herself with those she doesn't know very well. She generally uses she/her pronouns, but when she is in the form of a man, prefers he/him. When in-between, whatever people prefer is usually fine. Powers & Tactics: Despite her relatively wide array of powers, Raya's tactics are relatively basic. Being a fairly piddly melee combatant, she relies heavily on her tachyonic blaster, using her flight to ensure people can't close the distance. She also makes use of her tractor beam, throwing objects at her enemies or moving things in the way of those trying to get too close. Given the ability to morph her appearance, the Meta-Naut often goes in disguise, hoping to avoid conflict until she can get the drop on people. Power Descriptions: All of the Meta-Nauts powers descend from the use of her badge, which is a highly advanced piece of technology from another dimension. When she uses her powers, she is enveloped by a blue glowing construct, usually concentrated on the area that is receiving the focus of her powers. There is also always a tendril of blue light leading back to her badge, almost forming a sort of wire. For example, when she uses her blaster, it takes the form of a transparent blue gauntlet with a hole in the middle that serves as a blaster, while when she is flying, it appears as though her feet are encased in glowing, winged boots, and in both cases it appears as if they are connected by a glowing blue wire back to her badge. When she flies, or travels through dimensions and time, she is using gravitons. By concentrating gravity to a great degree, she is able to punch a hole in space-time, centred on herself, which allows her to move across the multiverse. Her tractor beam uses gravity similarly, in a focused beam. Many of her other powers are derived from radiation, while her comprehension is from a translator software inside her badge. Complications: We Know Where You Sleep: While the US Government is mostly cordial with Raya, they do keep a close eye on her given the nature of her powers, and at times can be over-bearing. Given that they know her true identity, they're quite willing to leverage that information over her. How Does This Thing Work?: While Raya understands enough about her badge to repair it, she doesn’t actually know entirely how it works, only how to keep it working. This means it can’t actually be produced, forcing her to go to some pretty hefty lengths to protect it. I Must Have It!: The badge is also a technological marvel, unparalleled by almost anything on Earth. This means that many are inclined to try and steal it for themselves. Love Me, Love Me, Love Me: Raya very desperately wants people to like her, and this can come off fairly clearly to some. There are those out there who are unfortunately quite willing to take advantage of this, especially when they know how wealthy she is. Fear the Dinosaur King: The Dinosaur King’s thugs were able to retrieve Professor Ptu’s research, and have developed cruder models of the same badge Raya has. However, they very much want hers back. Do You Have Time for an Interview?: Someone as wealthy as Raya with so little a presence is quite the curiosity, and many journalists are chomping at the bit to find out more information about her. Sometimes, they go a little far. Abilities: 0 + 2 + 2 + 10 + 0 + 4 = 16PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 6 + 6 = 12PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +3 Melee, +8 Ranged Defense: +7 (+3 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +3/+14 (Move Object) Knockback: -0/-3 Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 3 = 11 PP Toughness: +7 (+1 Con, +6 Force Field) Fortitude: +5 (+1 Con, +4) Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4) Will: +3 (+0 Wis, +3) Skills: 36R = 9PP Craft Electronic 10 (+15/+17) Bluff 4 (+6) Diplomacy 6 (+8) Disguise 2 (+4/+14) Knowledge (Cosmology) 10 (+15/17) Knowledge (History) 4 (+9) Feats: 16PP Attack Focus 5 Benefit 3 (Wealth 3) Connected Dodge Focus 4 Evasive 2 Luck 2 Powers: 40 PP All powers have the "technological" descriptor Device 10 (50 DP, Flaws: Hard to Lose [4PP per rank]) [40 PP] Comprehend 2 (all languages) [4 DP] (Computational) Enhanced Skills (Data Repository, +2 on Knowledge: Cosmology, +2 on Craft Electronics) (Computational) [1 DP] Force-Field 6 (Power Feats: Selective) [7 DP] (Radiation) Immunity (Life-Support) [9 DP] Morph 2 (Any Humanoid) [4 DP] (Radiation) Movement Systems (6 Points, Power Feats: Alternate Power 1) [7 DP] BE: Flight 3 (50 mph) {6/6 DP} (Gravitic) AP: Super-Movement 3 (Dimensional [any]), Extras: Affects Others, Flaws: Action [Full] {6/6 DP} (Gravitic) Tachyonic Blaster (12 PP Array, Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [14 DP] BE: Damage 6 (Tachyonic Blast, Extras: Ranged) {12/12 DP} (Radiation) AP: Move Object 6 (Tractor Beam, Heavy Load 3200 lb) {12/12 DP} (Gravitic) AP: Healing 6 (Vita-Rays, Range: Touch) {12/12 DP} (Radiation) Super-Movement (Space Travel [Interstellar]) 2 [4 DP] (gravitic) (4+7+9+4+7+4+14+1= 50 DP) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Tachyonic Blaster Ranged DC 21 Toughness Damage Throw Object Ranged DC 21 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (16) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (9) + Feats (16) + Powers (40) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/123 PP
  19. I'm looking for 2-3 Emerald City based PCs to try and get some more interaction going, maybe get some plots moving for Emerald City. The basic idea is that some out of town super villains are showing up to stake the claim, since the city obviously doesn't have any super villains at all. Of course, Emerald got some heroes, and some people that might not see kindly to out of towners showing up. It might evolve a bit from that, depending on who's involved. I'm planning on involving Justice or Rebellion, depending on interest.
