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Found 6 results

  1. GM January 25th, Saturday, 2020, 11.55PM Outside Emerald Tower, downtown Emerald City, OR The last lingering, heartrending notes pierced the chill night air, and UK's violin went silent. For a moment, all around Robin was an almost sacred hush as the renowned string virtuoso stood to take a bow. In the glare of red lamps that had filled the night sky, held in place by repulsor bands that turned clouds of countless paper shells into magnetically-unified pieces of airborne art, Robin saw K looking almost uneasy at the awestruck hush. Above and about flitted the newsdrones, covering the MarsTech New Years bash while other electric eyes took in events unfolding across the Emeralds. Of all the crowds, though, this was going to be the biggest. There were familiar faces in the crowd, not like looming Chung was ever going to miss a chance to carry his "THE END IS NOW" signs where a camera was going to be, but on nights like this the comforting seas of familiarity was upset with crosswinds of newcomers, people who'd look at you funny and hurry on if you asked them how they werre doing. In that moment, though, all were united, Munchkin and outsider alike, by that same thrill through every heart. To make a sound would have been blasphemous. Max Mars broke the spell, jumping out of the audience and onto the stage beside K with a single bound, applauding furiously with giant grin on his face. "Yue Kei, everybody! All you shapes and flavours out there, give her a big 'welcome home' hand!" With admirable obedience the Emerald citizens cheered, the cold winter air blasted with steam from thousands of throats. In the heated shelter UK started, laughed despite herself, and bowed in rapid succession to different areas of the crowd. Max grinned like an indulgent father. Switching off his mic, he and UK exchanged a word, the young woman nodding and beginning to clear up her music and put back her instruments. As she did so, Mars went on blithely. "Nicely done! now, Kei has to leave us for the night, but stick around! Because on the stroke of midnight, as we enter a new year, I've got a little surprise for you...well, two surprises, but you'll see! Now, may I have a volunteer from the audience?" His brilliant green eyes scanning the crowd suddenly locked on Robin's. "Well hey-hey, Rob! Glad to see you could make it to another of my little shindigs! Like to come up?" he looked deeply chagrined as he added "I promise, no giant robots this time!"
  2. OOC thread for this thread. Supersuits as a Service. @RocketLord
  3. Spaceman Power Level: 12 (Built as PL10) Powers Points: 180/183PP Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Retired hero returns to action when his powers return. Now he has to balance his life, family and need to use his powers for good. Theme: Shooting Star - Kirby Krackle Alternate Identity: Parker Powers (Secret) Birthplace: Freedom City Residence: Bayview, Freedom City Base of Operations: Freedom CityOccupation: Teacher at the Nicholson SchoolAffiliations: Nicholson School, Powers Holdings Inc.Family: Penelope Powers (nee Thomas) (Born 1980, wife, Writer), Paris Powers (Born 2006, son), Pia Powers (Born 2011, daughter), Peter Powers (Born 1949, father, Retired), Penny Powers (Born 1948, mother, Retired), Tracy Powers (Born 1975, sister, CEO of Powers Holdings) Description: Age: 41 (DoB: 1979 [May 27] Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'1'' Weight: 265 lbs. Eyes: Light blue Hair: Blonde Parker has semi-long blonde hair with a full beard, and light blue eyes that seem almost inhuman in color. He has an athletic build, having done his best to keep in shape even during his retirement. He tends to stand up straight, and will usually have a friendly smile on his lips. While in normal clothes, Parker tends to wear dress shirts and ties, ranging from solid colors to more abstract shapes and colors and to cartoon characters. He will usually wear dark pants or jeans, often in contrast to his shirt and tie. He has a habit of using his hands much when talking, gesturing to get his point across. As Spaceman, Parker wears a primarily white costume, with a black triangle shape at the top of his chest, starting from his solar plexus. He wears a black cape directly attached to the black area of his costume, near his shoulders. In the center of the black area on his chest, he displays his logo, a stylized golden "S" with light grey, almost silver, borders in a diamond shape. He wears a golden belt and golden armbands. He wears no mask. When he uses his powers, black bubble-like krackle tend to appear around him, growing in size and intensity the greater the feat. History: Peter and Penny Powers: What had started as a business partnership had evolved into romance and eventually