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  1. Oh.. To late for me. Cool beans, Still gonna read.
  2. Welcome back. I'm actually pretty new to the site. Just got my first character built and into the game. I'm just a PL:7 down in Freedom city, but chatting up is always a good thing.
  3. WIP _______________ Captain Sturdy Powerlevel:9 Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: Complications: In Brief: Clawless Wolverine.. Only in his 90's. Alternate Identity: Wilfred Katz Birthplace: Queens, New York Residence: Freedom City Occupation: Grocer Affiliations: Retired, Formerly United States Army. Family: Grand Daughter Description: Name: Wilfred Foster Katz Identity: PublicAge: 94Gender: MaleEthnicity: JewishHeight: 6'4"Weight: 176lbsEyes: GreyHair: Grey History:. Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Complications: Abilities: 10+2+10+0+2+2=26 Strength: 20. Dexterity: 12. Constitution: 20. Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 14 Combat: +14+10=24. Initiative:+1. Attack: +7. Grapple: +18. Defense: +7. Knockback: -10. Saves: +9+6+12=27. Toughness: +10/+11. Fortitude: +14. Reflex: +7. Will: +14. Skills:25. Acrobatics +8=9. Climb +4=9. Concentration +8=10. Diplomacy +4=6. Drive +8=9. Gather Information +4=6. Intimidate +4=6. Investigate +4=4. Knowledge:Streetwise: +8=8. Knowledge:tactics: +14=14. Language +1=1. (English, Hebrew) Medicine +2=4. Notice +8=10. Pilot +8=9. Sense Motive +4=6. Stealth +3=4. Survival +4=6. Swim +8=9. Feats:23pp. Attack Focus (Melee) 6. Defensive Roll 1. Dodge Focus 2. Fearless. Fighting Style: Boxing. Fighting Style: Judo. Interpose. Accurate Attack. All-Out Attack. Defensive Attack. Elusive Target. Improved Block. Improved Disarm. Improved Grab. Improved Pin. Improved Trip. Power Attack. Stunning Attack. Takedown Attack. Powers: 35pp. Immovable 2. (Resist Movement +8, Resist Knockback -2) Immunity 4. (Critical Hits, Poison, Disease) Leaping 2. Protection 5. (Impervious 5) Speed 2. Regeneration 15. (Ability Damage 1, Recovery Bonus 4, Bruised 3, Disabled 2, Injured 2, Staggered 2, Unconscious 1) Drawbacks: DC Block: Unarmed Attack +13 (DC:20) (Bludgeon, Crit 20) Total: Ability:30 + Skills:25 + Feats:23 + Powers:35 + Combat:24 + Saves:27 = 164.
  4. Von Höllenhaus Powerlevel: 10 (220/220) Unspent Power Points: 0. Trade-Offs: -1 Active Defense, +1 Toughness Complications: In Brief: Basically red skull with a gas power. Alternate Identity: Birthplace: Höllenhaus, Hessen Germany. Residence: Underwater Base Occupation: Intentional Terrorist. Affiliations: Overthrow: Formerly Nazi Germany. Family: Does have family members still in Germany. But keep no real contact with them. Description: Name: Vilhelm Albert Von Höllenhaus III Identity: Secret.Age: 106.Gender: None: Formerly Male.Ethnicity: Caucasian. (Germany)Height: 6'6"Weight: 171lbs.Eyes: None Visible.Hair: None. History: The man that was once Vilhelm Von Höllenhaus III was born and raised in Germany only days before his father would be killed over the Trenches of World War I. He grew up enjoying a life of comfort and privilege while the nation around him slowly fell apart. And he like a great number of germany military officers where swept up in her fervor of the Nazi party. And taking a commission in the SS as it was formed. Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Complications: Abilities: 14+14+14+4+0+4 = 50pp. Strength: 24. Dexterity: 24. Constitution: 24. Intelligence: 14. Wisdom:10. Charisma: 14. Combat: 14+14=28pp. Initiative: 7. Attack: 7. Grapple: 18. Defense: 7. Knockback: -6. Saves: 8+5+10=23. Toughness: 13. Fortitude: 15. Reflex: 12. Will: 10. Skills: 12pp. Acrobatics +2 = 9. Climb: +2 = 9. Disguise: +4 = 6. Drive: +2 = 9. Intimidate: +14 = 16. Language: +2 = 2. Notice: +8 = 8. Pilot: +2 = 9. Sense Motive: +4 = 11. Survival: 4 = 4. Feats:23pp Attack Focus (Melee) 4. Attack Focus (Ranged) 3. Diehard. Endurance. Fascinate (Intimidate) Fearless. Fearsome Presence 1. Move By Action. All out Attack. Defensive Attack. Elusive Target. Equipment 4. (Assault Rifle) Improved Block. Power Attack. Takedown Attack. Powers:100. Device 5: Flame Suit. 20pp -Protection 6. -Napalm Shot. (Blast 6: DC:21 Fire: (Area: Line. 5x150ft) Fire Damage. -Flame Thrower. (Blast 6: DC:21 fire (Area: Cone, 60ft cone) Fire Damage. Gas Attack (Linked power) 80pp. -Damage 8: (DC:23. Action:Free. Alternate Save: (Fortitude) Cloud Area: (40ft, Diameter, Lingers) Range: (Touch) -Dazzle 8: Affacts: Visual Senses, DC:18; Cloud Area (40ft, Diameter, Lingers) Range: (Touch) -Nauseate 8: (DC:18, Cloud Area (40ft Diameter, Lingers) Drawbacks: DC Block: Assault Rifle: +10. (DC:20) (Autofire/Ballisitics, Crit 20, Ranged Incr 50ft) Fire Cone Damage: (DC:21) (60ft cone, crit 20, range incr 60ft) Fire Line Damage: (DC:21) (5x150ft line, crit 20, Range incr 60ft) Gas Damage: (DC:23 Fort) (40ft, Diameter, Lingers, Crit 20) Gas Dazzle: (DC Fort/Ref 18) (40ft. Diameter, Lingers, Crit 20) Gas Nauseate: (DC Fort/Staged 18) (40ft Diameter, Lingers, Crit 20) Unarmed Attack: +11 (DC 22) (Bludgeon, Crit 20) Total: 50+12+23+100+28+23 = 236.
  5. Von Höllenhaus Powerlevel: 10 (220/220) Unspent Power Points: 0. Trade-Offs: -1 Active Defense, +1 Toughness Complications: In Brief: Basically red skull with a gas power. Alternate Identity: Birthplace: Höllenhaus, Hessen Germany. Residence: Underwater Base Occupation: Intentional Terrorist. Affiliations: Overthrow: Formerly Nazi Germany. Family: Does have family members still in Germany. But keep no real contact with them. Description: Name: Vilhelm Albert Von Höllenhaus III Identity: Secret.Age: 106.Gender: None: Formerly Male.Ethnicity: Caucasian. (Germany)Height: 6'6"Weight: 171lbs.Eyes: None Visible.Hair: None. History: The man that was once Vilhelm Von Höllenhaus III was born and raised in Germany only days before his father would be killed over the Trenches of World War I. He grew up enjoying a life of comfort and privilege while the nation around him slowly fell apart. And he like a great number of germany military officers where swept up in her fervor of the Nazi party. And taking a commission in the SS as it was formed. Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Complications: Abilities: Strength: Dexterity: Constitution: Intelligence: Wisdom: Charisma: Combat: Initiative: Attack: Grapple: Defense: Knockback: Saves: Toughness: Fortitude: Reflex: Will: Skills: Feats: Powers: Drawbacks: DC Block: Total:
  6. Would totally be up for this. Though not sure how to get started. I mean apart from my character being a vigilante by night. Rossignol being a PL:8 bow/arrow character in general.
  7. Red and Bright look good so far. So your definitely on the consideration.
  8. Fair enough. Black Mamba looks pretty good, depending on who else I get that's interested... Also depending on who I get I am actually open to moving the first scene to another location.