  20. Koschei the Deathless Power Level: 12 (197/197PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: (Ranged) +2 Attack / -2 DC. Defensively under caps. In Brief: Unstable former Russian spy turned psychic head of the Mafiya. Alternate Identity: Gregor Malakov aka Gregory Malinski (Secret) Birthplace: Russia Residence: Emerald City Base of Operations: Emerald City Occupation: Head of the Malakov Mafiya Affiliations: The Chamber, Malakov Mafiya Family: None Description: Age: 98 (DoB: 1921) Apparent Age: Early 50'es. Gender: Male Ethnicity: East Slavic Height: 6'2'' Weight: 165 lbs. Eyes: Green, formerly pale blue Hair: Silvery grey Typically, while appearing to members of his organization or fellow criminals, Koschei wears a full, concealing hood of dark green, showing only his glowing green eyes, with wrist length leather gloves (to conceal his fingerprints) and a dark, tailor-made suit. In his public identity as “humble importer” Gregory Malinski, he dresses in similarly fine fashion, with his silvery grey hair neatly trimmed. Decades of use of the Viridian Stone have left their mark in his eyes, now permanently a vivid green rather than Malakov’s former pale blue (another useful quirk for concealing his true origins and identity). History: The undisputed head of the syndicate bearing his name for decades, Gregor Malakov long ago traded his humanity for power and would gladly trade whatever remains of it for the promise of a few more years of life. For the ability to live forever, he would sacrifice anything or anyone. A spymaster in USSR during the Cold War, Malakov's ruthless climbing through the ranks afforded him with no shortage of enemies. While he remained untouchable due to his success, a single failure would eventually lead to his downfall. Exposed to scientific experiments intended by his enemies in the KBG to destroy him, they instead unlocked Malakov’s latent psychic potential. Initially, his mental powers were limited, but subtle and persistent, like their master. He used them to extricate himself from a nest of vipers and set himself up as a crime lord in Emerald City. There he acquired the fist-sized chunk of green viridian he keeps close at hand at all times. A failed attempt at creating a Preserver Stone, the Viridian Stone greatly enhanced Malakov's psychic powers. With it, he became “Koschei the Deathless,” fearsome master of the Mafiya. Gregory Malinski’s legitimate business interests serve primarily as a means to launder Mafiya money by investing it in shipping, real estate, warehousing, contracting, and various other businesses. Malakov is careful to keep his criminal connections hidden and does not generally deploy Mafiya resources against his business rivals, although he sometimes indulges in using his powers to his advantage in business negotiations, relishing the advantage—and the reputation as a shrewd businessman—they give him. As a member of the Chamber, Malakov keeps Emerald City in a stranglehold, but despite his enhanced lifespan, his age and constant exposure to the Viridian Stone has begun to take their toll on his sanity. While Koschei the Deathless remains a fearsome figure, and can be as subtle as ever in his manipulations, he has grown increasingly paranoid and erratic. Yet, Koschei remains strong, and so far, none in the Mafiya would dare challenge his leadership. Personality & Motivation: Malakov’s greatest fear is mortality: His viridian stone and mind-over-matter have maintained him in a relatively hale and hearty state. For a man nearing one hundred years old, he seems only in his fifties. Still, age has taken its toll, and Malakov wants to find a way to reverse it and perhaps secure true immortality. He obsessively pursues various methods of life-extension and enhancement, careful not to show his hand, lest his enemies try to exploit any sign of weakness. While his decades long use of the Viridian Stone and age has begun to take its toll on Malakov's mental stability, making him prone to irrational action and paranoia, he is still a ruthless master manipulator. Powers & Tactics: On his own, Malakov posses low level psionic powers, unlocked due to the scientific experiments he was exposed to by the KGB. These abilities are enhanced to a fearsome degree when Koschei wields the Viridian Stone, allowing him to read thoughts and memories, project illusions, and strike foes with powerful mental blasts. He can also exert mental influence over the minds of others, editing their memories (a useful means of concealing his activities). Koschei’s powers make his position as mob-boss almost unassailable, since he knows every disloyal thought and can deal with any plot against him before it happens. The Viridian Stone has also granted Koschei a degree of mind