marriage. Philanthropists, adventurers, explorers, they travelled across the world, spending their wealth and time to try and make the world a better place. Penny came from old money from the Freedom City Powers family, but she was all too happy to take Peter up on his offer to actually start using that money for good. Not even the birth of their daughter Tracy seemed to slow them down. During late August 1978, when their daughter Tracy was 3, the Powers family visited one of the many laboratories that Penny had set up, one that was researching alternative sources of power. One particular research group led by one Doctor Joseph Siegel was working on a device that would siphon energy from a theoretical buffer zone that laid between universes. While Doctor Siegel explained the machine and its potential uses to the Powers couple, young Tracy grew restless and bored, and started toying with the machine, unnoticed by all. One fateful click of a button, and Penny was bombarded with a cascade of rainbow energy from the machine. She screamed in shock, but the shock soon turned to confusion, as it seemed to be nothing more than colors. While Doctor Siegel scrambled to shut off the machine and was quick to apologize and subject Penny to a number of tests, all but one came up as negative: Penny was unharmed by the burst of energy, but she was pregnant with the Powers couple's second child. The experiment into the theoretical buffer zone continued, before eventually being shelved a few years later. On May 27nd the following year, Parker Powers was born into a loving family. A doting older sister, parents that loved both siblings and did their best to teach them wrong from right, to threat everyone with respect and offer what help they could. In short, the Powers children were taught to believe in truth and justice, and to always apply those lessons to the best of their abilities. They attended the very best private schools in Freedom City, both Parker and Tracy loving the Freedom Friends cartoon, even years after the Freedom Leagoe disbanded. Parker in particular idolized the Centurion, while his sister was always more fond of the Daedelus. The siblings were inseperable, spending virtually all their time together. After going public with their criticism of Mayor Moore, The Powers couple saw their wealth dwindling during the Moore administration, leading to the eventual shutdown or many of their humanitarian efforts during Freedom City's Iron Age, though they still did what they could to make the world a better place. In 1989, on his tenth birthday, Parker first displayed super human abilities, as he found himself floating above the ground. Tracy was of course the first to discover it, even when Parker tried to keep it hidden. It wasn't a good time to have powers in Freedom City, after all. Still, after some experimentation where they discovered that flight was simply the first of Parker's abilities, the siblings came clean to their parents, revealing Parker's ability to seemingly manipulate space itself. While worried for their child's safety, Penny and Peter showed nothing but love for their children as they did their best to help Parker understand his strange new abilities and what he could do. Still, despite his parents' help, it was Parker's sister that helped him understand how he could use his abilities on not just the world around him, but himself as well, allowing him to emulate several abilities of his heroes. Parker spent the following years struggling with his powers and keeping them to himself. He couldn't risk discovery by the Moore Administration, but with everything he had been taught and how he had been raised by his parents, it felt wrong to not use his powers to help others. In 1993, he got his wish. The Terminus Invasion struck Freedom City, and as the largest alliance of heroes united to repel the invaders, Parker couldn't just look on anymore. Donning a pair of jeans, a t-shirt with a stylized S, a pair of goggles and a leather jacket, Spaceboy made his debut fighting the minions of the Terminus. Stumbling into the battles and saving anyone that he could, Spaceboy joined the fight against Omega and saw as his hero, the Centurion, sacrificed himself to save the world. In the years after the Terminus Invasion, Spaceboy became a regular sight in Freedom City, flying across the sky, fighting villains and saving the day. Despite the extent of his abilities, he would only rarely use them to their full extent, instead prefering to give the appearance that he only possessed flight, super strength, invulnerability, intangibility and not much else. As he fought for truth, justice and protect the people, Parker found his powers slowly increasing, and as he grew more comfortable in the role of a hero, he gradually changed his look. By 1996, the now 17 years old Parker started calling himself