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Found 21 results

  1. GM September 3rd, 2019 9:30 PM Greely Point 'Screwtop' Igglioni had disappeared. A week ago, he had simply stopped returning home. The Scarpias were mum on what had happened when his wife tried to find out. No one were to share anything. Couldn't look weak, after all. Behind the scenes, they were fighting an uphill battle. Screwtop Igglioni might have been an Igglioni, but he was one of the Scarpias now. If nothing else, someone disappearing him off the street could not stand. Rumor was that he had last been seen at Greely Point. But of cou
  2. GM Doctor Adriana Aparo stood in the cemetery outside the Saint Fabian's Catholic church on Stark Hill, holding two bouquets of roses, one red, the other white. She crouched down under the moonlit sky and laid each bouquet down in front of the two tombstones resting in front of her. The white roses, she placed upon the grass in front of "Father Rafael Giordano, Beloved Son, Dear Brother, Good Shepherd". The red roses, she carefully put in front of Rafael's neighbor, "Gaetano Giordano, Beloved Son, Dear Brother, Devoted Husband". Her companion and former sister-in-law, Flora Russo,
  3. GM To the north lay Scarlet Hill, a name no one in Bedlam City used anymore, instead referring to both the hill and the mansions turned sub-sub-divided-apartments surrounding it by reference to the Country Club which sat atop it, looming over the south-eastern parts of the city. Both were saturated with diesel exhaust from the Rook Island port at the mouth of the Manitowoc River. To the south lay the freezing waters and hard-packed, littered sands of Graves End Beach. And between north and south lay Bedlam City's answer to Skid Row, the neighborhood known for its most famous boulev
  4. The house has 3 ranks of the Concealed feature, which adds +20 to the DC of any checks made to find the house or learn anything about it - Gather Info, Knowledge, Search, etc. The descriptor is the psychic perception filter created by the house's unholy aura. All 3 heroes have skills high enough to find it eventually, but none of them would be able to just take 10, which is why I described it as taking multiple attempts to keep it in their minds. EDIT: I don't need any actual rolls from any of you.
  5. In Brief: Instead of becoming The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli becomes Spawn. Character: Mister Strix Power Level: 14 (Built as PL9) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 218/218PP Unspent Points: 0 Alternate Identity: Gaetano “Guy” Giordano (Deceased) Identity: Secret. The public is not aware that either Gaetano Giordano or Mister Strix are undead, or that they are the same person. Legal Status: Deceased USA citizen with no criminal record. Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA Base of Operations: Bedlam City
  6. GM The house was both "there", and "not there". The house physically existed, or, at least, it seemed to. There were pipes and cables connecting it to the rest of Bedlam City's infrastructure. But it was a blank spot on every map. There were no utility bills, no tax assessments, nothing on a scrap of paper in any office that Gremlin could break into or a single file in any database that L0vel@ce could hack open which proved that the house existed. No one Hitter asked knew anything about it, no matter how nice or how hard he asked them. And the investigation was complica
  7. Playing City of Heroes again reminded me of the Midnighters / Midnight Club / Midnight Squad. It's the BPRD, but as an NGO. This passage in the lore caught my eye: Unlike many of the other hero organizations that have blossomed and then faded in Paragon City's past, the Midnight Squad has endured in one form or another since the 1920's. This amazing record of success stems entirely from the fact that the Squad has never been a formal team of heroes like the Freedom Phalanx or Dawn Patrol. Instead it is more like a very exclusive private club, the only requirement for wh
  8. The Twilight Lodge, shortly after construction was completed in 1880. The Twilight Lodge (Headquarters) [39/40EP = 8PP, 7PP from Mister Strix, 1PP from Dead Head] Power Level: 13 Size: Large Exterior (500ft, Mansion) / Huge Interior (1,000ft, Castle) [3EP] Toughness: 10 [1EP] (Descriptors: Magically Warded and Ectoplasm-Reinforced Structure) Features: [35EP] Communications (Feats: Dimensional 3 [Any/All]) (Descriptors: Interdimensional Ghost-Phone) Concealed 3 (+20 DC) (Descriptors: Magical Perception Filter, Unholy Aura) Defense System 2 (Descriptors: Ghosts,
  9. 'Eileen Lake' needed a job, and fast. She'd been sleeping curled up in a ball on the floor of John Smith's hotel room for a week, and she felt awful about it. So John made a few calls and pulled a few strings, and found out that WORK IN PROGRESS
  10. In Brief: Instead of becoming The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli becomes Spawn. Character: Mister Strix Power Level: 13 (Built as PL8) Tradeoffs: None Power Points: 206/216PP Unspent Points: 10 Alternate Identity: Gaetano “Guy” Giordano (Deceased) Identity: Secret. The public is not aware that either Gaetano Giordano or Mister Strix are undead, or that they are the same person. Legal Status: Deceased USA citizen with no criminal record. Birthplace: Bedlam City, Wisconsin, USA Base of Operations: Bedlam City