over matter, somatically controlling his body to resist aging and shrug off some harmful effects while healing quickly from any injury. While he is trained and efficient with a large number of weapons, particularly rifles and guns, Koschei prefers to use manipulation and subtle use of his mental powers to defeat his foes. Power Descriptions: Koschei's mental powers are all but impossible to track and recognize. Aside from the Viridian Stone in his hand, and the constant glow of his green eyes, one would never know that Koschei were the source of the mental attack that just felled an ally. Even when he takes direct control of a person, they will fail to recognize that they are even being controlled. Complications: Addiction: Koschei has grown dependent on the power of his Viridian Stone, not only for his psychic power, but for his extended life as well. Motivation—Greed: Koschei is motivated by having the very best in all things and believes living well (and wealthy) is the best revenge. Obsession—Survival: Koschei wants to avoid death at all costs and is obsessed with any means of prolonging his life. Unstable: Koschei's advanced age and repeated use of the Viridian Stone has taken its toll on his psyche. While this generally takes the forms of various rants and threats for even the smallest of slights ("Bethlehem Heights will BURN for blocking my Wi-Fi signal!"), Koschei has been known to act on these threats. Abilities: -2 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 4 + 8 = 22PP Strength: 8 (-1) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 10 + 20 = 28PP Initiative: +3 (+3 Intelligence, Speed of Thought) Attack: +5 Base, +5 Melee, +9 Unarmed (+5 Base, +4 Attack Specialization), +14 Ranged (+5 Base, +9 Attack Focus) Defense: +10 (+10 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed Grapple: +3 Knockback: -4 Saving Throws: 6 + 9 + 13 = 28PP Toughness: +7 (+2 Con, +2 Defensive Roll, +3 Undercover Vest) Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6) Reflex: +10 (+1 Dex, +9) Will: +15 (+2 Wis, +13) Skills: 160R = 40PP Acrobatics 6 (+7) Bluff 15 (+19) Diplomacy 9 (+13) Drive 6 (+7) Gather Information 12 (+16) Intimidate 12 (+16) Investigation 12 (+15) Language 4 (Czech, English, German, Polish, Native Russian) Notice 12 (+14) Pilot 5 (+6) Profession [Criminal] 15 (+17) Profession [Spy] 15 (+17) Search 12 (+15) Sense Motive 15 (+17) Stealth 6 (+7) Swimming 4 (+3) Feats: 30PP Attack Specialization [Unarmed] 2 Attack Focus [Ranged] 9 Assessment Benefit 2 (Crime Lord) Benefit 3 (Multi-millionaire) Connected Contacts Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 1 Diehard Eidetic Memory Equipment 1 Improvised Weapon Leadership Set-Up Speed of Thought Trance Well-Informed Equipment: 1PP = 5EP Undercover Vest (Protection 3 [Feats: Subtle]) [4EP] Additionally: Access to most guns and explosives listed in the rulebook Powers: 21 + 21 + 6 = 48PP Device 7 ("Viridian Stone"; 35PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [21PP] (Cosmic, Preserver Stone) Enhanced Psychic Powers Array 16 (32PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [35PP] (Note: All stack with same powers in Psychic Power Arrays) (Psionic) BP: Mind Control 9 ("Enhanced Mental Influence"; Extras: Conscious; Feats: Mental Link) {28/32} AP: Blast 8 ("Enhanced Mental Blast"; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range [Perception]) {32/32} AP: Illusion 6 ("Enhanced Mental Illusion"; Options: All Senses; Extras: Duration [Sustained], Selective; Flaws: Phantasms; Feats: Progression [Area] 2) {32/32} AP: Mind Reading 8 ("Enhanced Mind Probe") [8PP] 1PP/rank + Mental Communication 9 ("Enhanced Telepathy") [18PP] {26/32} Psychic Powers Array 9 (18PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [21PP] (Mutation, Psionic) BP: Mind Control 3 ("Mental Influence"; Extras: Conscious; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Insidious, Subtle 2) {12/18} AP: Blast 4 ("Mental Blast"; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range [Perception]; Feats: Subtle 2) {18/18} AP: Illusion 3 ("Mental Illusion"; Options: All Senses; Extras: Duration [Sustained], Selective; Flaws: Phantasms; Feats: Progression [Area] 3) {18/18} AP: Mind Reading 4 ("Mind Probe"; Feats: Subtle 2) [6PP] + Mental Communication 3 ("Telepathy"; Feats: Subtle 2) [8PP] {14/18} Somatic Healing 3 (6PP Container ) [6PP] (Cosmic Mutation, Psionic) Immunity 4 (Options: Aging, Disease, Poison, Radiation) [4PP] Regeneration 2 (Options: Recovery Bonus 2) [2PP] Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC14 Tou (staged) Damage +8 Mental Influence Perception DC13 Will (staged) Mind Controlled N/A Enh. Mental Influence Perception DC22 Will (staged) Mind Controlled N/A Mental Blast Perception DC19 Will (staged) Damage N/A Enh. Mental Blast Perception DC27 Will (staged) Damage N/A Mental Illusion Perception DC13 Will (staged) Tricked by Illusion N/A Enh. Mental Illusion Perception DC19 Will (staged) Tricked by Illusion N/A Totals: Abilities (22) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (28) + Skills (40) + Feats (30) + Powers (48) - Drawbacks (0) = 198/198 Power Points