Spaceman, and by 1998, he started wearing the costume that he would be known for. Through trials, battles, partnerships and more, Parker gradually grew into a better man and hero, often being the sponsor to give villains and criminals the chance to redeem themselves before, during and after serving their sentence. While his parents stood by him the entire time, offering help, advice and shoulders to cry on, none was closer to Parker than his sister Tracy, who he credited with keeping him grounded as Spaceman soared to ever greater heights. He met Penelope Thomas in 1997, and the two immediately hit it off. An aspiring writer, Penelope sought to write the story of the heroes of Freedom City, her first goal being the story of Spaceman. While he was amused, Parker did not wish to deceive Penelope, and soon after they started dating, he revealed his identity to her. What kind of hero would he be if he lied to his significant other, after all? The two remained a steady couple, with Parker eventually proposing in 2000. In the years that had followed since his debut on the super hero scene, it seemed that Parker met and fought a veritable who's who of super heroes and villains, including encounters with the Atom Family, the Delinquents, Flashforward and Hologram, Doctor Metropolis and many, many more, but since her first debut in 1999, his most recurring and personal foe was the mysterious villain known as Doctor Deviation. Seemingly Doctor Deviation's only target, and a quite personal one at that. While strangely never targeting any of Parker's friends or loved ones, Doctor Deviation seemed all too willing to target any other civilian or public gathering that could draw Spaceman's attention. While Spaceman would triump again and again during their battles, Doctor Deviation always worked through proxies or managed to escape, and her motives never seemed clear, beyond hurting and stopping Spaceman. Even when Parker confronted Doctor Deviation alongside allies, she seemed intent on targeting him. As the years passed, Doctor Deviation's methods grew more brutal, as did their battles. Spaceman remained a respected member of the hero community in the years that followed. In 2003, Parker and Penelope married, and by 2006, Penelope was pregnant with the couple's first child. Then, Doctor Deviation struck. More unhinged than ever, Deviation lured Spaceman to Greenland, where they fought what would turn out to be their final battle. At the end of an extended, gruelling duel where Doctor Deviant held the life of a small village in her grip, Spaceman finally prevailed, seemingly defeating his archenemy for good, as Doctor Deviation disappeared below the arctic waters. Sustaining massive injuries that left him wheelchair bound for months and walking with a cane for a year after, Parker found that his powers had disappeared, and the Spaceman disappeared from the public eye, his fate left uncertain to the world at large. With his young son Paris to take care of and be an example to, Parker decided that he still had to do something, even if he couldn't be a super hero anymore. Despite his access to the Powers fortune meaning that he didn't actually have to work for a living, Parker started to study to become a teacher. By 2011, Penelope gave birth to their daughter Pia, and both Parker and Penelope agreed to keep their father's past as a hero secret, at least until the children were old enough to properly understand. By 2012, Parker earned a position as a science teacher at the Nicholson School in Freedom City, happily teaching the super powered children of the world. Since then, Parker had lived a quiet life with his family, letting his sister Tracy run the revived Powers Holdings Inc., carrying out the family's vision, while he was content to teach and spend time with his family. Still, despite being content with his life, Parker would at least admit to himself that he missed being a hero, and he still felt a twinge of regret when he heard of situations where he could have helped. Parker woke in the morning to find small black bubbles generating from his body as he once again affected space around him. It seemed that it was once again time for Parker to put on the cape, but if Spaceman returned, could Doctor Deviation be far behind? Personality & Motivation: Parker is a loving father, a devoted husband and a respected teacher. He is caring and slow to anger, secure in himself and his life. Despite feeling the pull of heroics, and still ending up putting himself in harms way to protect his loved ones and students a few times, he had accepted that his days as a super hero was over, and he was happy with his life. Compassionate and always prefering to talk through problems rather than fight, Parker is the calm presence that keeps his family together. With the return of his powers, Parker has