  9. So for my first outing on the website as a GM I was thinking about doing something a bit lower on the power level scale. Something in the range of maybe PL:7-8. Maybe with a bit of a mixed PL Range. A PL 9-10 with a two or three PL:7-8 might actually work. I would intend this to be the first relatively short part of a three or four mission narrative. So if your in the first one your likely to at least end up in another one. The general requirement for the start on this would just be. #1: Be in Freedom city. #2: Be some one who can either explain why you would catch wind of a black market deal. #3: Be some one who has enough of a eye on the underworld that you might just run across something that looked like a deal going down. #4: Again be in the general lower PL Range. And or MAYBE be a PL:9-10 that can or does work with some other people. I can alter the overall feel of the whole thing to match up with a group I like. So if I end up with two or three Power Level 10's. That's fine, I can just beef up the ideal a little bit. This is also just a in for me to do a little world building on my end so there will be some looking around, talking and investigating most likely after the punching people... so you know, not just punching people.
  10. Cuttlefish Powerlevel: 10 (150/150) Unspent Power Points: 0. Trade-Offs: None. (Character is built wide) Complications: Addiction: Ketamine, A neural blocker used to manage pain from nerve damage. Both the pain from not having it and the withdraw can be very troubling. Identity: Secret, While most people wouldn't know who she was, her role as a gadget maker for heroes is a big issue for some. Motivation: Doing Good: She would never admit it, but the whole hero thing really gets to her, truth and justice and all that. Motivation: Responsibility: When your this smart if you don't help people with it, what are you really? Relationship: Both her family and her former boyfriend can be quite a issue for her at times. In Brief: Multi-Armed Aquatic Battle suit with Stealth Powers. Comic Examples: I mean basically doc-oc/Ironman. Alternate Identity: Birthplace: Burlington, Vermont. Residence: Freedom City Occupation: "Appliance Repair" Affiliations: Family: Family back in Vermont. Mother: Hellan Wilson-Callas. (Professor of Political Science; University of Vermont) Father: Mark Callas. (Deceased; Detective Burlington Police Department) Sister: Mary Callas-Taylor. (Professor of Political Science; University of Vermont) Description: Name: Oliva Callas. Identity: Secret.Age: 26.Gender: Female.Ethnicity: Caucasian. (Ethnically Greek)Height: 5'2"Weight: 108lbs.Eyes: BlueHair: Platinum Blonde (Dye) History: Oliva was born and largely raised in and around the University of Vermont, her mother being a professor of Political Science and her father being on of the Burlington Police Departments lead Detectives, the balance of small town life and academia being a rather pleasant upbringing for her. Both she and her sister proved to be very gifted student even from a young age getting along with most everyone around her with only a few snags grow and the two of them Graduating high school a few years ahead of time. Indeed her life was more or less ideal until a cold January day, her father take time to drop his two daughters off at the university for orientation in the morning before heading into work. The three where just pulling out of the drive way when one car cut them off almost hitting them. Another pulling up besides them gunfire erupting from inside the car and showering there fathers police cruiser with a hail of bullets before the two vehicles pulled away. The next thing that Olivia knew she woke up in a hospital undergoing severed for a severed Vina Cava, perforated bowl and damage to the spinal column. She was soon put under as the doctors finished up a extensive seventeen our battery of medical procedures. Finally when she did come back around she was informed that her father had been pronounced dead on the scene. Most of the gunfire being directed at him through the drivers side window, the bullets hitting her lower on the body. And her older sister who had been sitting in the back seat was at the very least physically unhurt. The community was shocked by the act of violence in the normally placid city. And Olivia got to watch the cities sorrow quickly turn into a media circus as first investigators and then the media started to uncover extensive evidence that members of the cities police department including her father where taking extensive brides and where themselves involved in a myriad of criminal activities. And indeed when one and then two of the men involved in the shooting where captures they testified that the shooting had been ordered by high ups in a criminal gang involved in the smuggling of narcotics from