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  1. Trying to do some worldbuilding here, tying together our three (technically four?) cities of adventure through related criminal organizations. Today, the Mafia. Feedback and suggestions welcome! I'm considering updating what's going on with Freedom City's three mafia families, but I'd have to consult the ref team first. I plan to add a little more overall, but I'm out of time for today. Ultimately, I'm hoping that the Commission as a massive group of antagonists could provide plot hooks to bring heroes from one city to another for a thread or two, or at least have them hear about e
  2. GM Xavier's trained eyes passed over many possibilities, dismissing most of them in turn. Squatters in the parking garage at Liberty Shoppes had to be tough, or at least to look it. It wasn't that there was a lack of space; the parking garage was huge and largely empty. It was more that anyone who showed weakness was a target. The weakest gangs stayed together and kept morale high by finding someone weaker to beat the tar out of, and with no one much motivated to stop them, it wasn't uncommon that the ambulance that came for the victim headed straight to the morgue. Hard eyes followed Xav
  3. GM Perhaps any candy company that brands a product "Liquid Yum" deserves to be on its last legs. Either way, that was the situation for Snacktastic. Once upon a time Snacktastic was the king of the off-brand, sold in bulk to dollar stores and mini-markets across America. But that was largely back when it was the Hardwick Candy Company, almost thirty years ago. It was also before better federal sanitation laws for food production facilities - and before the ensuing lawsuits. In more recent years Snacktastic had the dubious honor of selling most of its product in third world cou
  4. GM Liberty Shoppes was a great subterranean maze. It had been planned as a destination that would draw in shoppers from north and south, making Bedlam into a real destination. But like so much in the city, its good intentions had quickly been devoured whole by corruption and mismanagement. Its cavernous halls had collapsed into warrens of iniquity divided between brutal security forces and vicious gangs. Half empty, covered in graffiti and ankle-deep litter, it sat as another testament to the city's ability to drag anything down to the lowest common denominator. And now it was where Xavie
  5. So I came to this site over the summer, and I had tremendous energy and excitement, and I jumped in with all my ideas and the threads I could run. And then the school year started, and my energy totally evaporated. I went from posting every day to every two days, then every four. And that is not what I promised and not what I wanted, and I'm sorry. I put a lot of effort into the Bedlam setting, and its a setting I still love and want to see grow and be successful on the board, but my job is almost literally killing me and I come home every day feeling extremely defeated, which is not good for
  6. Sorry, was unclear. If you have an action planned for Xavier in light of the new info, go ahead. If not, let me know and I'll jump in to continue the story.
  7. If anyone was going to figure out that it was the chocolate golems from the Pits of Diabeetus, it was Osla with that Theology check. Alas, it failed. You'll be in the dark until it's too late. Arrowhawk notices that some of the men have left their sleeves a bit rolled up, and their arms are heavily tattooed. When she points this out, Justiciar recognizes the tattoos as typical among skinhead motorcycle gangs - though if she's seeing the tattoos right, the men are not members of the Brotherhood, the only motorcycle gang with Mafia permission to operate in Bedlam. Osla also spots a r
  8. It's tampering with a control panel rather than a computer, so let's do Disable Device.
  9. The van is an older make, maybe ten or fifteen years old, and probably doesn't run very smoothly. It looks like it was originally a delivery van - beneath the grey paint, which was sloppily applied, Xavier can just make out a smiling rodent holding up a piece of pizza. Due to the vehicle's design, the back compartment is not open to the front seats - there are no windows in the back area, and it must get very hot. The van lacks a license plate, but it's marked with a red circle with a line through it just above where the license plate should be. It smells strongly of old cheese. Th
  10. Moved us along to a neutral location. Notice and Knowledge checks might reveal additional information. Other skills are also welcome if you can think of a use.
  11. GM It took a bit of negotiation, but the three vigilantes managed to agree to meet and view the footage. Finding a working public computer was a challenge in Bedlam, and finding one that wasn't in line of sight of people who might become suspicious was even trickier. But there was one place that was a pretty good bet - at least for the brave. The Endler Library was widely considered one of the City Redevlopment Commission's biggest mistakes, which was saying something given the number and scale of disasters it had achieved. The building was a neo-brutalist travesty of architec
  12. Aaron considered the problem. Ideally he didn't want any alarms triggered at all, but ideally there wouldn't have been any guards to get out of the way, either. He wracked his brain for a place an alarm might feasibly sound as an accident. The building itself was relatively new, and (unlike most of Bedlam) kept in top shape, so it was tricky. But sometimes disgruntled workers from the corporate dorms threw things at the windows, rattling but not breaking them, and it wasn't unreasonable that a really good shake could set off the glass break alarm. Hopefully that was what the guards would assum
  13. @angrydurf the van is one of the older models with an obvious push-down lock on the door, and Xavier can tell that it is locked. To determine where it's been, let's having him roll Search and Investigate, depending on how much time he wants to spend on it.
  14. GM Most detective work is a grind requiring more patience than investigative skill. As Xavier circled the neighborhood with his photograph, a man with a less perfect mind would have lost count of the number of people who brushed him off with a casual "haven't seen her" or simply refused to speak to him at all. But every so often, even the grind produces a breakthrough. For Xavier, it was an old homeless man on Kirby Avenue, propped up against a filthy brick wall with a battered banjo in his hands. He crooned the blues in a voice that must once have been magnificent, back before the now-em
  15. Looks like we're still working out things between characters, but if you would like me to move the story forward to viewing the security footage somewhere, let me know.
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