once again taken on the mantle of Spaceman, unable to deny the responsibility that his powers give him, though he feels out of place in the world of modern heroes, which has moved on since he hung up his cape. He recognizes few of the current generation, but despite his prior heroics, he has found himself content to let the younger heroes act on their own, rather than try to force them to conform to the way he thinks heroes used to be. Despite the return of his powers, Parker has found himself feeling less secure in his abilities than he used to. Was it his injuries that caused his powers to disappear, or something else? They might have returned, but he is weaker than he used to be, and as his familarity with his powers have resurfaced, he has found himself acting as if they were at their old levels on numerous occassions. Having yet to tell his children of his secret identity, Parker struggles with whether he should tell them, hating that he is, so far, keeping secrets from them. While acting as Spaceman, Parker acts much like he used to: He is a champion, a defender, standing up for everyone in danger. He focuses on keeping people safe and tries to avoid violence whenever possible. If he finds himself believing that a villain can be redeemed, he will try to help them to the best of his ability, whether behind the scenes or with their knowledge, depending on their individual needs. Powers & Tactics: Parker tends to present himself as a typical paragon. Strong, faster, tough and can fly. While the more advanced uses of his powers are not exactly a secret, its not something he will boast about using. Spaceman's first priority is keeping people safe and out of harms way, and he prefers to solve conflicts through words. If the situation allows him to talk down a foe instead of fighting them, he will attempt to do so. Power Descriptions: Parker's powers come from a peculiar connection to Z-Space, the realm between universes in the multiverse. On top of a general physical enhancement, giving him greater reflexes and making him physically tougher, the connection allows him to manipulate space, the distance between two objects. He has a total spatial awareness and a constant sense of the exact distance between everything around him. He is also granted a peculiar ability to seem unassuming and have a forgettable apperance when he is out of his costume, an unconscious effect of his connection to Z-Space, a sort of dimensional ripple effect that makes him harder to recognize By manipulating the distance between himself and other things, Parker can fly, or, by moving himself instantly, achieve a teleportation effect. Turning his powers on himself, he can make himself harder to hurt and move or stronger by increasing his molecular density and space, or become incorporal by decreasing his molecular space. Turning his powers outward, Parker can decrease the distance between himself and his targets, allowing him to hit someone far away, even from different angles, or alternatively to hit everyone in an area at once, applying the full force of his strength at once. He can change the physical distance between two objects, effectively moving them through space, slam space itself into a target, create a sense of vertigo by manipulating the distance that a target's senses inform them about, or even effectively locking a target in place by increasing the distance between them and everything around them. As Parker uses his powers, black bubble-like krackle tend to appear around him, growing in size and intensity the greater the feat. Since his powers returned after being unable to access them for more than 10 years, Parker has found them greatly weakened than before. Complications: Broken Pedestal: While the majority of Freedom City in general is happy to have Spaceman back, some people might feel differently, perhaps feeling that he abandoned the city, especially since he has done little to explain where he has been. The GM can award Spaceman with a Hero Point if a situation is made more difficult by encountering someone that has taken offense to his disappearence. Chronic Hero Syndrome: Even before and after losing his powers, Parker has always had some serious issues with not helping those in need. Walking ladies over the street, getting beat up fending off muggers, you name it. This makes it very difficult for him to ignore someone in need, a fact that can, and has been, used against him numerous times, and makes it nigh-impossible for him to not start using his powers as a hero once again. Dented Iron: Parker isn't as powerful as he used to be and still feels the effects of his last battle before he lost his powers. The GM can award him with a Hero Point if he tries to do something he just can't anymore, or if his old injuries act up causing him to lose concentration. Alternatively, not