  11. I'm looking for one Bedlam City based PC, for a single-encounter thread with Mister Strix and some NPCs. I'm not looking for any out-of-towners on this one. Please come up with some reason why your PC would happen to be in the Ash Street neighborhood at night. Strix is going to be investigating a series of murders targeting homeless people. You can be, too, or you can have some other agenda or issue. It doesn't matter if your PC has already met Strix or not. It's going to be a sort of prologue for another, slightly longer thread, which Strix will
  12. St. Maurice's House is located about an hour north of Bedlam on the state roads, not far from Sturgeon Bay. St. Maurice's House was founded by Father Michael Fenstermacher, a German Lutheran who came to the United States to do "ecumenical work" in the years after World War II. An Afrodeutsche man whose mother had emigrated to Germany in 1930 from her native Southwest Africa, Fenstermacher clashed repeatedly with congregations in Bedlam (who had perhaps made some assumptions about a German-born priest eager to leave the town where he'd grown up) before beginning the construction of his monaster
  13. Read everything before you do anything. I'm going to run another supernatural-themed horror-ish thread set in Bedlam City, co-starring my own PC, Mister Strix. There are currently 2 slots open for other PCs. Since the thread will take place in Bedlam City, I cannot take any PCs with an effective combat Power Level higher than 10. Investigative skills are good. Aptitudes for either magic or technology are good, each in their own way. The ability to power-stunt to adapt to the unexpected is good. I'll leave recruitment open for at least a week, maybe two, s
  14. Mister Strix Alternate Identity: Gaetano "Guy" Giordano (Deceased) Base of Operations: Bedlam City Concept: "Vampire Batman." (See here for details about the specific type of vampire.) Table of Contents Allies, Associates, & Enemies Costume & Appearance Current Role & Hooks Design Notes Headquarters History Personal Life Personality & Motivation Playlist Powers & Skills Timeline Allies, Associates, & Enemies Costume & Appearance Current Ro
  15. June 3, 2017 Bedlam City, United States Midmorning News traveled fast in the age of constantly connected, always-recording electronic devices. Two days ago an unbelievable video had popped up on YouTube of an odd, furry creature appearing near the artsy neighborhood of Bedlam. The video showed it appearing near Central Perk with an unconscious woman in his arms. Even the apathetic citizens of Bedlam wouldn't let a pretty woman be accosted like that and several of them confronted the beast, making it release the girl before driving it out. Before long the
  16. Raveled


    Planning my next Bedlam PC and, well, take a look. Give me opinions. Tear it apart. Veritas Power Level: 8/12 (180/180PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: An angelic investigator trying to save a forsaken city. Alternate Identity: May McKenzie Birthplace: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States Residence: Church of Saints Redemption, Hardwick Park, Bedlam City Occupation: Unemploy
  17. GM August 15th, 2016, 6.00PM An abandoned subway car, underneath Stark Hill... It was a remarkably pleasant dream that Osla Jonsson was abruptly jerked from. Standing on the half-rusted roof of the car, eyes twnkling as he met the groggy woman's gaze, was a man in furs and leather with red hair that flickered and shifted like fire underwater. "Osla. Dearest debtor." His voice, as usual, was full of a childish self-satisfaction at talking down to someone who could never hurt him. It was, admittedly, a rare thing for the nominally-bound tricks
  18. Roger Pennington lived in Stone Ridge, the most exclusive neighborhood in Bedlam City. They had an eight-foot high stone wall, an army of round-the-clock armed private security guards, and one of the most vigilant homeowner associations in the country. His mansion may well have been one of the most secure places in the state. It wasn't enough. Roger's wife called up to him as he ascended the stairs to their second-floor master suite. "The car is picking us up in an hour." He sighed. "Thank you, Dear." Roger let a wry chuckle escape his throat. His wife would have
  19. OOC thread for this thread. A simple sabotage mission. Against the local Batman. @Ecalsneerg
  20. Trying to do some worldbuilding here, tying together our three (technically four?) cities of adventure through related criminal organizations. Today, the Mafia. Feedback and suggestions welcome! I'm considering updating what's going on with Freedom City's three mafia families, but I'd have to consult the ref team first. I plan to add a little more overall, but I'm out of time for today. Ultimately, I'm hoping that the Commission as a massive group of antagonists could provide plot hooks to bring heroes from one city to another for a thread or two, or at least have them hear about e
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