ports in New York and up across the boarder into Canada. Her father having taken a large set of brides the prior year to insure that a member of the gang got off on charges being filed against him, but he has either through inability or unwillingness to break rules and laws to the extent needed failed. The combination of the physical trauma, exhaustion from physical rehabilitation and the constant media attention start to take its toll on Olivia and on being released from the Hospital, now mostly confined to a wheel chair only able to stand with assistance and a great deal of pain she chose to alter her plan of attending university in state. She after all could get a scholarship almost anywhere with her academic performance. Instead choosing to attend University in upstate New York at Cornell University. While her Grade where still exemplary her relationship with her mother and sister started to become strained the two of them standing by her deceased father even as the evidence against him became damning. Olivia coped by throwing herself into her studies while simultaneously starting to drink. A behavior that almost lead to her being expelled from the university and a charge of drinking while under-aged. Most likely costing her the position on the deans list. She graduated three years later withe a degree in Mechanical Engineering before heading strait into a graduate program. By this point the trail and media attention had died off and her mother and sisters relationship with her had largely recovered. This was also the time in her life where she had her first romantic involvement starting to date one of her fellow graduate students. One William Howard Sherman, heir to Sherman-Day industries. While some of the relationship could be written down to her being eighteen and Sherman being attractive, rich and charismatic, the fact of the matter was that Sherman was a caring, affectionate and almost doting partner, and the relationship also lead into her first job. So at the age of twenty fresh out of university with a degree in Mechanical Engineering she started to work at the Freedom city research and development branch of Sherman-Day Industries. Quickly becoming a important lead in the companies robotics department and becoming the lead contributor to a program who's stated aim was for a search and rescue. The program nicknamed "Cuttlefish" was for a underwater diving suite capable of both enhanced mobility and extracting oxygen from the water itself. Olivia being brought into the program to 'fix' a number of issues already built into the suit. That coupled with the well known information that she was dating the CEO's son didn't make her many friends, getting her the reputation as "teachers pet" in the often cut throat field of research and development. But her progress on the project was undeniable. Both her and Sherman's professional careers taking off quickly as he started to take on more and more of his fathers duties becoming CEO in all but name in a matter of months. However there relationship also stared to strain as time went on, he was never abusive, either physical or emotionally. But now that they where both in Freedom city be did become more and more domineering, and demanding both professional and personally. Her position as the girlfriend of a billionaire philanthropist clearly came with obligations that she wasn't always comfortable or physically able to easily keep. And the companies direction under William's leadership started to cause friction as first parts and then entire projects started to be redirected to military and weapons applications. The Cuddlefish suit clearly being reworked for at the very last military use was bad enough. And when she was instructed to out and out weaponize the suit she had finally drawn the line. Refusing to work on the suit and finally quieting her job and breaking off her relationship with William. And she left with a good amount of the programs data and work as well as some rather expensive mechanical and robotic pieces of the prototype, intent on not giving over her work with full knowledge that she was legal liable for taking it. She wasn't totally surprised however when no legal action was taken. After all "Billionaire has wheel chaired bound ex-girlfriend thrown in jail" Would be a hard RP sell to say the least. She was however surprised when she found that William was still paying for her living expenses. She at one point thought about filing for a restraining order, but she both knew that Sheman had a lot of political pull and that it would likely only escalate a otherwise awkward but not currently hostile situation. But a few months later she moved to a cheaper part of town, setting up shop making a modest living repairing appliances and mechanical equipment. And starting to prolonged program