wanting to let others down, he might end up in situations that he could once have handled, but are now much more difficult. Deviant Doctor: During his years as an active hero, Spaceman was the almost sole target of the villain Doctor Deviation, who seemed to personally target him at every opportunity, doing everything she could to draw him out, even doing small and petty acts just to annoy him. While Spaceman would eventually emerge victorious in most of their battles, Doctor Deviation was never captured, and he never learned her true identity. After their final fight, which greatly injured Spaceman and, at least temporarily, cost him his powers, Doctor Deviation disappeared. Now that Spaceman is back, Doctor Deviation is bound to return as well. While Doctor Deviation will never do anything to target Spaceman's family and friends, she is prone to aiding other villains when fighting Spaceman, either by sending minions, directly interfering or simply finding ways to make the situation more difficult, earning Parker a Hero Point from the GM in the process. Enemies: As the Spaceman, Parker fought a number of enemies before losing his powers and retiring. When he retired, some of these enemies remained active, while others disappeared. Now that he is back, they might return, looking to settle old scores, or new villains might take a shot at the once prominent hero. Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Teacher, Hero: Parker has a lot of responsibilities to his parents and to his students. Now that his powers have returned, he has even more. While his family might be understanding, that doesn't mean Parker won't feel responsible if he lets them down. The GM can award Parker with a Hero Point if he ends up in a situation where having to choose between his responsibilites somehow hinders Parker, including putting them in harms way, having to finish up something before picking up his children, dealing with curious students or even just having to answer a call from his mother who wants to chat while he is fighting Gargaton the Unspeakable. Redemption Sponsor: Even if he is by no means naive, Parker would much rather redeem any villains or criminals into using their abilities for the good of society and others, rather than just beat them up. Of course, they have to be judged as the law dictates, but before, during and after serving their sentence, he is more than willing to help them. This also means that, if it is possible in the situation, Spaceman will often try to diffuse a situation without violence, and at least offer a villain a chance to surrender and turn their skills to good before a fight. A GM can award Spaceman a Hero Point if this stalls him during a battle or gives the villain a chance. Secret Identity: Parker's wife, parents and sister knows of his secret identity. Even his children haven't been told, though now that his powers have returned, it is getting harder and harder to keep the secret. Z-Spaceman: While he is aware that his powers are tied to somewhere or something else, Parker doesn't know how deep this connection runs, or just how the connection works, but it gives Parker a certain feel and background radiation that interdimensional travellers tend to be able to sense, attracting him a lot of the wrong kind of attention. The GM can award Parker a Hero Point if someone being able to sense or detect him due to being interdimensional travellers or having the right equipment causes trouble. Abilities: 0 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 20PP Strength: 10 (+0) / 30 (+10) w. Spatial Strength or Reach Everything Dexterity: 12 (+1) / 16 (+3) Constitution: 12 (+1) / 30 (+10) w. Enhanced Constitution Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 20 + 4 = 24PP Initiative: +3 (+3 Dex) Attack: +10 Base Defense: +5 (+2 Base, +3 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed Grapple: See table below Knockback: -8 (TOU 15/2) / -23 (TOU 5/2, -10 Imp. TOU, -10 Spatial Constant) Grapple Table Total Score Base Attack (BA) Increase Molecular Space (IMS) Infinite Reach + Spatial Strength (IR) Change Physical Distance (CPD) Values +10 +10 +17 +14 BA +10 +10 CPD +24 +10 +14 IMS +20 +10 +10 IR +27 +10 +17 IR+IMS +37 +10 +10 +17 Saving Throws: 0 + 3 + 7 = 10PP Toughness: +15 (+1 Con, +9 Enhanced Con, +5 Protection) Fortitude: +10 (+1 Con, +9 Enhanced Con) Reflex: +6 (+3 Dex, +3) Will: +10 (+3 Wis, +7) Skills: 44R = 11PP Diplomacy 13 (+15) Gather Information 3 (+5) Knowledge [Behavioral Sciences] 2 (+5) Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 7 (+10) Language 3 (Native: English; French, German, Spanish) Medicine 2 (+5) Notice 7 (+10) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Feats: 11PP Benefit 1 (Fame) Benefit 1 (Wealth) Dodge Focus 3 Improved Grab Improved Grapple Interpose Luck 3 Powers: 30 + 22 + 35 + 11 + 6 = 104PP Enhanced Physiology 6 (30PP Container) [30PP] (Descriptors: Physical Mutation, Z-Space) Enhanced Constitution 18 [18PP] Enhanced Dexterity 4 [4PP] Feature 1 ("Forgettable apperance out of costume") [1PP] Flight 1 (Flight Speed: 10 mph, 100 ft./rnd) (Stacks with Spatial Flight from Space Movement Array) [2PP] (Descriptors: "Spatial Flight", Space/Spatial, Personal Spatial Placement Manipulation) Stacked Power: Flight 5 (Feats: Subtle 2) (Flight Speed: 250 mph, 2500 ft./rnd) (Descriptors: "Spatial Flight") Protection 5 [5PP] Personal Space Control Array 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [22PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Space/Spatial, Z-Space, Personal Density Manipulation) BP: {10 + 10 = 20/20} Impervious Toughness 10 [10PP] (Descriptors: "Increase Molecular Density") Immovable 10 [10PP] (Descriptors: "Spatial Constant") AP: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal) {20/20} (Descriptors: "Decrease Molecular Space") AP: Super-Strength 10 (+50 Strength to checks; Carrying capacity: Heavy load 819.2 tons w. Spatial Strength) {20/20} (Descriptors: "Increase Molecular Space") Space Control Array 16 (32PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [35PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Space/Spatial, Z-Space) BP: {12 + 20 = 32/32} (Descriptors: Personal Space Manipulation) Elongation 7 (Feats: Indirect 3, Subtle 2) (Reach: 500 ft., range incr 70 ft.) [12PP] (Descriptors: "Infinite Reach", Distance and Position Manipulation) Enhanced Strength 20 [20PP] (Descriptors: "Spatial Strength") AP: Move Object 14 (Extras: Range [Perception]; Flaws: Distracting; Feats: Insidious, Precise, Subtle 2) {32/32} (Descriptors: "Change Physical Distance", Distance and Position Manipulation) AP: Nauseate 10 (Extras: Range [Ranged]; Feats: Subtle 2) {32/32} (Descriptors: "Vertigo", Sensory Distance Manipulation) AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Transparent; Feats: Subtle 2) {32/32} (Descriptors: "Unending Prison", Distance Manipulation) Space Movement Array 5 (10PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [11PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Space/Spatial, Z-Space) BP: Flight 4 (Feats: Subtle 2) (Flight Speed: 100 mph, 1000 ft./rnd) {10/10} (Descriptors: "Spatial Flight", Personal Spatial Position Manipulation) Stacked Power: Flight 5 (Feats: Subtle 2) (Flight Speed: 250 mph, 2500 ft./rnd) (Descriptors: "Spatial Flight") AP: Teleport 4 (Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity) (Range: 400 ft. as move action, 1 mile as full action) {10/10} (Descriptors: "Change Personal Position", Instant Personal Spatial Position Manipulation) Super-Senses 6 (Distance Sense, Spatial Awareness [Sense Type: Mental, Extras: Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged]) [6PP] (Descriptors: "Spatial Senses", Enhanced Senses, Mutation, Space/Spatial, Z-Space) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC15 Tou (staged) Damage +10 Unarmed – Infinite Reach + Spatial Strength Touch at 500 ft. Range incr: 70 ft. DC25 Tou (staged) Damage +10, Elongation 7, Indirect 3, Subtle 2 Change Physical Distance - Thrown Objects 140 ft. DC25 Tou (staged) Damage Perception Range, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 2 Vertigo 100 ft. DC20 Fort (staged) Fail: Sickened 2nd Fail or Fail >5: Nauseated 3rd Fail or Fail >10: Helpless +10, Subtle 2 Unending Prison 100 ft. DC20 Ref (staged) Fail: Entangled 2nd Fail or Fail >5: Bound & Helpless +10, Transparent, Subtle 2 Totals: Abilities (20) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (11) + Feats (11) + Powers (104) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/183 Power Points
  4. GM Z-Space The AnneX August 20th 2019, 5 PM, Earth Prime Pacific Time Zone Z-Space was quiet, as it usually was. The sky and almost everything that could be seen were swirling patterns of randomly intermixing colors, each heralding its own universe or dimensions. Stray bits and pieces of known and unknown universes, giant rocks with strange architecture floating through the sea of color, everything appearing close enough to touch, no matter where you stood. Everything that had fallen between the cracks of its own reality or out of its own broken reality were here. High above, but still seeming so close, a giant derelict vessel drifted by, pushing by multiversal waves, buffetted between the emissions of energy released by cosmic destroyers and defenders of each individual universe. This was Z-Space. Chaos and peace at once. A window in to all the universes that were, could be and might be. And on a particularly large piece of rock, perhaps one quarter the size of Manhattan, in a structure that had been dubbed the AnneX by its occupant, a purple portal appeared to lead Justice and the Meta-Naut into Z-Space.