  21. OOC thread for this. High-stakes negotiations with a chance of becoming steaks. @Grumblefloof
  22. May 27, 2019, 12.47PM, a lovely warm late spring day Emerald City, Oregon, waterfront, annual MarsTech Science Fair "Wow, Meridian! Amazing! If you hadn't stopped those robot ninjas, my MarsTech Olympus-class air-scrubber would be in the hands of evil! Our ozone and oxygen are safe yet again!" Max Mars, standing beaming like a happy child while surrounded by smashed bits of cyclopic glossy-black robots dressed like ancient stage hands, seemed for once even smaller than his five feet next to the towering heroine. His curly red hair, peppered with grey, had caught plenty of the debris from the magnificently-staged mock-combat, and his lovely deep-blue suit and bearded face had caught a full blast of smoke from an all-too real electrical fire, but the grin on his face wasn't damaged or dimmed in the least. The West Coast's favorite source of super-science had been urging for something like this ever since meeting Sophie Powers, and evidently it had lived up to all his dreams at once. The rest of the dock had been cleared and meticulously calculated to allow for the fight to happen without causing any real harm, while the stands stood close enough to the action to let the Emerald City munchkins feel the vicarious thrills. The platform Max and Meridian stood on was two-level, letting the real point of the show make an imposing backdrop-a monolithic black wall marked out with the red planet logo of MarsTech-keep up a presence. The Olympus was some kind of greenhouse gas-condenser, and had been busily proving its worth since its unveiling. By processes Max had been very happy to explain, but which relatively few people understood, it had been drawing carbon and other heat-trapping airborne substances from the air and converting them into other, less harmful solid forms. To hear Max talk, one could be forgiven for thinking the entire ecological crisis was solved for all time. Emerald's favorite son swept a hand to the crowd "A big hand, everybody, for Meridian, today's greatest hero!" The request wasn't necessary, since Emerald citizens weren't yet jaded enough to not be amazed by the sight of people punching robots in front of them, but it did get a standing ovation going! The only less-than-enthralled response was from the Emerald City South Girl Scouts box, in which several hundred uniformed girls busily scribbled notes onto tablets or inspected fragments of metal that blown their way, the wall of uniformed older women around them clapping politely but with veryobvious skepticism. By tradition, the Emerald City North Girl Scouts box was as far from the South's as reasonably possible, and was resolutely and coolly silent. The flying news-drones swept closer, circling to capture the moment, their human counterparts chatting with the MarsTech company reps and snapping photos. Except for the skinny, greasy woman in the grey 50's suit and 'PRESS'-carded trilby who'd been politely put behind the security line after trying to reach the stage and ask questions. She just scribbled and glared from time to time.
  23. GM March 5th, 2019, 6.45AM Columbia River, between the Emerald Cities, USA The fog had been creeping in from the sea for hours now, until at last even Emerald Tower vanished. Silently, without fuss or hurry, the mountain of vapor muffled out the distant roar of the two cities, softening the world into a cold, wet blanket. The warning blasts of ships moving up and downriver blunted against the billowing clouds. The river itself had become dark and oily, lapping against the houseboat like gentle, insistent fingers trying to find a way in. The soft bump had gone almost unnoticed, but might have if not for the second, much stronger knock at the hull of the rocking house. With a ripple-less whisper, it emerged from the river. A slender creature, skin smooth and tough as a whale's, large eyes, fin-like fringes at the joints and crowing the head, webs between the fingers and toes suspending it above the water's surface with gentle, rhythmic strokes of its long limbs. "Mr. Kepler," it said in a soft, almost feminine voice, round eyes staring into his, "I am willing to pay several million dollars if you will represent my interests and meet with a dragon. Will you hear me out?"
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