of tinkering with and altering the few pieces of the prototype that she had 'taken with her' The intent being to try and develop some sort of mobility assistant system for herself. Which she as rather successful with, The only issue being the size of the system. Simply not having the monetary of scientific support that she had at Sherman-Day. While in her new location in the city she did start to make new business connections and even friends. Her next door neighbor being rather helpful from time to time and even starting to associate as friends. The women having first met Olivia when she came into have repairs made to a piece of equipment. Her neighbor Christine was about her age and at first told her that she worked in Private Investigation after having been a deputy police officer in her home down in Pennsylvania for two years. But the extensive collection of devices that Olivia found herself fixing and then altering for Christine made it clear that the women was involved something else. When finally pressed on the matter almost three yeas later. Christine having asked Olivia to combine a number of optical devices into a helmet for her, Christine admitted that her work was far more extensive then 'detective work' Olivia had been both directly and indirectly fixing and making equipment for a small group of costumed crime fighters. Indeed to equipment was being used both directly and indirectly by a number of heroes. This knowledge however seamed to rekindle a spark of creativity for her. Her work on both her own project and her friends improving greatly. And a few months later she unveiled to Christine fully working if not rather rough looking mechanical suit that amount more or less to five hundred pounds of metal and Kevlar along with the power system to run it for about three hours, the system was put to good use by her friend in short order. And this too led into improvement on her own project the three or four pieces of the cuddlefish suit she had taken with her starting to look more and more like the prototype back at Sherman-day's labs. With improvements and alternations. Olivia had made up her mind, this was going to be her suit and she was going to follow her friends example. She was going to be a hero. With equipment as well as money "Gathered from Criminals" The suit quickly started to take shape. The heavy armored frame of Sherman-Days suit being rebuilt as a lighter armored suit. With the life support system beefed up and the propulsion system a kind of helical propeller slowly developing into a collection of mechanical tentacles protruding from a back unit. She also started to incorporate some of the technology she was being asked to fix and make for other heroes. Adding a optical cloaking system to the suit late in its development. Ironically she had to shave out the exoskeleton supports for the legs in the suit. meaning that the only way for her to actually move herself while in the suit was with the Tentacles. All the while still helping with other heroes devices as well as improving the suit of her friend. Personality & Motivation: Olivia is argumentative and can be quite confrontational, but is also rather playful and friendly, it would be easier and more polite to say that she simply doesn't suffer fools well. Her motivations are a complicated matter, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, but also a rather cynical outlook on justice. She respects the law but doesn't really trust the system. And it would not be totally incorrect to say that she wants to be a hero because of her fathers likely involvement in criminal activities and corruption. Powers & Tactics: A powerful intellect is Olivia's real power. But the suit helps. Powerful Mechanical tentacles. Armored frame. Sensors. Life Support and Optical Camo making the suit a very versatile system. Power Descriptions: Technological. Complications: Disability: Olivia is more or less incapable of walking without assistance. Normal Identity. Complicated Relationship: Olivia's relationship with her former boyfriend is complicated to say the very least. Not quite antagonistic but clearly not a friendly one. He has legal dirt on her and very clearly still feels like she is his to some extent. Not even considering the information that he himself has access to much of her work. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 2 + 16 + 4 + 2 = 24. Strength: 10/24 (+0/+7) Dexterity: 10. (+0) Constitution: 12. (+1) Intelligence: 26. (+8) Wisdom: 14. (+2) Charisma: 12. (+1) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20. Initiative: +0 Attack: +5, +10 melee while in suit. +12 Unarmed. Grapple: +7 Grapple, +18 Grapple with Mechanical Arms. Defense: +9 (+5 Base, +2 Dodge Focus, +2 Shield), +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -1, -4 while in suit. Saving throws: 7 + 9 + 8 = 24. Toughness: +9/+1. (+1 Con, +6 Protection, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +8. (+1 Con, +7) Reflex: +9. (+0 Dex, +9) Will: +10. (+2 Wis, +8) Skills: 28R = 7PP. Computer: 2 (+10) Preform: Saxophone: 3 (+4) Disable Device: 1 (+9) Drive: 1 (+1) Investigate: 1 (+9) Knowledge: technology: 8 (+16) Language: 2 Notice: 4 (+6) Stealth: 6 (+6) Feats: 21pp. Attack Focus (Melee) 3. Attack Specialization. (Unarmed Attack) Attractive. Benefit 1 (Wealth 1) Defensive Roll 2. Dodge Focus 2. Eidetic Memory. Evasion 1. Inventor. Jack of all trades. Uncanny Dodge. (Sight) Equipment 6. Equipment 5PP = 30/30EP. Junkyard Headquarters - Size: Medium; Toughness: 10, Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Secuirty System, Workshop. [13EP] Mobility Fiat 500 - Strength:30, Speed:4, Defense:-1, Toughness:7, Size:Large. (Alarm, Navigation System, Remote Control) [10EP] Equipment: Cell Phone, Commlink, GPS Receiver, Laptop Computer, Medkit, Multi-Tool, Toolkit [7EP] Powers: 58pp = 58pp. Device 14 (Battlesuit, 70PP Container, Flaw: Hard to lose, Only you can use) [58PP] (Technology) Super-Senses 8 (Dark Vision, Infravision, [Tremorsense] Radius (Sight: Cameras on ends of arms) [8dp] Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9dp] Protection 6 [6dp] Concealment 4 (Concealment All Visual Senses, Feats: Hide in plain sight [Flaw: Blending]) [5dp] Linked Powers: Mechanical "Squid" Arms (42pp) [42dp LP: Elongation 3. (25ft, Range incr 30ft. +3 Escape & Grapple) Linked: Additional Limbs. [3dp] LP: Swimming 3. (10 pmh, 88ft/rd: linked: Additional Limbs, Alternate Power: Speed) [4dp] AP: Speed 3. (50mph, 440ft/rnd: Alternate Power:Swimming) LP: Super-Strength 1. (+5 STR capacity, heavy load 1.4klbs; +1 STR to some checks. [Linked: Additional Limbs]) [2dp] LP: Super-Movement 4. (Sure-Footed 1 [25% Penalty Reduction] Swinging, Wall-Crawling 1, Slow Fall [Half Speed]) Linked: Additional Limbs. [8dp] LP: Shield 2: Arms always in the way. (+2 Dodge bonus) Linked: Additional Limbs. [2dp] LP: Leaping 3. (Jumping Distance x2) Linked: Additional Limbs) [3dp] LP: Enhanced Traits 20. [20dp] (stealth +4, Notice +4, Intimidate +4, Climb +4, Acrobatics +8) (Strength +8, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Move by actions) 8 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 42 = 70/70DP Drawbacks: (-4) = -4PP paraplegic (common, major, 4 points), DC Blocks: ATTACK RANGE Save Effect Unarmed out of suit: Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage (Physical) Unarmed in Suit: Touch DC 22 Toughness Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (24) + Skills (7) + Feats (21) + Powers (58) - Drawbacks (-4) = 150/150 Power Points
  11. Howdy. 36 year old geographic information specialist working for ~Waves hand over head dramatically~ WALT DISNEY IMAGINEERING! Don't get excited, I basically do foot/car traffic planning and park/ride development. Basically I use a map program to figure out where you can and can't put things in the park system and some times make planes for parks that have like a 1-5% change of being built. Been doing Roleplaying games sense I was about nine. Actually started super hero games with Heroes Unlimited and made the swift over (Mostly) To MnM a few years ago.
  12. "Où se trouve le Cœur, là est la maison" The house had been in 'use' for quite some time. But mostly for storage and as a some times used safe house, no one had actually used it as a place of residence for maybe thirty years. But it was sturdy if not a bit cold. And Sophie has spent a note worthy amount of time and effort getting it into a better condition then it was when she got there a few weeks before. One couldn't after all hire contractors to do work on a base of operations that was intended to be secret. And so far not that many people had been by, a few of her mothers friends. One old friend of her father. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Townhouse: La maison de Leclerc 40EP. (Toughness +10) (Size: Medium) Roof: Power System. (Solar Panels & Battery) Third Floor: Living Space. Library. Bathroom. Second Floor: Living Space. Computer. Communications. Bathroom. First Floor: Garage. Basement: Power System: Generator. Workshop. -Fire Prevention System. Concealed. Security System.
  13. Kay, thanks for the help on the Super-Sense part. Also ya I keep forgetting the descriptors because I normally don't have actual superpowers. I just build with device/equipment most the time and can slap a "Technological" On everything. Fixed it.. I hope.
  14. Thanks for taking a look. I'm not totally sure what you mean by this but I think I know what your asking for, but I THINK I did what you asked. Tremor Sense: (Tactile Sense, +Ranged, 2PP). Is that correct?
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