  5. Z-Space If the X-axis symbolizes how far you can move in one universe, or the X-Space, and the Y-axis represents different universes, then the Z-axis is the intersection between the two former axes, the place where one can move between universes, otherwise known as Z-Space: The space that exists between the universes of the multiverse. Z-Space exists as a way to travel between different universes by travelling through the strange realm, and as a separate location itself. Debris that fall between the cracks of universes for any given reason tend to end up here, creating a strange ecosystem of minerals, creatures and technology from vastly different worlds, all scattered across impossible distances and twisting voids. People that can travel between dimensions can freely access Z-Space, both heroes and villains using it as their headquarters or to move between other worlds. Of particular note, the villain Professor Zed and hero Justice are both known to have headquarters in different locations in Z-Space, even though their means of accessing the strange dimension differs greatly. Strangely, Emerald Cities across the multiverse seem to have a connection to Z-Space. Location and Appearance Z-Space is located between universes in the multiverse, being the space that binds everything else together and allows travel between different realities, even if one does not have to pass through Z-Space to actually travel between realities. There's a number of ways to access Z-Space, and anything capable of travelling between different realities or dimensions can, in theory, access Z-Space. If a reality is destroyed or otherwise broken, such as during an incursion from Terminus, parts of the reality can end up in Z-Space, be it living creatures, buildings, technology, parts of worlds, or even entire worlds on their own. Z-Space itself is impossible vast, potentially endless, with the relative position of different bodies constantly changing, making finding anything close to impossible, at least unless you have some way of tracking them. Appearance-wise, Z-Space at first glance appears much like outer space, but where normal space is dark with planets and stars, Z-Space is a swirling rainbow of random patterns and intermixing colors. Each color corresponds to a universe or dimension. Looking into the colors, one might catch glimpses of those other worlds. Stray bits of different realities float through Z-Space, ranging from singular buildings to entire worlds, chunks of rock, whatever one can imagine. They appear to move randomly through the colorful void, drifting through the great unreality that is Z-Space. While Z-Space does not seem to have any oxygen or other breathable gasses, all that arrive in Z-Space appear perfectly capable of breathing.. Several beings have found themselves lost in Z-Space, living on the parts that have broken off from actual realities, surviving on whatever they can find. An unknown number of spaceships or other vessels capable of travelling through the chaotic void make their home in Z-Space, some on purpose, others simply being lost. A number of heroes and villains that live in regular realities have crated homes and headquarters in Z-Space, which they can access through their own unique means, including the notorious Professor Zed and Justice Earth Prime. Significance As the space between universes in the Multiverse, Z-Space might not be reached by any dimensional traveller, but any dimensional traveller can potentially end up here, if they know how to reach it. On Earth Prime, Emerald City seems to have a special connection to Z-Space, with a few individuals reaching the rainbow void between worlds. Most notably, the dimensional raider Professor Zed was originally from Emerald City, but now resides at the floating fortress Zero Point within Z-Space. The 70'es heroine Miss Step could access Z-Space using her magic amulet, which she has since passed on to her granddaughter, Justice, who has furnished a structure in Z-Space as her headquarters, called the AnneX. Whether through the actions of Professor Zed or by cosmic chance, beings and things that end up in Z-Space has been known to reach Emerald City, with both heroes and threats reaching Emerald City by traversing Z-Space. Z-Space hold infinite power, its very nature defying the laws of physics and reality, which could, in theory, be harnessed for great and terrible things. While no such beings have yet to be confirmed to exist on Earth Prime, some believe that people that are naturally empowered by Z-Space exist, tapping into this vast power on their own. In some ways, Z-Space stands in opposition to the Terminus. Where the Terminus is order and entropy, Z-Space is chaos and life. Where the Terminus is beyond the Omniverse, Z-Space stands within the multiverse. Somehow, it has remained undiscoverd by Omega. People Professor Zed: The dimensional raider Professor Zed, originally of Emerald City, Earth Prime, makes his home at the Zero Point fortress in Z-Space. From this flying fortress, he launches attacks across the multiverse, while he plans how to best make his triumphant return to Earth Prime. Miss Step: A super hero from the 1970'es, who could access Z-Space using her magic amulet. She used these portals to store a great amount of equipment that she could retrieve to use to fight crime. Though she is long retired, some of her old equipment might still be found in Z-Space. She currently lives in Emerald City with her daughter and son-in-law, where she keeps an eye on her grandchildren, in particular one Robin Lynne Langley. Justice: Emerald City native hero Justice came into the possession of Miss Step's magic amulet, a gift from her grandmother. Utilizing the amulet to access Z-Space to actually access Z-Space and make a headquarters there. Drifters: A large number of creatures make their home in Z-Space. All manner of beings that have fallen through the cracks of realities to reach this place of unreality. One might all manner of things and beings, living and unliving, if one travels far enough in Z-Space. These drifters from the real world might be making their home in Z-Space, be bold explorers, or simply be lost. You never know what exactly you might encounter in Z-Space. History Z-Space has existed as long as the multiverse. A force of live and growth, it has somehow evaded the notice of Omega and the Terminus during their conquests across the Omniverse, standing as a sanctuary from the forces of the Terminus still. In recent years, Z-Space's connection to Earth Prime has only strengthened, with first the incursions of Professor Zed, and later Justice's use of portals that access the rainbow void. How this will affect Z-Space and Earth Prime in the days to come are anyone's guess.
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